Rule proposal would further restrict chop blocks


For all the talk from defensive players that the NFL goes too far protecting quarterbacks and receivers, the league’s Competition Committee has actually taken a number of steps to protect defensive players by restricting the use of chop blocks. And one more step may be taken next week.

The Competition Committee has asked the owners to approve a new rule that would further restrict chop blocks. The proposal, which will be voted on next week, would make it illegal for a running back to chop a defensive player engaged above the waist
by another offensive player outside the tackle box. The Competition Committee says it’s a player safety issue.

It’s hard to believe the owners won’t unanimously approve that rule. At a time when the owners say player safety is their top priority, they can hardly justify voting down a proposal to protect the knees of defensive players.

Chop blocks are still legal in certain situations in line play, but some defensive players think there should simply be a blanket ban on all blocks to the knee area. That isn’t coming just yet, but that’s the direction the league is heading in: Increasingly, the Competition Committee is trying to get chop blocks out of the game.

12 responses to “Rule proposal would further restrict chop blocks

  1. If no one can take a shot at a quarterback’s knees, no one should be able to take a shot at a nose tackle’s knees.

  2. What? A proposed rule change that actually favors D-Linemen? Prepare for the apocalypse.

  3. Denver is is in big trouble, Kubeacks offense only works if his line man chop D lineman at the knees and the RB cuts back the other way. Manning is in for a ruff final year.

  4. quinzze is so right, and it’s a small slice of the justice they deserve. This rule change was desparately needed years ago when teams like Denver pioneered “zone blocking” and exported it to Houston and Atlanta

  5. As much as I’m sure D-Linemen would appreciate this rule change, I think they’d appreciate even more if offensive holding were called consistently across teams and in line with how the rules actually define it. Especially on the edges. You can hardly watch a single pass play anymore where at least one of the edge rushers doesn’t have an OT’s arm hooked around him. Make these highly paid OTs earn their money by moving their feet, like it used to be.

  6. Weak. Take it further and eliminate the chop block everywhere. Including inside the tackles. Cutting someone’s knees is dirty and cheap. It’s illegal at any level except the NFL. Clearly Roger et al don’t get it.

  7. jjackwagon says:
    Mar 20, 2015 11:11 AM
    Uh-oh, Denver is in trouble if they can’t chop block every play.
    So’s the patriots.

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