Peterson trade to Arizona could soon be negotiated in Arizona

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If, as it appears, running back Adrian Peterson wants a fresh start and if, as is now obvious, the Vikings won’t release Peterson from the final three years of his contract, the options for Peterson are simple:  (1) play for the Vikings; (2) play for no one; (3) hope for a trade.

Within a week, we’ll likely know a lot more.  Over the weekend, all 32 teams will arrive in Arizona for the annual league meetings.  The power brokers for every franchise will be present, with plenty of opportunities to have face-to-face conversations about any and all possible trades.

The Cardinals continue to be the most likely destination for Peterson.  Despite Peter King’s report that the Cardinals won’t absorb Peterson’s current contract, the presence of comments supporting the move from Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald — on the team’s official website — make it clear that the Cardinals remain in play, if they can work out compensation packages with the player and the team that holds his rights.

So what happens if the Vikings ultimately don’t like the offer they get from the Cardinals or anyone else?  It’s still possible that team owners Zygi and Mark Wilf will tell Adrian that he can play for the Vikings or not play at all, and return the final $2.4 million installment on the $12 million signing bonus he received in 2011.

At a certain point, giving Peterson the “play in Minnesota or don’t play” option may be the best way to go.  Unless the Vikings are getting the kind of compensation that would equate to what they would have expected to get from Peterson in 2015 and beyond, why should they give him a fresh start over something they didn’t do?

Yes, both Peterson and the team suffered the consequences of Peterson’s inability to play last year.  But the consequences didn’t come from anything the Vikings did.  Why should they give Peterson away to another team just because he prefers to play somewhere else in the aftermath of the mess that ultimately traces to his behavior?

I’ve always been a fan of Adrian Peterson.  At some point, though, Adrian needs to realize that he did something he shouldn’t have done, and that the Vikings did nothing that they shouldn’t have done.  While he may perceive that the Vikings were working with the NFL to keep him off the field in 2014 after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges, the best explanation is that the team was simply going along with a mandate from Manhattan.  For a team that nearly crashed the postseason party without him, surely the Vikings would have loved to get him back for the last six or seven games of the season.

They claim they’d love to get him back for 2015.  They can prove that to Adrian and to everyone else by taking a hard line with Peterson and refusing to trade him.  Unless the trade offers match what he means from a football standpoint, they should.

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  1. If Peterson wants out and the Vikings say no, Zimmer loses a lot of credibility in the locker room. He didn’t exactly hedge his bets when he said they’d find a way to let Peterson go if that’s what he wanted.

  2. ‘why should they give him a fresh start over something they didn’t do?’

    Thank You!

  3. Of course he wants in AZ with Jared, Mike, A.Q. John, and Robert on the front line, and Kiem getting the talent, and Bruce Arians as coach, and Andre Ellington as lightning? and Carson and Drew throwing the rock, with Larry and Speedy John Brown taking the top off of defenses, and our D this is a very very good team, I would say the most under rated team in the NFL, Bar None. 23 wins in the last 2 seasons, thats legit… with there history no one expects anything but for those in the know, this team is GOOOOOD..

  4. Maybe there should be a stock salary reduction by percentage for situations like this. I totally agree he should not be able to try to leverage his way out over a mess he made. The Vikings gave him a nice contract, based upon which they made various personnel decisions, etc., and now Peterson’s conduct is what is jeoparding that plan. He shouldn’t be able to Manny Ramirez his way out of town.

  5. You’re forgetting option 4:

    Beat your defenseless 4 year old with a stick.

    See, you can’t leave that option out because he has already chosen that one in the past.


  6. “CAN’T WAIT!” – Bart Scott Voice

    Cardinals were a hot playoff bound team pre-Palmer injury. Have retained most players, improved on OL/DL/LB, and adding Peterson would be a clear indicator they are all in on a couple year run.

  7. Well Duh! Why would the Purple release him? We’re going to be dangerous with AP and Wallace or we will get a good draft pick and cap savings if AP is traded. Those are the only 2 choices in the mix!

  8. As a Vikings fan who’s loved watching AD all these years, I say trade him to AZ for a comparable blue chip defender. AZ has a great defense. I would think Patrick Peterson would be too young to be comparable, but they’re certainly equal skill-wise (AD probably better), and in reputation. If the Vikings can work out that trade, I’d be over-joyed.

    But I doubt that will happen. What I don’t want to see is a) anything compensation below first round or high second round, or b) that pick used on an RB. If you need an RB, keep Peterson, he’s going to be better than anything you would pick in the draft… except at blocking.

  9. Trade him to AZ for a 1st and 4th. I loved watching AP play and am bummed it has come to think way of thinking on my part, but I do not want a less than fully motivated AP playing on “my” Vikings.

    And to the inevitable Packer trolls…f___-off, grow up and get a life.

  10. I agree whole-heartedly. Vikings didn’t do ANYTHING to AP. This is all on him. Demanding a trade after you got yourself suspended by your behavior is, frankly, selfish.

