50-yard line markers will be gold all year for Super Bowl 50

The 50s on the field will be painted gold throughout the 2015 season as the NFL prepares for Super Bowl 50.

The league said today that it wants to spend the entire season celebrating the 50th Super Bowl, which will take place on February 7 at the 49ers’ new stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area. Painting the 50-yard line markers gold will be perhaps the most noticeable part of that celebration.

The NFL also plans to do special promotions with 2015 games that are rematches of Super Bowls past, starting with the Vikings taking on the Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game and also including 19 regular-season games that will be Super Bowl rematches.

Teams that have been to Super Bowls in the past also plan Super Bowl homecomings, bringing back their Super Bowl teams to be recognized at games this year. And the 43 men who have been Super Bowl MVP will get special honors during the 2015 season, and the NFL hopes to have all of them at the Super Bowl in February.

The NFL won’t use Roman numerals for the 50th Super Bowl. Instead, the emphasis will be on the number 50, including the 50s on the field.

47 responses to “50-yard line markers will be gold all year for Super Bowl 50

  1. Not surprised the NFL chose to drop the roman numerals. Its widely known that the letter “L” is the most expensive letter in the alphabet and seeing as how the NFL has absolutely no money, the roman numerals obviously had to go.

  2. The Raiders playing Superbowl 50 in the Bay area??? Talk about a home field advantage. That’s going to really upset Jed York and that other bay area team. (what’s their name again?)

  3. Is that the logo for it? I wish they would go back to when they had a different logo for each SuperBowl instead of featuring that lame looking and obvious trophy.

  4. The Raiders playing Superbowl 50 in the Bay area??? Talk about a home field advantage. That’s going to really upset Jed York and that other bay area team. (what’s their name again?)
    Raiders, first team in NFL history to go 0-9 on the road in a season: 8 regular season road losses and 1 in the Superbowl LOL

  5. Awesome! It’ll match the Niners jerseys and pants when when they’re playing on their own field that game.

    What? You’re thinking the same thing about your team.

  6. The one thing that we can say for certain is that Jim Tomasula , who can’t pronounce “L” Jed Dork and the team with the gold helmets won’t be playing

  7. Does this mean that the Eagles will play the Patriots for the season opener? I don’t want that to happen.

  8. That’ll help…

    By the way, what’s this Superbowl thing? I’ve never heard of it.

  9. No use trying to undo Roger’s damage while he’s still here. Let him have his fun trashing the Roman numeral tradition. If the league’s still around after he’s gone we’ll rename it Super Bowl L retroactively like the first Super Bowl was.

  10. tokyofilthblaster says:
    Mar 24, 2015 7:58 PM
    SuperBowl 50.

    The grass is green.

    The lines are gold.

    What does that tell ya?


    The Seattle Supersonics are playing in Super Bowl 50?

  11. here’s idea how about making a GOLD PLATED LOMBARDI TROPHY extra motivation too get too the super bowl then 25 years later at super bowl 75 have another GOLD Trophy

  12. So, if the Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl again and Marshwn Lynch wants to wear his gold cleats, will the NFL let him play?

  13. Wow! What an incredibly stupid idea! And while we are at it, let’s just completely crap all over 45 years’ of tradition by using Roman numerals!

  14. Teams that are positively not gonna be playing in Super Bowl 50: Redskins, Raiders, Jaguars, Bills, Jets, Lions, Bears, Titans, Browns, Eagles, 49ers, Buccaneers.

    Every other team in the NFL has either a good chance or even an outside chance of making it, but the above are the scrubs without chance. If somebody has beef with that list, please, I beg of you, make an argument for that team – other than that you’re a fan of them. I’m listening…

  15. The balls used for field goals should be gold too, so the fans can see them better when they go through the uprights. Just sayin…

  16. It’s pretty sad to see that some people’s lives are negatively affected that the NFL isn’t using Roman Numerals for the Super Bowl.

    Serious question here: Have you folks ever been on a date?

  17. What ever happened to the special Super Bowl logos?! They switched to these generic logos a few years back and now there’s nothing special about them. Look back through the early years and check out the unique logos each Super Bowl had. The recent ones all look the same and there’s nothing special about them. Must be the NFL wanted to save money on ink…what a shame.

  18. cbssports.com also reports that a gold football will be given to every high school that produced a Super Bowl player or head coach. Like 3,000 of them. Now I completely understand why end zone cameras are too expensive.


  19. Superbowl 50 is going to be a cluster. That stadium is in the middle of a very active business district with little parking. I was there for both a high school game and a 49er game and trying to leave was worse than Candlestick. Not to mention once you walked away from the entrance the inside felt cramped with narrow walk ways. I see bad things, bad.

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