Rex Ryan: Bills will run 50 times a game if we can


New Bills coach Rex Ryan has no illusions about his team being able to win games on the arm of the quarterback, whether it’s Matt Cassel or EJ Manuel. So Ryan is hoping to beat teams on the ground.

“We prefer to ground and pound it, we’re going to run it 50 times if we can on you,” Ryan said on WGR 550-AM in Buffalo, via the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

If there’s any coach who would love to play that way, it’s Ryan. As coach of the Jets last season, his team had 49 runs for 277 yards — and just 13 passes for 49 yards — in a 16-13 loss to the Dolphins. But Ryan knows it’s hard to win in the NFL that way.

“We’re not naive enough to think we’re going to be able to get away with that,” Ryan said of running all game. “We can spread you out and create some nightmares in coverage. If you want to stop our run by keeping all the big guys in there, then so be it, we’ll be able to hurt you in a lot of different ways outside.”

Ryan is right that the Bills do have a lot of weapons in their offense even beyond their deep running back depth chart of LeSean McCoy, Fred Jackson, Anthony Dixon and Bryce Brown. The Bills have talented young receivers in Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods, and the additions of Percy Harvin and Charles Clay in free agency should have a big impact.

The problem, however, is that no matter what they’ve done anywhere else, they’re still stuck with either Cassel or Manuel at quarterback. Given that, running 50 times a game really might be the best chance the Bills have of winning.

131 responses to “Rex Ryan: Bills will run 50 times a game if we can

  1. More comments from the biggest blowhard in the NFL.
    Who cares what this mediocre head coach has to say?
    He will wear out his welcome in Buffalo just as he did in New Jersey with the Jests.
    I only hope the Jests beat his Bills twice this year so I can really laugh!

  2. I really wish this guy would shut up or just leave the ABC East but it’s never got a happen just like the pats will never win with out cheating

  3. Bunch of haters. This defense is going to be a top 5 unit with Rex there. An if they can keep offenses from scoring early, which that defense should be able to do. They’ll be able to run, especially with that o-line. Go look at how big their starters are. Lawl. I could play qb with those outside weapons and that run game and defense.

  4. Nothing against LeSean McCoy.. I loved him in Philly but he’s not exactly a ground and pound back.

  5. On another note — just heard former Eagles great Chuck Bednarik passed away at age 89.

    He was a great linebacker and center and was the last 60 minute man. He played the whole game at center and linebacker.

    I will never forget that hit he put on Frank Gifford which knocked Gifford out for the rest of that season and the whole season the next year. It looked as if Bednarik had killed him.

    It was a legal hit and Gifford always said had it been the other way around, he’d have hit Bednarik the same way.
    Years later, it was discovered Gifford had suffered a broken vertebrate from the hit, along with the concussion which sidelined him for 18 months.

    It defined Bednarik because he was a fierce competitor and great player at two positions. May he rest in peace and join all the other greats who have passed away.

  6. Still doesn’t have a quarterback. I don’t care how good his defense is, how many running backs he hoards, or what WR / TE he brings in. He has no quarterback.

  7. Bunch of haters. This defense is going to be a top 5 unit with Rex there. An if they can keep offenses from scoring early, which that defense should be able to do. They’ll be able to run, especially with that o-line. Go look at how big their starters are. Lawl. I could play qb with those outside weapons and that run game and defense. – YOU FORGOT to Add: ‘early, often, and throughout the entire game’! Well, It didn’t work out that well for him in NY, did it?

  8. You guys are truly clueless if you honestly think Rex will run it 50x with Watkins, Harvin, Woods and Clay on offense. This maybe the formula if the Bills jump out to a 21-0 lead. I love his mind but his mouth should have stayed in Jersey.

  9. It seems obvious to me that the Bills are trying to replicate the ’11 49ers with Alex Smith. Smith was terrible before Harbaugh and Roman got there but once they arrived he turned into a solid QB. How did that happen?