  11. I’ve always been a fan of Adrian Peterson. At some point, though, Adrian needs to realize that he did something he shouldn’t have done, and that the Vikings did nothing that they shouldn’t have done.


    I think AP also needs to realize that if he wants to play elsewhere, he may have to restructure his contract- and bring at least a 1st round draft pick for the Vikings too.

  12. Finally! Reality is setting in on this forced topic. The Vikings have held the cards all along. He’s under contract, and no one else is willing and able to pay him.

  13. All of this talk of “fair trade value” seems to ignore the basic fact that despite having 3 years left on his contract, telling Peterson to show up and play or else is not an option.

    Peterson will be a locker room cancer, he will disrupt the team with his outbursts and public complaining and despite his talent, he will be a detriment to his team, not a contributor.

    The Vikings are already stocked to the ceiling in the detriment department with a left tackle that apparently wears cement shoes, a WR who can’t run routes, and a qB who can’t throw deep. They don’t need Peterson to add to their woes.

  14. Who in their right mind would trade for a running back that’s past his prime and carries a $15.4 million cap hit. That’s quarterback money.

  15. Vikings took a cap hit of $12.3M last year for a single game played, and you never heard them complain. They are well within their rights, not to trade him, unless they are compensated for the investment that they have put into this player. They have paid him in excess of $40M for basically 3 years of service (way more than any RB in the league — not even close), and other teams think they can make a low offer, that the Vikings will be forced to accept, because of Peterson’s desire to leave. Hope this team stands it’s ground, because they did not do anything, but show this player respect throughout his whole career.

  16. Sorry to tell you, I know how badly you want to believe the Vikings almost made the playoffs, but finishing the season 4 games behind the #6 seed (Detroit 11-5, Minnesota 7-9) doesn’t come even remotely close to almost crashing the post season party.

  17. Mike, best post from you ever! AP plays the Victim roll and it’s sickening! The Vikings did nothing to him so why give the cry baby his way! If he don’t play then sit and waste another year! Fine him for every missed practice and or game. He will be the next Barry Sanders sitting out and not playing for anyone!

    Unless AZ parts with 1st rounder he isn’t going anywhere!

  18. Peterson will be a Viking in 2015 and after next year I bet the Vikings will be looking to trade him then. I wouldn’t just let him slip out the door after paying him so much last year for one game.

  19. I’d sure like to sit in on those meetings with the Wilfs, mostly cause Im curious what AD’s argument could be. Now a second meeting? He is more valuable to the Vikes than to anyone else. As good as he is, teams would be stupid to give up a high pick for a 30-year-old back. The man did redefine the position, though, so who knows what he is capable of doing.

  20. Fact is AP made a choice that got him in trouble. Fact is the Vikings, at that time demonstrated they no longer wanted him. Now, suddenly the Vikings want to keep him. If I were in AP’s shows I would not want to work for the Vikings. A contract is a contract, but forcing players to play for any team NEVER benefits that team. Anyone that thinks this is the way to go is clueless and unrealistic.

    If the guy doesn’t want to be there, Vikings need to trade him or cut him and move on. Forcing him to stay there is of no benefit to the Vikings, the fans or AP.

  21. With me being a MAJOR STOCK HOLDER in the packers organization, I will definitely voice my opinion during this meeting. Will it be a Peterson for Peterson trade?

  22. Man, What a horrific train wreck of a franchise. Every decent player has done everything possible to escape the purple hole. The vikings even had an image of AP on the new stadium plans. Yikes, and AP is bent on never playing there.

  23. A trade is a last ditch effort to get something for him. Yet, Minnesota was close to the playoffs last year. If they’re striving to get there, why trade Peterson to a team they’d be very likely battling to get to a Wild Card spot?

    Sure, Arizona would want him. As well as about 25 other teams. Unless Arizona is giving up players or high draft picks, Minnesota would have to be incredibly stupid to do this…

  24. Jerry is tossing and turning in his sleep right now..cuz he knows he still wants AP but just spent the money

  25. I almost never comment on this site (or any for that matter). But I have to say that Florio is dead on right here.

    it’s as if you took my thoughts from my head and put them on paper.

    Thank you.

  26. I dont think that Peterson will get the upgrade that he wants this offseason (a better football club) . Arizona played very well last year. But is their qb Carson Palmer gonna be the real deal and make them a contending team? He won’t be that much better off in Arizona then he is in Minnesota right now. Imo.. Ap hasn’t even really given the new Vikings ball club any chance at all. I really think hes just using this big mess to get out of Minnesota. I think he should just stay with the Vikings in 2015 and after 15-16 season when the cowboys realize that their rb’s are scrubs and they still need to find a rb, minnesota can trade ap to the cowboys then and everyone’s happy!

  27. I’d bet that AP ends up playing in AZ.
    He’s the missing piece that makes the Cards an instant contender in the nfc.

