Agent feels it’s not in Adrian Peterson’s best interest to stay in Minnesota


Adrian Peterson doesn’t want to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Even if Peterson hasn’t said those exact words up to this point, it’s become pretty clear through the posturing of his agent, Ben Dogra, that Peterson doesn’t want to remain in Minnesota.

Dogra declined a dinner invitation with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman at the league meetings currently underway in Phoenix. On Monday, Dogra ratcheted up the rhetoric in trying to get his client out of Minnesota.

“I don’t think it’s in Adrian’s best interest to play in Minnesota. Why would it be?” Dogra said, via Kevin Seifert of

One problem for Peterson and Dogra – and a rather large one – is that Peterson is under contract with the Vikings for three more seasons. The size of his contract also presents problems for any team looking to trade for Peterson.

The Vikings informed Dogra that they will not release Peterson, leaving a trade as the only avenue for the running back to leave Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Vikings owner Mark Wilf said to Tom Pelissero of USA Today that Peterson is “an important part of the Minnesota Vikings and we look forward to him being part of our team in 2015.”

Ultimately, the Vikings can just tell Peterson “you play for us or you play for no one.” As badly as Peterson may want out, this is a trump card the Vikings hold. Head coach Mike Zimmer has told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio that if Peterson wants out, the team will accommodate him.

Nevertheless, Peterson is still a valuable asset and the Vikings won’t just let him walk away. Peterson may have to be open to a significant pay cut in order to become a viable option through trade. The best opportunity for a trade to come together could be in Phoenix while the entire league has representatives in town.

154 responses to “Agent feels it’s not in Adrian Peterson’s best interest to stay in Minnesota

  1. The only thing the words coming out of his mouth and into the media revolve around, is the cut of Adrian’s salary he gets at the end of the year. This clown needs to zip it. You just watch, when the season draws near and nothing has happened with this situation, ‘Dogra’ will be doing a 180 on his thoughts of Adrian playing for the Vikes. Guaranteed. Money is what makes this cold world turn.

  2. The Vikings may have wronged him by not fighting for him more but he put them in that position to begin with.

    You want a fresh start by being a coward and running from the fan base? then fine…. Or do you truly want to show you were wrong and take your lumps then stay here, work hard, and shut up.

  3. if he wants to win a super bowel he has to leave as he will never ever win one there, skol

  4. Funny, I don’t think it’s in Adrian Peterson’s best interest to be represented by Ben Dogra. Why would he be?

  5. If he hadn’t shoved leaves into the mouth of and beat a 4 year old he wouldn’t have this problem. He should be grateful for any opportunity he gets. Instead he cries about his own unfair treatment

  6. If I’m not mistaken sports agents don’t make money off salaries, but from new contracts. I think that might explain why Dogra has been so adamant about Adrian being traded.

  7. I thought it was evident that Peterson wants to play for JJ and the Cryboys.

    Going back to the Vikes, isn’t that why he took it out on his kid?

    I think the Vikes should say okay and trade him to the Jags, Buccaneers, Browns, Washington DC’s team, or the Raiders….maybe the Chargers.

  8. Yeah well its not in Adrian Petersons sons best interest to be Adrian Petersons whipping boy, but thats the hand your dealt, eh?

    Did the boy get a contract and huge $ compensation?

  9. Why would it be? What exactly did the vikings do to Adrian? Paid him while he wasn’t allowed to play? Were they suppose to publicly support the beating of a 4 year old? Please. Adrian speak instead letting your idiotic agent do it for you. Man up!!!!

  10. What Peterson’s agent should have said is it’s not in Adrian Peterson’s son’s best interests to stay in Minnesota with his father, or any other state.

    This guy and his agent are very confused. I’m no Vikings fan, but what did the Vikings do to Peterson that he didn’t deserve.

    Peterson and his agent can manipulate and play games all they want, but the facts are these:

    Peterson is a child abuser.
    Peterson is under contract with the Vikings.

    If I’m the Vikings, I’m tell him either he plays for us, or he doesn’t play at all.

    If he doesn’t like it, take him out back and whip him with a tree branch on his legs and private parts. See how he likes it.

  11. Not saying AP doesn’t feel that way but looking at it from his agents perspective, all the guaranteed money has been paid on APs current contract, i.e. Dogra does not get paid any commission for representing Adrian for the next 2 years. Now if he leaves and restructures a new contract, Dogra gets a major cut. Of course Dogra is going to be in his ear about leaving MN.

  12. This is plain nuts… of the best RB’s of all time and he can’t find a job. Something needs to be done about the lack of respect for RB’s in today’s NFL. They are still the workhorses and the game would not be football without them.

  13. Might not be in his best interest to have Dogra as his agent anymore…maybe they missed the memo that he is under contract with the Vikings and they aren’t going to move him without proper compensation.

