Titans schedule private workout with Jameis Winston


Most people expect the Buccaneers to use the first overall pick on former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. But the owners of the second overall pick still think there’s a chance that Winston will be available.

That’s why the Titans have scheduled a private workout with Winston and will bring him to Nashville to visit their team facilities, according to Terry McCormick of 247Sports. The precise date of Winston’s visit is not yet known, but it is expected to be around the same time as Florida State’s March 31 Pro Day.

The Titans could use a quarterback, with last year’s sixth-round pick Zach Mettenberger currently penciled in as the starter. If Winston were available to them, there’s a good chance the Titans would take him. The Titans also had a private workout with the other top quarterback in the draft, Marcus Mariota.

The fact that Winston is planning to visit the Titans indicates that the Buccaneers have given him no assurances that he’ll go first overall. In past years, some of the top quarterback prospects have declined to work out for certain teams when they thought they knew how the draft was going to play out. Robert Griffin III, for instance, didn’t bother to visit the Colts because he was expecting Andrew Luck to go to Indianapolis while Griffin himself went to Washington.

Winston thinks there’s at least enough uncertainty about his own status that he’ll visit the Titans, even if he’d like to go first overall and be off the board before the Titans make their pick.

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  1. Don’t forget Mettenberger was projected as a second round pick by many analysts last year and fell to the sixth round due to off the field concerns. He has the talent to start in the NFL so I’m guessing the Titans will give him some more time and draft another position this year.

  2. Rivers’ will be behind center next year for Ten. Winston goes #1 & Mariotta stays on the west coast w/ the Chargers. Jags get USC stud tackle

  3. Winston is not a nfl ready qb. I hope for his sake he ends up sitting a year. He does have a lot of talent, but he really needs some more time.

  4. No team picking first overall should reveal their hand before they pick. It keeps the other teams squirming and may entice them to offer a blockbuster package if they fear that Tampa Bay will take their guy. Winston is the presumptive pick, but there have been times when the favorite to go #1 has been passed on. Reggie Bush, and Luke Joeckel immediately come to mind.

    Plus, what’s the harm in taking a look? At best, you have an in-depth, personal look at a guy who might fall. At worst, you’ve wasted a few hours of your coaches’ and scouts’ time. The risk/reward balances out.

  5. i doubt rivers to titans is gonna happen. i think nobody will make a trade until draft day for mariota and its gonna be to the redskins. i can see rivers and #17 for #5 and skins draft Collins or a Tackle. Rg3 will be shopped for a second or third rd pick…..God, Im dreaming lol

  6. The second coming of Air McNair!!!!

    Hey guys you getting the picture yet??

    Chargers want Marcus, Jets want Marcus, Eagles want Marcus….

    Jaws doesn’t like Winston…

    You hearing any teams clamoring to get Winston? Nope.

    Someone is gonna trade up to #1 for Mariota I guarantee it and Winston is set to fall to Tennessee.

  7. justafan2014 says:
    Mar 19, 2015 1:07 PM

    Off the field concerns? No, cause he had a blown out ACL.

    He fully participated in his pro day and there was no reason to think he wouldn’t fully recover. I think teams were more worried about him getting kicked off Georgia’s team and pleading guilty to two misdemeanor sexual battery charges than they were about the ACL.

  8. slugbaitspace says:
    Mar 19, 2015 1:06 PM

    RG3 also didn’t bother to visit the ‘skins. Or any other team, for that matter.

    So who knows what he was expecting.

    He already knew that he would be a bust in two to three years????

  9. Mettenberger showed potential last season the best thing they could do is continue with him at QB and draft Williams building a stronger defense. With another good draft and Mett having a good season Titans could be back competiting and on the road to winning again. I don’t mind the Rivers idea as Mett could learn behind him. I don’t mind them maybe bringing in Glennon/Cousins in as competition for Mett. However bringing in Winston or Mariota would be a disaster and set an already vulnerable franchise in an even greater hole.

  10. [sigh] … In the past year, the Titans have signed other “high character” guys like Taylor Lewan, Zach Mettenberger and Perrish Cox, so … brace yourself Titans fans.

  11. If I was an owner, I could not bring Winston on to the team. In that alleged rape incident, the girl sounds believable. Yeah maybe it was consensual, but unlikely. I would pass on him without a 2nd thought.

