Local Dallas broadcaster tees off on Cowboys, Greg Hardy


Not everyone in Dallas is thrilled with the team’s acquisition of free agent defensive end Greg Hardy.

In fact, at least one of them is mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

Longtime WFAA sportscaster Dale Hansen took Hardy, the Cowboys and the NFL to task last night, unmoved by the possibility of double-digit sacks considering Hardy’s previous domestic violence charges.

Is there no crime you won’t accept?” he said at one point, just getting warmed up.

“Greg Hardy’s jersey is being sold at the Cowboys online pro shop now,” Hansen said. “You could get one for your sister or daughter and then explain to her that Hardy beats up women, but we’re cheering him now because he’s really good on game day, and game day is all that really matters to me.

“Your daughter will understand.”

Hansen made reference to NFL justice as “Barney Fife,” and said coach Jason Garrett is either “a fraud and a hypocrite,” or has no say in the matter and is “a puppet.”

“It was Jason Garrett’s dad, Jim — a former Cowboys scout — who famously said, ‘This isn’t the Boy Scouts; this is professional football,” Hansen said. “Well, it’s not Carolina football, Jim. They let Hardy go. The team that knows him best didn’t want him anymore . But it is your son’s professional football.

“It’s the Cowboys’ way now. You taught him well, Jim, . . . you taught him well.”

Many in North Texas might feel that way. Few have the same kind of pulpit and reach of Hansen on the local level.

And he’s right that the first time Hardy records a sack to help them win a game, many will forget all about his track record, and cheer for the star the way they have so many times before.

74 responses to “Local Dallas broadcaster tees off on Cowboys, Greg Hardy

  1. I don’t blame cowboy fans for this, the Cowboys have been so mediocre to bad for so long they are desperate for anything positive. Jerry Jones is one of the worst owners in nfl history on so many levels but it’s not his fault either. The nfl and the player’s association needs as a whole needs to keep criminals like hardy out of the league not make it the responsibility of individual teams

  2. I guess you can get away with statements like that if you don’t work for DC radio. Snyder wouldn’t just have this guy fired, he would have him executed.

  3. I know most of you out there don’t think much of Mark Davis (or at least his hair) But he took a stand on Greg Hardy and any other player with a similar background. I proud to call him my owner hair and all!

  4. I’ve been listening to Dale for over twenty years – he ain’t always right but, in this case, I gotta side with him…
    are there no other comparable and available payers out there that coulda become a Cowboy?

  5. I won’t claim to know what happened the night of the alleged incident. Did hardy pay off the woman to keep her quiet? Likely yes but nobody knows for sure. If that is indeed the case Shame on her for not following through to make sure a violent criminal is removed from civilized society. However, what if the accusation was false?

  6. I don’t know whether his signing was the right thing to do or not, BUT the man did have his conviction overturned. Sure, he did pay this woman off but if the case against him was strong enough the DA wouldn’t even need her to proceed. In reading up on the case there were enough inconsistencies in her testimony to give the prosecutors some pause. And it wouldn’t be the first time in history that someone exaggerated allegations and then backed off some when faced with the prospect of having those allegations scrutinized in the court of law. As to the point that most Cowboy fans who aren’t happy with his signing will change their tune the first time he seals a win with a sack….well that pretty much describes every sports fan.

  7. This dude’s spot on. And I’m not saying this because I’m an Eagles fan. I’m saying it because I’m a person who can see past game day. Back in the late 90s, the Flyers signed a convicted rapist named Billy Tibbits. It was embarrassing. But Tibbits was just a role player. Hardy still playing is even more embarrassing than that, because it’s clearly about nothing more than winning.

  8. As an Eagles fan, I love to see Jerry’s three ring circus collapse. However, I don’t totally understand why Hardy is so radioactive. There was an initial finding of guilt, but that is not the end of the story in North Carolina. He came to a settlement with the alleged victim and then the charges were dropped. I can see being wary of him and wanting to speak with him at length. I can also see him being suspended for a while longer. But the fact is unlike the Rice and Peterson situations, we don’t know what actually happened. As much as I love it, I don’t think there is a reason to suggest that the Dallas Cowboys embrace domestic violence or look the other way just because the guy can play.

  9. Wow! I don’t live in Dallas but have heard some of Hanson and he normally comes off as a windbag. But sounds like he was spot-on in this matter

  10. Goes with the territory for being the first ones to step up and reach out to Hardy. He was going to get signed by somebody. Do expect the backlash top end anytime soon. When he has a big game and records sacks all the commentators will be saying how smart the Cowboys are. If Hardy fails to change they will get roasted by the media. Jones knew what he was in for and I am sure they will deal with it.

