LeSean McCoy: Eagles panicked when Frank Gore stiffed them


The Eagles spent plenty of money, and twice the roster spots, to replace LeSean McCoy.

And McCoy thinks that’s partly because they blinked when Frank Gore got cold feet and went to Indianapolis instead, leading to the signings of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews.

“I saw that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore, and he backed out,” McCoy said on The Rich Eisen Show, via ESPNDallas.com. “So then when they got DeMarco and they got Ryan Mathews, I thought it was like a panic move.”

While they didn’t want to pay McCoy, shipping him to Buffalo, they gave Murray a five-year $42 million deal and then another three years and $11.5 for Mathews.

“I can’t really answer it,” McCoy said. “They took two backs to replace one. I think DeMarco’s a hell of a back. I think he’ll do a good job there. I’m not sure how that went. . . .

“Chip, I think, is a really good coach. I think this is something different for him kind of managing both, from being a coach to now kind of managing the team as far as the players that they get and they pay.”

While it might seem an odd move on the surface, Murray might be a better fit for what Kelly wants to do on the field, regardless the money.

While McCoy’s certainly no slouch, he’s more of a one-cut-and-go back, while Murray runs inside with more power. Mathews simply seems like good value, buying low because of injuries that slowed him with the Chargers.

69 responses to “LeSean McCoy: Eagles panicked when Frank Gore stiffed them

  1. The best franchise in the history of the NFL with a sure fire HOF genius coach does not panic. They just reload the Dream Team on their way to another Superbowl trophy.

  2. LeSean McCoy needs to close his mouth and just play for the Bills now. Him chiming in on what the Eagles are doing is making him look like a bitter, angry fool. He’s in Buffalo, so why doesn’t he just concentrate on how him and his Bills are going to beat New England, and quit worrying about Philly. Put it behind you, and run for 1500 yards with Buffalo and help get the Bills to their first playoff berth in 16 years.

  3. McCoy is right — signing two backs to that kind of money makes no sense. Chip still has a lot to prove at the NFL level and at this point he’s without a decent QB on the team. I wouldn’t be very happy if I was a Philly fan.

  4. I’m a philly fan. I’m a shady fan. That aside, he doesn’t know anything about CK’s plan or why he did what he did. Shady drove CK and Andy both crazy with the east-west instead of running the pays. It was like watching Madden live sometimes, but it especially didn’t fit the new scheme. Either way, CK went Gore firt because of his running style. Much like Murray, they are smash mouth one-cut runners. Nothing like shady, so I’m not sure why the author says shady is the one-cut guy……I’ve watched every game since shady was there and I never saw him as a one cut guy.

  5. Whatever happened to talent always trumping scheme? Chip Kelly is strangely arrogant, shipping out the best players he inherited in favor of his crappy gimmick scheme that’s too finesse to hold up against smashmouth defenses and couldn’t even win him a college championship.

  6. McCoy sounds like the guy that got dumped by his girlfriend, so now he spreads rumors, and talks bad to others about the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Commonly referred to as being a “player hater”.

  7. Shady, they got a stud MLB for you. That’s and your 18th best ypc is why you were traded. They then signed the top RB on the market. You essentially were traded for the best LB and RB available.

  8. Talent trumps scheme? If that was the case the 2011 Eagles “dream team” wouldn’t of been one of the worst disasters ever. You need talent + scheme but as Bill shows in New England, scheme should come first.

  9. @muslimponder

    you hit it right on the head. those players were “inherited” and CK won 20 games and a playoff birth with them and his “crappy” gimmick over 2 years. Remember, Andy could only win 4 games his last year with the same guys, and only 8 the year before that. That’s 12 wins in 2 years with same players, and no playoff birth. Chip deserves to run his system his way now. Maybe this all backfires, but he has proven that he can win with AR and HR guys, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt with HIS guys now.

    And as far as finesse, that seems to be why Shady is out and Mathews and Murray are in. He wants North/South runners instead of East/West and getting tackled for a loss. The addition of these new RBs should put the offense in more short down situations to help keep the O on the field and the D off of it.

  10. Here we go…. When he was on the Eagles, philly fans backed every word out of this guys mouth. Said, “he always speaks the truth.” Now watch them backtrack and bash him since he said Saint Kelly panicked. Which is also the TRUTH!