    They designed an offense perfect for him. A run first offense that could also beat you with a short quick passing game relying on YAC, and obviously having a great defense as well.

    The Bills will be a run first offense with one of the best backs in the league. Yes the o-line needs improvement but there is still the draft and they had 3 rookies on the line last year. They add Harvin and Clay, both of whom are most dangerous after the catch with the ball in their hands. That’s on top of Watkins and Woods who are also great YAC receivers. All the QB needs to do is get the ball out short and quickly and let the athletes make plays.

    And they already have an elite defense. This team will be successful, as much as it will kill the Rex haters.

  10. This is why the people in the media love Rex. He gives them what they want! It might be B.S. but Rex will indicate something that naive media people can feed off.

  11. I really don’t understand the direction of this team. He is saying that they want to be ground and pound yet all the pieces they have been collecting does not fit that kind of team. McCoy attacks the edge, he really does not run between the tackles, Clay is a TE that is weak in the blocking department and while Harvin can help the running game by stretching the field, he as well is not known to block. This team is more equip to run an offense similar to the Saints minus a QB.

  12. Bills fans be prepared to hear the announcer say “Another 3 and out” over and over again. Everyone else in football knows that you score points in the passing game except for Rex.

  13. At least one coach understands REAL football. Enforce your will. And I hate all of New York so no bias here.

  14. Hate hate hate hate jealous jets fan hate hate hate hate jealous jets fan hate hate hate. You people suck and must hate your lives also to be such haters.
    This is the BEST Bills team we will field in over a decade and that’s all you can do is pick it apart with your pathetic cynicism! You don’t deserve to even watch the game let alone wear the jersey.

  15. Not even April. Stop talking and start studying and preparing. Never ever get your hopes to high with this team, as much as I really want to. Dang, I wish we had a QB.

  16. I’m calling it now Tyrod will be the starter and they run an offense similar to Seattle weather or not it works is another question.

  17. You got Percy & Watkins & you’re gonna run 50 times? With that backfield, Matt Moore could have led this offense to success if all these skill guys stay healthy

  18. I remember the last time he beat Lady Brady in overtime. They must have run the ball on 9 out of 11 plays, kicked the FG and won. So i guess sometimes it works.

  19. Said it before, Matt Cassell has shown that he can be a solid NFL QB when he has good talent around him and good coaching. We shall see about the coaching part, but the Bills have some of the best talent in the NFL on both sides of the ball, and likely in the return game as well.
    I think that if they can stay reasonably healthy this year, and don’t ask Cassell to carry the team, the Bills can go far.

  20. Bills elite defense…oh please! So the Jets sign Revis and Cromartie and the Dolphins get the boy named Suh…do you Bills fans still think Buffalo is the only team in that division with great defense? I guarantee it about 25 percent of football pundits will pick Bills to win Div. (Dave Dameshek of already has…the Pats won’t make playoffs because Gronk might get injured? Are you kidding me?) because they have the best D in the NFL…let’s see…Kyle Williams is about 33 and Super Mario is about 32 and Spikes and Searcy gone or about to be…good luck with Gilmore, Robey and God knows who else and a QB who will likely have to hand off 50 times…now why did you outsmart yourselves signing Clay again? Because he can block? Really? Shoulda kept Chandler, who is now with Pats. Cute Bills, cute!

  21. for what it’s worth, EJ Manuel barely got a chance and was drafted way too high and should never have been starting there so soon. In the league nowadays teams want to rush qb’s out there and then give up on them when they can’t immediately perform at a high level. How about getting the guy ready and THEN let him start. Maybe he never gets better but I bet he could be a decent starter on a team with that D if the coaches know how to develop a qb.

