Browns to sign Dwayne Bowe

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Cleveland has just added a big piece to its receiving corps.

Dwayne Bowe is signing with the Browns, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network first reported and PFT has confirmed.

Bowe visited Cleveland over the weekend after he was released by the Chiefs. The 30-year-old Bowe has played his entire eight-year career in Kansas City. Last year he had 60 catches for 754 yards.

In Cleveland, Bowe should become the No. 1 target for either Josh McCown or Johnny Manziel. The Browns’ best receiver, Josh Gordon, will miss the 2015 season while he serves a suspension for violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

Bowe was the second-best player still available on our Free Agent Top 100.

92 responses to “Browns to sign Dwayne Bowe

  1. The Browns actually have a decent receiving corps. I’d like to see them draft a big rookie who can stretch the field and re-sign Mile Austin, who was reliable last year.

  2. This will likely be his last significant contract, so I hope he gets as much as he can.

    After all, there’s supposed to be a pot of gold waiting at the end of Dwayne Bowe.

  3. Poor guy. He’s going from one team that couldn’t get him the ball straight to another. Dude….take a vet minimum, go catch a million passes from Brady or Luck and guarantee yourself that you’ll play in some meaningful games for once in your career.

  4. He must not have had any other interest considering the QB situation. I am pretty surprised the Pats and Seahawks both didn’t look into signing this guy. I think he would have fit perfectly with either team and would have been able to win and at the same time put up the numbers he hasn’t been able to since Smith became his QB

  5. Isn’t this the kind of signing that makes everyone call The Browns “The factory of sadness?”

  6. He should’ve gone to a team with a qb lol. I bet he has talent and can still play. He just happened to play with wr killer Alex Smith and didn’t fit reidz system. Would’ve done better in a place like balti or something.

  7. Let’s be fair… Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall weren’t complaining during the 5 game stretch McCown played in Chicago. They were lighting it up if you can recall. Truth is a great running game can lead to big plays in the passing game. No one is doubting Cleveland’s offensive line. The line will give them a chance to succeed if nothing else.

  8. The Browns are collecting all these WRs and still have nobody who can throw it to them. The Factory is working full-time and on weekends.

  9. hard to get excited about this, he won’t scare many secondaries. Better than signing Crabtree who was ahead of him, I suppose. sigh

  10. I’m sorry, but I don’t like this at all. The guy hasn’t had a td in 2 years. Only time will tell…

  11. I bet he’ll be the 5th-best player still available on your Free Agent Top 100 this time next year

  12. Didn’t KC go the entire year with zero TD receptions by ANY receiver?

    That’s an indictment on Smith, not Bowe.

    But I’m sad for Bowe because after losing Hoyer, the Browns only have two loser back-ups, one of which will wind-up the starter.

  13. He just came from a team that didn’t have a WR score a TD all year and now he’s going to a team that will have a QB not throw a TD all year … Smart move .

  14. You could do worse. It wasn’t like Bowe forgot how to play football, it was more that Alex Smith doesn’t want to throw the ball more than four yards. If the Browns can manage to field a quarterback this season….

    I’m not even going to bother finishing that sentence.

  15. This clown with the cute haircut would be the steelers 4th wr, on the dumpster fire on the shores of algae filled Lake Erie, he is a 1…. Good luck with that

  16. Well, that should be the last time we hear Bowe’s name mentioned for the rest of his career.

    Once a member of The Factory of Sadness always a member of The Factory of Sadness. The stench never wears off completely.

  17. THE RICH GET RICHER!!!!!!!

    if he can match his 2014 numbers, , , , , , , , , ,wwwwwait a tick..

  18. Your number one receiver is suspended for smoking pot so you hire another receiver that has been suspended for a marijuana-related offense. I think it is the Browns front office that is smoking something.

  19. Eight years? Wow it seems like just yesterday that Bowe was telling everyone about how the Chiefs veteran players would organize huge orgies on their road trips. Good times.

  20. The one prime time game where he didn’t look like he tried to go up and fight for the ball and ended up being an interception is the first thing that comes to mind thinking of Bowe maybe GM’s thinking that way too.

  21. I still have a sneaky suspicion that Bowe will be catching passes from………..Sam Bradford before all is said and done this offseason.

