So whose idea was it for Jameis Winston to pass on the draft?

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When Peter King of first reported that quarterback and presumptive first overall pick Jameis Winston will skip the draft, many assumed that Winston wanted to avoid a potential Chicago boo-fest, given his history of off-field entanglements.

But another theory has emerged.  As explained by Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, some believe that it was Commissioner Roger Goodell and not Winston who wanted the player to stay away.

The thinking is that it won’t be ideal for Goodell’s still-fragile image to be seen hugging and then presenting a jersey to the controversial Winston, who has been accused of rape, has admitted to stealing crab legs, and has yelled an obscene phrase on a table in the Florida State student union.

If that’s the truth, it’s unlikely anyone will admit it.  But it makes for intriguing speculation as to why Winston won’t be walking onto the stage and being booed with Goodell not long after Goodell walks onto the stage alone, declares the draft to be open, and gets booed by the same fans who’ll eventually be clamoring to shake his hand if/when he mingles with the crowd.

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  1. That would be a pretty cowardly way to approach the issue, if true.

    If Jameis Winston is so bad that the commissioner of the league doesn’t want him present at his most important day of his life… why would he be the presumptive top pick of the draft.

    Something doesn’t add up here. Is Goodell going to ask him to stay home from games, because people might boo him there, too?

  2. I’d probably shake hands and try to get a picture with the president of the US, whoever it happens to be, but that doesn’t make it an endorsement. Crossed fingers and so forth.

  3. The wording in the article is “…may have suggested…” Raissman is very anti-Goodell, though he is obviously not alone in that.

    I would think a major consideration would be if Winston were to get green roomed ala Rodgers (how did that one work out?).

    The media would be having a field day with Winston’s past the whole time showing close ups of him under intense stress. It is not a pretty picture.

  4. Soon they’ll do away with the hug and Goddell will just hand the pick a subpoena with the team’s logo, suspend him and point him to Dee Smiff so he can file an appeal.

  5. Whoever made the decision, I think it’s a blessing. Let the kid have a fresh start.

    Even mention of him wanting to watch with his family leads the media to write endless articles about it.

    Let it be!!

  6. Don’t think that’s the case at all. I think it’s simply a case of Winston wanting to have his friends and family all together in the same room so they can celebrate as one. You cannot accomplish that in a green room.

  7. I really thought the commissioner would be gone after the Super Bowl. If these reports are true he is more out of touch than his initial Ray Rice punishment suggests.
    Perhaps he is still in his position because the owners know they will be under pressure to appoint a woman or minority as commish?

  8. That’s pure speculation, and if it is true, why would Winston agree to it. He won’t have to deal with GODELL unless he violates a rule in the collective bargaining agreement. Bet on yourself Winston, attend the draft and give little Roger a big squeeze. Seems like he needs the extra lovin’.

  9. It’s defiantly his agent … No way he wants Winston to be caught on camera stuffing crab legs from the green room buffet under his shirt.

  10. Football or baseball? He played well as a baseball player last year. Not on the roster this year. That’s the mistake. You can play 20 years in baseball with guarantee money, without the concussions, not so in football. Now he wants to be paid.

  11. I have no problem with the Commish. He deals with employees (not his personal ones) who the actual employers invest millions of dollars in to perform specific tasks for entertainment. Considering the juggling act he has to do with what the league (owners and players), local laws and fickle fans want, any of us would be hard pressed to deal with it all correctly. Hug, handshake, whatever. The guy hasn’t harmed me personally nor has he broken any laws himself yet he gets criticized for dealing with crimes that people usually shun regular folks for. Winston should embrace the boos like Goodell has, stand up there side by side and soak it in. It’s good publicity.

  12. This hurts Winston, because it’s a reminder to potential teams that he is a PR problem for the future.

    Goodell shouldn’t take all this heat. Athletes behaving badly and that’s somehow his fault. He’s finessed these scandals as good as you can. Some people are just trying to divert the spotlight from the bad actors on to Goodell. It’s a good exercise in propaganda.

  13. Winston will be in the league for years, and likely the #1 pick in ’15. The team that selects him and starts him on his career is OK, public relations wise, but one Goodell smile, handshake and hug is somehow toxic to the commissioner? Really? Preposterous.