  12. Even though fraudulent Whisenhunt gets on my nerves, I hope he ends up here. Buc fans are stupid (letting UF ties cloud their judgement on this subject) and don’t deserve such a caliber player.

  13. I continued to be baffled about why any team would consider squandering a high pick on that big dummy. The ugly off-the-field stuff is a deal-breaker on its own, but he also showed poor judgment on the field with so many bad decisions last season. Jameis has more red flags than a Moscow parade in the Soviet era.

  14. zero chance Bucs take JW at 2. No need to, he will drop into the 20s. He’s just not that talented and he’s not too bright. So why waste a 1st rounder on him? The only way I see JW being drafted in the first round is if a team trades back into the latter portions of the round. I still don’t get the media and scouting pundits love for him. He is EJ Manuel 2.0 except he had better weapons around him…nothing at all separates the two talent wise.

  15. Mettenberger is the right QB in Tennessee. It’s more important to be fearless than it is to be elusive over there.

  16. Although you have to question some Titan fans’ football IQ too since they’re all in on the guy who actually was arrested for sexual assault in college and produced a positive drug test at the combine, but Winston’s not good enough with his “red flags” based mainly on an alleged victim with more holes in her story than Swiss cheese every time it’s actually scrutinized without bias. What are we up to now with the bogus movie, the 5th or 6th account of what happened that night, with science contradicting everything she’s said from day one until the latest adoration?

  17. Any team that pick Mariota over Winston should have their heads examined. Mariota could be the leader of the Boys Choir and Winston could be the anti-Christ. Bottom line is Winston has the skills to run an NFL offense, Mariota does not. Mariota can’t call plays, can’t do WR progressions, can’t read defenses, can’t make vertical NFL throws, etc….He’s simply a huge project. Winston can do all those things.

  18. @jrob23

    Your statements are idiotic; they fly in the face of NFL professionals that have actually investigated Winston, both on and off the field. The fact that you think he’s not going in the first round completely discredits your football iq.

    Just save us all some time and say you don’t like Winston.

  19. Titans are doing this in case the Bucs pick Mariotta and another team (the Chargers) wants Winston. Smoke screen. Or, at minimum fall back plan.

    Rivers to Titans – book it

  20. If he’s smart, he’d Eli-boycott any of those dumpster fires picking in the top 6 and steer himself to real franchises (except the Browns) picking afterwards. Too much future money on the line to watch yourself flame out in TB and not see that second $100M+ contract. Steer yourself to Chicago picking 7th, take some abuse, but know that you have an actual chance to get through that rookie contract to the real payday. I don’t know why agents don’t tell their highly rated draftee QBs this. Mariota should do the same. He’ll be out of the league in 3 years if he gets stuck on the Jets.

  21. jrob23,

    Yeah, except the team he won with was actually worse than the one Manuel had at just about every position, especially defensively. He just doubled Manuel’s TD totals and had about the same number of turnovers. One guy’s got great pocket presense, the other does not. One guy’s an alpha dog in the huddle, while the other guy’s not. One guy made everyone on the team at FSU better, while the other guy lost to Mike Glennon and NC State with a 17-point lead in the first half. But yeah, they’re the same guy, lol. Some people shouldn’t comment on football.

  22. Normally “experts” tear apart seemingly ideal draft candidates. This year they praise a player with more red flags & negative reports then any player I remember in recent history. Winston was definitely a winner at the COLLEGE LEVEL. His skills do not look like he is NFL ready now and maybe not ever. Winning in college is a lot easier than winning in the NFL.

    There was a college QB at Penn State named John Schaffer who lost only one game in his entire life. It was a national championship against Oklahoma. He went on to win the title the next against a much more talented Miami team. Despite all of his winning, John Schaffer never had a chance of even sniffing the field in the NFL.

    Marriotta looks like most spread offense Qb’s. He is a project who also may never be able to get/and or keep a starting job in the NFL. I don’t believe either Winston or Marriotta should be 1st rounders, much less top 10 picks.

  23. Sheesh FSU fans infesting these boards with their irrational and blind defense of Winston are almost as bad as the Gator fans defending their messiah hero Tebow.

  24. widerightyouloseagain says:Mar 19, 2015 1:24 PMI guess Jeff Fisher doesn’t look so bad after all .The guy had nothing to work with all those years, but always got the best out of them.

    Really? Fisher is a BUM! Six winning seasons in twenty years of coaching…And Fisher doesn’t look bad? That’s the problem with the Titans, they hire the worst coaches.

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