Length of prison term biggest unresolved issue for Darren Sharper

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Former NFL safety Darren Sharper, jailed since February 2014 for rape charges, will be in jail a lot longer.  How much longer isn’t yet known.

What is known is that Sharper, who played for the Packers, Vikings, and Saints, will be pleading guilty, apparently to all nine pending charges of rape, in four different states.  In each case, Sharper allegedly (or, once the pleas are entered, actually) drugged his victims.

“This plea constitutes a complete vindication of these victims as well as their truthfulness,” Orleans (La.) Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said in a statement Friday, via the New Orleans Times Picayune.

On one hand, the sentence should be lengthy, given that the illegal conduct so many times.  On the other hand, pleading guilty avoids the expense and uncertainty of trial, during which anything can happen under the if-it-doesn’t-fit-you-must-acquit standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  If he’s not getting some sort of a break on the sentencing, there’s no reason to not force the prosecution to prove its case.

The plea deal also likely will require Sharper to cooperate with other prosecutions and investigations, which could (in theory) implicate others in a broader pattern of similar misconduct.

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  1. Either way Vikings and Packers fans will carry on with their pathetic comments towards each other as if it matters. This is a serial rapist, yeah I know he wasn’t when he played for your team… As sad as it gets actually

  2. Here is a handsome, successful pro football player that probably had many woman falling all over him, so my question to him would be, Why?, why drug, harm and rape these victims? It has to be he is a sociopath.

  3. I’ve heard amount of time ranging from months to 8 years. This guy should be locked up at least 20 years. He is a multiple offender, his victims or their families won’t be happy with such a light sentence.

  4. How can a Defendant/Prosecution reach a plea deal if the Defendant/Prosecution haven’t agreed on a length of prison term? That’s the Prosecution’s biggest lever in the negotiations.

  5. Darren Sharper deserves a lengthy prison term. But no one “deserves” prison rape.

  6. Nine times. He drugged women and forced himself on them nine times. At least. His sentence should be counted in decades, but not so long that he can’t get out of jail and sleep in the bed he’s made. Civil suits and lawyer fees will clean out his bank account. No one will ever hire him to do anything. Let him sleep on the streets, eat out of garbage cans, and spend all his time thinking about the millions of dollars he lost and the women he abused.

  7. Darren Sharper deserves a lengthy prison term. But no one “deserves” prison rape.


    Except for someone that has raped at least nine women.

  8. A guy with the world on a string…

    No other explanation other than he just isn’t right morally or sexually..

  9. “A defendant claiming insanity is pleading “not guilty by reason of insanity” (NGRI) or “guilty but insane/mentally ill” in some jurisdictions which, if successful, may result in the defendant being committed to a psychiatric facility for an indeterminate period.”

    ^^May be useful.

  10. He should receive the same punishment that he handed out to his victims, along with spending the rest of hi life in prison. A minimum of nine women raped (probably more)? He needs to be removed from society forever.

  11. It’s just a matter of time before Sketchy Reggie Bush is brought before a judge too.

  12. I’ve been in corrections for 20+ yrs. The sad thing is, he will be treated as a folk hero in prison. He had it all and threw it away. Now he’ll need to sit there in prison reflecting on all he once was and had. Hopefully his victims can get some peace knowing he can’t hurt anybody again. Truely a sad story. I feel bad for anybody going to prison, but in this case. No amount of time will be enough.

  13. i’ve always wondered, when you get sentenced and lets say get 30 years. everyday in prison do you wish you could turn the clock back and say “omg i wish i hadnt done that” or think “crap i have 29 years and 10 months to go” i think i would go insane. also i would never do what he did. i like women too much and like my freedom.

  14. In Louisiana alone, rape is a life sentence. Sharper’s attorney came to her senses with that looming on the horizon.

    (Also, Sharper’s not the only one out there who uses drugs to capture his prey.)

  15. This dude has and had his head up his four points of contact. How in the world can you be a millionaire, and could get practically any woman you wanted and do something this sick? How much time he gets should not be the question. His execution date in the electric chair should be the question.

    Answer: ASAP!!!!!!

  16. there are guys who’ve sat in prison longer for weed than this psychopath will get.. the justice system is seriously broken

  17. In this case I believe it is reasonable for the DA to spend the money and go ahead and prove the case in court? If Darren Sharper wants to pay his expensive attorneys to fight the case, good for him. The evidence in the cases would come out and would be available for the civil trials that are to follow. By doing the plea deal, the civil cases don’t have as much evidence on record to start from, so that burden shifts to the victims.

    I truly hate the thought of a plea deal that allows him to get a very light sentence after such a long (just what we know about) history of this conduct. Serial rapist should receive 30-40 years to serve.

  18. He’s a sexual predator. It’s not about looks, sex, money….he has it all. It’s about power and dominance. He is a sick person. A cement room or a bullet is the only cure. I hope they freeze his assets and pay the victims first before his attorneys eat it all up.

  19. Nevada prosecutors have said their plea deal is for between 38 months and eight years, running concurrent to his sentences in other states. I’m not a lawyer, but I would think the other plea deals would be similar to this one. Factor in the year he has already served and he could be out in a few years.

  20. I don’t know about the other states, but in Louisiana he could have faced a life sentence for aggravated rape. I assume part of taking a plea ensured he wouldn’t get that.

  21. Yep he is gonna rat out others that were involved to get less time I am sure.

    Reggie should run now. And that zig zag bs he did in the pros is not the answer now. North to south of the border is what he needs! Run Reggie run!

  22. paulieorkid says:

    Mar 21, 2015 8:29 AM
    “How can a Defendant/Prosecution reach a plea deal if the Defendant/Prosecution haven’t agreed on a length of prison term? That’s the Prosecution’s biggest lever in the negotiations.”


