Texans owner feeling better, about health and his football team

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Texans owner Bob McNair has had a difficult year and made some difficult choices, but he sees brighter days for himself and his franchise.

McNair missed last year’s owners meetings while fighting cancer, but said he’s checked out well lately and is grateful to be back on his feet for next week’s meetings in Phoenix.

As part of a long interview with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, McNair said his treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia and squamous cell carcinoma has gone well.

“I have checkouts periodically, had one a couple of weeks ago, and I’m in good health,” McNair said. “Everything’s clean at this point, so that’s good news.”

Of course, it’s been a messy offseason for his team, specifically with the divorce from wide receiver Andre Johnson, the best player in franchise history. After 12 years in Houston, Johnson was released and ultimately signed with the Colts, where he’ll see his old friends twice a year.

“Certainly, at some point we’ll bring Andre back and honor him and recognize what he did for our team,” McNair said. “He’ll always be remembered as a Texan.

“I think he’s happy with the way it worked out. We wish him well and hope he’s successful.”

The Texans are pointing in that direction, and McNair was encouraged by the offseason acquisions they’ve made. Bringing in quarterback Brian Hoyer and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork will add metaphorical and physical ballast to the Texans, who improved seven games from the year before to go 9-7.

They were also able to keep cornerback Kareem Jackson, quarterback Ryan Mallett and right tackle Derek Newton.

“I think we should be a playoff contender,” he said. “I said that last year, and people didn’t take it seriously. We have a lot of good players on our team, and we continue to get stronger. You’ve got to have a good coach, and you’ve got to have performance at quarterback.”

Of course, having either Hoyer or Mallett step up and win the job will be key, but at least McNair is in good health to oversee it.

13 responses to “Texans owner feeling better, about health and his football team

  1. I honestly hope they take the best rb in the draft and run the ball 400 times with foster and that guy. Let the qb throw it like 20 times a game and be happy. The defense should be good enough to do what it needs to do. That safety we got from the broncos is gonna make this defense better. It had a ton of take aways last year and we had daniel manning and co playing opposite of swearinger. This will be the firs time the Texans will ever be able to boast having a full startable secondary. Which i’m very very happy about. Things are certainly looking up. We can be a wildcard contender for sure.

    The only crappy part is that if none of these qbs turn out well… We could end up like those teams that have solid rosters and no qb. Which gives us between the 15th and 25th pick every year. Never having the chance to draft an early franchise qb.. mehhhh

  2. Love Andre Johnson, but JJ Watt is the best player in franchise history, even factoring the whole career. Dude is on track to be one of the best defensive players ever. Andre Johnson was one of the five best receivers in the league for like 5 years

  3. Its a crap shoot, unless you’re Indy, to be bad enough to deserve the top pick at the same time
    a true franchise type qb even be available. That opportunity didn’t exist last season for the Texans. Even slam dunk picks like Clowney can be too fragile to be true.

  4. Very happy to hear the great health news.

    That’s #1.

    Everything else is small potatoes

  5. McNair is a class act who has shown to be a very patient man. He has always tried to give his GM and coach everything they need to be successful.

    It’s too bad Andre Johnson didn’t last any longer speaking of class acts.

  6. Vince Young,… He can still play at a HIGH level,…. His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19 as a starting quarterback… He has playoff experience … He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year…..
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and Vince can WIN…………
    Bring in Vince Young “NOW”… Evaluate him, if he’s good enough sign him…

  7. I hope he schedules a consult with a specialist capable of performing a RickSmithectomy. It’s the only hope for Texans fans. That city deserves a champion.

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