    But AP and AZ will need to take a haircut to make this deal

  28. Talk of getting a first rounder or a blue chip player for AP is silly but seems to be what delusional Vikings fans are still throwing around. Has anyone paid attention to what other solid players with hefty contracts are being traded for? You don’t get a top pick because it’s not just the pick, it’s the money saved. Regain the cash and cap from AP’s contract, which is overpriced anyway, and go use whatever draft pick you get…3rd or 4th…and then do some shopping on a new blue chip player in FA.

    And with AP it’s not just the money. The demand is low because of several factors: His legal/NFL issues, his age, his soured relationship with the Vikings, his stated desire to play elsewhere, negative media, other teams filling RB needs in FA, other teams not having the cash or cap, other teams not needing a 30 yr old RB for a three year window, limited teams AP is willing to restructure for, and a RB heavy 2015 draft.

    Minn fans have to accept the full context of what went down, some their fault and some not, and come to grips with reality. You don’t want to cling to an unhappy player with nothing but a legal document. It’s like a bitter woman scorned refusing to sign the divorce papers with her ex when he’s found a new love and wants to move on with his life. It only leads to deeper resentment and more pain.

  29. Wait a minute, AP has no hair for a haircut! He will have to sacrifice something else to get out of town -such as one of his sons.

  30. Yellow heads in the east are just too jeslous. When was the last time the Packers had a star and hof rb? Ad far as I know they had none since George washington.

  31. Yellow heads in the east are just too jeslous. When was the last time the Packers had a star and hof rb? As far as I know they had none since George washington.

  32. They mine as well trade him to a contender. Minnesota is going to be a dumpster fire for the next 4-5 years anyway. They should try to get as many draft picks as possible so they can start the overhaul and re-building process.

  33. Can this narcissistic diva just go away already. So tired of this abuser and the undocumented speculation.

    Queen fans need to get it through their heads no team is going to give up a high profile player or a high draft pick for a PR nightmare that cannot even admit he did anything wrong. Specially with that albatross of a contract hanging around his neck. I for one hope he stays with the Vikings make for a heck of a locker room once the other malcontent Wallace starts his act.

  34. Here we go again. Cards fans getting their hopes up. Reality will set in by week 12. “Keim is a genius”? Tell that to the rest of us who watched Ryan Lindley embarrass you at the end of the season. Your secondary is overrated garbage…you have no pass rush…no running game…Carson Palmer needs a walker to get to the huddle…but trading your future for an aging child abuser will get you to the promised land? Yeah, right.

  35. Punish AP and make him play out his contract with the Vikings. Missing the playoffs nearly every year of his career. That should be good enough. He should actually play for free since he only played one game last year and got paid millions to smoke weed and go to meetings.

  36. The Vikings actually did do something to AP, they sided with sponsors over AP which he found disrespectful. The Vikes only made a move once sponsors like Radisson backed out. Vikes are building a new stadium and that sponsorship money will go a long way so they chose sponsors over AP and that’s when he went to the exempt list.

    Vikes could have held firm and forced the NFL to take action but got scared when they noticed additional funding might disappear.

  37. I hope the Vikings get something for him, but next best move is to release him. Probably smartest move would have been to release him two weeks ago so they could have signed a decent free agent back.

  38. The Vikings did what they had to do from both a business standpoint and public perception standpoint. But AP is somehow the victim? I thought the helpless 4 year old was the victim. On top of that, I thought the Vikings became a victim of having one of their star player’s involved in a child beating crime that the league mandated he could not play, despite being well paid.

    Peterson, while talented, lacks the mental capacity that a normal person his age should have.

  39. Here’s… the Vikings thing;
    A.D did what he did, no question but here’s what the league and the Vikings did;
    When the story first hit, the league and the Vikings both played the “we’re aware of the situatio, and we are monitoring it” card.
    The were going to play A.D. , but public outcry changed their mind.
    Next, they made him inactive. You can only make a player inactive for so long before you have to make a roster move. Since he wasn’t injured, they would have either had to lose a roster spot, or release him, neither of which they wanted to do. That’s when they collided with the league, and put him on the commissioner’s list.
    it seems pretty simple to me…
    Lol at those that say that this guy is a monster that should be forced to play for the vikes..I mean, after all, monster or not, you still want him to play – as long as it’s for your team…..

  40. We should trade him to AZ for their 1st rd pick, draft defense at 11, and get Melvin Gordon at 24. We would be loaded and with significant cap savings after AP is gone.

  41. The Vikings can’t give in and trade Peterson, or it sends a message to everyone else on the roster who wants out of MN.

    At some point they might not be able to field a team.

  42. Peterson is being clearly undervalued. Peterson himself will lose all credibility himself depending on what he does himself from here on out. He is under contract and a second rounder seems on the cheap end. This is a player that is fresh and healed up from all physical injuries. He will make any team much better.