  14. Then again, people sometimes just want to believe the worst.

    (ie. See the number of people who still consider Winston to be guilty of rape)

  15. If the (so called) student athletes actually received an education they would know they could make more as CEOs & technological innovators.
    I hope Winston gas thick skin cause he’s going to need it.

  16. It couldn’t possibly be he doesn’t want to leave beautiful Florida and stay with his family and friends….. couldn’t possibly be that, no way.

    People will do or say anything to get people to listen/read/hear their stories so they can stay relevant in some way.

  17. To compare a rape accusation (which didn’t stick, by the way) to stealing… ahem… crab legs…

    That’s lazy.

  18. I think Winston made his share of mistakes but I think he proved many people wrong with his football knowledge. He needs to mature and needs good mentors. I think he should come to the draft and soak it in as well. Being a hurricane fan I routed against him but now I’d like to see him grow up and become something.

  19. Make it like the little league back when you tried out and had to wait for a call from the coach…not today’s little league where everyone gets a trophy..personally I think the drafts, NFL and NBA are nothing but a dog and pony show… Who cares if he or anyone shows up..

  20. Jameis Winston is the best QB prospect in the history of the NFL. I’m jealous of the Bucs, they will be the obvious Super Bowl favorite after draft day. To all the haters, your tears will be delicious once Jameis finishes his career with a minimum of 10 Super Bowls and MVP awards.
    And for those who say he is a criminal, the only real criminal here is Publix. Dude just won the Heisman and National Title, he should be able to walk into any store and take whatever he wants.

  21. Anyone here actually ever read Raissman’s stuff? He’s lousy. Basing a post on his baseless speculation is also pretty lousy.

  22. Goodell gets booed everywhere he goes. He don’t care. That’s why the owners hired him.

  23. username5891^^^^^ is spot on!
    From NFL Network…

    “Teams have spent a lot of money to dig into [Winston’s background],” Jeremiah said. “They’ve done their homework, and it’s cut and dry — either he’s on the board or off it. I’ve yet to have anybody tell me that he’s off their board.”

  24. I know for a fact Winston wouldnt get booed louder than Goodell will be booed.

    Chicago you better boo Goodell everytime he is on stage!! Boo this clown so bad he never shows his face at a draft ever again

  25. Nice try at spinning this nightmare for the PR department of the NFL! I applaud this young man who, I believe, is sending a message that he’s focused on the game now and not all the circus hoopla that the draft has become. To think, if more young players were confident enough to “sit this out” what new rules would be conceived of by the NFL such as: “participation is required and you have to be present to win” (be drafted). Like other cheesy game shows following much the same format, participants are necessary for ratings and the NFL is all about ratings=$$!

  26. Don’t know if it means anything, but this news came about after Winston requested and got a private audience with Goodell.
    Maybe Goodell realized how precarious Winston’s position might be in the NFL as he might be in jail before the year is out. This would reflect on the NFL because they had a private meeting with Winston.

    Think there is more to this story than what we are being told.

  27. Maybe he just doesn’t want to risk dropping in the draft and having to sit in the green room looking like a fool while the camera tries to capture his uneasiness. He doesn’t want to relive Johnny Football or Brady Quinn’s experience. I’m not so sure he’s going to be the #1 or #2 pick.

  28. Every draft the media picks a guy to beat up. This year it s mariota. That’s funny all the trade up talk is for mariota. Something doesn’t add up. Winston and the bucs probably deserve each other ,both make bad decisions all the time

  29. Goodell will announce he’s stepping down tomorrow to kick off the league meetings. He knows he’s a lame duck at this point. He’s made a quarter of a billion in 8 years to be a laughingstock. Time to step away into obscurity.

  30. Makes a nice attention grabbing headline but unrealistic. How would Goodell approach Winston and suggest he not attend the draft? With Winston’s history, does anyone think Goodell would trust Winston to keep that to himself? The man isn’t THAT stupid.

  31. The reason is simple: This is the last chance for that lying gold digger, Erica Kinsman, to try and extort money from Winston. ESPN would have endless interviews with that ‘woman.’ Kinsman would bring one of her sob stories and she would lie and claim that she just wants justice and not money from her rapi$t.

  32. Personally I wouldn’t have JW on my draft board. There’s an ongoing debate as to who would be the better leader JW or MM. Some people may argue that character has nothing to do with leadership, but I believe that character has EVERYTHING to do with leadership.