  14. AP is quickly becoming one of the most despicable people in the NFL. It’s painfully obvious from his statements he just doesn’t get he did anything wrong and continues to see himself as the victim in all this. He’s the sorry I got caught type

  15. Unless, the Vikes find a trade partner that will compensate the Vikes accordingly.
    AP can either honor his word/contract and play for the Vikes, or he can retire.
    He may need to return some of the signing bonus if he retires though.

  16. Looks like he’s going to have to agree to a pay cut to play anywhere else as the Vikings are the only team willing to pay that current salary.

  17. It’s in Dogra’s best interest to go on a diet.

    I really hope AP gets traded for a 1st, rides the bench all year and or breaks his legs. Can’t comprehend how this is now the Vikings fault in his eyes. Huge pile of human waste

  18. Let his agent work a trade… he will see at that price tag there is no market for AP. Beside why is he acting like Daddy Peterson is the victim?

  19. So they stick by him after he savagely beats his child and when he admits to doing drugs during the court case. Then, they have to bend over backwards by going to meet with him and his hangers on to beg him to play this year. Now it’s not good enough and he wants out?
    Hold his feet to the fire. If he doesn’t want to play for them, tell him to take a seat on the couch.

  20. Poor Adrian. The Vikings were so hard on him after he decided to inflict physical harm on a child. No big deal right. Oh then he’s gonna get high before a court hearing to help cope with the stress of his situation. Again, no big deal right.
    All this while the Vikings did nothing but support him the entire process. You are pathetic Adrian. And a huge reason why people of your statute are stereotyped. Keep playing the victim you’ll continued to be a very pathetic father and man.

  21. And the never-ending circus that is the Minnesota Vikings continues on, as always. What will they do to keep their record streak of 54 consecutive off-season championships alive?

  22. Did you SEE the picture of this guy riding in to his 30th birthday party? That told me everything I’ll ever need to know about Adrian Peterson.

  23. AP, the #11 pick and a third rounder to move to #3. Of any team, Jacksonville has the cap space to cover it…

  24. What any agent says at any given time rarely has any relationship to reality. AD’s a 30 year old running back & is under contract until 2017 with Minn. He’s not getting cut, nor is he sitting out another year. He’ll be in Minn’s backfield for the 2015 season; bank on it.

  25. It’s hard not to speculate if this agent is just fishing for more money with another team for AP. The Vikes were in some ways forced to treat AP the way they did considering the injuries to his son and in the aftermath of the Rice video revelations. I don’t think they can truly grip about the way the Vikes treated him under the circumstances, which make me wonder if this is a money ploy.

  26. Uh, actually the exact opposite is true. Your client will make more money in Minnesota this year than anywhere else in the NFL- or the world for that matter. You are a dumb, bad, unreasonable man. With a bad agent.

  27. Peterson caused all of his problems. The Vikings have been good to him over the years. He needs to play in Minnesota or retire.

  28. Ben Dogra has been acting in Ben Dogra’s best interest, as a opposed to the best interests of the clients he represents.

  29. Me thinks the agents best interest, all agents best interest is getting the player a new contract ca-ching! ca-ching!
    These agents live for this. I bet he calls Pederson daily to tell him how the Vikes are disrespectin him.

  30. Screw the both of em. I bet Dogra didn’t have a problem when Peterson signed the contract. I’m truly hoping the Vikings organization sticks to their guns and forces Peterson to play in Minnesota or retire. Never thought I would see AP become a punk.

  31. AP is not that valuable, they have won nothing with him and now he’s a major embarrassment and headache

  32. If AP’s child abuse sort of discipline was how he was raised, then it’s the most damning proof that that it produces dirtbags. Yeah, the Vikes didn’t support him? I bet he wasn’t saying that when he was cashing those checks they kept paying the self-centered ingrate.

    Don’t trade him. Keep him and demote him to the bench.

  33. Dude needs an agent with a brain. Vikings can pay him the most and if AP wants to take less to play somewhere else in a trade than so be it….less money for his idiot agent as well.

  34. They have no leverage. I hope the Vikings sit him like Al Davis did Marcus Allen. The player works for the team.

  35. Curious to this guys angle. Do agents get paid only when the player gets a new contract? Or does he get paid annually based on the size of the players current deal? If AP leaves the Vikings, I assume hes going to take a pay cut. Wouldn’t that reduce the agents income? Or does he get paid more because a new deal gets done?

    AP has a contract. I hope the Vikings hold him to it, or trade him to a really bad team.

  36. now this coward has his agent crying for more money, after causing considerable trouble for the Vikings. also crying that he is the face of he franchise, but they brought in teddy b. to take his place. whatever, known child abusers are not the face of franchises. im really thinking my personally signed ap jerseys and hats are losing more value by the second. ouch, they are already usless.

  37. All he has to do is agree to restructure his contract and then the Cardinals can pay him the last 4 million they have left of their salary cap. Simple

  38. Let him walk, not worth the headache.

    Meanwhile our little sisters to the east can start preparing for their next season and hopefully forget about the biggest choke job in sports history!