  43. Absolutely perfectly written article. Vikings owe AP zero. AP and his agent have absolutely zero leverage. The Vikings want a return on their investment. He was paid 9 games in 2014. If they don’t get fair trade value then he stays. If doesn’t show for camp he and his agent can write the Vikings a check. I WAS an AP supporter but his stance now is just ridiculous.

  44. RIDE IT OUT SPIELMAN! Adrian will get over it by the Summer. Do NOT trade him!!!

  45. I can’t understand for the life of me why Peterson is holding any leverage and why Minnesota would even want him back. I am not talking about the events of last year but his huge salary cap hit. No RB is worth $15M against your salary cap. The Vikings running game didn’t drop all that much last year. Time to move on. Cut the guy and put that cap money and put it to good use. Or don’t, I am a Packer fan and watching the Vikings make the wrong move after wrong move has been fun.

  46. What’s funny is that Vikings fans still have the Herschel Walker trade in their heads, and want to exorcise that demon.

    So they ask for a 1st round pick. That’s where that comes from.

    Everyone else in their right mind, who sees Brandon Marshall for a 5th round pick, and all the trades JUST LIKE THAT, knows AP isn’t worth anything near a 1st.

    So because the Vikings screwed up the Walker trade, now Vikings fans are mentally screwing themselves out of a good trade because they want to get even. So yes, since the Herschel Walker trade is mentally being used by the fans and front office as some sort of rationale, it’s still negatively effecting the Vikings.

    They can’t think straight and simply can’t understand the obvious… that no 30 year old running back, who has had past injuries, who hasn’t played basically in a year, who has a very high salary, is not committed to the team, and still might miss some time all in a time where star players get traded for 4th and 5th round picks…simply is about as far away as a 1st round worth as anything can be.

    We’ve seen a bunch of trades, and even the Vikings got Wallace for how much? Yeah, so even when their own team gets a good talent for cheap as hell via trade, their head still is screwed and they can’t think because of the Herschel Walker trade.

    AP has been quiet and even still showing some level of respect to the organization by not mouthing off. If they stiff him, we’ll see how long he stays quiet or if he plays. Then you will have Bridgewater again, with no extra draft picks, with no extra free agents from created space (or re-signing your own to lock up guys around Bridgewater for the Bridgewater era).

  47. Love the player – my little boy used to sleep in a Peterson jersey. But he did something deeply shameful, and I don’t understand how he can find fault with the Vikings. Hell, he oughta go play for free after screwing up our season.

  48. I love how GB fans keep talking about how no one wants to come to or stay in Minnesota. How many Packers have left to come to MN? must be cause GB is so much better.

  49. I would be highly surprised if anything happens before the NFL’s appeal of his reinstatement is decided.

    No team will make a decent offer until they know for sure Peterson will be able to play this year.

    Peterson would be better off sucking it up and playing in MN one more year to prove he still has it. Then next year, substantial offers will come pouring in for him.

    But then, he’s proved time and time again that he’s not the brightest bulb in the package.

  50. Seems like all the articles are digging into what the VIKINGS are going to do about the situation.

    How about someone put the screws to Peterson’s agent and ask him what AP plans to do if not traded.

  51. A player wanting out is nothing new and teams usually accommodate the player because they dont want a player in the locker room who doesn’t want to be there.

  52. Most of you think Minnesota is lucky to have him, even with that huge contract. No other team would take him at that price, except the Bears, in a trade for Cutler

  53. I could see a Peterson – Fitzgerald swap happening, with maybe very-late-round pick(s) being involved. Makes some sense for both organizations, and it would be a destination that Fitz might approve (trade clause in his deal) given his upbringing. Both are unhappy in their current spots (only Fitz’s dad is loud about it), and same-ish age. MN could use a surehanded veteran receiver for a few years, and AZ obviously has its crosshairs on Peterson. I think the sticking point would be Peterson agreeing to restructure, which any sane buyer for him would demand.

  54. this guy changed so much since he got married he is a dumb now or it is his wife his wife is a dog but it is ap thats in heat

  55. The Vikings don’t need to be in any hurry to trade Adrian. Remember last summer when Kevin Love made it clear he wanted to be traded? Everyone was clamoring for the deal to get done before the draft. Flip Saunders didn’t panic, he held onto him through the draft, and waited until he got a deal he liked. Now they have Andrew Wiggins, who will likely be a top-5 player in the NBA within a few years. If the Vikings hold onto Adrian, I wouldn’t be surprised if a contending team decided to offer at least a first-round pick in 2016 if they get an injury in training camp.

  56. Articles like this fail to realize ADs problems also have to do with much of the state including the Governor that talk about him as the poster boy for child abuse. He should go to a state where corporal punishment is more accepted.

  57. Everyone is missing the point of why AP wants to be released or traded. He is tired of losing up in Minnesota. He wants out to go to a playoff contender and have the opportunity to win a Super Bowl. The Vikings who that much. I’m not saying that what he did isn’t wrong. Just that the time away from the team allowed him to reevaluate his team and see how bad they really are.

