Santonio Holmes is baffled that no one will sign him


As Santonio Holmes watched scores of free agents sign contracts over the last week, he kept wondering the same thing: What about me?

Holmes told Sports Illustrated that he can’t figure out what the issue is. Holmes said he didn’t play up to his own standards after suffering a foot injury with the Jets in 2012, but he said other than that issue he’s always been healthy, and still is.

“It baffles me a little, to know that I’m not a part of any organization,” Holmes said. “It’s a gift and a curse at the same time. I say that because the gift of playing — an opportunity to be a figure in the National Football League, I enjoy. And the curse of having one injury in my entire career, people are now looking at me as if Santonio Holmes is not the guy anymore.”

Holmes said he’s working out and in good shape, and at age 31 he thinks he has plenty of good football left in him.

Still, there are questions: Holmes was widely viewed as a problem in the locker room during his time with the Jets, and he didn’t contribute much last year during a brief tenure with the Bears. There’s also the fact that Holmes has a history of legal issues, including a domestic violence arrest in 2006. That’s not going to make teams eager to sign him.

So while Holmes may be baffled that he can’t get a job, for the rest of us, it’s not all that surprising. Holmes may have run out of chances in the NFL.

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  1. He deserves to be on a roster..he’s been in far less trouble then other guys in the league.. Ok he has a bud charge years ago so what. No guns No DUIs No Domestic charges. No droppd murder charge..

  2. If trent (i gain 3.3 yards a carry if im lucky) richardson
    Can get a job This dude can

    Problem is attitude in locker room once rumors go around nfl about that then u could be blacklisted from the league

    When oakland n the jags have no interest u know u should apply for retirement soon

  3. No. The injury isn’t whats keeping you from being the man.

    It was constantly complaining and getting kicked out of the huddle that was keeping you from being the man. Also the lack of hustle from you and Kellen Winslow JR in Geno’s rookie year when he desperately needed a go to guy which saw you getting your snaps reduced for David Nelson who is now out of the league.

  4. I forgot about him, forgot he had a cup of tea with the Bears last season, well he made some serious cash with the Jets hoping he saved up, and he was a first round pick as well.

  5. Dude should have something left. His numbers and production we’re off so much playing with a bad team with bad QB’s. I believe he could put up avg numbers in a decent offense imo.

  6. To me he will always be remembered as the guy who caught the game winning touchdown in the greatest superbowl I’ve ever witness. His footwork on that play matched with the dime ben threw was unbelievable.That’s coming from a Raven by the way.

  7. A one year vet-minimum may be in his future…..Prove he can play at previous level and maybe get one last good contract next season……

  8. lackofabetter says:
    Mar 19, 2015 6:45 PM
    Say what you want about this guy, but he had one of the greatest Super Bowl catches of ALL TIME!
    That was not a catch

  9. I for one, was sad when he left Pittsburgh. I felt he had a promising future in NFL. I mean when he was w steelers he was bad azz on field.. So I thought It was a bad move on steelers to let him go… Well I was wrong, Steelers ended up aquiring Antonio Brown with the pick the Jets gave for holmes and the rest is history..

  10. Yinzers tend to forget about this guy, Harrison and Roethlisberger when they make their high moral claims about supporting domestic violence. Holmes remained on the Steelers roster for years after.

  11. I couldn’t help but think Santonio got a raw deal when he was traded away a few years ago for his affinity for herbal pleasures and now, years later I feel it even more so. Comparatively speaking-in light of what other guys have gotten involved with and still managed to remain gainfully employed–it just seems to me that Steelers brass jumped the gun with the guy.
    And yes, it certainly was a catch. Only someone with failing eyesight could think otherwise.

  12. Just don’t tell Holmes that there is gambling at Rick’s Café Americain. He’ll be shocked… SHOCKED!

  13. “He deserves to be on a roster..he’s been in far less trouble then other guys in the league..”

    Is that supposed to be a selling point? I really don’t understand why these guys need to be in ANY trouble with the law. But that aside, I imagine that the reason he isn’t employed is because his asking price is higher than teams feel that he’s worth.

  14. “Don’t worry, Chip Kelly will sign you soon!!!”
    No he won’t. Santonio is black.

  15. “Don’t worry, Chip Kelly will sign you soon!!!”
    Screamin’ A. Smith would beg to differ.

  16. Not too many teams interested in a locker room cancer but he apparently hasn’t figured that part out yet. Percy Harvin should take note of Holmes situation as it is one he could soon find himself in.

  17. I’m baffled… that he’s baffled. That’s whats baffling..the fact the he has so obviously worn out his welcome across the NFL and he doesn’t even recognize it.

  18. Talking in the third person usually throws up a big red flag that says “DON’T SIGN ME”

  19. Grass isn’t always greener on the other side, he had it made in Pittsburgh with a great quarterback and chose to take the money and go play with scrubs! Its his own fault, career OVER!!

  20. I am going to keep posting this as long as you keep modding it out, and the Minion that keeps reporting it for some reason..
    It is time to check the attitude at the door, you would think you’d would get the hint!
    Another player that signed with his 4th team in 5 years had better too.He went from a multiple Draft pick trade to basically given away.