  22. IMO Rex is saying that then laughing in his head. Cassel is easy the best QB he has ever had to work with. Watkins, Woods, McCoy, Clay, Goodwin, and Hogan AND he even made Buff sure up that OL for the 1st time sense Kelly was there. Rex can really make some noise with this O. This is not the “READY BUILT” Shotty O he was saddled with in NY. Only issue I have is Harvin is a cancer I really though Rex learned his lesson on those guy. Richie IMO got a bad rap. The rest of the team seem to be team players all the way. Most talent team in the East question is can they turn that into wins finally. And no I dont expect Manuel to make the team over even over Tuel.

  23. I think he’s saying this to protect his QBs from unnecessary pressure, Ryan seems to often put himself out front saying outrageous things to take heat off his players, cause at this point all eyes are on EJ Manuel (or less likely Matt Cassel), Ryan may just be trying to take some of the heat of him.

  24. Everyone is starting to model their offense after the Cowboys. The running game is making a come back.

  25. $38 million with $20 million guaranteed for a TE whose forte is NOT blocking… And you want to run the ball 50 times a game?! lol Only Rexy!!

  26. When they have got the run game going EJ Manuel has managed games very well. Asking him to pass 30+ times has been a killer. McCoy should help his development out a lot. McCoy is what they always hoped they get out of Spiller, it’s gonna be a huge upgrade.

  27. Bills fans with Cassell when he was in KC and MIN: “lol that guy sucks”

    Now that he’s on the Bills: “He proved he can be a solid QB in this league, he’s a good QB.”

  28. I’m not sure there is a bigger moron in all of sports…this guy has not learned his lesson, has he? He makes it all about him. He sensationalizes things he shouldn’t. And he just can’t shut his dumb mouth.

  29. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Roman/Rex is going to run,run,run. Not with the weapons they have on offense. But, I can see a short pass game plan with the occasional long ball. I do think this could become a problem if it becomes predictable. The box will get shorter real quick if they don’t stretch the field with any success. The safeties will be coming up into tighter coverage.

  30. As a Dolphins fan I think Buffalo is putting some big pieces together. They shut down the Packers last year and their defense is ridiculously talented. They improved their offense and IF they somehow traded for Rivers they would be contenders. Think what they would look like with a top 5 QB or even a top 8. I never look forward to playing them.

  31. Fact is every coach would like to run 50 times a game. That would mean you’re in total control, winning, bullying and imposing your will.

    It’s not a game plan, it’s a mindset of toughness he wants n Buffalo. What people don’t know is that Tyrod Taylor is very talented and will get a chance to prove it in camp.

    Taylor ruled the ACC while there and had classic battles with Russell Wilson while at VT. He makes all the throws and showed to be a better scrambler than Wilson. Don’t be shocked if he emerges as the guy and they look a lot like the Seahawks in team dynamic.

    As for Rex, he’s just feeding the lazy media, who take every word and run with it.

  32. Rex needs to be unpredictable which will be tough with that oline, bad line and mediocre qb usually don’t work out well regardless of weapons

  33. Everyone should follow the super bowl champions patriots game plan 15 years 6 super bowl appearances most wins regular season most wins playoffs and super bowl greatest of all time belechic and brady

  34. Everyone is starting to model their offense after the Cowboys. The running game is making a come back.

    Except the Bills have one of the worst O lines in the game

  35. @dynaco

    “Lady Brady” has been to the Super Bowl six times since 2001. The Jets have been in zero since 1968.

  36. 46-50 lifetime. Has a lousy O line, has two second string QB’s sounds like 7-9 to me. A typical Rex Ryan team , competitive but the offense will not be good enough to win games.

  37. Clearly the one piece they need is a QB and they go out and get a controversial head coach, a running back who doesn’t want to be there, and a WR whose been shuffling through teams like a carousel.

    I like to think of the Bills as the Packers of the AFC…….small market, cold and snowy football town. Bills laid a smackdown on the Packers offense last season but if only they had a legit QB they wouldn’t have to bend the knee to the Patriots every year.