  22. I don’t get it. Don’t you want to play for a team with a real quarterback, Dwayne? For once in your career?

  23. WR’s are supposed to catch TD’s right……….?
    Great signing……must have been for his consistency…

  24. Some days it is just hard to be a Browns fan…Hartline and Bowe? Guess they won’t be drafting a wide receiver…just like last year…Watkins, Beckham…nope! Ah well, there’s always next year and we have a new logo and new uniforms on the way!

  25. Bowe is stupid. All that marijuana he’s been smoking must have gone to his head. Why sign with another team that has no QB??? You would think a veteran such as himself would make it a point to latch on with a team with a decent QB.

    That’s why there are winners and losers. He’s clearly content with losing.

  26. You wouldn’t think someone would be happy to be going to Cleveland, but Bowe must be ecstatic. Alex Smith went the entire season without throwing a TD to a WR. Not even one. You’d think someone would break a tackle, or there would be a fluke TD, but not one. That’s a miracle.

  27. jason9696 says:
    Mar 19, 2015 2:44 PM
    What happened to this guy? 4-5 years ago I thought he was going to be a top 5 receiver in the NFL.

    Romeo Crennel, Andy Reid and to finish it off Alex Smith.

  28. both the new WR signings combined stats from last year would be a normal season for a #2 WR. These aren’t game breakers, game changers or young developing guys with a high ceiling…they’re mediocre WR’s on the downside of their careers with a QB who had almost a half a good season in what, 14 years in the league? I’d rather lose with an UDFA then with old timers with no future.

  29. Hey Ian, you sure you got it right this time? Bowe isn’t using Cleveland to negotiate with another team?

    I’m not sure this precludes the Browns from drafting a WR in the 1st round. Although Farmer says WR isn’t that important, he did try to trade up for Beckham and for Cooks. It’s why the Saints traded up to draft Cooks. And, even if he doesn’t, does anyone complain that the Packers and Steelers don’t draft WRs in the 1st round?

  30. Always with the hate. The Browns were 7-9 without a decent receiver or QB last year. Before Mack went down, they looked good. The front office was/is a joke, but the team was actually competitive on the field.

  31. For all the hate the Browns take, especially by their own reporters and radio guys, they’ve quietly signed five legitimate starters in the past couple weeks. And the guys that they’ve lost won’t be missed. With Bowe, Hartline, and Andrew Hawkins lined up at WR, now they can just take the best available players for their first three picks.

  32. After all these years, I just have to ask it….is this all an intentional plan to have the Browns fail? A child couldn’t make such bad management decisions, time and again.

  33. I love how people give a thumbs down to those speaking the truth about Bowe. He was horrible in recent years. Stone hands, slow, no separation, even his route running was slow to develop. The Browns, like many teams, should draft two WR’s in this years draft. If WR is your primary concern – you actually have a chance to take 2 out of 3 of the top 4 receivers – Parker/ Strong/ Cooper. You can swing a young QB like Hundley in the 2nd, and then a good RB in the third like Ajayai, Adbullah, Coleman – and suddenly your offense has talent.

    The biggest thing this team needs in better coaching – keep it simple, keep it fast paced, keep it physical.

  34. Ridiculous signing, even for the lowly Browns.

    Over rated receiver going to the worst franchise in the NFL.

    Can you blame him? At least he will get paid.

    4 wins, at most, for this futile franchise.

  35. Bowe was double-teamed his entire career in KC because they never had a legit threat on the other side. And yet he never complained and was never a locker room problem.
    Just think about that for a minute.

  36. Watch out all you Browns Haters! The latest quarterback rumor that I just read on fs states that Phillip Rivers may be traded to Cleveland for the 19 pick. The reasoning is that Rivers is in the last year of his contract and won’t sign a new one until possibly after the season. If Cleveland can pull this off they are instantly a playoff contender! Go Browns!

  37. Loved the pick when the Chiefs drafted him. Everyone rips Alex Smith. The guy Has NO O-line to give him time, let alone protect him. Bowe had ONE good year (15) TD’s if I remember correctly. Peace out gator arms. Makes the unbelievable catch & drops routine throws. Peace out u BUM!!!

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