  58. The last time our little sisters to the east had a decent running back they were playing in the PBR bowl vs. The Minneapolis mud hens for their 4th “world championship”.

  59. “Yes, both Peterson and the team suffered the consequences of Peterson’s inability to play last year. But the consequences didn’t come from anything the Vikings did. Why should they give Peterson away to another team just because he prefers to play somewhere else in the aftermath of the mess that ultimately traces to his behavior?”

  60. Lol ll you viking fans are delusional. If you think any team will break the bank to get ap from u hes not the ap from 5 years ago hes older and has a massive contract if u get a 3 round pick for him i would say your lucky

  61. tokyofilthblaster says:
    Mar 19, 2015 11:36 AM
    The Vikings can’t give in and trade Peterson, or it sends a message to everyone else on the roster who wants out of MN.

    At some point they might not be able to field a team
    Says the fan whose team hasn’t signed a single free agent. The only team that hasn’t done so…

  62. Terrible trade. Why would Vikes want a player that’s even older, just as expensive (relatively), and at a position we have no need to fill. I now like our receiving corps, pending Mike Wallace. There’s no room in my opinion, I wouldn’t want to see ANY of our top 5 WRs go. Wallace, Patterson, Johnson, Wright, and Thielen (hometown hero!).

    Please do not do this trade. 1st rounder or nothing for AP!

  63. Everyone knows Peterson will be the best in the league when he comes back. NO ONE has doubted that. Every single year a ton of even 1st round draft picks end up as busts. 1st rounder for an unproven commodity that could just as likely be a bust? Or 1st rounder for a proven best-possibly-of-all-time-and-still-just-as-good commodity?

    You know what AP can do. You don’t know what any 1st rounder will do. Even a 1st rounder is still a worse deal than keeping AP, which is entirely up to the Vikings to do.


  64. jmc8888:

    I am certain the only one with the Hershel Walker trade on their mind is you. Holy crap and you in left field.

  65. 9ernation35 says:
    Mar 19, 2015 1:30 PM
    Lol ll you viking fans are delusional. If you think any team will break the bank to get ap from u hes not the ap from 5 years ago hes older and has a massive contract if u get a 3 round pick for him i would say your lucky
    I read a lot of this. Why would the Vikings trade him for a third? They don’t need the cap relief. No third rounder will replace him.

    AP’s salary doesn’t matter for this year. The Vikings are easily under the cap. Why should they trade him for anything less than a first? Because he’s “unhappy”? He will be just fine. It’s not like he’s going to quit football or not run hard.

  66. You all know who the real winner will be once this whole thing settles? The NFL of course…once the owners meet next week to iron out & agree the trade, and AP goes to Arizona, the first thing the NFL scheduling department will do is schedule a Monday night football game between the Vikings and Cardinals…the number of viewers will be outta the ballpark.

    Welcome to the business side of the NFL where $$$ really count.

  67. As a player, he’s worth a third round pick in trade. But with that massive contract he’s worth nothing in trade, unless you can find a Cutler-type (bad player, guaranteed contract) out there and maybe get a 5th rounder thrown in. Not many contracts like Cutler’s though, so good luck. Chicago should cut him, and Minnesota should cut Peterson; no way anyone will trade for that ridiculous contract. He’s just not that good, he’s old, and he didn’t play last year.

  68. Peterson wont look as good in the NFC west. He hasnt had to play against the Seahawks or RAMs front yet…. The NFC north is weak against the run and gives guys like Peterson a sku’ed look…. Let him go the cards it wont help them the Seahawks will continue to own the division for years to come.

  69. As a human being, Adrian is a now well documented loser. As a football organization, Minnesota is a well documented loser. They SHOULD be stuck with each other. 90+% of NFL fans don-t give a rats ass about either of the above. We care about teams and players that are going to be in the playoffs.

  70. Him trying to hold this over the Vikings heads, seems to just add to the list of how irrational the guy is.

    Where is the accountability with this guy?

  71. Actually, Conor, the Packers signed Randall Cobb and Brian Bulaga. They were both free agents.

    And in doing so, most pundits have said the Packers have been the best in free agency again this year.

  72. Vikings fan here – if I’m Rick Spielmen, I let it be known that if we are trading Peterson, you’re giving up a first, either this year or next. If not, I’m hanging up the phone. If they don’t get that, just sit on his rights if he doesn’t want to play.

  73. Screw him, let him go. He’ll see he’s going to another team without a good QB (Palmer will get hurt again)…..and remember, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS, NOT RUNNING BACKS!!!

    Bring on Melvin Gordon!!!

  74. conormacleod says:
    Mar 19, 2015 1:33 PM
    tokyofilthblaster says:
    Mar 19, 2015 11:36 AM

    Says the fan whose team hasn’t signed a single free agent. The only team that hasn’t done so…

    Nice try, you really haven’t been paying attention to the NFL the last 10 years if you are trying to imply that they haven’t signed anyone because nobody wants to sign there. Not overspending on free agents from other teams has been Thompson’s trademark since becoming gm. Draft, develop, and resign your own players is way they do business, and it has been working out pretty well.