  38. ‘Bunch of haters. This defense is going to be a top 5 unit with Rex there. An if they can keep offenses from scoring early, which that defense should be able to do. They’ll be able to run, especially with that o-line. Go look at how big their starters are. Lawl. I could play qb with those outside weapons and that run game and defense.’

    They were a top-5 defense last year without Rex, so that’s hardly an improvement. And the Bills O-line is their weakness (which is why they were willing to suffer a jerk like Cognito in their midst), which might make it a tad tough to run between the tackles all day, which is Rex’s archaic ‘ground-‘n-pound offense.

  39. buffal0s0ldier says:
    “And again…Matt Cassel’s career numbers are equal to Alex Smith’s and MANY other playoff QB’s. This is a playoff team.”

    This will be a playoff team if (and only if) they actually make the playoffs and not before then.

  40. Translation: Rex once again has no star quarterback, so this team will probably be much like the last, being grounded and getting pounded.

  41. Rex Ryan, grounding and pounding teams back to 1975 in a league that favors passing. Worked great in New Jersey, why change now! Have fun Bills fans!

  42. justsomerandomguy24 says:
    Mar 21, 2015 11:37 AM
    Good luck running it 50 times behind that O-line… Better draft some more beef up front.
    First pick at 50, after the Dolphins and jets pick twice.

  43. The Bills have the least QB dependent roster in football with a top flight defense, top flight receivers, top flight running backs, and very good special teams. There’s surplus talent there to add further improvement to an already improved offensive line via trade. When speaking ground and pound, the Bills have the most mammoth offensive line in the league and it will be much easier to pass with play action when the Bills receivers can’t be covered one-on-one. Name a team with better receivers or more speed and you can’t. The press picks up a comment from a local radio show where Ryan is asked to speak and the article and the comments I’ve seen are overblown. Five Super Bowl winners had a dominant defense and a no name QB (Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson) and the Bills now have three who can perform at or above that level. The competition will be good but right now I think EJ Manuel is the only one capable of rising above ‘average’ and connecting with his receivers when he’s never had a dependable interior line before this year. The Bills will be better than 9-7 and their ceiling is much higher.

  44. Why are they “stuck” with only those 2? Tyrod taylor is in the roster and training camp is months away. They could have 3 completely new QBs by the time that happens. Injuries. Etc.

  45. With Watkins and Harvin, McCoy the bills will need average QB play to be very competitive. Tons of speed and plenty of options it’s going to be hard to put 8 men in the box and put pressure on the offensive line. The short passing game mixed in with a run heavy offense is a good formula. Especially with a talented Bills D playing a high pressure scheme the Bills wont need a QB thats a world beater, just average.
    This offense has way more talent the any team Rex had in NY. The offensive line didn’t play well last season thats a fact but they can improve. Incognito at G and Henderson going into his second year as well as Wood playing well they can be decent and if Glenncan play like he did 2 seasons ago they can be effective.
    I love that everyone is hating on on the Bills now. The Bills went 9-7 with terrible offensive play calling and less talent. I know no playoffs in forever but this is by far the best chance and most talent the Bills have had in over a decade. Cassel, EJ, or Tyrod doesn’t matter they don’t have to be great just average. So hate now because by November people will see this ain’t the same old Bills.

  46. we’re going to build a bully…..we don’t need a stinking quarter back…lmfao

    Ground & pound……

    whoever the quarterback is he’s going to be ground beef with that O line

  47. 7-9 . That awesome defense didn’t get them in the playoffs last year and won’t this year. Only one football, if he only gives it the rbs harvin and Watkins will get implode.

  48. I feel so bad for Sammie Watkins. Based on the Jets’ offensive history he’ll only catch 50+ passes. From 2009-2014, 3 out of 6 seasons the leading pass catcher had 50+ passes, 40+ catches for 1 season, 60+ catches for 1 season, and 70+ catches last season.

    He’ll need to play slot and take shots down the middle 120 times this season in order to be used well.