  39. I’ll be doing a AP jersey fire here shortly…. This victim BS has caused me to lose any respect I had left for him. I say trade his sorry butt to a non contender or have him ride the pine.

  40. What kind of a lame response is “why would it be” in AP’s interest to play for the Vikes? This guy and AP really need to take off the blinders and see the real world. The only logical solution is that he’s being an advocate, cause AP won’t make any more money that he could with the Vikes, and at this point it’s unlikely he’ll go to a good team. These two have really handled the PR part of this deal poorly.

    Then again, maybe Spielman refused to allow AP to bring his camel to training camp in Mankato.

  41. Dogra and AP would beat Spielman with a switch if they had their way. How dare he have the gall to pay AP 15 million to sit on the sidelines last year after AP stuck it to the Vikes and screwed his teammates over by his actions. Good thing it doesn’t matter what the eff Dogra thinks because the vikes hold all the cards. AP can just retire if he doesn’t want to play for the Vikes and they can use that money on someone else. The more Dogra and AP yap to the media the less teams will be willing to pay via trade, the more likely AP is a Viking. Kind of funny that an NFL agent could be that stupid.

  42. Never before in the history of sports has a superstar athlete in the prime of his career pulled the complete 180 that Adrian Peterson has the past couple years. From the perfect NFL poster boy to the discovery of multiple kids with multiple mothers, a tragedy with a son he only knew existed for about a month, a child abuse charge, and now trying to force his way off a team that paid him a full salary last year for a single game. AP should write a book on how to tarnish a legacy.

  43. I have a hunch that Mike Zimmer is not the type of coach to keep a little whiny player around to poison the others on his team.

    Rick Spielman has a flair for wheeling and dealing on Draft Day. Bet the farm AD is used to make a big deal in the heat of the first round. a deal in which the Vikings come out on top!

  44. AP use to be one of the most respected and popular NFL players but his actions of late and especially his agents, is making him into one of the most disliked players. A potential HOF and record breaking player who keeps shooting himself in the foot. Vikes should trade AP and C.Patterson to Arizona for L. Fitz and Cards #1draft pick (24th overall). Fitz’s and AP’s contracts would pretty much balance each other out. No secret that Fitz wants to finish his career in Minny and he would be a great locker room presence for Vikes other wr’s.

  45. kingknute says:
    Mar 23, 2015 7:59 PM

    All he has to do is agree to restructure his contract and then the Cardinals can pay him the last 4 million they have left of their salary cap. Simple
    Might as well throw in all the draft picks the Cards have too, since they couldn’t pay them.

  46. Dogra is the worst agent in history. First, his name is less than excrement in Minnesota. Second his lack of charm is working off on his client. Dude needs to be disappeared.

  47. Wow…

    All these comments against AP’s agent…

    Guess what folks?

    The agent is saying what AP WANTS him to say about this.

    It is AP who does NOT want to play in Minny and he’s having his agent say it for him.

    Guess it’s working because so many are putting his agent down…

    The agent is just the messenger folks…

    AP is an experienced vet, not a rookie or a kid in the league anymore.

    AP has no problem telling his agent what he wants him to do.

    AP’s agent is not going off on his own and saying that AP no longer wants to play for the only NFL team he’s ever known… AP told him to say that…

  48. the vikes do hold all the cards so they should withdraw any trade talk for AP so that his agent would be tampering if he talks to anybody but the vikes.

    AP can always retire and payback the 2.4 million

  49. The vikings can’t sell Peterson on being a viking

    -they play in a small college stadium.
    -they have no trophies.
    -they have no chance of a winning record while Peterson still has NFL ability.

    -the vikings are only on national television for the minimum Thursday Night game.
    -Few people across the country have seen him play.
    -He has seen 10 different players starting at QB.

    They cannot give a reason for him to be viking other than a “contract” that only the other side is allowed to break.

    Why should he stay?

  50. AD can get more endorsement money in Arizona or Texas. It is hard to get on commercials in Minnesota when the Governor is calling you an embarrassment to the state, women’s groups are picketing your sponsors and the cyber bullies are labelling you as a child abuser.

    I believe Peterson would come back to the Vikings if the Governor would issue a formal apology, on behalf of himself and all the cyber bullies in Minnesota, admitting that AD was not convicted of child abuse. Before his day in court, Dayton slandered Peterson from both sides of his mouth: “Mr. Peterson is entitled to due process and should be innocent until proven guilty…..However, he is a public figure; and his actions, as described, are a public embarrassment to the state……I believe the team should suspend Mr. Peterson, until the accusations of child abuse have been resolved by the criminal justice system.” At the time, Peterson was charged with felony injury to a child. But he was convicted of misdemeanor reckless assault. He made a careless mistake while disciplining his child. This is not child abuse. Yet Dayton has said nothing. Dayton needs to explain to Minnesotans that Peterson was not convicted of child abuse, because many Minnesota cyber bullies are still claiming he was.