  11. Jerry Jones isn’t getting any younger and the Cowboys are desperate. This move proves that.

  12. I wonder what the reaction is on social media about this. If he was in NY the Liberals would be having strokes right now over what he said.

  13. It’s nice to see someone with a ‘voice’ in Big D lay it all on the line for the victims….he knows what the answer is, and Dallas’ Front Office just doesn’t care!

  14. Commentary like this, from a local sportscaster, and most probably a Cowboys fan, is long overdue. Spousal abuse in the US is an enormous problem.

  15. Sorry but he was aquitted and has not been proven to have been guilty of domestic violence. It’s time people realize the difference between accustations and actually doing something.

  16. I listened to the diatribe from Dale Hansen. Dale if you’re without SIN keep throwing stones at Hardy.
    What Hardy did was disgusting;

    However he has a right to earn a living and change the direction of his past mistakes.

  17. Ben Roethlisberger raped 2 women (I’d say it was alleged but if Hardy doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt then why should he) and the steelers kept him with no backlash. Peterson beat his son with a switch and the only time he’s mentioned on here is when it’s about him staying in Minnesota. Ray Rice was caught on film knocking his wife out cold and the biggest backlash from that was towards Roger Goodell and the NFL because of how they handled it. Ray Lewis is a murderer but he was able to finish out his career and be remembered as a great player and a great guy. Sadly signing with the cowboys was the worst thing Hardy could’ve done for himself because that does nothing but shine a spotlight on him and his character. If he was on his way to Tampa or Seattle right now nobody would care what he supposedly did or didn’t do.

  18. It’s not the NFL job to be law enforcement. Lifetime bans for off field stuff isn’t the NFLs mandate. If you don’t like him don’t buy his jersey buy a Tebow jersey he’s a great guy.

  19. But this one is different because there wasn’t a tape. Therefore, even though he was found guilty, it never happened and the accuser made it up.

    – NFL and NFL fan logic

  20. If he stays out of trouble and starts racking up sacks, no one will remember this.

    Also, I don’t think the NFL should be regarded as the moral compass of the country.

  21. The Cowboys are a team that kept a player in its organisation after his drunken driving resulted in the death of a practice squad teammate.

    Domestic violence accusations are apparently pocket change in the eyes of the Cowboys. And that Joseph Randle thing? Never happened …

  22. Everyone deserves a second chance. We’ll see what he does with it. He’s was out of football for a year already, and I’d bet he’ll get suspended before this is all said and done. Fans can choose whether to buy his jersey or not. It’s not like it’s the only one available. It’s not the NFL’s job to adjudicate criminal activity. If you want to get mad, then get mad at the prosecutor and the legal system where the incident occurred. It’s the same as the Ray Rice incident…not the NFL’s job to deal with that…it’s the legal system that’s jacked up.

  23. Park Hardy next to Josh Brent on that defensive line and you have a solid shot at the All Pro Criminal Team starting defensive line. Might as well bring Leonard Little out of retirement to bookend Hardy

  24. Dale Hansen doesn’t matter. Shunned by the Cowboys, then vows to hate them. If you saw and heard this guy, seems like a drunk sleep creep.

  25. I have to admit, it’s one thing for your favorite team to sign Hardy (and for you to accept it on a football level)…but it’s another thing entirely to buy his jersey. What numbskull would pay huge bucks to buy the jersey of a grimy player who is 99% sure to be gone after one year?

  26. Lol at all the cowboy fans saying “he was acquitted” or “he wasn’t found guilty”!

    He was found guilty.

    He appealed the decision, paid off the woman to disappear and the prosecutors ended up having to drop the case because they couldn’t find their witness for the retrial.

    There is no doubt what Hardy did, no grey area. But like I said, its not up to the up to the cowboys, who have been so mediocre for so long, or their fans to keep guys like hardy out of the league. Its the responsibility of the nfl. Its actually very surprising to me that very few nfl teams were willing to degrade themselves by signing this guy but not surprising that someone as clownish and sleazy as jerry jones would be one of the few willing to do it.

  27. How bout we troll through Saint Dale’s past for incidents of alleged misconduct and immorality, then demand he not work again and support himself. I in no way support a guy who punches out women however, I have no problem allowing him to admit he was wrong, change who he is and become a better person. The legal system played out in this case and the charges were dismissed. Folks are so quick to mount their high horse of unforgiveness of others but insist on forgiveness for themselves. Declaring “I’m a change man/woman” “I was immature when I did that but I’m a better person now,” ect. Well give Mr. Hardy a chance to prove the same. No one is excusing his alleged actions but we all should allow him to show he is a changed man or not the man he was accused to be. Is second chances only allowed for some?

