Mara says playoff expansion is inevitable

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Last year at this time, it was believed that NFL owners would vote to expand the playoffs, effective in 2015.  The league wisely waited; after all, the fans of the teams that finished at No. 7 in each conference this past season would have been confused at a minimum by their team’s failure to make it to the tournament, flat-out TO’ed at worst.

But now that the 2015 league meetings are approaching, momentum has dissipated for an expansion of the playoff field from 12 to 14 in the coming season.

Speaking to reporters from the site of the annual gathering, which has returned to Arizona this year, Giants co-owner John Mara has acknowledged that playoff expansion is inevitable, via Jordan Ranaan of  But Mara confirmed it won’t happen this year.

As PFT (those bastards) previously has reported, the NFL hopes to tie the extra playoff games to the Thursday night package, which will be up for bidding in 2016.  So whether it’s CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, ABC, TNT, or some other network, the playoff games will be bundled with the Thursday night games in the hopes of bringing in even more billions than the NFL already generates.

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  1. I’ll take 2 extra playoff games over an 18 game season any time, thank you.

    Plus, playing for 1 bye in each conference adds more intrigue, at least to some of us.

  2. No to playoff expansion!!!! We’re getting .500 teams in the playoffs now!! Stop the insanity!!!

  3. The fans don’t want the playoffs watered down. It’s not for the betterment of the game, but the NFL will do anything for a few more shekels.

  4. Once a professional sport reaches an unprecedented level of popularity, the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” rule should automatically kick in, preventing any shameless money-grabs masquerading as innovations.

  5. In the leagues unending battle against injuries it has been determined that extra games with increased intensity is the answer. Gooood grief.

  6. nyneal says: No to playoff expansion!!!! We’re getting .500 teams in the playoffs now!! Stop the insanity!!!


    Yeah – let’s continue the CURRENT system that keeps out 11-5 teams and gives 7-9 teams a playoff birth with home field advantage

    Putting more GOOD teams in the playoffs is just INSANE

    Why would we want to water down the playoffs between 7-9 teams with more 11-5 teams?… crazy

  7. Having seen the Patriots playoff hopes dashed on the rocks twice (2002 & 2008) I still don’t want to see any more teams in the playoffs. Right now the NFL has that perfect balance between regular and post season. I hope they are smart enough not to go the way of mlb, nba and nhl who all have ridiculously long stretched out post seasons.

    Oh and really, how sad is it that the NFL and the NFL Network cant put together a broadcast crew to run televised games on the NFL network. This proposed expansion is tailor made for the NFL Network. #facepalm

  8. A decade ago this was crazy because the 6 seed had no possible chance to win it all. Now? We have seen a couple of 6 seeds do it. I’m ok with it for that reason and I like awarding a single bye in each conference. Much rather see this than 18 games.

  9. It must be terrible being a billionaire NFL owner and having to persuade the poor dumb fans that you want more playoffs so that you can make more money.

  10. So teams wouldn’t have to “earn” a spot, they’d simply be entitled? Liberalism at its best in the NFL…

  11. The percentage of teams that make the playoffs is right. The NFL should not expand the payoffs unless they add some teams. As a general rule, the league shouldn’t change anything until they get competent people in charge.

  12. Orrrr, they could sit back enjoy the profits they already sow while we enjoy the game. But sadly, they appear dead set on destroying it in their quest for the ever increasing profit margin. Eventually their showmanship mindset will backfire & people will just stop caring (watching).

  13. So the regular season will become pointless as the NBA’s? Do these guys not realize an exclusive playoffs makes the entire season more exciting? They’re ruining the game! I can see the day where I no longer watch.

  14. Last season saw the first playoff game in NFL history that wasn’t broadcasted (Cardinals/Panthers).

    If the winning bidders for expanded playoffs is ESPN or TNT or NFLN (or some other cable network), that’s another game or two that will not be broadcasted.

    This is the way the NFL is moving, kids. Just like the Final Four did as of last year, just like the NBA playoffs did years ago, there will eventually be no more broadcasted playoff games for the NFL (unless the team in your market is playing that specific game).

    Eventually, you will be forced to pay to watch any of the NFL playoffs.

    Enjoy playoff expansion at your own peril.

  15. You may tie it to a TNF package, but good luck selling the idea of a playoff game 3-4 days after your last regular season game to the owners.

    The only way this works is if you have 3 playoff games on Saturday and Sunday of Wild Card Weekend. Frankly, I’d love that, but I don’t hear them discussing that possibility.

  16. And when it’s your team that gets a slot, I hope you protest. Get outta here, everybody knows they’ll be on board when they have a chance to watch their franchise in the playoffs.

  17. So the NFL wants to follow in the footsteps of the NBA, and NHL?
    Yep, makes sense to me to water down what is now a great playoff system.

  18. So then it will take til week 5 for the Vikings to be eliminated instead of the traditional week 3.

  19. Just turn the NFL playoffs into a “Round Robin” incorporating all 32 teams.

    Who wouldn’t want to pay $400 to see Tampa Bay play Seattle in the opening round?

  20. If they could sell the Super Bowl like FIFA sells the WC tournament we’d eventually see the game played in Dubai or Qatar. Hell they’ll probably make up some crap about the fans wanting to see a London Super Bowl within the next decade and play it there just because they can.

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