  51. If I were the Vikings, I’d trade him to a contender that wants 2 years from him, He should fetch at most a couple of 3rd rounders in ’15 and ’16.

    However, the Vikings should want to keep him (although that price tag is so high) as his presence alone would allow Bridgewater to take an even bigger leap in 2015 after a pretty decent rookie year. But the divorce writing is on the wall – the damage done is beyond repair.

    If I was a Vikes fan, I’d not want the added pressure on my QB in his 2nd year that he’ll likely have without Peterson in the backfield.

  52. At some point he has to realize that his little ankle biter of an agent is simply churning – looking for some new revenue. It is apparent that nobody will come close to matching his current contract. I think his reservations about playing in MN are less about the front office and more about his transformation from the face of the franchise to the pariah. He can’t be too excited to have to go into the locker room and face all those guys he screwed over last year…

  53. He speaks for all Vikings… No wants to be there..Would be the highest paid RB in football and he still doesn’t want to play there…

  54. Players should honor their contract. If not sit out the remainder of the contract, then after that free to go anywhere. Why should they get in trouble with society and then go to another team.

  55. this ben dogra is a putz, and the sports world should run him out of town again for playin Peterson, for another payday, all the wile knowing ap is too dumb to figure out his son is the only victim here.

  56. It is funny how Peterson thinks that saying sorry is enough for his transgressions but he won’t accept any reason for the way things had to go down on the business side of it. I am happy they are sticking to their guns and aren’t doing something less than what will be best for the team. For all the Packers fans mouthing off; I get it, you think it’s fun to get your shots in and that is fine but you should hope they handle it well too. What a horrible precedent it would set if an agent and athlete were able to dictate a situation when a player is under contract. No fan of any team should revel in what Dogra is doing.

  57. A) there are roughly 13 million reasons it’s in petersons best interest to play.
    B) let peterson speak, not some bruised ego agent that got physical with front office members at the draft.

  58. Worst P.R. advice ever.

    The victimizer trying to paint himself as the victim.

    Dude. Man up, take your lumps go for the “everyone loves a redemption story” and move forward with your career and life.

  59. C’mon Aldaddin. You afraid of getting booed? Ride in on your camel wearing your Mikey Vick black facemask of shame and play out your contract or watch for three years.

  60. I dont care if he got screwed over or not it is irrelevent.

    To you “people” who live and die by contracts?you are idiots.

    Contracts are broken all the time in life and in football.Doesn’t make it right doesn’t make it wrong it just happens. We are not f-ing robots,things happen like simply falling out of love.Humans change their minds and have irreconcilable differences.Its life! You fans are sad. yeah sure sometimes you have to pay a price,tis life.

    It is a part of life but if you have not lived that long or learned anything about humans then you might not understand this.

  61. trade him to the raiders!!! hey, it worked out good for that other franchise trouble maker randy moss didn’t it? hey, as a 45 year vikings fan, a can only hope for the best. I very clearly remember discussing this with mark furman at the lochsa lodge id. years ago. good luck on the mountain lion hunting mark!!! sure wish I felt as good as I did then. haha….sincerely purple blood!!!

  62. Rindell says: Mar 23, 2015 8:34 PM

    Let him go to a playoff team. The Vikes have screwed him over.
    Oh yes… The Vikings were a playoff team for several years with Peterson. Too bad AP fumbled a bit too often at the time…

  63. This is so tiresome. I think I’m done with AP. If he wants out, get his Agent Doggy to find a team who will work a contract and give the Vikes a 1 or 2.

  64. Just trade him already, somebody will pay him. Should have done years ago to begin with.

  65. He already fumbled away the Super Bowl. Run him into the ground this season 450 touches. If AD plays well then the Vikings should have a good record. If he plays well and the Vikings have a bad record then what good is he?

    Adrian needs take a few puffs and chill. Still trying to understand how he can possibly think the situation he put himself in last season by abusing his child is the Vikings fault.

  66. A trade to Dallas seems inevitable. And since they’ll be the last two on the roster, Peterson may be rooming with Hardy on the road. Talk about strange bedfellows!

  67. I will be so glad when this is over.

    Let’s not forget that Adrian Peterson is the guy who called Jerry Jones and told him that he wanted to be a Cowboy before it came to light that he beat his son bloody.

    I am so sick of this guy.

    This is Teddy Bridgewater’s team!

  68. Im not sure some of you understand how this works. Play for the Vikings or retire?! There are other options obviously. He can hold out until week six I think it is to get credit for a season played. Whenever he does report he can (pull a hammy) and just get treatment. He can become a problem in the locker room. There are a lot of options beside play or retire that will force the Vikings to rid themselves of him. Many of you seem to think this is all his agents doing. Adrian is obviously not a smart man but this isn’t all Dogra.