  28. The NFL isn’t, and shouldn’t try to be the moral compass of this country. We have a legal system in place for a reason, it’s certainly not perfect, but takes into account the rights of all involved. I don’t know if the charges against Hardy were totally accurate, exaggerated and blown out of proportion, or false. Most likely somewhere in between.

    The NFL has a hard enough time getting the right calls on the field during games. Maybe they should focus on that more.

  29. If society held to the “morality” of the commenters here that Hardy should be skinned alive then we would have no local State or Federal politicians left on office because what Hardy did is rises compared to them

  30. He was acquitted.
    He missed almost the entire season.
    At what point does his punishment end?

  31. More Pub for Dale’s EGO. Jerry doesn’t have to defend a single thing. At the end of the day, it was a business decision. Now, fans and media are jumping on soapboxes all across the nation. But, here is the problem… every fan will still watch every game, buy jerseys, and continue to support the team. Every radio and television station, including Dale’s, will still talk Cowboys after every game. Dale Hansen goes on a long ego-driven rant about how horrible the Cowboys is for making this move. Will he take the moral high ground and boycott and not show Cowboy highlights? NO!! He knows that the Dallas area lives for the Cowboys. So, not talking about them would be a bad move for ratings. He’d rather put the best product on the sportscast. It’s a business decision. How is that different from Jerry wanting to put the best product on the field? Therefore, Dale, like all of the hypocritical fans, will choose to do business as usual because they’d rather see and hear about the Boys than hold true to their disapproval. So, if Dale is so upset and against it, don’t go on a rant… just be quiet and don’t say anything.

  32. Rain sarge has it correct. Why does the radio host expect the Dallas cowboys or the nfl to be judge,jury and executioner ? The nfl needs to get its discipline problems under control with set penalties that fit the crime. But outside of suspensions or bans they are powerless. All nfl teams should have to worry about is a players eligibility regarding FA signings. The host is criticizing the wrong people. Hardy was going to get signed so if it makes them better , it’s a good move. They are trying to win games not to try and convict players the courts won’t.

  33. The real problem is these gold diggers. The ‘victim’s’ story was laughable, probably taken from a Lifetime network movie. But she got paid to go away. Now it’s time for Hardy to step up and play and hopefully avoid gold digging women

  34. Have to laugh at Eagle fans condemning the Cowboys for this move but so quickly forget about Mike Vick and his sadistic body slamming, electrocuting, mutilation, etc of dogs that went on for years along with the other stuff he was found guilty of in a court of law. Not saying Hardy is a choirboy, but the evidence in his case is shaky at best. His initial conviction was overturned on appeal and he’s a free man…So go back to admiring your Lombardis along with…oh wait nvm.

  35. Hansen implies Randle “robbed” a dept. store. Sorry to inform him that Randle shoplifted. He robbed no one. He then convicts Hardy out of hand. If this woman was beaten so badly, where are the pictures of her bruises “all over her body”. She was supposedly strangled and body slammed into a tub BTW. Where are all the guns she claimed were on the couch? Is all that in the police report? A judge denied her a restraining order for simply not appearing… If there was all this evidence of a violent attack, why would a judge dismiss her request so quickly? To top it all off, her recent facebook postings show her living it up snowmobiling in Colorado, shopping in Atlanta and touring NYC. Probably spending the money she got in the payoff. Hansen is a clown.

  36. dansardo says: Mar 19, 2015 11:06 AM

    There is no doubt what Hardy did, no grey area.

    Since you were there to witness the whole thing you should contact the DA in NC and let him know.

    Otherwise, you just don’t know anything.

  37. markybenn9,
    Definition of shoplifting.

    “the criminal action of stealing goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer.”

    You can play semantics but he did rob the store.

    Definition of robbery if it helps.
    “the action of robbing a person or place.
    “he was involved in drugs, violence, extortion, and robbery”
    synonyms: burglary, theft, thievery, stealing, breaking and entering, housebreaking, larceny, shoplifting, purse-snatching;”

    Please note “shoplifting” in the definition of robbery.

    Peace out…

  38. jacksrants says:
    Mar 19, 2015 12:05 PM
    ~~The host is criticizing the wrong people. Hardy was going to get signed so if it makes them better , it’s a good move. They are trying to win games not to try and convict players the courts won’t.~~
    The host didn’t say that the Cowboys should “try and convict” Greg Hardy.
    He said that by giving him a contract they are condoning violence against women.
    NFL had already take a public stance on the issue. The cowboys ignored it.

  39. Why is this guy surprised/ outraged? The 90s Cowboys had a flophouse/ crack house/brothel down the street from the practice feild. Every one knew about it and no one cared ….. Because Thay where wining Super Bowls. Hardy is game changer… He could join ISIS and the cowboys wouldn’t care … As long as he can sack the QB Dallas will love him.

