Irsay says Colts won’t extend Luck this year


The Colts got Andrew Luck for a bargain thanks to the rookie salary reductions in the last Collective Bargaining Agreement, and the team is in no hurry to give its franchise quarterback a raise.

Colts owner Jim Irsay told the Indianapolis Star that a contract extension for Luck won’t come until 2016 at the earliest.

“Not right now,” Irsay said. “I think that’ll be a focus of next offseason that we’ll address. Andrew still has two years left, and whatever our talks are between Andrew and his people will remain confidential. It’s not like we don’t have conversations about a possibility, so to speak, of something. But I really think most likely the scenario is most likely going to be going into the offseason next year is when that second contract will come up. That’s the vision I have right now.”

Whether Luck agrees with that vision or not remains to be seen. It could be that Luck will decide next year that with just one more year until free agency, he’d rather play out his contract and see what he can get once he’s a free agent in 2017. Of course, Luck won’t actually be a “free” agent because the Colts would surely use the exclusive-rights franchise tag on him. The flip side is, Luck could refuse to sign anything less than the richest contract in NFL history in 2017, and tell the Colts that if they’re not willing to give him that, they’re not going to have him as their quarterback.

But that’s a long way off. First, Luck will play this year for a $3.4 million salary. Then the Colts will pick up his 2016 option, which means he would play next year for a $16.2 million salary. Only in 2017 could things start to get contentious. Irsay sounds confident that he can wait another year to do a deal for Luck and still get something done before 2017.

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  1. Of course not. They’re gearing up to make one last push for the SB before Luck’s contract becomes a Suh-like anchor around the franchise.

  2. “…..I really think most likely the scenario is most likely going to be going ….that’s the VISION I have”…..

    Me thinks you’re having all kinds of visions…lucky sperm club member

  3. For a guy that walks around with a suitcase full of money, this guy is cheap

  4. Luck has always struck this Titans fan as a really nice, kind-hearted guy. But be careful, Irsay. Sometimes power brokers such as yourself try to manipulate nice guys as pushovers. Be warned, there are some nice guys who if they feel taken for granted for years, tend to play hard ball when the rubber later meets the road. Try to take advantage of Andrew Luck, and it just may end up costing you a pretty penny (or more).

  5. Let me tell you all about our plans, which are confidential…

    Now whose got the magic brown powder.

  6. We will take his 5th year option. And then when the cap raises it will increase both markets. It’s better for us and Luck

  7. Wouldn’t it make sense to try and get him to agree to an expensive contract now, rather than an insane one in a year?
    What is he going to ask for then, 30 MM?
    Before you laugh at that, consider teams with no QBs like the Jets.
    Put Andrew Luck on that team and they make the playoffs.

    I’d rather overpay a good QB (and throw away Geno Smith / Mark Sanchez) and not have over paid for the free agents that the Jets got (David Harris at 7.5MM/yr 2 years guaranteed).

    It’s not that the “good” QB is worth all that, but the replacement QB is dreadful and costs you 4 games a year.
    Replace Geno Smith (save 4 losses) and add Andrew Luck (adds a couple of wins), plus the free agent signings and look what the Jets would have.

    Pay Andrew Luck now, or get bled in a year.

  8. Seems like a bad risk, he could lose his QB, and the fans could run him out of town, kind of like his father running out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. Bill

  9. He doesn’t want to pay for the supposed hero of the 2012 draft until Luck can actually deliver playoff success.

  10. >.Karma suggests that they lose him. The deliberate losing to get him was disgusting.

    1. They lost their starter (Peyton Manning) and their Backup sucked. Maybe they could have won another game, maybe two, but they had a bad team with a terrible QB.

    2. They played by the rules, which encourage tanking. The NBA has a draft lottery to discourage that. Maybe the NFL needs that rule to prevent this kind of tanking. But you can’t blame the Colts for taking advantage of that rule. Look at the NBA Philadelphia 76ers. They’ve tanked 2 seasons in a row. The Boston Celtics also tanked.
    It’s a potentially useful strategy. Sure sucks for the fans and especially the season ticket holders.


  12. He should get out as soon as he can. The owner is a train wreck the GM is a scumbag and the coach is clueless. He should get out of that rat nest while he’s still young.

  13. To be fair Lucks under contract for 2 more years, no point doing anything yet

    Of course hes over-performed his rookie contract, yet on the other hand you never hear of any players saying ‘yeah i’ll accept less as i didnt have a great year’ and they’re quite happy accepting high amounts despite not playing that well. Works both ways

    Lucks a great QB and he’ll be paid well for sure in the future, but hes under contract for at least 2 more years so theres no rush yet to resign him

  14. The longer they wait, the more expensive he will be. It’s not like QBs are getting any cheaper.

  15. If he has any brains he’ll get out the first second he can. That building probably has more meth labs per square foot than a Tijuana Wal-Mart.

  16. No matter what you pay Luck he will still be lose by 40 points to the Patriots.

  17. “I very much hope that he plays out his contract and leaves.”

    Ain’t gonna happen. Colts would use an exclusive franchise tag on Luck before they let him walk.

  18. Might have helped him get his contract sooner if the Pats hadn’t pounded the living crap out of the Colts the last couple years. Maybe if he finally performs well in the playoffs next season he’ll deserve one.