  69. What kind of adult with a brain in his head throws himself such a lavish birthday party? I mean what’s with the Hollywood style set,and making the grand entrance on a camel, while all dressed up in that foolish costume? I bet he doesn’t throw any of the kids that he has fathered, and are scattered all over the country, birthday parties so extravagant…probably doesn’t see most of them on their birthdays even. Dude needs to hire a public relations consultant, then head off to some parenting classes. Might want to stop off at Planned Parenthood on the way. By the way, I’m a 45 year Viking fan, and ,yes, Packers trolls I do still long for, and believe that someday the Vikes will win the Super Bowl. But I don’t think that they will need this jerk to accomplish it. For those of you who aren’t paying close enough attention …they are building something special with this team.

  70. If you get a divorce “break a contract” you might have to pay but guess what? you can find another team mate or not! isn’t life great?

  71. This is a perfect example of a NFL NO contract…. Only in the NFL can a team cut. Player with no penalty other than guaranteed money but the player can never break the deal….. The dumbest of any contract deal in any industry ……players union should be ashamed of this…… This really hurts the small contract guys ……even the cap is just a way of owners limiting the money to players….yes it keeps it level but that is not the true intention on the cap. But anyway the NFL contract is a hoax does not really do anything but protect the owners

  72. He has no choice. He has to stay. No team is going to give up multiple draft picks to pick up a running back who just turned 30 with a $13M contract. It ain’t gonna happen.

  73. On a side note. I remember all the enjoyment Vikings fans got at the expense of Packer fans with the Bart Farve mess. Its kind of amazing how this is turning out. What goes around comes around. Too funny.

  74. “I don’t think it’s in Adrian’s best interest to play in Minnesota. Why would it be?” Dogra said, via Kevin Seifert of

    What a dope and what a ridiculously stupid comment.

    Adrian Peterson is in the position he put himself in. Nobody in the Vikings organization could have changed anything Peterson did. Man up, take responsibility and move on.

    He should be kissing the Vikings feet. I’m sure he cashed those checks the Vikings sent him when he was busy rushing for 0 yards through 15 games because he got himself suspended.

  75. Starting to strongly suspect this doesn’t have anything to do with his legal entanglements, that those are being used as a proxy argument when they’re really fighting over that ballooning contract.

  76. “…agent feels it’s not in Adrian Peterson’s best interest to stay in Minnesota…”

    I think what he is trying to say is it’s not in the agent’s best interest to stay with Minnesota.

    Dogra most likely is right. After all that has happened, the amount of respect Dogra has lost, and all the bridges he burned, AP would get a better offer if he fired Dogra and drove around and picked up some random bum off the street, the bum could get AP a better deal than Dogra can right now.

    Where’s Jay-Z when you need him?

  77. Am I really the only person that is confused that… Vikings fans weren’t as vocal about how agitated they were when he put leaves in his child’s mouth and hit him excessively with a Switch.

    Now that he and his agent want nothing to do with Minnesota and THIS is what gets them all upset?

  78. Ben Dogra is the worst agent I have ever witnessed all he is doing is lowering AD’s value by making no team want to trade for him because no one wants to deal with his ridiculous agent

    How dogra doesn’t realize that no team would ever get rid of AD for nothing and the Viking will not trade him for anything less then multiple 1st round pick which probably won’t happen unless AD restructures his contract

    I’ve lost more respect for AD knowing that he picked dogra to be his agent then him disciplining his son

  79. Did AP and his agent really think the Vikings we’re going to stop and kiss his butt up one side and down the other after he got himself suspended?

    53 other guys were in the locker room ready and willing to play football and try to win games. The world, the NFL, and the Vikings aren’t stopping to boo-hoo for AP while he’s at home watching because he beat a child. Life and football goes on.

    If the Vikings trade AP, life and football will go on. I was a big AP supported because I think he was punished unfairly by the league after they messed up one Ray Rice. But at this point, I’m kinda hoping the Vikings just stop talking about it. If he shows up for OTAs and camp, he shows up. If he doesn’t show up, let him rot for 3 years and go after any money you can. I wouldn’t even consider trading him anymore if that’s what he wants.

  80. When I first got out of college, we took a house in run down neighborhood. For entertainment after work, we used to sit on the front porch and watch our crazy next neighbors fight it out, throwing wooden spoons at each other heads, yelling and screaming, swearing. But neither of them had much of a future so they were sort of stuck with each.

    The Vikings and Peterson remind me of those neighbors.

  81. RE: bobnelsonjr says: Mar 23, 2015 8:20 PM

    The vikings can’t sell Peterson on being a viking

    -they play in a small college stadium.
    -they have no trophies.
    -they have no chance of a winning record while Peterson still has NFL ability.

    -the vikings are only on national television for the minimum Thursday Night game.
    -Few people across the country have seen him play.
    -He has seen 10 different players starting at QB.

    They cannot give a reason for him to be viking other than a “contract” that only the other side is allowed to break.