  11. soroilo2003 says:
    Mar 22, 2015 9:32 AM

    Add it all up and it’s 53.5 million to replace McCoy. That’s an average 13.4 million.


    That’s not how it works. McCoy’s cap hit for the Eagles in 2015 was to be $11.95 Mil.
    Murray’s 2015 cap hit is $5 Mil, Mathews 2015 cap hit is $2 Mil, and Kiko’s hit is $795,946.

    That’s a grand total of $7.79 Mil for the 3 new Eagles, compared to $11.95 Mil or a difference of +$4.16 Mil.

    So, in reality, Chip was able to save $4 Mil this year, AND get Murray, Mathews, and Alonso, all for McCoy. Looks way better when you look at it the correct way.

  12. floratiotime says:
    Mar 22, 2015 8:53 AM
    The best franchise in the history of the NFL with a sure fire HOF genius coach does not panic. They just reload the Dream Team on their way to another Superbowl trophy.

    Obviously talking about the Patriots

  13. Loved Shady on the field, could never stand his twitter account and his mouth. He is entitled to his opinion, but I don’t know how it holds any more weight than anyone else’s. Nobody but Chip seems to know what the hell Chip is doing. But if it was a panic move, you just got the best RB from last year, and a guy who has great potential to go along with Sproles. Maybe it will be a disaster, maybe it won’t.

  14. Shady is right so far, we’ll see how it plays out. BTW, when Shady was traded, there was no thought that Murray would be available, so stop all the noise about Chip grabbing the best RB available.

    He had no intent on getting Murray. His Shady planned replacement, was Frank Gore. Some people are buying anything Chip does, because … he’s Chip.

    So reminds me of Carolina fans who say with a straight face, IN GETTLEMAN WE TRUST, all the way from 12-4 to 7-8-1. RACE TO THE BOTTOM.

  15. There’s one reason Shady is gone: He led the league in rushes for zero yards. 150 carries for zero yards. Oh, and also the fact that the Eagles got a starting LB and 2 great RBs for a smaller cap hit.

  16. Murray is a one cut runner with no second gear. Benefitted from massive holes against bad teams. Teams like the Eagles, Colts and Packers shut him down by swarming and filling the gaps. Murray is an all around fine running back, but the Eagles QB play will again be their demise in 15.

  17. raoool says:
    Mar 22, 2015 10:18 AM
    good thing we have Shady to let us know what’s going on in Chip’s head.

    stay warm, LeSean


    As opposed to being warm in balmy Philly? Buy a map dude.

  18. Why is it that when all you Eagles fans talk about how you got 2 running backs for cheaper than Shady, you always forget to mention the $3.4 million in dead money from the Shady contract that your team still carries…? As much as you want to forget it, it still counts!
    Oh, and Shady would have restructured his contract with the Eagles. He was expecting to have to renegotiate his contract and has said as much.

  19. Here’s what was revealed about McCoy by some Philly writers both BEFORE and AFTER he got traded–he was complaining, like DeSean Jackson before him, that his contract should have been upgraded after he led the NFL in rushing in 2013. He only signed his contract the year before.

    As more than one poster said, his east-west running style drove the fans and Kelly crazy. He LED the NFL in negative plays the last two years. While he got his share of great gains, he also had more than his share of negative yards.

    You ever wonder why, in the SF and AZ games last year–BOTH times they were perched on the 1 yard line and Kelly didn’t call his number? Yes, the offensive line was in flux, but you can’t tell me those guys couldn’t have blocked for 1 yard. Not only that, but later in the year, he preferred to give the ball to Chris Polk, who, more often than not, would batter straight ahead and score.

    Kelly got rid of a malcontent, for a good young LB coming off of injury. To me, McCoy is just sounding bitter for whatever reason–the guy got 26M guaranteed for goodness sakes.

    Murray will not be overused in Philly the way he was in Dallas. That’s why they signed Matthews. And Kelly DIDN’T pay him 26M guaranteed.

  20. Why is it that when all you Eagles fans talk about how you got 2 running backs for cheaper than Shady, you always forget to mention the $3.4 million in dead money from the Shady contract that your team still carries…? As much as you want to forget it, it still counts!
    Oh, and Shady would have restructured his contract with the Eagles. He was expecting to have to renegotiate his contract and has said as much.

