Darren Sharper takes 20-year plea deal in Louisiana rape case

It’s been a busy Monday for former NFL safety and now-convicted serial rapist Darren Sharper, as the five-time Pro Bowler will spend the next two decades behind bars.

Sharper pleaded guilty to sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in Arizona on Monday morning and was sentenced to nine years in prison. He then pleaded no contest to drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles before agreeing to an eight-year prison term in Nevada. Sharper concluded his Monday by agreeing to a 20-year plea deal in New Orleans.

According to the deal, Sharper will serve a 20-year prison sentence for drugging and raping multiple women in Louisiana. It’s part of a global plea deal that will allow the 39-year-old to serve his nine-year sentence from Arizona and eight-year sentence from Nevada concurrently with his 20-year term from the state of Louisiana instead of serving a consecutive 37 years behind bars.

Sharper will serve his federal term first before moving to state prison, which is viewed as a break for Sharper. Most would agree he’s already getting a break by just having to serve 20 years. Sharper faced a maximum sentence of life in prison prior to agreeing to the plea deal.

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  1. Looks like Sharper gets to spend the next 20 years getting acquainted with the other side of the crime.

  2. Can someone explain the more then likely actual time he was serve in prison. I know federal is no parole, but state time he could serve as little as a third of that sentence… 1 day served, 2 days off. How much time will he end up serving?

  3. There should be no concurrent sentences allowed for such serious convictions. This monster should never even see the light of freedom ever again.

  4. So some NFL player from years past gets another break from the justice system.

    If the average guy had done this you would have been in federal prison for the rest of your days. They would have made the sentences run consecutively and you would never have seen the light of day as a free man again…..

    What a deal for a god only knows how many times over RAPIST!!!!!

  5. While 20 years is a long time to be behind bars…It would be life behind bars if he wasn’t Darren Sharper, ex-NFL star. $$$$ and celebrity win out again.

  6. Like I said,

    All the US jurisdictions should charge Darren Sharper with rape.

    And then, have Sharper prove he didn’t rape anybody in that jurisdiction.

  7. duanethomas33 says:
    Mar 23, 2015 3:15 PM
    Can someone explain the more then likely actual time he was serve in prison. I know federal is no parole, but state time he could serve as little as a third of that sentence… 1 day served, 2 days off. How much time will he end up serving?
    A quick look at Louisiana’s parole eligibilty laws shows that serial sexual offenders are not eligible for parole.

  8. Way too light a sentence to serve concurrent, especially if there’s anyway he can shorten his stay.

  9. Did he give up any other NFL names in return for this plea? They say birds of a feather flick together. I would hate to see this sociopath create a tipping point to cause advertisers to drop the NFL. As a son, husband, brother and father I am already at the crossroads of wondering why I cheer for so many documented miscreants!

  10. The other day you talked about how this gets a guilty verdict and essentially vindication for all the alleged victims. So instead of a potential nine life sentences, he gets out of prison in 20 years to do it again just so none of the victims has to possibly endure a not guilty verdict? Completely ridiculous. It would be better if he went through trial and only got convicted for one or two.

    TMZ says he’ll be out in nine years, and say what you will about them, but the TMZ guy is a lawyer and says even though it’s not typical for rape, Sharper will only serve 50% of the sentence.

  11. I’d pay to have a webcam show his first night in the Big House….Going from the Superbowl to those cold iron bars slamming behind him = priceless.

  12. Serves him right what an evil, evil, guy, hey i am without sin but this crime is just cruel and inhumane, hope you like the pen-house sucker.

  13. Federal guidelines say 85% of the time must be served. However different charges can force a full sentence. I do know federal prison allows social time, basket weaving, gym time etc. It’s like a day camp compared to state prisons where you may only leave cell a few hrs day at most M-F.

  14. Hes gonna have a rude awakening when he leaves federal to state in Louisiana. Angola is no joke and probably the worst conditions in a state where we have the highest percentage of incarcerated in the world.

