Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be ready to compete until training camp

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Yes, the Jets are going to have a quarterback competition.

But Geno Smith’s going to have a little bit of a head start.

While Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan said that Ryan Fitzpatrick would have a shot at the starting job, he’s not going to be ready to participate until training camp because of last year’s broken leg.

“We’re projecting [Fitzpatrick] to be back ready to go for training camp,” Maccagnan said, via Darryl Slater of NJ.com. “He’ll be involved in some of the offseason stuff, OTAs. But again, [we are] taking it into consideration, too, the rehabilitation for his injuries. He may be limited to a certain degree in the OTAs, so I think Geno and Matt [Simms] will definitely get more reps, probably. Ryan will be involved also through the offseason program, but again, somewhat limited because of the rehabilitation from the injury.”

Fitzpatrick broke his leg in mid-December, so it makes sense that he’s not going to be 100 percent by the start of OTAs.

Maccagnan said “As it stands right now? Absolutely,” when asked if he was content going into camp with Fitzpatrick and Smith as his primary quarterbacks.

So Smith has a few months to get himself comfortable, which may not even negate the edge Fitzpatrick has from working with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey.

21 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be ready to compete until training camp

  1. If the Jets can somehow how get Geno Smith to play like he did at the end of last season for the entire season, we can win a lot of games with the defense we are putting out on the field next season. Geno definitely has talent. On the other hand I’ve seen him look so awful, that I started to curse and yell the Jets to get rid of him… but then Geno teases me again like he did against the Dolphins in the last game of the season. Maybe THIS is the year that Geno finally starts to see the game slow down from pocket and start to make better reads. If not, we got Fitzpatrick to fall back on to be our game manager to score enough points to win games with our D that is in my opinion developing into what could be one of the best defenses in the NFL next season. This mindset allows the Jets to go BPA with their 6th pick or whatever pick they have in the first round should they trade down.

  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a legitimate nfl backup, so he obviously has a huge advantage over Geno Smith

  3. Remember when Bills fans said they didn’t want Fitzpatrick?

    They sure do now but it’s too late, wide right.

  4. Its interesting to see how many Pat fans are reading Jets stories now. I’ll admit it, we’re nervous that everyone is gaining on us….

  5. Fitz has proven time and time again in various offenses with varying talent he is a great backup. Geno sometimes looks like competent starter and sometimes a monstrosity.
    It’s a good plan if Geno crashes and burns cut times Fitzy can hold down the fort until they get the guy they want.

  6. Jets, with all the great moves you’ve made to improve your team one would have thought you’d have acquired a QB that wasn’t recovering from a broken leg. I’m disappointed with your QB choice.

  7. I’d take Fitzpatrick Over ANY OTHER current “backup” in the nfl.


    Nope. Best backup QB is, and has been, in Carolina for several years. Derek Anderson could start for 7 or 8 teams in the NFL and is much better than any backup. Check out last season’s play.

  8. There’s not an NFL caliber QB on the Jets entire team. The Jets need to draft Mariota if Winston is gone on draft day. I am surprised at the number of teams that don’t understand the importance of a franchise QB.

  9. >>Nope. Best backup QB is, and has been, in Carolina for several years. Derek Anderson could start for 7 or 8 teams in the NFL and is much better than any backup. Check out last season’s play.
    He had good stats , but only 97 attempts.
    H’es had 4 attempts in 3 years before that.

    So I hardly think thats enough to come to the conclusion thats he’s a very good back up.
    I’m not saying he isn’t, just that there isn’t any evidence to support what you are saying.

  10. Derek Anderson had more than good stats. Why do you have a backup? Twice, and without warning, Cam Newton was unable to start. With minimal time practicing with the “ones”, Anderson started and won both games. And he looked solid doing it.

  11. I like fitz even tho he is old as dirt but look at his numbers the last two years he can still throw that rock and throw tds and that’s all the Jets need him to do check the numbers he has put up last 2or3 years

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