Dolphins have “tentative” meeting set with Greg Jennings

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The Dolphins were viewed as a leading team for free agent Greg Jennings in the 2013 offseason, but Miami moved quickly and signed Mike Wallace instead. Jennings signed with the Vikings. The two may be switching places in 2015.

The Miami Herald‘s Armando Salguero reports the Dolphins have set up a “tentative” meeting with Jennings for later this week in Arizona at the Owners’ Meetings. Jennings is already in Arizona for “other reasons,” so the two sides figured they may as well speak with each other while in the area.

Miami has been eyeing receiver help after releasing veterans Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline, in addition to trading Wallace to Minnesota. The Dolphins have added Kenny Stills to Jarvis Landry, but aren’t done at the receiver position. Free agent Michael Crabtree was in for a visit last week.

Prior to heading down to Arizona, Jennings met with the Panthers in Charlotte over the weekend. He’s coming off a season in which he caught 59 passes for 742 yards and six touchdowns and will turn 32 in September. Jennings is no longer a vertical threat. He’d be a reliable pair of hands similar to what Landry is for Ryan Tannehill.

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  1. The cat can definitly help us out but Philbin probably don’t want him because he’s an idiot!!! where’s the o line help??? If Tannehill can’t stay upright we can’t pass to ANYONE!!! Why can’t dumb & dumber see this???

  2. He still is shifty, runs very good routes, and still has enough speed to break away. He isn’t a burner like Wallace, but he can catch a pass in traffic and outrun everyone to the end zone. He did that a couple times last year.

    Honestly I’m surprised the Patriots haven’t inquired about him. He’d add a lot to their offense.

  3. Not impressed by Jennings unless it is for under $1M. The Dolphins have Rishard Matthews, Matt Hazel, Michael Preston and Tyler McDonald as well. Just because they are not household names; does not mean they might not be if given the chance. Matthews and Hazel are Starters with Landry and Stills.

    I bet we go ILB or CB for the Draft at #14 and then WR in the mid rounds. The Dolphins need LB, CB and Guards. Their will be dozens of depth WR’s later this Summer from Cuts anyway and they are practically free.

  4. People have grown weary of Jennings, after being injured in his last season in GB, people may wonder if he isn’t the same player anymore.

    People have the right to ask if he lost a step he is over 30 now and he did seem to struggle in Minnesota, but I believe its, because he was a poor fit in what was built to be a Power Run offense.

  5. mannyaraujo2009manny says:Mar 23, 2015 1:58 PM

    i wouldn’t work well in pats offence.
    You must be a honest man.

  6. Can we please stop with the O-line talk? We have Albert and James at tackle, top 5-10 in the league, a pro bowl center in Pouncey, a good young second year guards in Turner and Thomas, and we just picked up Walton. We’re fine picking up a guard in the 4th round; WR and CB rounds 1 and 2. That being said I like Jennings or Wayne to come in as a veteran influence.

  7. jetsmmt says:
    Mar 23, 2015 2:46 PM
    I’m sure Jennings will do just fine fielding ground balls from Ryan Tannyhill.
    Tannehill has the 5th highest completion percentage in the NFL. Behind only Romo, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Rivers. Next time you troll, try to do it intelligently.

  8. To Killerfin….We hear you, we know you don’t care for the head coach, I think we could do better, however the owner don’t care what we think…we all have gotten your message, really we know you don’t care for the coach, you don’t need to keep beating the dead horse. Thank you. Bill

  9. I heard an interview on Sirius a couple days ago that seemed to indicate to me he is interested in the Dolphins when he claimed to be a vocal but not too vocal a leader. Many believe that Philbin does not like (and gets rid of) players who run their mouths and rock the boat. This just seemed like he was publicly saying he fits what Philbin wants.

  10. Tannehill has the 5th highest completion percentage in the NFL. Behind only Romo, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Rivers. Next time you troll, try to do it intelligently.

    Thats because he throws every pass less then 10 yards and im a dolphin fan and can admit that.

  11. Receivers look a LOT better than they actually are when the ball is perfectly placed in their hands so they don’t have to break stride, jump, or dive for a ball thrown out of reach. Greg Jennings ought to be thanking the football gods that he played for a soon-to-be Hall of Fame QB like Aaron Rodgers, who made him a lot of money.

  12. He’s basically only effective as a slot guy now. Seems like he’d be a better fit in Denver or New England.

  13. @lifeistoughtrustmeimadolphinsfan

    Nice handle…. But you a very wrong about the Oline! Billy Turner has not proven himself yet, Dallas Thomas has proven himself as a player that should be Cut! Walton has never played a single snap at Guard. Ju’Wan James is a Stud RT, but below average LT. Albert won’t be ready to start in Sept. As proof from last year the Dolphins are one injury from disaster. We need a Starting Guard, maybe 2 and a decent RT if James has to be on the Left for a few early games. Dolphins wont waste a top pick on a Guard, but any found in the 3rd round and beyond will most likely not be ready to start. BTW- Pouncey only graded out as an average Guard, so moving him there and Walton plays Center is not the answer either. We need help and Depth. Who cares about another Power RB or more WRs if we have the same 29th ranked OLine.

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