    My God. They should just have 4 WRs (Marquise Goodwin and Robert Woods), 5 O linemen, 1 QB, and 1 RB all season long. That’s the only way they get utility out of Harvin (slot), Watkins (slot), and McCoy. Jackson comes in as a substitute.

  49. Trust Rex to start ranting already. Last week he was going to the playoffs, now they are going to run the ball 50 times!! I’ll bet Suh will be delighted to hear that, keep waffling Rex, nothing has changed, except your team.

  50. With the weapons Buffalo has added their offense will be anything but ground and pound. That’s a smokescreen for what will become Slice and Dice!

  51. Thanks for a couple of fantastic seasons as Jets head coach. It was an amazing ride and those playoff victories will always be special memories. There were good times and bad and pretty much everything in between. Things went downhill and the Jets and Rex are both better off now (#FiredIdzik!). Best of luck Rex, except when facing the Jets of course. The Bills are no doubt a contender now and though Rex is probably not a super bowl head coach, he brings confidence and swagger to franchises that desperately need it (both Bills and Jets). Anyway please don’t ever change Rex, you are easily the most interesting and entertaining head coach in professional sports!

  52. I love this game plan as a Dolphin fan. I would love nothing more than Rex to run it 50 times a game against Vernon, Mitchell, Suh, and Wake!

  53. The best part is the Bills could’ve stayed put at 9 last year, draft the best WR in the class in Odell Beckham Jr and used their first rounder this year to bolster their awful offensive line.

    Oh well, I hope Sammy Watkins can block.

  54. Rex will never learn, just shut up and coach! For someone who is infatuated with Bill Belichick he hasn’t learned a thing from him.

  55. There are going to be a lot of frustrated players on this offense. I am really curious to see how shady handles being a “ground and pound” back. Is it September yet?

  56. Man, that Bills team with even an Alex Smith or Carson Palmer level QB would be scary.

  57. Seems to me almost all the negative comments are by Jets and Dolphins fans that are mad over Rex & Clay.
    It’s ok, keep talking sh*t. I already know you are scared to have to play Buffalo twice a year!

  58. I think the assumption of how bad the QB situation is, is being overstated. Not sure about Manuel but Cassel should definitely be able to win with this supporting cast. As for the Jets…. Ryan Fitzpatrick – seriously?

  59. sfm073 says: Mar 21, 2015 11:35 AM

    What ever happened to gameplaning and matchups?
    Rex is simply not smart enough to do this.

  60. ReligionIsForIdiots says: Mar 21, 2015 2:09 PM

    Rex OWNS New England. Beat them down in the only game that mattered. AFC Divisional with Sanchez.
    Hmmm. The only game that mattered during the last season was in Arizona in February and I think NE won that one.

    But credit to Rex and the Jets, they did beat NE in that playoff game in 2010, celebrated like they had just won the SB, had a huge letdown and then stunk up the bed the next week, falling behind behind 24-0 on their way to losing to the Steelers.

  61. This D has a chance to be an all time D. Rivaling Buddy’s ’85 Bears. How good does the O need to be to make a run? Need to score 20+ points a game. This O can do it. Go Bills!

  62. “Gifford always said had it been the other way around, he’d have hit Bednarik the same way”

    That’s a joke….Gifford wasn’t capable of hitting anybody with the force that Bednarik hit him.

  63. Yup Rex sure does “Own” NAe 4-8 vs them , he owned them so much he got fired. The good news his 46-50 W-L record is better than Rich Kotite

  64. soxpats99 says:
    Mar 21, 2015 12:50 PM
    Everyone should follow the super bowl champions patriots game plan 15 years 6 super bowl appearances most wins regular season most wins playoffs and super bowl greatest of all time belechic and brady

    Seriously? That’s not a game plan that’s a lotto ticket. They fell ass backwards into a all time great QB. If the plan is to wait until the 6th round to select future hall of fame QBs, then every personnel guy in the history of the league has been doing wrong forever.