    Why should he stay?
    I don’t know who the bigger idiot is…. Dogra or this guy. WOW!!!

  82. Then Start that damn restructuring that crappy contract sheesh it’s not that hard!!…these dirt bags want all the money and play for whoever they choose

  83. Pretty hard to fault the Vikings here and it’s hard to see how the Vikings are engaged in public fighting, or spoon throwing for that matter. The whole situation just stinks and will leave both sides dirty; however, the Vikes not only seem to be avoiding stupid public pronouncements but are handling the AP situation better than the Pack did with Lord Favre.

  84. The answer is simple, Peterson should join the Olympics, he will make way more money there!

  85. Many Americans don’t like rapists, child molesters, or child abusers. The citizens of Minnesota share those American values. Maybe Adrian Peterson can get together with Bill Cosby and let everyone know they’re innocent.

  86. When I first got out of college, we took a house in run down neighborhood. For entertainment after work, we used to sit on the front porch and watch our crazy next neighbors fight it out, throwing wooden spoons at each other heads, yelling and screaming, swearing. But neither of them had much of a future so they were sort of stuck with each…

    The Packers Brass after the NFCC?

  87. What’s hilarious is the crap you all buy into. He’s a Viking until he’s not. What a non story.

  88. The Browns don’t know how to draft, they’d be better off giving their first for AD rather than blow the pick. What better place to send him than the factory of sadness.

  89. When all he did was beat a 4 year old bloody, Viking fans couldn’t line up fast enough to vouch for their hero.

    But NOW they turn on him?????

    Stay classy MN.

  90. As much as I despise everything purple, the Vikings did everything they could, within reason, to accommodate Peterson during his legal troubles including paying him his full salary. Whether Peterson likes it or not, the team’s first obligations are to their fan base, their sponsors, and to the League as a whole. The fact that he doesn’t seem to appreciate this in light of the fact that his problems were self-inflicted leaves me thinking maybe the Vikes should play hardball with him and make him choose between retirement or playing for the Vikings…

  91. Ben Dogra was Fired from the Agency he worked for late last year. He is only doing what is best for himself. He is a big sports agent that attracted alot of names, but why was he fired?!! players need to start jumping ship from that “ASS-CLOWN” before they put their careers injeopardy for listening to him. no wants to trade for that contract, no one wants to give up Minnesota finds as fair for a person under contract that is one of the 5 richest in the NFL for a running back, even pat 30. Mr. Peterson, due yourself a favor , listen to anyone other than your agent, and they will tell you that you have a sweet deal.

  92. If Dogra really wants his client out of Minnesota, he’d better quit whining and start beating the bushes for a first round pick. You want a trade so bad, you go make one happen that the Vikings will accept.

  93. If Ben Dogra’s goal is to make sure there’s nothing left of Adrian Peterson’s legacy in Minnesota, then he’s doing a darn good job of destroying what’s left.

    When the going gets tough, Adrian gets going?

    It’s just embarrassing how this is playing out for Adrian. First, the Ray Rice fiasco ends up blowing Adrian’s situation up further than it otherwise would have. Then, the Vikings try to support him by allowing him to play, only to find themselves in a PR nightmare. Then, they allow the NFL to do what it needs to do and pay him a monster salary throughout. Then, the Vikings publicly state they want him back and Adrian is butt-hurt that the Vikings promoted someone (Warren) who Adrian believes was not on his side in reinstatement.

    Now, Adrian’s agent is trying to make everyone think Adrian is a VICTIM when in reality he is the one who caused the issue to flare up in the first place, and suggests that the Vikings, who paid him $10+ million for sitting out, didn’t stand behind him.

    So what’s the moral of the story Adrian? Rather than manning up and clearing his name with the fans who supported him all these years and showing his son the right way to overcome obstacles in life, you run away and think your issue will be forgotten. Sad.

    What the Vikings SHOULD do, is wait to see if they get an offer of a 1st or better, and if not, then hold him and date him to hold out. For a guy that’s trying to chase a career rushing title, there’s zero chance he holds out and chances making it even tougher to catch.

    I used to think Adrian was a team guy, but it’s clear he cares about #28, and #28 only. Be a man, kid.

  94. This is really starting to sound like Dogra ooking out for Dogra. He onlt gets a cut of deals he negotiates for Adrian and endorsements are slim pickings right now for AP. Dogra also is suing his former employer for $2 Mil they withheld, so it sounds like he’s trying to cash in on Peterson. AP’s last agent got the commision on his current deal, so Dogra needs a new deal, any deal, to get paid. He’s def not looking out for AP’s interests, because he’ll never get the kind of money he’s set to make anywhere else. But Dogra wants his cut. I like what Bill Polian said today…if the Vikes let Dogra steer him out, every agent will try it. Vikes will hold firm, they have all the cards.