  19. Oh just wait till he breaks the record for most guaranteed money. If colts are stupid enough not to resign him just imagine him getting 200 mill from someone else immediately

  20. All these people saying he should leave or they will lose him, they can just franchise him. He isn’t going anywhere, although I would like nothing more than to see Colts fans slip back to the toilet.

  21. A lot of ifs and buts in this one. Let’s see, he is in a nice clean city. His father just took a job in Indianapolis. The Colts have always taken care of their stars. Why in the world would he leave?

  22. russell wilson is most likely going to get a blockbuster deal this offseason. him and luck were drafted the same year. luck might resent not getting a market value contract now that he is eligible for one, and has played to the level that warrants one.

  23. The one bad thing about having a franchise quarterback is the fact you have to pay him nearly 20% of the cap. I don’t blame the Colts for dragging out his rookie deal as long as possible.

  24. This is literally like Cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies running the show in Indy.

    Irsay doesn’t HAVE to do anything, but you have a top 5 QB and you’re going to start playing games with him?

    Yeah, I know he’s under contract, yada – yada, but if he goes out and has another insane season, the money he’s going to command is going to go thru the roof, especially given the new cap that may be in place after 2015’s season.

    He’d be a fool to not at least sit down and start working out details of an extension. That said….”sh***ers full!”

  25. Some day Andrew Luck could be the highest paid player ever. Or Luck might decide that he can get by on $20 million per year and try win multiple Super Bowls. If he does that, together with his clean image, he’ll make hundreds of millions in endorsements. Superstars like Peyton Manning, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods make most of their money away from the playing field. Luck is in that catagory. Winning is what brings in the boatloads of cash. Luck is smart enough to figure that out. He’s also smart enough to figure out that whatever happens, he’ll have more than enough money, so happiness is what’s important. The Colts have one of the best organizations in all of sports. Luck isn’t going anywhere. Jim Irsay might not be one of the most popular owners, but he’s one of the best.

  26. They should be doing a deal now like Seattle is trying to do with Russell Wilson. The cap has been going up, take advantage of that.

    Oh wait, they’re the Colts. If they didn’t get 6 gimme games a season they’d be hard pressed to keep making the playoffs. Not great management. Can’t manage the cap, can’t draft, can’t coach defense…. thank your lucky stars Andrew Luck was there…..

  27. The Colts will pay the man next year.

    It’s just hard to have any bargaining power if you kiss the QB’s butt at this point. They know how valuable he is to their success…..he knows how valuable he is to their success….we know how valuable he is to their success.

    They will pay dearly for him, but he will remain a Colt.

  28. vontae21 says:Mar 24, 2015 9:19 AM



    You mean, like Peyton Manning…

    Or Joe Montana? Or Brett Favre? Or Jerry Rice?

  29. well Luck knows then the game is if you want to be cheap, do not sign anything and let them tag you, and tag you again, until you become the first 150 million dollar player in the nfl.

  30. Luck *can’t* go anywhere…stop acting like it’s a virtue on his part.

    They have him under contract for the 5th year of his rookie deal = 2016.

    They can franchise-tag him the following year = 2017.

    They can franchise-tag him again the year after that = 2018.

    They would still be saving money…it would probably average out to ~$10 million/year for 7 total years.

    All of that could be done without Luck’s ability to do anything.

  31. Looks like Indy hasn’t extended their luck for quite some time.

    I suspect anything that cuts into Irsay’s recreational account will be vetoed immediately.

  32. What is in the water in Indy. Nice small city, fun restaurants, and inexpensive to visit or live; but, the fans are delusional. Since moving to Indy in the middle of the night, the Colts have won one super bowl against Rex Grossman and they tanked a season to get the right to sign Andrew Luck. Yet, they talk like every other franchise envies them. Sorry, Irsay and Grigson are not exactly a brain trust.

  33. Time for Luck’s agent to let Irsay know that no new contract, and Luck will be leaving the Colts ASAP.

    2017 they will have to pay him 20% more than the $16.2 million or the average of the top quarterbacks.

    2018 means 44% raise over 2017 salary. Which should mean something in the range of $30 million for the year.

    That means the minimum they will be paying for the next 4 years is $60+ million. Then he will be gone.

    So how much is it worth to Irsay to ensure that Luck sticks around past 2018?

  34. There needs to be a new rule where the draft order is determined by the average of the record of , say, 3 seasons instead of intentionally tanking a season to get to the top of the draft. This will avoid teams making a mockery of the sport.

  35. RegisHawk says:
    Mar 24, 2015 9:11 AM
    He doesn’t want to pay for the supposed hero of the 2012 draft until Luck can actually deliver playoff success.

    16 42

    I get your point, I really do but there are other points related to this…

    First, the team around Andrew has been good, but not that good. Andrew has done what we all know… he’s lifted a team and helped them play better like all very good to great qb’s do.

    In Luck’s first season they made the playoffs… and promptly lost… but they made them.

    In Luck’s second season they made the playoffs and then won their first playoff game that year and then lost their second game of that playoff season.

    In Luck’s third season (last year), they again made the playoffs and they again made it one step further in the playoffs. They won two games and then played for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Yeah, they lost.

    I’m not saying that they will continue this trend next season (though I’d like to see that)… but this kid has had success in the league and he’s had playoff success so far too…

    No, they’ve reached the ultimate prize but other than A. Rodgers there is no one I’d take before Luck…

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