  15. Guys the 9 years number was only for Arizona. He has now pleaded in Louisiana as well which brought the sentence up to 20 years. He will serve 20 years, because in Louisiana there is no parole for serial rapists.

  16. Think of it this way… Plea deal equals millions of dollars less in court costs and Attorney’s fees for those states… probably not much physical evidence since a lot of these victims are coming forward now.
    You could realistically see him beating some of the charges if they went to court.

    This way you save money and you put a sex offender behind bars for real time.

  17. skooter519 says:
    Mar 23, 2015 3:20 PM

    Bill Cosby wants an explanation.

    Bill Cosby wants his attorney.

  18. These are the type of people the NFL stands behind Sapp Sharper etc. I am sure they knew of their ways long before the police were involved. Some more fine examples for the youth of America presented by the NFL.

  19. Can’t imagine what sort of slam-dunk cases all of these places must have had in order to get him to plead out this way. Otherwise a rich celebrity would have tried to bluff it through, hoping for at least one star-struck juror.
    He may get punked up in prison, but I don’t think it’s a sure thing. There are plenty of fans in the Grey Bar Hotel too, and he may have a crew that’ll be proud to watch out for him.

  20. This is crazy. Wasn’t he just a staff member on NFL Network like a year ago?

    Weird thing is he probably has a lot of money and is a pretty good looking guy. Seems like he wouldn’t have to work all that hard to get what he wanted. What a waste of a life.

  21. 20 years for multiple rapes? The cases against him must not have been that strong with the gift they just gave him there. Something is really wrong with the system that allows him to be a free man again someday after what he did. I half expect the NFL had a part in this cause no way did they want to see Sharper or other players testifying about a criminal conspiracy amongst some of them to rape women.

  22. Hasn’t he been paying any attention?? Nowadays, there are no juries that will vote 12-0 guilty against a star athlete or celebrity. Most likely, he would’ve skated away scot-free because one or two dopes on the jury like the Packers or Saints. I’ve been on 3 juries and every time I’m stunned by some of the people who are selected to participate. Just clueless on the most basic aspects of society.

  23. The state hates trying rape cases, as this forces the person who is raped to take the stand and relive the experience in public. This is also a huge reason why rape cases are more than often pled out.

  24. I’m surprised at the outrage about the sentence. He’ll be doing more time than some murderers. I’d say it’s about right as long as he actually serves that much time.

  25. With such little prison time, he had to have been given credit for time served…………..in Green Bay, WI

  26. Louisiana law is different and my guess is he will have to serve all 20 years here. Charges carry a mandatory life sentence if convicted. Will be updating this.

  27. Reading some of the comments reminds me of how one of my college professors who was once a prosecutor and judge would respond to those who complained about a sentence being too light or easy, “oh really? You do it and tell me if it’s light or easy”.

  28. …now the predator, becomes the prey…only takes one guy that wants to make a name for himself at your expense Darren, here’s to hoping your in the general population…squeal like a pig.

  29. gixrider says: Mar 23, 2015 4:33 PM

    Reading some of the comments reminds me of how one of my college professors who was once a prosecutor and judge would respond to those who complained about a sentence being too light or easy, “oh really? You do it and tell me if it’s light or easy”.


    Okay, that’s just defensive silliness from your former prof. His sentence was light.

  30. excuse my ignorance .. but i thought all these were prosecuted by state courts . when did the Feds get involved ?

  31. chiadam says: Mar 23, 2015 4:46 PM

    Federal time is no joke. You usually serve all of the sentence, which is sort of how prison sentences should work anyway.
    Fed time you do have to serve every day of the sentence, not sure about the other, might come down to how the plea was struck.

  32. It is virtually guaranteed that with time off for “good behavior”, sentence reductions due to prison overcrowding, and other factors that he will be walking free again (granted on probation) in less than 10 years. This is just wrong!!! He should have been sentenced consecutively and never seen the light of day other than through prison bars ever again.