  95. There is obviously two sides to this story. To solve this dilemma the Wilfs will need to give Adrian more guaranteed money to help him recoup money that was lost on all of those endorsements he lost and to satisfy his agent, Adrian needs to stop being a distraction, and he needs to show up on the field and put up major numbers. Then all of this goes away. Adrian is the face of this franchise for better or worse and he has generated more excitement than any other player ( other than Favre) since Randy Moss’s rookie season. The Vikings need him to score touchdowns and to sell seats in their new stadium. Both sides have some leverage here. Just get it done already! The longer this plays out the worse it reflects on the organization and takes away from what appears to be a more promising season.

  96. Rindell says: Mar 23, 2015 8:34 PM

    Let him go to a playoff team. The Vikes have screwed him over.


    More like AD screwed the Vikings over.

  97. We should have tried to get him when we gave them Mike Wallace. We should have thrown in Lamar Miller and a 4th (plus Wallace) for Peterson and a 6th.

  98. toddm6d says:
    Mar 23, 2015 11:26 PM
    How much will Ben Dogra make when Peterson retires? Because I only see two options for Peterson – play or quit.

    He could also be a distraction as he was early in the season last year, or he could take a page out Percy’s book and cause a Ruckus and cause issues in the locker room until the team trades him…. Hell he pulled that stunt off TWICE.

  99. Peterson is dumb and gullible and Dogra makes 3% of Peterson’s salary, so it is in Dogra’s interest to get Peterson to hold-out for more guaranteed money. Thus, Dogra tells Peterson that the Vikes dissed him and didn’t fight for him.

    Peterson still thinks that he did nothing wrong, btw.

  100. Jeez, this is getting sooooo old. The Vikings should trade him off for the better of the team. He probably is still the best back in football. But, do they need the headache of their best player being another Percy Harvin? If they trade him, they should not trade him to an NFC team. They should offer him to the likes of Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland or Tennesee and accept the best player/pick offer they receive back. Let him waste away the last of his productive years someplace that he will likely never see the playoffs again.

  101. If Dogra wants Peterson traded all he needs to do is to take the steps necessary for the Vikings to get a minimum of a first round draft pick in return. That is very fair compensation for a franchise player.

    Peterson received the benefits of being a franchise player, now he needs to provide the Vikings with the fair and just compensation that a team deserves for letting go of a franchise player.

    All Peterson’s camp needs to do is to lower their salary demands to the point that there is a team in the league that will both, give the Vikings a first rounder in trade, and also agree to Peterson’s salary demands, whatever those are.

    The Vikings will not just forgo fair compensation.

  102. This honestly sounds more like AP wants out of Minnesota, and is less of a financial matter.

    Look at all the Vikings fans on here. Bashing him with no remorse. Regardless of what he did, who wants to play in a city when a fan base wants to light your jersey on fire??

  103. Peterson is 30, and has got a lot of miles on his legs. He’s past his prime. Any team that spends good draft picks and salary for him now is crazy, not to mention the personal behavior baggage he would bring.

  104. The Vikings will pay him what hes already expected to make. But other teams that want him would expect him to come for less money. And he wants out of Minnesota?. His best shot right now is staying in Minnesota. Atleast for next year and then we will wiegh the options we have. Even if he comes back in 2015, I dont think he will be a Viking the rest of his career. Honestly his career is long from over. Id say he will play until hes around 35-36 years old.

  105. I really don’t care what Dogra and AP want. He’s going to play for the Vikings, or not at all. If he sits out, then he can be suspended from the team without pay. Then they team can also ask for some of that signing bonus back. So, AP can either play and make $13 mil, or he can pay the Vikings to not play.

  106. Hey Dogra…..

    Or Spielman….

    If any of you are listening…… Here’s a suggestion..

    Get on the phone with eachother… Spielman, tell Dogra that your not releasing him no matter what. Tell him the best you have been offered was a 5th rounder, and that’s not enough compensation for the former MVP. And that Dogra’s grandstanding isn’t going to get any better compensation. So if Dogra is actually a good agent, he can either find that 1st rounder the Vikings want. Or keep his trap shut, and his client will be there in July for training camp. Or retire. A 1st rounder is only way any trade is getting done, and by Doggy flappin his jaws, all it does is make them look dumb…

    Dogra, it’s coming down to put up, AND shut up, or shut up and start begging (from other teams)… Cuz you have 00000 leverage!

  107. So Ben’s and AP’s plan is to play hardball with a billionaire? Is that ever a good idea? Zygi Wilf can destroy both their careers, and next year he is still the owner of the Vikings and a billionaire.

  108. Sure Ben….we’ll trade AP…

    Just let us know which team is willing to give up players plus a 1 and a 2 and give them our number…

    BTW: I don’t think Jerry Jones is talking to Ben either, since another Ben client is refusing a pay cut down there.