    He said he would restructure his contract, but NOT TAKE LESS–he said that publicly. But read my post above.

  21. A panic not unlike a jump cut away from a seam and an easy 4-6 yard gain right into the backside pursuit for no gain…Shady knows a panic when he see’s it.

  22. justintuckrule says:
    Mar 22, 2015 9:57 AM
    Here we go…. When he was on the Eagles, philly fans backed every word out of this guys mouth. Said, “he always speaks the truth.” Now watch them backtrack and bash him since he said Saint Kelly panicked. Which is also the TRUTH!

    I’m an eagle fan and always said shady should shut up. Your not speaking for the true eagles fans. Go troll somewhere else.

  23. Shady is an exciting runner but lead the league by far over the last two years in negative and zero gain runs. Led to many third and long and three and outs. If you’re going to play fast you can’t have your D on the field 36+ minutes every game. Got to move the chains and positive yards on first down is the first thing that must happen.

  24. @fresnesssss – way to cherry pick the salary that supports your argument. Now why don’t you discuss the the dead money comparisons. I’ll save you he time.. Mccoys is peanuts compared to these two when they’re released in the next two years.

  25. Not really hard to see that Chip’s offense is at its best (like any offense, but more so Chip’s because of the pace) when you can keep drives going EARLY. Too often McCoy would dance around behind the LOS, and take a loss or no gain. That KILLED the offense because they would be stuck in 3rd and longs early in drives.

    McCoy led the league by a pretty large margin in runs of zero or negative yards. Sure he has a lot of those explosive plays where he picks up big chunks, but Kelly needs consistency to keep drives going. Something that McCoy just isn’t very good at.1

  26. To the talent vs scheme guy. Did you even read your comment before you posted it? It’s not that the dream team lacked a scheme, it’s that Reid failed to adapt the scheme to the talent (i.e. Making asomugha play zone).

  27. This isn’t a troll comment…

    You Eagles fans have created an alternate universe in your own heads filled with delirium to insulate yourselves from the real world. Makes you feel better for the zero trophy thing… I get it. I was that way for the hockey Rangers.

    But you guys are really taking it up a notch with these posts (which you all thumbs up for each other).

    Kelly got rid of McCoy for one reason and it’s not because he’s an east west runner. He wants 53 players that are automaton members of his funky schematic principle. That’s it. If you’re an individual and say one word out of school, you’re gone. Why else trade foles who was as perfect for his scheme that he’ll find? He talks…. That’s why. Just like Jackson, McCoy and maclin. Open your eyes and call a spade a spade for once so we don’t have to keep laughing at you …

    Unless you’re also all under that guys spell

  28. You read stuff like this and you know exactly why Chip Kelly is cleaning out the closet. Bringing in great character guys like Murray (or Gore) is how you win championships. If I were the Bills’ coach I’d rather have my new guys studying their playbooks instead of mouthing off to the media and being critical of their old team. These moves Kelly is making are right out of the Book of Bill Belichick and Bill Walsh. You need guys that place winning above all else. Everybody paddling in one direction. It’s a team sport and you need team guys to win.

  29. Why does it seem the majority of the media are ignoring the obvious? Chip will be fired after the season…he is in over his head and is making bad decision after bad decision… Eagles 4-12

  30. Mt take: Demarco Murray had a great season behind the best line in the league but Shady is the better back. Chip should have kept him.

  31. Nothing funnier than watching Eagle fans compare Chip to guys that have won 8 combined Super Bowls! Chip couldnt win a National Championship in Oregon & went 1 & done in his only playoff appearance. Chip Kelly’s isn’t Belichick or Walsh…..HELL, he isn’t even Andy Reid. LOL Silly Eagle fans…

  32. The BILLS PANICKED by over-paying for McCoy when they had him under contract. Let’s see how the season plays out and what McCoy is saying the end of it when the Bills finish either 7-9, 8-8, or 9-7 like they have for near forever.

  33. McCoy was a “one cut and go” runner? Did you see him play last year? Most plays he was a five cut and get tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage. Then there were a few plays where he was a six or seven cut and hit a home run guy. But that doesn’t consistently move the chains.

  34. Everyone giving McCoy crap for talking about the Eagles needs to understand this: of course journalist will ask him about the Eagles. He is not M. Lynch and will answer the questions.