  40. I couldn’t agree with him more. For all of the Cowboy fans defending him by saying he wasn’t “convicted” and charges were dismissed, he paid her off so she wouldn’t cooperate with the DA. It is awfully hard to convict someone when the victim refuses to talk. But hey he wasn’t charged so let’s support this POS. It only proves how desperate the owner and fan base are. Current roster now has a starter on both sides of the ball who will abuse someone they consider “family”…. Win at all costs, right?

  41. He was convicted by the judge on her testimony alone. There was no other evidence AT ALL. Hardy’s lawyers felt that the judge was over-reacting based on the Rice abuse event, so they asked for a jury trial. The DA looked at the “evidence” they had without her testimony and realized they had no case. He dropped the charges.

  42. Haha I love all the holier-than-thou fans on here pretending their teams are somehow “above” signing a guy who might be a jerk off the field.

    Let’s play a game: tell us who YOUR favorite team is, and the rest of us will point out something unsavory that they’ve done in order to win football games. It’ll be ridiculously easy.

  43. And once or if Hardy has a good season, watch the teams line up to sign him. I would bet, with 53 coddled jocks on each team, everyone of them has at least one if not more players of questionable character. Many have not been exposed, yet!! Patriots knew Hernandez was a bad seed, yet only cut after the SECOND murder!

  44. If the Cowboys repeat last seasons success and advance a bit further, this dude will be on the radio praising the genius of the move. If he has such powerful convictions and his horse is high enough to avoid everything, he should completely forsake the team. Don’t even mention them, stop watching the NFL. He won’t, he got his ratings boost, and he’ll return home to his Irvin jersey and tune in to the next game.

  45. As a Cowboys fan, I am not happy with the signing. Honor used to be more that lip service, not just in Big D, but frankly in America.

    I am concerned, however, that some here seem to think that someone charged with a crime (forget the convicted / not convicted part for now) should never work again.

    I wonder what society would look like if we banned people charged with a crimes from working again? Well, we sure wouldn’t have as many able bodies people looking for work if we banned anyone charged with a job from working again.

    Where is the line? Is it murder / abetting murder? Domestic violence? Beating a child? Selling drugs? Using drugs? Driving drunk? Manslaughter? Tax evasion?

    Seems the NFL is okay with all those, but then again, society at large ain’t what it used to be, and depending on where you are arrested has a huge impact on how you crime will be adjudicated.

    Of course, so does who you are and how much money you have to pay your way out of your troubles.

    The Cowboys MAY have improved on the field with the signing of Hardy, but the Star I love sure is a bit more tarnished with every dubious decision.

  46. Please, Please, Please get the facts straight in this case…. Hardy was convicted of Domestic Violence. In North Carolina you can immediately appeal your conviction… his lawyers did this. When the retrial started… his ex-girlfriend was no where to be found by the prosecutors. The judge had to throw out the conviction because the accuser would not show up in the retrial… Turns out she was on a long vacation, after she and Hardy had agreed to a financial settlement.

    Bottom line was he was convicted of the DV and bought his retrial verdict. He is in no way an innocent man wrongfully accused.

    And now he is yours…. but I guess everything is alright since JJ pimped out his daughter to publicly say she is OK with the signing. Funny I have never heard her speak about any other player ever before. What a sad Dad to do something like that to his daughter.

  47. “Bottom line was he was convicted of the DV and bought his retrial verdict.”

    You really should do some reading. The judge who convicted him was a female judge who had a public vendetta about domestic violence. The judgement also came on the heels of the Ray Rice case and she was determined to make an example of him. When the jury trial was granted, and the DA looked at the ACTUAL evidence…. he saw that the ‘victim’s statements weren’t supported by any evidence. There was no bruising and no caches of guns – no evidence that the crime she described happened at all. However, the 911 call that Hardy made clearly showed that SHE was the aggressor. The fact that the woman accepted a buy out tells me all I need to know – extortion.

  48. Ray Lewis is a murderer but he was able to finish out his career and be remembered as a great player and a great guy.

    why do folks continue to tell this lie? the victims freinds said ray did not do anything that night.the judge asked the DA why was ray on trial?

  49. The real problem is these gold diggers. The ‘victim’s’ story was laughable, probably taken from a Lifetime network movie. But she got paid to go away. Now it’s time for Hardy to step up and play and hopefully avoid gold digging women

    and goddell made it easier for them extort the players with his heavy handed garbage .he should let the justice system run it’s course before punishing folks.too many women will lie on these guys for money and revenge.

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