    In most states the judge determines the jail sentence. In those states, the District Attorney’s Office or U.S Attorney’s Office for federal cases, can only offer the defendant a range of prison time (and restitution) they’ll recommend to the judge. If the defendant accepts, the plea deal will be filed with the court. But the judge can accept the plea deal and make a sentence within the time frame of the plea deal. The judge can go below or above the terms of the plea deal. Or they can toss out the deal.

  23. This guy is sick! Look, I know that there is absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do in green bay except shoot moose but that is no excuse.

  24. How high is up.

    ariani1985 says:
    Mar 21, 2015 11:33 AM

    This guy is sick! Look, I know that there is absolutely nothing and I mean nothing to do in green bay except shoot moose but that is no excuse.


    That’s actually not quite true.

    You can also watch the Packers paste the Vikings. Every year, Happens like clockwork. Actually twice each year. But one of the games is on the telly.

  25. The plea agreement would have to include him naming any other individuals participating in these sick acts. Simply knowing Darren Sharper was doing this and not saying anything to stop it should constitute some sort of prison term for that person.

  26. I was wondering how many 12 year old’s on here that would say something like “The Cowboys will sign him”; Come to think of it their probably adult Eagle/Giant fans; no difference!! Remember Mike Vick and Lawrence Taylor; two great guy’s!!

  27. Think of how the victims will be affected for the rest of their lives. I’ll be 31 in May. When I was 16, I was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. I have been suffering from PTSD ever since and will be for the rest of my life. Anyone who’s ever dealt with PTSD knows what it’s like to not get any sleep ever, to always have anxiety, pretty much never knowing how you’re going to feel the next day. This is what this COWARD has done to his victims. Their road to recovery will be long and difficult. For those reasons he deserves life in prison. They will suffer mentally for the rest of their lives. He should also.

  28. Part of the deal is the state in which he will serve his sentence.
    He may choose Louisiana so he can spend time outside in the fresh air and sunshine of Angola State Penitentiary instead of 4 walls in California.

  29. For those questioning why a guy who, because of his NFL & wealth status, had to drug & rape women, it has nothing to do with his NFL & wealth status. Rape is an act of control. It’s not even really about the sex at all. It’s about him (the rapist) being able to control & do whatever he wanted with those women. He sees himself as the stronger, better human being and they mean nothing to him. He sees them as nothing at all. Just objects in his twisted mind. The only thing he used his status for was to hide. Just like Bill Cosby is doing.

  30. My guess is that the combined sentences will be about 25-30 years total, with him actually serving 20 due to good behavior and prison overcrowding-related early release programs.

  31. Mar 21, 2015 8:54 AM

    Darren Sharper deserves a lengthy prison term. But no one “deserves” prison rape.


    Except for someone that has raped at least nine women.

    I am stunned at the #25 thumbs down you got. WOW!!!

  32. Because of the cheater inflating Packers and Bounty Saints. First and last team is what made him turn out to be who he is. Vikings had nothing to do with it. Now, the cheater teams didn’t want anything to do with him? Just admit it, it’s fact like it or not clowns. Just be glad he didn’t do it in WI, but Packers are embracing this dude, but did it in Louisiana. Go figure!!!!!

  33. 9 different victims that have to live with that crime the rest of their lives.

    Hopefully, Darren will serve himself up for more than 9 different men in his first month in prison. He might go into the system a safety but he will come out a wide receiver.

  34. @codythao35…….You’re a Vikings fan aren’t you? Did you make that comment because your team lost the NFC Championship a few years ago? When your team actually wins something, then you can talk. Otherwise, keep sipping on your little juicebox while you surf the web all day.

  35. I am glad Sharper is admitting he is a rapist and going to pay for his disgusting crimes. What a sick piece of garbage.

    Rapists, woman beaters, drug addicts and child batterers among the NFL. If a guy can play, fans will look past and defend the players actions. Reality is, all those types of people have no business being the face of a brand. Yet, fans will buy the merchandise of men who beat women and children and get involved with drugs and live the drug culture. It is ridiculous. If sharper were playing today, fans would defend him and buy his jersey. So long as he performed on their fantasy team.

  36. Why do football players get this luxury of hiring high paid lawyers and settling rapes, assaults, domestic violence etc in a civil lawsuit.

    The judicial system has gone down the drain, investigators are lazy, people are getting proven innocent after sitting in prison for 40 years missing college, destroying family relationships, missing out on the development of their children, starting a freaking career, and of course they get no compensation for it.

    But if you have money you can get 8 years for serial rape while a poor or middle class human being would be in jail for 50+ without the option of hiring a lawyer, etc.

    This angers me.

  37. He slipped a whole lot of women some mickeys so he could have his way with them. Sixty years ago this was common practice and probably wouldn’t have even raised many eyebrows. You were just born in the wrong time Pick Magnet.

  38. I suspect the reputation of the victims led prosecutors to accept a plea. I know a couple of the girls were prostitutes, and a couple had had consensual sex with Sharper on previous occasions. Not good witnesses. Still, I’d like to see the private lives of NFL players exposed just like everybody else, so this plea deal is a downer.

  39. Could be another reason for him to plead guilty other than getting a break during sentencing. Such as if he is guilty and knows he will lose in court and doesn’t want to go through the embarrassment and publicity of the whole process.

  40. Just make sure he pretties up the cell for Warren Sapp. Ex NFL Network analysts deserve nothing but the best.

  41. Shows that if you have a few bucks you can game Lady Justice. I think he should never be allowed to walk free again. This is not the type of behavior that you can cure through therapy. He’s always going to have that thirst to take advantage of a woman.

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