  75. HUGE stakeholder in the packer front office here! I voted to participate in free agency this year but was overruled in the meetings. All we did was resign two injury prone stiffs that no other team wanted. 🙁

  76. Look at all the Packer trolls, they gloat over football accomplishment because they live in the worst state in the union. It’s a little sad reading their comments about their 10 world championships that nobody but them care about. Bragging about old Championships from before the Super Bowl era is like Italians bragging about the old Roman Empire. It’s irrelevant and rather pathetic. But at least they have their Packers stock! Lolololololololololol!

  77. You viqueen fans are freaking nuts… NO WAY is AP worth a #1 draft pick. He is old and who knows if he is going to perform the same after having missed a year, also since you dont seem to know football it usual takes at least a season for players to get acclimated to a new system. Then he is going to be real old…. A first rounder with his cap hit… Only in your wettest dreams.

  78. lordrahl121281 says:
    It’s a little sad reading their comments about their 10 world championships
    Just for the record, its 13 world championships and counting. Since the Superbowl era, its been 4 Lombardi trophies which coincidentally is the same number of Superbowls that the Vikings choked away.

    But you do have something in Minnesota that the Packers are lacking, we currently do not employ any child abusers.

  79. Nice try, you really haven’t been paying attention to the NFL the last 10 years if you are trying to imply that they haven’t signed anyone because nobody wants to sign there. Not overspending on free agents from other teams has been Thompson’s trademark since becoming gm. Draft, develop, and resign your own players is way they do business, and it has been working out pretty well…

    Without Rodgers to prop him up, he would have been fired 5 years ago

  80. The Vikings don’t owe Peterson anything, the only question is is he motivated to play in 2015 for them.

  81. Since we are reminiscing about the packer past, it was my 70th birthday on the day of the first “ice bowl” game. I will never forget “ice ice baby” by vanilla ice cranking over the speakers during every time out.

  82. 49ers should be in play here.

    Carlos Hyde & 2 second round picks

    Would be a big spark to the otherwise worst offseason in NFL history.

  83. As good as AP has been in his career, and let’s face it, he’s been a special player. He isn’t a young man and this is a deep RB class in the draft. I believe people deserve a second chance to show they can act right and AP is no exception. But, I think he may not have as many suitors as he would have had a year or two ago due to his age, the deep RB class, and the fact that some fans and media types will loudly oppose the signing. Wherever he plays, I think he’ll play well. I think he has something to prove.

  84. rosstuckershair says:
    Mar 19, 2015 3:27 PM
    Without Rodgers to prop him up, he would have been fired 5 years ago
    That’s a speculative opinion, but possible I suppose. Thompson is, however, the GM that drafted Rodgers when nobody else would.

  85. If AP want to play some where else I blame it on Spilman, this fool had 5 years to build us a line we can win with. He didn’t, are OL couldn’t stop a high school team. even though Peterson doesn’t need a line. He is a one man show.

    And what with bring Hill back. dumbest move ever. better off pull farve out of retirement.

    Someone needs to fire Spilman, he spend all the team money. there are three good OL still left.

  86. rosstuckershair says:
    Mar 19, 2015 3:27 PM
    Without Rodgers to prop him up, he would have been fired 5 years ago


    You do realize that it was Thompson who not only drafted Rodgers but also put his job on the line making the hugely unpopular decision to trade Favre and go with Rodgers at qb? Or does he not get credit for that either?

  87. It’s so odd. These Minnesota plebeians try to talk trash, but when they realize they can’t, they resort to “my state (that is nearly identical to yours) is better than yours!”

    People should know when they’ve been beaten.

  88. Vikings fans are so delusional! A first rounder isn’t happening. If you think you can trade for Arizona’s first rounder you’re crazy. Melvin Gordon will easily do for Arizona. They already brought him in for a visit too. Arizona wants to win now but isn’t going to mortgage the farm just to get AP. A third rounder will do and that might be pushing it. The Vikings are trading a player that doesn’t want to be there, for salary cap flexibility.

  89. Its been well documented that AD is under contract, he says he has been disrespected by certain people… I don’t consider 800,000$$ a week is disrespect, what I would do is have an inspection so to say a ship in a dock area having its cargo age and lose its value sitting on the shelf due to inspections/sanctions…

  90. Does anyone remember AD’s first game against Patty Peterson? Adrian made it one of those “welcome to the NFL” Sundays for the poor young man. 🙂 I could never understand the hype after that game… good for him for getting paid though.

  91. 28 is a unique asset. Hold onto him. Do what is best for the franchise. Giving him away to another NFC team is not doing what is best for the franchise.

  92. If you ask me, Vikings are in a win-win situation. They either trade him for what they want or they keep him – he’ll play and he’ll try his hardest because that’s who he is. He wants to be the best RB in NFL history.

