PFT Live: Will Chris Borland give his signing bonus back to Niners?

Mike Florio takes a look at the possible situation involving Chris Borland paying back the rest of his signing bonus to the 49ers.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Will Chris Borland give his signing bonus back to Niners?

  1. The contract should dictate if he needs to pay it back. I think it is up to him since it is a signing bonus not a roster bonus

  2. One of three things can happen:

    1. The 49ers can take 3/4ths of it back without or without Borland’s consent.
    2. Borland can give 3/4ths of it back and be done with it.
    3. The 49ers can walk away and let him keep it.

    In the end, it won’t matter to me.

  3. Two things.

    First, everyone says he retired after one years. I say, he ‘quit’. ‘Retired’ implies one has fulfilled requirements or in this case a contract. He did not fulfill his contract, he ‘quit’ after one year.

    Since he did not fulfill his contractual obligation, he needs to give back his unearned part of the signing bonus. Just about everyone is giving him ‘props’ for his integrity. If so, then he needs to give back the part of the bonus and not put the 9ers into another PR nightmare in an attempt to recoup the money.

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