  35. Buffalo is buying talent. Guys are not going there or even being traded there without asking for top dollar, with Hughes being an exception. The guys who have not benefited from that gravy train are asking themselves: “What about me”. Marcell Dareus, Cordy Glenn, T.J. Graham, Nickell Robey, Kraig Urbik, Robert Woods, Leodis McKelvin, Stephon Gilmore, Nigel Bradham are all key guys that will be looking to get paid over the next two years.

  36. My bad. T.J. Graham’s gone (and not the player I thought he was anyway).

    There are probably some guys that I should have added but missed.

  37. Eagles fans got mad at McCoy last year a lot. He needed to run straight ahead more but he is not that kind of back. We are lucky to have Murray!

  38. They should have just kept McCoy and added a more straight-ahead guy for goal line and 1st downs.

  39. riggo08 says:
    Mar 22, 2015 9:04 AM
    McCoy is right — signing two backs to that kind of money makes no sense. Chip still has a lot to prove at the NFL level and at this point he’s without a decent QB on the team. I wouldn’t be very happy if I was a Philly fan.

    125 57

    I’m a Bears fan so I have no dog in this fight.

    But FYI football fans…

    Last season, Lesean McCoy had a league leading 125 carries for zero – 0 yards or fewer. 125 folks.

    He’s a great talent but he’s not a north south runner and that stat shows. NO other back in the league had that many.

    Murray, who isn’t as shifty as McCoy, IS more of a north south runner. Murray had the 9th lowest rate of carries for zero or fewer yards in the league last season.

    Murray AND Matthews will make $12.5 million this season which is only $1.25 million more than McCoy would have made playing for the Eagles had they kept him.

    Murray has 527 fewer carries in his career than McCoy. Yes, Murray carried it a LOT last season. But with Matthews there his workload can be kept from the staggering number of carries he had with the Boys last year.

  40. “While McCoy’s certainly no slouch, he’s more of a one-cut-and-go back, while Murray runs inside with more power.”

    Uhh, what? Shady is the total 100% opposite of a “one cut and go” back, which is precisely why (from a style standpoint) Chip moved him and went after Gore, Mathews, and Murray, who are all absolutely “one cut and go” backs, the style of running he prefers.

    I’m not saying that as a slight to Shady or anything, his style is electrifying in its own right, just clarifying that part of the story because it’s patently false and goes against the very logic and reasoning behind the moves.

  41. Funny how in one season McCoy goes from “best back in the league” to garbage in the mind of eagles fans even going as far as to break him down for his production last year when if I remember correctly the fact that he still producing last year behind at times a patchwork O line was what made him great. With all this rebuilding Chip is doing to fit his system with Bradford, Murray, no true #1 receivers and whatever O line he pieces together now (does he value an O line as much as he values RBs?) it better work otherwise whoever takes over for him may have a complete year down and rebuild on his hands. Chip Kelly should’ve never been given this much power this early and Lurie is an idiot for doing it and anybody who tries to compare him to Jimmy Johnson in any way is beyond dumb. Chip has alot to prove before he can even be mentioned in the same sentence as Jimmy Johnson.

  42. As for the total of the moves Chip Kelly made for the Eagles this off season so far…

    The average age of the 6 players he got rid of was 29.5

    The average age of the 6 players he brought in is 26.7 yrs old.

    All told, Kelly only spent $8 million more than he would have had he kept the players he sent away.

    Also, when he began the off season, he only had $10 million to work with and he did all he has to this point by only spending $8 million of the $10 million.

    Oh, for those that say they had $20 million, I say this… With about $5 million needed to sign draft picks and money needed for re-signings or in-season pickups, Philadelphia was looking at around $10 million to make upgrades.

    They do need a wide receiver and this draft has several good ones. They pick 20th in the first round and a really good wide out should be there for them.

    Last year, Philly gave up 72 passes of 20 yards or more, and that was the most in the NFL, by a comfortable margin too. So Chip went out and strengthened their secondary. I’m not sure if it will work out and he paid a lot for that Seattle guy but his secondary is better than it was last year now…

    Foles and Sanchez combined for the most giveaways at QB with 21 interceptions.

    Foles isn’t a good deep thrower either. Yes, Bradford has health issues and isn’t on the field much to this point. But Foles has missed time each of the past three seasons too with injuries.