  93. Cheat Sheet just did a thing on places NFL players DO NOT WANT TO GO TO.
    THE TOP 5
    The Raiders were # 1
    The Packers were # 5
    Vikings were not on the list.

    Just think where the Packers will be when they start having ave and poor seasons which just might be just around the bend.

    They will be back to where they were before Bret F. unnoticed for decades.

  94. To the 49er fans that think the Vikings are a hot mess I have two words for you….

  95. Tampa Bay would like to have him! I think they should give the Vikes (interesting, rhymes with YIKES) their first round pick next year. It’ll be a high one. When the Bucs pick Jameis in the draft this year, that would take a lot of pressure off the rook by just having AP in the backfield with him. I don’t think that AP should still get the money he wants though. The Vikes should play hard ball with him and tell him, basically, this crap was YOUR crap and you screwed us over. Show us that you are sorry by going to Tampa Bay at a lower cost for everyone. If you show them that you still got value and heart, you’ll get a nice raise in ’16.

  96. OH! And this trade talk for Fitzgerald for Peterson is stupid!!Fitzgerald is a game breaker. He regularly gets double coverage and still gets his catches. No one is sure exactly what they will get with AP. He could be a good, solid RB, but he is past his prime. Larry is still in his prime.

  97. It’s been suggested that Zimmer hurt his credibility w/ players by not giving Peterson a ticket out of Minneapolis. Nonsense.

    a. The Vikings haven’t said they won’t let AP go. They just won’t flat-out release him. (Why would they?) There’s always a very simple “way out” for AP: he can restructure his contract to a level of compensation at which another team can afford to pay his salary as well as give away whatever MN wants for AP’s entitled… uh… posterior. (Presumably at least a high 2nd round pick, maybe more.) If he doesn’t like it, he can shut up, lace up, and earn his exorbitant salary from the team that so generously offered it to him in the first place: MN. OR he can retire. See? Lots of ways out for AP.

    b. The last place Zim has a credibility problem is in the locker room. The team is solidly behind him, especially after the way he handled the on-the-field consequences of Peterson’s actions last season. If anything has ever held Zimmer back, it’s his impatience with b.s., which may have cost his a head-coaching gig or two. But he has one now, and I’m couldn’t be more happy that it’s with the Vikings!

  98. The media loves to spin yarns. There is no story – He will be back with the Vikings. You don’t trade the greatest running back in modern history and the face of your franchise to a bunch of desert rednecks.

  99. NO ONE will give a first rounder and take on a $15MM cap hit for a 30 yr old back. IF he is going to move, both he and the Vikes have to accept a lot less. NO reason for the Vikes to get screwed in this situation. They should absolutely do what is best for the team…period.

  100. Whoever speaks next loses, so AP-zip it! The Cardinals could really use you, but they will have to give up a LOT-probably in draft picks, or they’re just spinning their wheels if they want to win now. Nobody wants you to stay more than Teddy Bridgewater, who would probably be the best qb you’ve played with-just need to be quiet and be a very good citizen, which shouldn’t be difficult. Any kind of input from you will probably detract your value. You might only have a couple of great years left, so get it while the gettin’ is good.

  101. A few things
    A) If they force AP to play, I don’t see him being a cancer. He has been professional through his career until this instance. This makes me think that much of the press is done by his agent to get him traded.
    B) If he truly will refuse to play and retires , he will not only lose out on future $, he will have to pay back parts of his bonuses already received.
    C) If he becomes a cancer, the Vikings fan either cut him, in which case he won’t get a deal anywhere near as good as he has now. Or, the are allowed to suspend him and he loses out on game checks and t would be harder to hit any incentive bonuses.

    The Vikings truly hold the best hand and need to quit coddling him after how he and his agent have been handling. The Vikings lost 5 games by a TD or less. Even winning just three of them would have put them at 10-5 and possibly in the playoffs since 2 of the teams were GB and Detroit and a third was Chicago. They also had two games against teams that he plays well against ( Detroit and NO ) within 2 scores that become possible wins. To be honest, I would hammer that point home with AP and his agent. Show him videos and pictures of the crowd during him games with many many fans still wearing his jersey.

    I know the post rambles and flits from point to point, but it was more a stream of consciousness post than a well written article.

  102. There is no trade market for AP if he doesn’t restructure….so the Vikes can play tough guy all they want, they’ll just have to pay a half hearted player to show up and complain at every turn of their locker room.

  103. Packer fans desperately want to be part of this conversation. So, I tell you what, quiz time…what do the Cards and Pack have in common? The last, and maybe only 2 teams to go 25 years without a real playoff win. Yes, it’s all sadly true. These teams achieved the quarter century suckfest. The only 2 teams to suck that bad.