  109. I’d still like to know what exactly the Vikings did that was so awful. Peterson was radioactive last season. While they didn’t throw a ton of support behind him, he wasn’t cut, and the Vikings are making active efforts to help him move on while paying him tens of millions of dollars. The least he could do is meet with Spielman, if only to show that he’s keeping an open mind about his options. As it stands, he looks like a petulant crybaby who is upset that his parents sent him to bed without his dessert.

    Also, find a new agent. Your current guy oozes slime and has done nothing to win you favor with the public or the league.

  110. AP needs to tell his agent to shut his mouth, and show some humility to the world.

    Regardless of how AP wanted the franchise to “fight for him”, HE put them in a very difficult place where they were losing sponsorship money because of HIS actions. So get off the woe-is-me trip.

    I can understand that there are emotions involved in all of this, on both sides, but AP’s genius agent is having him jump off a cliff that will result in him earning much less money. Wow, what a plan.

    And if they can’t trade him and he won’t play, let him sit for a year and see who wants him after missing two seasons.

    Just a ridiculous response to this situation.

  111. It’s Vikings or no where. I personally put him on the 53 and leave him inactive unless injury warrant he plays. Why would you let this guy dictate a trade you own him, let him know you own him and he’s going nowhere.

  112. Dogra and AP sure have botched this from day one. No, I’m not talking about AP making a statement that he would be uncomfortable returning to MN. I don’t care much about that. I mean Dogra immediately proclaiming AP doesn’t want to return and then digging in their heals.

    How does that help your client? Their only move is to sit out OTA’s and preseason, and maybe into the season. If that happens, the Vikings solution is simple…suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. Barring a retirement, AP has no more moves. And he can’t unretire, because the Vikings will still hold his rights.

    Look, we have all had jobs or places we didn’t want to return to. What options did we have? Show up to work, or quit. Those are also AP’s options, except AP can’t quit and look for work elsewhere in his field. It’s the price players pay for making millions in a monopoly profession. Tough.

  113. bigdaddyrockytop says:
    Mar 23, 2015 9:11 PM
    Im not sure some of you understand how this works. Play for the Vikings or retire?! There are other options obviously. He can hold out until week six I think it is to get credit for a season played. Whenever he does report he can (pull a hammy) and just get treatment. He can become a problem in the locker room.
    And the Vikings can suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the team. And while he appeals said suspension, he doesn’t play and he doesn’t get paid, and he gets older, and other teams see that they don’t want this guy at all.

    You cannot mess with these billionaire owners. How do you think they got to be billionaires? Not by being nice to ANYBODY. Other players have been blackballed from the NFL before. The owners will do it again.

  114. The delusions of the Viking fan base is staggering. Not only are they misguided thinking they are going to get any meaningful draft picks for him they obviously don’t understand the player agent relationship. An agent does not come out in the press with comments like this without being instructed to do so. If he did it on his own I would expect him to be fired by days end but we all know its not going to happen.

    The sad posters now blame Dogra , the media, Goodell, sponsors, instead of the pos abuser. Its everyone elses fault, the hypocrisy is unbelievable.

    Lastly thinking Peterson has no leverage is laughable. He can make himself a locker room cancer to a point of forcing the Vikings to part ways which apparently he is doing now.

  115. yesrowntreeyesgrosvener says:
    Mar 24, 2015 8:27 AM

    Also, find a new agent. Your current guy oozes slime and has done nothing to win you favor with the public or the league

    Really, the agent is a bigger slime than Peterson himself? I would love to hear how you came to that conclusion. I tend to believe Peterson ruined his public perception all by himself and the Viking fan base will try and blame everyone else just like the narcissistic Peterson does.

  116. I’m just gonna say it. Dorga has to have been payed off by Jerrah Jones to drive down AP’s value so the Cowboys can trade for him on the cheap and get him to agree to a lower contract. That’s the only logical explanation for Dorga poisoning the best contract his client will ever get while destroying his client’s reputation.

    You wanna be an investigative journalist? Well go investigate.

  117. Ending a statement with a question such as ‘Why would it be?’ is no use to anyone.

    I think Dogra should explain ‘Why would it not be?’

    The Vikings offer a run orientated offense that best uses Peterson’s skills to open up a deep passing element.

    The Vikings are willing to pay Peterson the most salary.

    The Vikings actually want Peterson back.

    Those three reasons are enough for Peterson to remain in Minnesota.

  118. It’s not in his son’s best interest that AP be anywhere near the state of Texas.

  119. Nobody quite made it to that last couple of posts. Boy, we’re a pretty obsessed fan base, some of us. The link from a related piece says they’re fighting a p.r. war. No, soon even Adrian gonna realize that this war is ovahhh! The guy must be praying that some team with a draft pick around where the Bronco’s are, exchanges it for him, once that second good back gets grabbed.

  120. Why would you want to keep a player that doesn’t want to play for your team? Just let him go… And kids need a whooping sometimes.. AP isn’t like Ray Rice in the way he knocked a woman out cold and dragged her through the lobby. Discipline is different than abuse

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