    Chip is only “stuck” with Bradford for this one season if it doesn’t work out.

  43. You really think Murray is going to have a type of year he had last year. The cowboys had a better QB, WR , TE and the best offenseive line in football. Eagles lost the best QB on the team, best WR and they lost one OG and may lose the other one. For the person who made the comment they have the best franchise in the NFL ,HOF head coach and dream team thats gonna win another championship, lol we know your not talking about Philly

  44. I want each and every person that is claiming CK is driving this team into the ground to come back here mid-season for a nice huge helping of crow. Eagles are going to be awesome this year. Goodluck haters… or shall I say fear mongers.

  45. I’ve never seen any coach come into this city and weave this type of spell over the fanbase. Even though Buddy Ryan’s teams are now revered, during their run, they were heavily criticized and so was the coach. Our fans are known for being passionate and never drinking the kool-aid. We criticize our teams when they deserve it, question moves and hold them accountable.

    For some reason, we are going out of our way to justify every move Chip Kelly makes, no matter how odd the transaction seems. It’s really weird. I can’t explain it and I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re becoming one of those ‘collegetown, rah-rah fanbases’ that we hate. Even our local sports media seems to be buying into Chip in a way that you usually wouldn’t see around here. It’s like we’ve all become ‘Chipford Wives’, blindy digging for angles and stats to justify him shipping out some of the most talented players in the history of the franchise, in their prime years.

    Everyone seems to think there was no way he could win a Superbowl with Shady, Foles, Jackson or Maclin. Maybe. Maybe not. What I do know is every successful coach in the NFL had personalities they had to manage … guys who didn’t always buy in to every aspect of the program. They might be out past curfew on a road trip, but would run through a brick wall for the coach on gameday. The best coaches are able to work with these types of guys, because they know it’s impossible to get an entire roster of 53 millionaires to fall in lock step with the coach.

    This is not to say Chip can’t win. I hope for his sake, he does know what he’s doing. But in a city where you have to earn everything you get, he hasn’t earned this blind faith in his ability as a GM. He’s won 10 games, two straight seasons, so it’s obvious, he can coach in this league. The GM thing, I’m not defending these moves until I see the results. He won with Andy and Howies guys for the past two years. He’s gotta show me something with his own ‘guys’ before I can support his moves as a GM.

  46. Total panic move and here is why. Kelly’s plan A was re-sign maclin and go cheap at RB. If he signs maclin they do not get murray. Plan B was sign matthews and murray and go cheap at wr because of the fan and media reaction. Chip went oh no I have no offesnsive difference makers and gave a beat up rb way too much money. Not only does it show panic, it also shows no real plan or philosophy in place. Just doing things on the fly down there at nova care.

  47. Can’t wait to see McCoy cut and run while wearing Buffalo Red, White, and Blue! #letsgobuffalo #buffalove #billsmafia

  48. Eagle fans are the best. Any other team in the NFC East makes that sorry move and Philly fans state it like it is…. It was a terrible trade, Murray has played ONE full season behind the best o-line in football with passing threats that were and are quite formidable. Kelly’s gimmicky offense will not work again this year, and the eagles will take over the laughing stock/bottom dwellers that the Skins have been for so long. Coach wearing the GM belt has not worked out very well in most places, and Chump isn’t doing anything that is so ground breaking to cause fear in anyone. No receiving threats, no QB, no secondary, garbage backs=4-12 this year.

  49. This thread is a really funny mix of people talking about things without knowing about them, and people explaining the things to those people.

    Chip is doing fine everywhere on the roster…except for the Bradford thing. I think at best that becomes a lateral move from foles. AT BEST. At (probable) worst, we are paying millions of dollars for an IR spot and, at this point, falling back on Sanchez again. That’s not what I want to see, so I’m hoping from more for the QB spot as we get closer to the season that’s 5 months away still…

  50. And somebody explain why Gore was better than Murray again? And why it’s panic to sign the NFL’s leading rusher for less than your RB who isn’t playing well and gaining yards right now?

  51. To those who say “Murray wont have the type of yr he had last year,” I agree. But he will run straight into holes for first downs, demand a defense’s attention, and push a pile, which is I think the point. No point in anyone chasing last yr numbers for anything.

  52. Murray will also get about half the carries he had last year as well. Then sproles will kill u. See ya out there.

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