Tommy Smith stepping down as president and CEO of Titans

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Tommy Smith said that he expects the Titans to be “in the playoff race and to get there” in 2015, but he won’t be the team president and CEO if that happens.

Smith announced Friday that he is stepping down as the team’s president and CEO. Smith took over in those roles when Bud Adams, the Titans’ founder and Smith’s father-in-law, died in 2013. Smith said that he will be spending more time on the family’s other business interests.

“It’s a personal decision for me. I will be 64 in a few weeks and I want to spend my energy where it’s needed most,” Smith said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “We are in good shape. We have good people. I think the future is bright for the team.”

Longtime Titans general counsel and executive Steve Underwood will oversee operations while the team searches for a new president. The team is still owned by Smith’s wife and other blood relatives of Adams.

Earlier this year, Smith shot down rumblings that the team was for sale and said that he and the rest of Adams’s family were “looking forward to resurrecting the situation as far as on-field performance.” Smith reiterated that denial on Friday, but it wouldn’t be surprising to hear more chatter in that direction now that he is stepping away from an active role in that “situation.”

32 responses to “Tommy Smith stepping down as president and CEO of Titans

  1. This is some of the best news for us Titan fans. Hopefully we’ll get a new president that isn’t based 1,000 miles away from Nashville.

  2. They should hire Todd McShay to be thier gm, then the Titans can cancel thier ESPN insider membership.

  3. Update the logo to the sword/dagger. Get some local ownership that really cares about the team. Last but not least goodbye Whisenhunt and Webster…..

    Titans fan

  4. Future is brighter with him stepping down…. Tie a can to Whisenhunt and your well on your way… This will be another wasted year in Nashville filled with weekly excuses by Ken..

  5. That’s an hysterical photo. He looks like he is watching he Ray Rice video with Fidel Goodell and then has to deny it like Roger did.

  6. My biggest regret is that I didn’t marry some rich dude’s daughter which of course would qualify me to run an NFL franchise. All that money and time wasted on college…

  7. Old Tommy Boy is stepping down because he knew his proclamation that the Titans will be in the playoffs next season and the Super Bowl the following year will never come to fruition. So long…And please take your horrible coach and GM with you!

  8. The best thing that happened for the Colts when Bob Irsay fired his son Jimmy Irsay (Jimmy earned about it in the media) and started hiring real football guys instead of nepotism. Bob hired the Tobin brothers which started turning around the franchise and later Bill Polian. Since the Colts compete in the AFC South I hate seeing the Titans getting professional management, it is good to have competition (and my brother has had Titan seat licenses since offered)

  9. Wow I didn’t realize Titans fans loathed their head coach as much as they do. Is he really that bad? I thought he did a pretty good job in Az. but then again, he did have a HOF quarterback.

  10. As a Titans fan that did the opposite of the franchise (left Nashville for Houston) I’d LOVE for this franchise to finally cut ties to Texas.

    I wish they’d give the Oilers name/history back to Houston too.

    Fyi, the “flaming thumbtack” logo is great and the helmet looks great.

    Add more red, less Columbia blue, and update the uniforms.

  11. I’m sure he enjoyed the millions he got paid for his brief time there, and the platinum parachute he also likely will be getting as his retirement compensation. Of course, ticket prices will need to be raised to help defray the cost – but hey, fans are just little people. They exist to be used.

  12. The guy above me obviously missed the 99-2003 seasons this team had. If you think the modern Seahawks team is the first of its kind to be built that way, go back & look at Fishers teams.

  13. Titans moving to Los Angeles.

    The Rams can be sold and the Titans purcbased and moved to Inglewood and renamed the LA Fracking (it’s in line with the Oilers theme). “The Fracking” will take Mariotta with the 2nd pick and not trade this for Phillip Rivers. Bank on it.

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