  33. If this turns out to be true that Lord Goodell doesn’t want Jameis there. Future draft picks should totally boycott the draft and let him stand there alone and look foolish. Then when ratings for the draft go down he will have to do some sort of damage control. I guarantee that the nfl draft will do better ratings then any nba game on that day. So if it’s ruined by guys who aren’t formally obligated to be there then the owners will reevaluate the situation with him

  34. Another example of the state of today’s ‘journalism’. We have no idea why he’s doing this (even though he told you), so let’s just speculate! If you think about this for a second, it says a lot about Winston’s character. Perhaps the proudest moment of his life, one to which he owes a lot of people for their help and support, and instead of making it all about himself, he would rather share that moment with them. Might be why his teammates like him so much.

  35. If RG0 is afraid of Rapeis tarnishing the league’s image, it’s too late and Rog needs to move on. Maybe the next Commish should then institute a morality standard for the entire league.

  36. So they’re expecting it to be all Philly fans there? Philly fans are the only ones that boo, correct?

  37. I would think fans are more likely to spit in Goodells face than want to shake his hand if he’s stupid enough to go out into a crowd that wants to lynch him.

  38. “your tears will be delicious once Jameis finishes his career with a minimum of 10 Super Bowls and MVP awards.”

    Pretty much the same things said about Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and other “can’t misses” by fans.

    At the moment all Winston is is a potential high draft pick rookie. Until he gets into regular season games and proves himself he is nothing more, nothing less. Certainly anyone who would make a guarantee that he’s going to lead a team to “10 Super Bowls and MVPs” is living in a ridiculous fantasy land.

  39. Who ever said you had to go to the draft if you were a potential 1st round pick….no one that’s who. The only people mad about this is the media.

    Let that man be!

  40. I think its great and sets the stage for other possible early picks to stay home too. Why not. Its not about the draft per se but that big check the team that drafts you is gonna write out. That is what’s important to these guys and they are kind of saying it with there absence.

  41. Enough of the sympathy for Winston. None of this is even an issue if the guy didn’t act like a moron over the past 3 years. He put himself in this position, not Goodell !

  42. The NFL will have this kind of p.r. problem from now on as long as Goodell remains commissioner.

    Think about this a minute: the “face” of the NFL – a perceived moral relativist – shaking hands with a star athlete who was protected by the power structure. The image I get is that ‘it’s business as usual.

  43. I’d hug the commish. “I’m now a millionaire, yay!”

    Two of those infractions are nothing big. Perhaps his showing up and presenting himself well, would be a step in rehabilitating his image.

  44. It’s ridiculous how Goodell makes everyone try to avoid making him look bad

    Spygate was all about Roger posturing as if signal filming is not so accepted that coordinators cover their mouths when calling in plays

    To this day many fans think the Patriots “cheating” involved illegal signal filming when signal filming is actually legal (just not from the sidelines for game say purposes)

  45. This reminds me of the flap about him not attending the Hiesman ceremony this past season. Weeks leading up to it we were told how the Heisman committee would cringe if he showed up, he wasn’t welcome, blah blah blah. You know, the standard gas baggery. Then, he said he was skipping it to spend the off time with his family and friends because he’d already been there and done that. Next thing you know, it was who does he think he is? This kid is all about himself. He doesn’t respect the process. He didn’t show up because he knew he wasn’t going to win it this year and is a sore loser. Why didn’t he come again anyway like Tebow? In other words, basically people are crazy and it’s sad. The fact that none of that stuff phases him is what puts him a cut above the rest though. Looking forward to watching his career play out.

  46. The NFL and us fans need to stop pretending football is the moral conscious of America. As fans we enjoy watching a game played by violent angry men. Fans will look at any other NFL roster and criticize the behavior of those players. But, we will give the players on the team we root for the benefit of the doubt because we want to root for a winner. Stop it.

  47. I’ve said this before but, I’ve watched football for over 20 years, absolutely love the game, but I could care less about actually watching the draft. It’s insane to me that the NFL makes it a televised event, and even more so that all of you so called “smart” fans eat it right up.

  48. So weird. Why would a top 3 pick decide to pass on the draft?

    He’s going to do no better next year.

    Something smells…..and if Goodell has intervened here at all, it’s just another case of his meddling incompetence.

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