  33. to the people saying that he is going to only serve half of that, or very little of it…

    this is Federal time. there is no early release or parole for federal time. it is day for day. he will serve every bit of the initial 9 years.

    once he is done on that, he will make his way down to Louisiana, with aprox 12 years of his 20 years left. Keep in mind, theres no such thing as “good time” when youre serving out another part of your concurrent sentence. his good time on that 20 begins when he gets a LA prison number.

    of that 12 years, he will more than likely serve out the majority of it. in Louisiana, parole preference goes to victim-less, non violent, about 3000 other things, 2nd to last is violent sex offenses.

    keep in mind that a release for good time is not up to him or the DOC. its up to a parole board. there is no criteria for parole. it is completely up to the board, after a ton of factors are reviewed. Then the advocates for the victims, DA, detectives involved get to speak out against him. what they say is also taken into account for a parole decision.

    LA has the harshest sex laws in the US. Dude is going to serve his full sentence out.

  34. whybotherifeverythinggetscensored says:
    Mar 23, 2015 5:15 PM

    At least one media source is saying that it is only 9 years in Louisiana too (which makes sense with what has been happening), but that other 11 years will be on probation. This is so wrong, but he may be free as soon as 2024


    Louisiana didnt agree to the federal arrangements. its 20 years

  35. Sharper will serve nine years behind bars, the plea deal worked out by prosecutors supercede state laws on sentencing, therefore will run concurrently.

  36. Rape in prison is very minimal now days. Ever since PREA was introduced in ’03, the numbers have gone way down. Does it still happen, sure, but to think everybody that goes to prison gets raped is false. It’s only about 5%. Those that are raped are usually the weaker, vulnerable type. Sharper is neither, and he will be a celebrity in prison.

    Also, it will be interesting to see what he is actually charged as. Just because he is a serial rapist doesn’t mean that is what he will plea to.

  37. The sentence is a little stouter than I though it would be. I assume the defense attorney couldn’t get the first trial in O.J. land. A Not Guilty verdict there or in Florida would probably have the case thrown out, whereas being tried in Dixieland is a sure bet of another kind.

  38. He will be in a segregated unit housed with other rapists. Nobody will get near him because they are under lock and key most of the day. Federally he will do 80% of his time. But I am sure his lawyers are gonna try to say cte messed his head up and he is a good person etc etc. he copped a plea so there’s no retrial because it never went to trial but because it was a global plea he can’t be charged for anything in regards to rape that happened pre plea deal. When does warren sapp become his bunkie

  39. the fed charges come in, because the crimes happened in more than 1 state and rape is a federal crime in addition to being a state one. as for the plea deal, the 9 years run at the same time in 3 of the 4 states, with LA being the exception. he’ll serve the full 20 years in total in LA, so he’ll be out in 2035 or thereabouts. as for the cracks about the Packers, Saints or the Pro HOF, Sharpers never going to the HOF as a player, he wasnt good enough.

  40. A few things to remember: He’ll always be a registered sex-offender.
    Louisiana will no doubt find a few flaws in his inmate performance.
    Sassed a Corrections Officer? 2 years more.
    Assaulted an Inmate? 2 years more.
    Release scheduled for a day ending in the letter “y”?
    3 years more.
    Got “uppity to the Judge”? FIVE YEARS in the hole.

    Moral: If you ain’t broke? We’ll keep you until you are. Welcome to Angola son.

  41. I’ll bet that at least 75% of those on here who villify Sharper — wanting to see him rot in hell, after being serially raped himself — call themselves Christian, hypocritically. I certainly don’t condone what Sharper did, but I also hope that he can redeem himself and the victims can find it in themselves to forgive him.

  42. Because it is federal time, he will due a minimum of 85% of his time, which is 17 years. So he won’t be even eligible for parole until February of 2031.

