Carson stadium supporters get signatures necessary to proceed

The race to build a stadium in L.A. continues.

Carson2Gether, the group supporting the construction of a stadium in Carson, California, has announced that more than 14,000 signatures from registered voters have been collected.  This allows further action to be taken on the stadium project, either by Carson City Council or public ballot.

The signatures will now be verified by election officials at the L.A. County level; the process should take no more than 30 days.   Once verified, the signatures will be presented to City Council for further action.  If City Council opts for a public election, the election must be set within 90 to 120 days.

The supporters of the competing proposal in Inglewood already have gathered sufficient signatures, and the initiative was adopted by Inglewood City Council.  A major local labor group has vowed to attempt to gather enough signatures of its own to force a public referendum, which necessarily would delay the project in Inglewood.

The Rams would be the primary tenants in Inglewood; the Chargers and Raiders would move to Carson.  If Inglewood prevails, it’s possible a second team (Chargers or Raiders) would play there.

25 responses to “Carson stadium supporters get signatures necessary to proceed

  1. As a taxpayer in LA county, I refuse to vote for any proposal that uses even one cent of taxpayer money to build a lavish palace for multibillionaires. Some other uneducated fools in other cities may think it’s ok to give free workplaces for multibillionaires in a league worth tens of billions, but I do not.

  2. I’m hoping we can get 16 teams to relocate to LA, then we can get 14 other teams to move to NY, then every week on TV it can be LA vs NY! The broadcasters will love, the two biggest markets, head to head, every week! Lets make this happen!

  3. Well Boston and ESPN will still have their team….Patriots or and Dallas too so every other team will be in NY and LA or new jersey and Carson or Inglewood or Anaheim or Burbank with all the other syndicated TV shows

  4. Los Angeles Rams. When we lost them I was devastated. I was a 19 year old life time Rams fan. My old man and I used to see them at the Big A. I am so grateful that its going to be my turn to buy my dad tickets and take him to a Rams game. Rams Nation is larger than people think.

  5. I’d be okay with tax dollars being used for a stadium, if the owners/NFL paid it back to the cities over time. The way it is now the league basically thinks they are entitled to free money from tax payers. I love the Chargers, but if tax money is a primary factor in funding their new stadium, they can go. Record profits for the league year over year and 32 billionaire owners, they should have plenty of money to build a facility for each of their teams.

  6. Carson isnt getting both Oak and SD and neither team can make it there on their own…especially SD. This site is not only a hazmat team’s nightmare but the effort toward it 100% futile and not one length of rebar will be laid.

  7. I really hope Oakland doesn’t move, I like the their fans! they’ve sat through years watching a terrible product on the field and now they may move to LA it is really unfair.

    Some Oakland fans do brag a lot about the past but nothing is worse then hearing Buffalo fans tell us how good their team is with Matt Cassell and Percy Harvin when the Jets and Miami are the far superior teams on paper in that division.

  8. As a Packer owner, I will never move my team to either coast. We can represent all off the great people that live in the fly over states. One can only hope the coastal people keep flying over.


  10. I would absolutely LOVE to see more football come to LA and SoCal, but I don’t like the notion of using taxpayer dollars to fund it. Doing so takes forcibly takes money away from all those who don’t give a rat’s behind about football to help benefit those who do…and the owners (and the league) disproportionately benefit from such an arrangement. It would be one thing if the public taxpayer received a financial benefit from the deal, but studies have shown that these new stadium deals result in net financial losses for the public over time.

    Cue up the arguments about how we are all in this together and a rising tide raises all ships in 3, 2, 1…

  11. Why would the nfl or any owners want a team in LA or surrounding area? They’ve had 3 teams there before and all left town fast. Why now would you want 3 teams there at the same time. Makes no sense

  12. 14,000 signatures, 80,000 seats.

    Good luck.
    So a poster who goes by the name “ReligionIsForIdiots” can’t figure out the stadium seats will be filled by fans outside the jurisdiction of signees. Hilarious!

  13. Is Carson named after Johnny Carson?Anyhow the raiders need to get in contact with Kroenke about sharing the Inglewood stadium as Oakland is just a futile attempt at hammering a square peg into a round hole.As far as San Diego goes the NFL would be fools to lose that market.Its about as perfect a place to hold a super bowl as it gets.Great weather,lots to do there.The build a stadium in San Diego movement needs to be emphasized

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