Buccaneers sign P Andrew Wilder


The Buccaneers have added a third punter to their offseason roster, announcing a deal with Andrew Wilder on Friday.

Wilder, 24, was not in the NFL in 2014. A Northern Arizona product, Wilder joins Chase Tenpenny and Michael Koenen on the Bucs’ punting depth chart.

It’s not unusual for clubs to carry an extra punter in the offseason and in training camp, but three punters is uncommon. Koenen, the Buccaneers’ incumbent at the position, is set to make $3.25 million in salary in each of the next two seasons, and such compensation is relatively high for his position. However, Koenen is an experienced presence at a position where clubs can be loathe to tolerate youthful mistakes, and he has long blunted opposing return games, with only 210-of-748 career punts returned.

10 responses to “Buccaneers sign P Andrew Wilder

  1. This guy can really punt the ball with is foot. i know a lot of people are down on the bucks, but this is a great steal! Looks like Belichick missed this value guy.

  2. I know not to many people watched bucs games last year, But Koenen was HIGHLY unreliable last year. Coming off an injury the year before.. Tampa also was laughed at when they cut Conner Barth and found a rookie in patrick murray to take over kicking duties..

    At over 3 million a year for a punter that was highly inconsistent last year it is fully understandable that the bucs are looking to replace him. Id be surprised if Koenen is on the team next year.

  3. Koenen makes more than most because he’s also a very effective kickoff specialists, or at least he was. He was an awful punter last year and ordinary on kickoffs. I’d be shocked if he’s a Buc in 2015.

  4. They better find a good punter because he is going to get a lot of work next season. With the potential of a rookie QB working behind an o-line I could get a starting job on, “3 and out” is going to be a term Tampa fans are going to hear a lot.

  5. People need to realize koenen is so over payed at a position which the bucs have used a lot of because they could never move the ball on offense. They are looking at a possible franchise qb with the first overall pick in winston where they can nove the ball with three legitimate 6 ft plus recievers and tight end. They can afford this move to find a suitable replacement for a third of the price. Great move with no risk. Stop hating on lovie and the staff. They know more about football operations than the common blogger. #GOBUCS

  6. I remember reading that Koenen was coached to punt for hang time last season ~40yd average… instead of his normal near 50yd avg. of course this could have been the company line. If that’s the case, yes, save a couple Mil off the cap and release him.

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