  21. Form a club with Chad Johnson, and T. D., and make room for Mike Wallace and Trent Richardson.

  22. From one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history to the unemployment line. Sic transit gloria.

  23. He sounds like Terrell Owens. Get over it already and go on to a second career and good luck with that.

  24. LRC stands for Locker Rom Cancer. I guess all those teams are willing to give up the 18-21 catches he will have if he stays healthy all year, in order to NOT have him poisoning the chemistry and camaraderie of the team. Go figure.

  25. He deserves to be baffled, he runs from a team for the lights of NY, quits on them and now he is ready to play. Hey sit home and watch the games on Direct TV with the over pried cost as the rest of us. You blew it.

  26. Clean up your act Holmes. Good teams don’t have time for guys with maturity issues. I guess it is a bit baffling that a bad team hasn’t signed you.

  27. “I’m a locker room cancer, I’ve been injured, I haven’t played up to par, I have a criminal record, and my attitude sucks, why oh WHY doesn’t anyone want me?!?” – Santonio Holmes

  28. Nobody will sign you cause your a punk who doesn’t appreciate the God given ability you have and the privilege it is to play in the NFL. Holmes was already done when the Jets got rid of him.

  29. Dont know the dude, but word on the street is that his health is not an issue. It is his personality in the locker room.

  30. Santonio had more than “character flaws”, he of the “wake and bake” society, typical that his ilk doesn’t understand why no team wants his locker room cancer, never matured nor realized what an awesome opportunity it is to be part of an NFL team, and still doesn’t. Hasta la vista, Santonio…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out to no-man’s land…

  31. These guys live in world far different from us. From birth, through school and college, to the Combine and Draft Day, these guys are babied and coddled. One day it all ends….unless you wind up with ESPN or NFLN.

    Welcome to the real world, Santonio. Here’s your hat, apron and spatula….now, get to work.

  32. I hope this serves as a lesson to young players not to be a jerk like these divas. Hand the ball to the ref like the Great Barry Sanders and act like a Professional And shut up.

  33. What’s truly funny is, he’ll eventually be signed by a team for lesser money than he’s accustomed to. And once Holmes is signed his minimal contract alone will likely be valued more than the lifetime earnings of critics taking potshots at a guy they don’t know personally.

    Now, that’s what I call truly funny!

  34. 1 Dallas just signed an ax murderer
    2 He played with Geno and Sanchez
    3 SH being the problem with the Jets is not the issue.
    4 Injury will allow every veteran WR mentioned (crabtree, welker, holmes) get on the field next season. Its just that vicious.
    5 Alot of you guys are baffled that you have females numbers in your phone from the club but none of them work after buying drinks saturday night.

  35. Man, it seems i can remember from day one, the first time i heard him complaining about being with the steelers, that i thought what an idiot. bitching about being on one of the most successful teams of the past 40 years. wow, what a burden. hope you saved the coin loser.

  36. The fact that you are baffled is exactly why your done! You don’t get it. If you ever get reincarnated come back, keep your mouth shut, practice hard, keep your mouth shut, resign contracts and be happy, keep your mouth shut and do not inhale!

  37. It’s because you haven’t done ANYTHING since you caught that TD in the Super Bowl vs. AZ. Cashed in with the Jets where careers die. NYJ is the Bramuda Triangle of the NFL.

  38. When he had a great QB, he put up great numbers.

    Just like Mike Wallace

    As a Steelers fan, if he took league minimum to come in and return punts and be the 4, I’d take him back.

    Think he had a TD about every time we played the Ravens.

  39. Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Santonio Holmes, and RGMEE in the same huddle. What do you got?

  40. Something tells me he spent all his money to. Bet he will be baffled when he broke

  41. It’s all about the money. Take less money…maybe even the vet minimum, and you will probably find a job.

  42. Because you are a dirtball! Big mouth, and can not back it up! Bye, bye and go away, your are not worth the minimum wage!!

  43. He was a complete zero for the Bears last year. He can’t play anymore and that’s why no one is interested. Pretty simple, really.

  44. How many more ex-Steelers do we have to watch flounder around on other teams before everyone can finally admit Ben is the best QB in the nfl.

  45. Great catch and no way would they ever had overturned it, but I thought at the time and still do whenever the replay is shown that his right foot never completely touched the ground. It is caught on the bottom of the cleats of his left foot and there is at least an inch of a gap between shoe top and ground. But given the situation and the skill to even keep control of the ball, he deserved it.

  46. as a life long jets fan,when he got his injury,and fumbled the ball away in disgust,I was done with him,one of those divas who thinks he is better then the team,I think I hear the arena calling ‘tone time’,was glad to see he didn’t even make a full season with the bears,was telling cutler to always throw to him because he always open,you had many chances,which you blew so don’t let the NFL door hit you in the tone time.

  47. you were stealing checks…c’mon do you really think another team is gonna be stupid enough to sign you and watch you not produce again??

  48. Really? Santonio is baffled that no team wants an overpaid injury-prone prima donna that dodges camp and gives effort only when he’s in the mood?

  49. I loved holmes with the jets. UNTIL we played the niners and he caught the ball and decided too drop it on the ground.. complete selfish player. you don’t win with these kind of guys

  50. too much young talent at the WR position to be worried about average players, that were locker room trouble and on the wrong side of 30

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