    The Pats have won countless very close games in Brady’s tenure, and he was largely responsible for them coming out on top. When Brady’s gone those close games aren’t going to go the Pats way nearly as often and Belichek won’t be quite the genius he is now. I still think Joe Gibbs three Super Bowl wins with three different average to slightly above average QBs is far more impressive.

    Do you expect Belichek to wait until round 6 to look for the next Brady once Brady is gone? Is that the game plan?

  65. As good as the 85 Bears d? What? Keep drinking the polluted water from Lake Erie dude

  66. Lol so much hate towards Rex. The guy is good for the league, and sports in general. People want this sports to be played and coached by robots basically. You guys forget that it’s SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT! boy I would hate sports of every coach and player was as dull and stale as Tom coughlin or Jason Garrett. As far as the bills go, Rex ran the ball at will with a mediocre mark Sanchez and handles the pats for a couple of seasons, he can do it again with Sammy Watkins out wide . I like Rex and this new bills team. Draft a beast OL and u might be in business.

  67. In all honesty why does everyone think buffalo has the best D in the league? D line yup I’ll give them that one you can call them the best … But the rest of the D? I’m willing to bet besides bills fans no one can name a linebacker or a DB (with out googling it) on that team. As a Pats fan I see them 2 times a year and I’m never impressed,Brady slices them up every time and it’s never close. There is no answer for Gronk on that roster and now with your boy chandler on the Pats Brady will probably put up 40 instead of 30.

  68. Rex Ryan has never handled anyone as a head coach or a D coordinator was on a Sb winning as a. Lb coach , does he play Brady tough sure he does but he only wins 1/3 of the time when you lose that much you get fired . If you think any QB on the Bills roster is a good as dirty Sanchez you must be a delusional Bills fan that has gone 20 years without a playoff victory.

  69. I think he’s a good coach as long as he keeps his “soon to be Super” comments in the locker room. Winning comes down to being able to draft talent year in and year out and the well ran dry for him in NY.

  70. It’s amazing he is still a head coach…..blah, blah, blah…..I love the Bills but don’t think Ryan is worthy of making head coaching decisions.

  71. I think the Bills can be good next year. Just like how the Jets became decent in Ryan’s first few years there.

    The defense is already in place. They made the offense acquisitions.

    Contrary to what idiots say, Greg Roman is not a bad offensive coordinator. It is more that Colin Kaepernick just isn’t very good.

    He has Lesean McCoy, Sammy Watkins, and now Charles Clay. Should get interesting. Not sure about Cassel or Manuel though.

  72. Just a note to the plethora of dumb commenters on this article. Go take a reading comprehension class. I know it doesn’t help that the catchy headline isn’t put into context until the 4th paragraph but its not a long article.

  73. Poor Rex Ryan. Run 50 times, pass 50 times, it doesn’t matter. Already under the curse of Tebow, now he has to add to it the long and well documented curse of Doug Flutie, which haunts the Bills. Unless the two mysteriously cancel each other out, the Bills are a team whose destiny is spelled d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r.

  74. There everyone goes again, saying things like Clay can’t block because they saw another person say it who also doesn’t know what he is talking about. Clay plays FB too morons. FB’s job is to block.

  75. pftfan says: Mar 21, 2015 1:56 PM

    Trade two first rounders for Sammy Watkins…run the ball 50 times.

    Exactly, this team has no direction at all, none.

    Bills fans are the most delusional fans on the planet.

    Just lose baby.

  76. Rex becomes coach and all the sudden non Bill fans flock to every Bill’s article. Odd you haters of Rex hang on his every word.

    This Bill’s fan realizes we still have a hole in the most important position, so relax on the delusional comments trolls.

  77. That Dolphins game was good. Going pure run was fun to see. But then they got scored on due to the lack of players cause of Idzik (Safety was used to replace a corner, playing at corner) and had to rely on Geno whooooooooo was intercepted.

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