49ers “discussing” free agent LBs Lance Briggs and Mason Foster

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With the big-money free agents long gone, teams are left to sift through the remaining scraps, which mostly consists of veterans and underachievers. And with the 49ers desperate for help, they’ve had “discussions” about signing Lance Briggs, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Briggs has been one of the best 4-3 outside linebackers of his era, spending all 12 seasons of his career in Chicago and going to seven Pro Bowls. The 34-year-old grew up in California and went to college at Arizona. The 49ers tried to lure him back to the West Coast in 2008 as a free agent, but were found guilty of tampering and docked a fifth-round draft pick. Briggs ended up back in Chicago, but is free again with no strings attached this time.

He’s no longer the player he was just a couple years ago. Injuries have hit Briggs hard and limited him to just 17 games the past two seasons. Sliding him in at inside linebacker in a 3-4 could be a way to squeeze another year or two out of his body.

The 49ers are also kicking the tires on free agent linebackers Mason Foster and Erin Henderson, having scheduled a free-agent visit with Henderson for Wednesday. GM Trent Baalke will surely address the position in the draft.

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  1. Briggs and Urlacher keeping up with fast slot receivers and fast tight ends…….Comical, but actually sad. Enough is enough, both of them got royally screwed by Emery and Trestman, but will always be remembered as solid Bear LB’s in Chicago.

  2. So much for the rumor a while back that Foster was a favorite to land in Chicago.

  3. both of them got royally screwed by Emery and Trestman,
    No fan of either Emery or Trestman here, but clearly, the screwing went both ways. Especially with Briggs. His actions and attitude his final season in Chicago were deplorable.

  4. Urlacher, Briggs, Henderson, and Foster all immediately filed their NFL retirement papers upon hearing that Jed York is interested in them.

  5. Interestingly Briggs was the subject of blatant tampering by the 49ers before he re-signed with the Bears

    Briggs didn’t even leave the Bears and they got to swap picks with the 49ers

    Darrell Revis is the subject of an even CLEARER case of tampering by the Jets – and he LEFT his current team for the Jets

    One has to assume that the minimum penalty would be to have the Jets and Patriots swap 2nd round picks if not more

  6. Briggs lost passion for the game last year and it was clear. He skipped practice to open his restaurant and he was clearly slow. He benefitted from Urlacher for years and when asked to take over adjusting game calls, he couldn’t handle the assignments.

  7. @thefatlazygamer

    I’d take Sam over Briggs at this point. Once Urlacher was gone Briggs was exposed big time. The coaching did not help him one bit but he still didn’t have the same impact consistently. He was more concerned about opening his BBQ restaurant in Cali…!

  8. Re: JoeSixPack’s comment

    Article was not about the Patriots, I would suggest finding one of the several article on the site about the Pats or related topics and comment there as opposed to trying to make everything about the Patriots no matter how irrelevant they are to the topic at hand.

  9. bobsagetspiercedc0ck says: Re: JoeSixPack’s comment
    Article was not about the Patriots

    As the article states, Briggs was courted by the 49ers which resulted in tampering and the loss of a 5th round pick

    If that wasn’t a relevant point, then Mensio wouldn’t have mentioned it here. Take your complaint to him.

    As I noted that information is only partially correct – the 49ers also had to swap 3rd round picks.

    That’s relevant to a CURRENT tampering situation and should not be overlooked when the league is handing out tampering penalties – which one assumes would be consistent with Briggs and result in the swapping of a 2nd round pick at least.

    If you get up in arms about posters linking relevant stories, I expect that’s going to take a toll on your bloodpressure

  10. Lance can be closer to his restaurant he skipped training camp to open.
    To the guy who said he and Urlacher got screwed, just stop it. Lance got paid for 12 years, and the last two he stole money, fat and out of shape when not injured, and then slow and bad when healthy. He’s done. Stop with the notion teams should pay a player to stay for history’s sake when they suck.

    Brian, could have played anywhere else, no one offered him a contract. But I do side with him if his version of events with Emery is indeed how it unfolded. Chicago sports radio with his former teammate Pat Mannelly got this out of him in January…about Emery and his contract–“If he came to me,” Urlacher said, “and said, ‘Hey man, look, we don’t think you’re the same.’ Which I wasn’t the same player. After my knee got hurt, I was a little bit slower and older, I agree. But I still wanted to play. I feel like I still could’ve played another year. After rehab on my knee, I probably could’ve played one or two more years. If he just said, ‘Hey man, you’re not the same player. You know that. We know that, but we still want you here, you’re a good leader, blah, blah, blah, you’re a team guy, this and that, but we can’t pay you more than this, but we want you here, can you do it?’ Hell yeah I can do it if he handled it like that. A hundred percent I can do it.
    “But the way it was handled was ‘This is the offer, take it or leave it, you have until tonight to decide. You don’t want it, we’ll get somebody else.’ And then it was tweeted out right when (I) said no.”
    He if healthy would have been a better option than the crap they’ve trotted out the last two years, and that includes Briggs.

  11. Talk all the crap you want but the 49ers need some veteran presence. This team has no Identity and need some leaders! Cowboy we need you to come help your position coach and lead this team. # come back Justin smith

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