  104. Hah! These Viking fans on here make it too easy. Don’t know where to start. Love Boat? Whizzinator? Choke jobs of ’98 and ’09? Most player arrests of any NFL team? 41-0 pounding at the hands of the Giants in the playoffs? And talk about living in the past. The last time any MN. professional team has won a title that wasn’t the WNBA, the ’91 Twins, Green Bay has won two Super Bowls and yet every summer they parade the members of the ’91 team out on the field before a game. That’s enough for now. Oh, as for AP, nobody really cares.

  105. harryhands9, oh no, not even close!! You have heard of the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions? Neither of these teams have been to the Super Bowl. The Cards went to the SB less than 20 years ago. As for the Pack, I must admit to not knowing the point that you are trying to make. They have one of the best QB’s in the league and are contenders every year. Now, if you are talking about the Pack and Cards of long ago, you need to really get out of the past. It’s VERY irrelevant to us today!

  106. That is my point marmac. Packer fans ALWAYS bring up the past, but only parts of the past. Lets bring in the whole past. That would include probably the worst 25 year run in modern football history. Complete suck!

  107. Okay, I guess I understand that. All I know is this; the Vikes have had a lot of chances to be in the hunt, but they are upside down in one way or another. Back in the early to mid 90’s, they had a very good defense, but no offense and they couldn’t win. Then, in the late 90’s, they got a very good offense, but their defense stunk. They couldn’t win. It’s been that way with them for the last 20 years. It seems that it is cyclical with them. And, it seems, that they hire coaches that way. An offensive minded coach (Dennis Green), then a defensive coach (Mike Tice), then offensive (Brad Childress), defensive (Leslie Frazier) and they would man their team with people like that. They have come close on a lot of occasions, but they have gotten a bit of a reputation as a “choke” team. They’ve also had some crazy things happen to them with the Lake Minnetoka and the “party boat” thing, Bret Favre’s mini scandal and now the Peterson thing. That definitely affects focus. I don’t know, but they have fielded some very good teams, but just not get over the “hump”. Sometimes the “hump” was that they had to play the Packers twice a year, but I don’t know.

  108. You sound like a reasonable dude marmac. I hope we got it right with Zim. You guys need to get ready…for Teddy!

  109. harryhands9, thanks, TB Bucs fans HAVE to be reasonable …… otherwise with all of the stupid teams we have had, we’d go hang ourselves! LOL!! I have friend who is a HUGE Vikes fan. He is from Kentucky, lived in Missouri and now lives in Florida. He’s never been north of Kentucky and I don’t have a clue why is a Vikes fan, but, he is one of those who just have loved them since the Bud Grant years. He is the guy who ALWAYS believes that THIS WILL BE THE YEAR with the Vikes. I think that Zim will be a good coach, but I am not sold on Teddy. However, I thought that Ponder would be star (go Noles) and that was a bust!! I do know this; Teddy seems like a good guy who is willing to work. Good luck to you guys this season. Maybe they can “turn the corner” and get back into the mix like they used to have!

  110. AP is one of the greatest backs this league has ever seen and it has been a plessure watching him play in Minnesota. I hope he stays. He gives the Viking the best chance of winning. That being said, I don’t blame him for wanting to leave because MN is not a very forgiving state.

  111. Everyone here who says the Vikings won’t get a #1 pick for Peterson, did you correctly predict what they got in the Harvin trade?

    I thought so.

  112. I had predicted San Fran’s 2 2nd rounders. Didn’t think there would be a bidding war. There are a few differences though. Harvin was young and had some baggage, but not the same amount that AP has. His contract was smaller as well, even with the one he signed with Seattle.

  113. Ap, aside all you Packer fans saying that Minnesota sucks or whatever, If Minnesota bothers you that bad! Then why do so many of you like WORKING over here! Minnesotas not so bad you won’t jump the border for a PAY CHECK and you say we suck look in the mirror pal!!

  114. So the Vikings pay 8 million to him to not play last year because of something HE did and is still not remorseful for which is supposed to be a condition of the NFL granting him reinstatement?

    Somebody please step in and help this man. He has obviously been hit in the head way too many times. The Vikings did NOT have to pay him that money but they did. That alone shows that they “had his back (pocket)”

    Here is how it goes down…
    1. You want a trade after they paid you to sit on your butt and smoke weed last year? Fine pay back the 8 million from last year and the 2.4 million on your signing bonus and we will trade you.
    2. Oh wait you don’t like that then fine hold out and we fine you every game for the year and you don’t play a lick at 31 years old and 2 years out of football sign with whom ever you like homeboy
    3. You want to play for a contender? Well shucks if you didn’t fumble the ball 5 times in the NFC championship game you could have!
    4. How about a big cup of shut the heck up? You caused this whole mess. You smoked weed when you are on probation AND admitted it BEFORE the results were conducted!!! (help this man) If you pass the HGH testing this year and you can play.
    5. Admit for once that what you did was wrong! Accident or not, intentional or not, it was wrong Wrong WRONG.
    6. Understand that your best opportunities are in Minnesota. Sorry dude but thats a fact both financially and professionally.

    Somebody out there please help this man….

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