Giants sign George Selvie

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The Giants have added another player to their mediocre group of additions in free agency this offseason.

The team announced Friday that defensive end George Selvie has agreed to a contract. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it is a one-year, $1.4 million deal that keeps Selvie in the NFC East after he spent the last two seasons playing in every game for the Cowboys.

Selvie had 75 tackles, 10 sacks and two forced fumbles in those games for Dallas and those contributions were welcomed by a defense that struggled to find healthy bodies on the defensive line for big stretches of the last two years.

Coming to the Giants reunites Selvie with former college teammate Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants will be hoping that the partnership, along with Robert Ayers and Damontre Moore, can spark the return of a strong pass rush that was their defensive hallmark during Steve Spagnuolo’s first stint as defensive coordinator.

25 responses to “Giants sign George Selvie

  1. How’s that for a confidence booster from your new team? The owner calls the free agent market mediocre and your picked up after all the top mediocre free agents were signed. Making you a tier two mediocre player in their eyes. Some owners simply need to cut checks and stay away from reporters.

  2. Little help here..that wash out pit needs much more than mediocre players..but it is the lil giants…so…here u go ny…4-12..blow it up..or is that what they r doin…

  3. NY Giants – Only NFL team with 2 Lombardi’s in the last 10 years.
    Eagles – 19,700 days or 54+ years – no championships
    Cowboys – 20 years, no championships
    Redskins – 24 years, no championships

    Keep talkin’ haters. Neither of those 2 championship teams had great talent (except Strahan), it was a mix of good & mediocre players that combined to do something great, not once but twice. It will be so much fun when Eli is standing & accepting his third Super Bowl MVP award & the rest of you are still crying about the Giants success.

  4. If the Giants have average health they can win 10 games. If they lead the league in games lost by starters due to injury like they did last year they’ll win 6 or 7 again. Its not rocket science.

  5. Another player the Vikings wanted but just could not get. Weird, cause Minnesota is such a paradise according to Viking fans and who can argue the Vikings winning tradition!(OK….I could not help but laugh at that one!!!! Lol!!!!) I mean who would go to the arm pit that is Green Bay as a free agent when they have only won 13 championships including in those 4 super bowls??? Simmer who is a good coach could not get one of his own (Johnson) to come to loserville!!!! Lol!!!

  6. Selvie is not elite by any means but he can be somewhat disruptive in the passing game. For 1.4 mil this is a great bargain signing IMO.

  7. I, for one, am actually enjoying what the Giants are doing this off-season. They are signing depth and consistency, finding bargains such as George Selvie… good signing

  8. If your team hasn’t raised a Lombardi in the last decade then you have no business in the conversation.

    So if you’re not a Pats, Hawks, Raven’s, Saint’s, Steeler’s or Colt’s. You are irreavlent.

  9. Selvie was a different player without D.Ware across from him the year before.

    2013 7 sacks, 45 tackles (37 unassisted), 1 FF, 8 tackles for a loss
    2014 3 sacks, 30 tackles (19 unassisted), 1 FF, 2 tackles for a loss

    I’d say that qualifies as mediocre.

    Better hope JPP returns to form.

  10. This Giants fan is glad they aren’t mortgaging the future or devoting a ton of cap space to a FA. Get some “mediocre” guys that can fill roles and execute.

    If Jennings is healthy and Cruz is back from his injury, the offensive should score points after adding Vereen as a wildcard back.

    On defense, what did people expect them to do? Sign Suh? Guys like that aren’t Giants players. They’ll try and draft some players on D that can make an impact as rookies. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but the Giants have a pretty good track record when they draft defense.

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