Matt Moore will remain with Dolphins

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The Dolphins had quarterback Tarvaris Jackson in for a visit on Thursday as they looked for a backup to Ryan Tannehill.

Last year’s backup Matt Moore was still available as a free agent, but the team and Moore had been unable to agree on a new contract despite reports of interest in continuing the relationship on both sides. Whether Jackson’s visit spurred a change in the negotiations or if it was something else, it appears they’ve bridged that gap.

The Dolphins announced Friday that Moore has joined safety Louis Delmas and running back LaMichael James as free agents returning to Miami. Terms of the deal were not announced.

Moore has been with the Dolphins for four years, but he’s seen action just five times in the last three years with Tannehill locked into the starting job. There was a moment last season when it looked like Miami was considering a change, but Tannehill rallied and Moore remained on the bench. He has started 25 games over the course of his career and has occasionally had his name mentioned for teams looking for starting options, but nothing has ever materialized and he’ll be a reserve again in 2015 if all goes according to plan for the Dolphins.

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  1. Good. He’s reliable and will keep you in games if need be. Tends to force the ball and misses certain reads but he’s a solid backup.

  2. Wow! I’m completely surprised teams had Ryan Mallet, Matt Cassel and Ryan Fitzpatrick ranked higher than Matt Moore.

    Top 3 QBs in the AFC East

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Ryan Tannehill
    3. Matt Moore

  3. Happy with all these signings. Moore is the best Backup in the game, LeMichael James deserves a real chance to shine-will take over KR/PR for Jarvis Landry and getting another year from Dalmas means we dont have to take Collins in the Draft. ILB or WR is the better #14.

  4. Reports say that Michael Crabtree’s leg was messed up and he still has attitude problems… They should talk a look at Gregg Jennings but I would bet they are going to draft WR DaVante Parker

  5. Matt should have had a job somewhere else. He’s better than most of the backups out there, but it’s nice he is staying. At least if something happens to Ryan, we have a reliable person to come in and replace him.
    When you think Tebow was brought in by the Eagles, much better than him.
    Glad he is staying.

  6. This is the best move the Dolphins have made all off-season, including the Suh signing.

  7. Great signing by the Fins. Matt Moore is a classic ‘tweener who is a better QB than a handful of NFL starters in any given season but just not quite good enough to be a full-time starter. He’s a great backup though.

  8. Good for Moore and the Dolphins. He realizes he’s not a starting caliber QB. But he’s among the best backups. He’s going to be in this league a long time, without needing to get beat up and make $4M+ a year. If he does this for 10-12 years?


  9. What’s up with all of these wide receivers like Crabtree having all of these attitude problems? Crabtrree could be a really good wide receiver if he wanted to be but I guess he don’t want to be great.

  10. Great news, who has it better than him, paid 4 mill last year as a backup and never saw a hit. I’d take that gig anyday!
    Seriously though, continuity is important and it is one less worry going into the season. Good re-signing along with Delmas!

  11. He might be better than Tannehill, but thats not much of a compliment. Seriously Dolphins wont ever make it past the WC round with him. Hes like a poor mans version of Alex Smith. Not as fast with a weaker arm (tiny hands)

    Moore is fun to watch though. Plays out of the pocket and likes to drop the hammer chuck it down field

  12. billsbackto81 | Mar 20, 2015, 2:13 PM MST
    Moore is the best QB on his own team.

    As a Bills fan, the only time I felt worried playing the Fins is when Matt Moore was under center.

    Coming from a fan of a team of stellar QB’s all the way back to Kelly

  13. Part of the reason he re-signed with Miami is that he and his family like it here.

  14. Truck load of receivers and linebackers this draft that will shine. Take the big tackle/guard Schreff

  15. pilot2011 says:
    Mar 20, 2015 6:00 PM
    Good for Matt. He’s a good dude; could definitely start on several teams in the league. Well liked here in Panther-land.


    I remember him in Carolina, he played very well in ’09 when he had to step in. I remember he torched the Giants, beat the Saints when they were the #1 seed, and I think he helped John Fox keep his job at the end of the season.

    Moore is a solid backup. Fun to watch, sort of a gunslinger who isn’t afraid to throw the ball. Miami is smart for hanging on to him.

  16. Evan as a Pats fan, I really like how Matt Moore plays. He’s done a really good job in his limited playing time. He can certainly make the throws and think he could start for a lot of teams if he could just get more reps under his belt to avoid those untimely bad plays.

    But from his perspective, I know that the Fins have paid him a really good salary for a backup QB. He could end up with a VERY long career as a well-paid backup for teams and end up financially better off as a starter who flames out.

    Smart move by the Dolphins here. He’s a good player to have in the stable.

  17. cooperspur says:
    Mar 20, 2015 5:40 PM
    billsbackto81 | Mar 20, 2015, 2:13 PM MST
    Moore is the best QB on his own team.

    As a Bills fan, the only time I felt worried playing the Fins is when Matt Moore was under center.

    Coming from a fan of a team of stellar QB’s all the way back to Kelly


    Stay on topic Einstein. No Bills fan will claim to have a stellar QB. I think it’s just comical to sing the praises of a QB with zero playoff appearances, zero winning seasons, zero pro bowls, with plenty of talent around him. The fact that you can only respond with another teams QB situation only magnifies that you realize your own poor situation. Sad! #fools gold

  18. Absolutely LOVE this move…he is a better QB then probably a dozen or so starters in the league. It’s always great knowing that if your starter goes down someone this good can come right in and not miss a beat.
    Now we need to trade up and grab a top rookie WR and sign a veteran OG or 2

  19. Moore is good, better than at least half the starters in the NFL … and better than Tannehill

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