    He needed Cosby attorneys or Cosby money………

  43. Because it is federal time, he will due a minimum of 85% of his time, which is 17 years. So he won’t be even eligible for parole until February of 2031.


    only 9 years is Federal. the 20 is State in La. La declined to be a part of this global plea deal

  44. Once he gets out, he should have some money left to retire on. He better get a good advisor, before he is robbed blind. He got lucky with such a light sentence

  45. It’s pathetic that all but a small portion of the US public overlooks the crimes of infinitely-worse criminals (e.g., Bush and Cheney, who attacked Iraq based on a pack of lies, for the benefit of the oil and defense industries, causing the death/injury of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and thousands of Americans, the destruction of much of Iraq’s infrastructure, civil war in Iraq, the rise of ISIL, the waste of $$$ billions of US taxpayers’ money, the torturing of people, etc.) while the large portion of the US public is all-in to condemn any ordinary criminal like Sharper.

  46. Isn’t the average life expectancy for NFL players 57?
    I think the prosecutors where wise on this, he could well have been walked by a jury. Jury trials of celebs are crazy.
    And he would have been on trial in 5 states or something, could have taken 10 years and 50 million for the trials.

    If he really serves till 59 years old….. that’s quite a sentence.

  47. It sounds like the biggest effect of all the concurrent/good-behavior discussion is that he’ll be shuttled from one prison to the next. He may only serve 4.5 years in AZ, but they’ll just move him on to the next state’s DOC facility afterwards. If it’s true that LA has no parole for this crime, he’ll just end up in Angola that much sooner, still having to serve the remainder of the 20 years they gave him.

  48. “And now for an update on Carson Palmer’s status for today’s game, we join NFL Network correspondant Darren Sharper live from the Arizona Federal Penitentiary …”

  49. the actual judgment says he will be required to serve only half that amount under the terms of the deal

  50. The NFL needs another Rule, Nobody with a criminal conviction is eligible..
    But we’d have to go back to 14 teams.

  51. Man, they almost never get a rapist to agree to a sentence that’s that harsh. Usually, it’s just too much he-said/she-said for it to be a slam-dunk, when the defendant’s got the money to hire a good snake.

  52. Sad part is he had it all. Successful NFL career, borderline Hall of Famer. Good TV gig. Good money, good life and now it’s all gone for just being a idiot and an a__hole. Most men bust their butts working and can’t give their family 1/10 of what this guy had. And he simply threw it all away and hurt a lot of women and their families in the process. What a waste of a human being.

  53. Concurrent sentences are ridiculous. The judge on the Jerry Sandusky trial allowed all of his convictions to be served consecutively, which meant each rape of a little boy amounted to only 8 months in prison. How do you think those boys think about that .. that their life being destroyed is only worth 8 months. And how do you think those boys feel about all the bowl bans and sanctions against PSU being removed? And re-instating all of JoePa’s victories. Those kids just keep getting the shaft from PSU every step of the way.

  54. And somehow he’ll still end up in the Packers HOF. they put everyone who ever played for them in.

  55. Why did he plea? Didn’t follow the case, but he must have been hella guilty to plea. Disgusting and sad. On the NFL Network he always talked with swag and the women would flirt with him. Dunno why he went this route. Great player in his day.

    To answer an earlier question, since he pled, he has to serve it all.

  56. Sex crimes prosecutor here. This is a fairly normal resolution; although I would be comfortable with a million years. Bear in mind how difficult it is to prove some of these cases, and how very traumatic the process is for the victims

  57. Why Sharper Why??? You could have had just about any woman you wanted WITHOUT RAPE. All pro with several teams, A Super Bowl ring, etc. This was totally unnecessary, and now you have disgraced your family, friends and defiled several women and possibly ruined their lives. Who knows how many there really were. You could have been an ambassador of sorts, and now are nothing but a prison number.

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