Michael Crabtree willing to wait for the right deal in free agency

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Michael Crabtree has held out waiting for the right deal before. But this time, he has the  benefit of choices.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea, the 49ers free agent wide receiver is “willing to wait however long it takes” to find the right deal for the coming season.

While that obviously means he hasn’t found the money he’s looking for, there also seems to be a schematic concern. He’d like to get the ball more, and with the 49ers still leaning run and bringing in free agent wideout Torrey Smith, targets might be hard to come by.

The 49ers would like to bring him back, and he visited the Dolphins last week but left without a deal.

At this stage in the market, it’s unlikely he’s going to find anything to match the $5.3 million per year he was making on his rookie deal.

And barring an injury in another camp when OTAs start, it’s hard to imagine the offers are going to get much bigger. But having held out the first month of his rookie season, he’s shown he’s willing to take a stand for what he thinks he’s worth.

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  1. Personally don’t think he is going to be worth as much as when he held out as a rookie, and don’t think he has lived up to expectations, but I guess he thinks otherwise, so good luck with that.

  2. Note to Crabtree: Traditionally teams don’t wait till the 3rd and 4th wave of free agency (the leftovers) to sign their go-to receiver.

    He’s a #2 ro #3 guy…he’s getting terrible advice.

  3. I’m sure it’s probably because the salary cap isn’t high enough to buy the, to quote Jim Harbaugh, “the greatest catcher of all time, Michael Crabtree, catches everything. It’s unbelievable… If my life depended on it, somebody had to catch a ball, I’d enlist Michael Crabtree to do it.”

  4. If he wants the money he’s going to have to wait for a team to suffer a WR injury.

  5. Crabtree was a descent receiver until his injury, so who knows if his down year last year was a product of Cap or his injury or both.

  6. Crabtree and Harvin – proof positive why no one should ever take a WR in round 1, much less high in round 1.

  7. He’ll be back with the Niners with a drastically reduced contract and hopefully a little humility……c’est la vie, homie.

  8. I have said this before and I will say it again…I don’t want Crabtree if he paid the 49ers to play. Guy thinks he is the greatest receiver ever and he is average at best. Better off drafting a young guy to develop and let him go suck somewhere else

  9. In his defense, it’s pretty hard to critique any WR who plays with the likes of Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick. Those guys don’t exactly make any WR’s a star. In fact, they are both conveyor belts to mediocrity (for both team & WR). So, he might actually do a lot better in a different system. However, he isn’t going to be compensated what he thinks he’s worth. The pre-draft market is going to limit his value significantly. After the draft, team needs will be more clearly defined & he will likely find a home. But his compensation will be limited to a 1 or 2 year “Prove it” Contract. Then, he will need to actually PROVE IT. Frankly, I see him as an ok #2 & a very good #3.

  10. He has always over-valued his talent. He’d kill it for a team like New England, but he isn’t a “team first” guy.

  11. This kid is a hot head. No wonder why nobody signed him yet. Not even the Jags or Raiders signed this hot head. Tells you something if two of the worst teams pass up on cranky crabtree.

  12. Would not be surprised to see the Panthers bring him in for a visit soon. Sounds like he’s not getting the money he wants and we all know Gettleman loves getting good talent on short-term, small money deals…

  13. billsrule2015 says: Mar 24, 2015 1:52 PM

    This kid is a hot head. No wonder why nobody signed him yet. Not even the Jags or Raiders signed this hot head. Tells you something if two of the worst teams pass up on cranky crabtree.


    Cheap shot on the Raiders, but I must agree with the sentiment. Raiders desperately need help at WR and still won’t sign him. Not a fan or Reggie McKenzie but he might be right on this one.

  14. What is it about the WR position that so many of them think they’re better than they are? Crabtree is a decent NFL WR. That’s it. He’s not getting top tier #1WR money from anyone. Ever. If he only had some humility and was a good team player he could fashion a nice pro career for himself. I suspect he’s not going to do that.

  15. If Crabtree were smart, he’d shut his trap, and change agents to whomever Larry Fitzgerald has as his agent.

    I’d bet that the agent would tell Crabby to shutup, train, workout, and study tape. Then when he gets a deal, he can focus on proving that he can stay healthy and produce ON THE FIELD.

    If he can do these things, he could EARN the blockbuster deal (e.g. Megatron and Fitz) that he wants so badly.

  16. VikingsHomeOfTheZEROChampionships says:
    Mar 24, 2015 1:06 PM
    He should be thankful if he gets a job for barely above the vet minimum. I can’t think of a WR who was more highly touted coming out of college that ended up being as big of a bust.


    Justin Blackmon and Tavon Austin come to mind.

  17. Crabtree should go back to the 49ers. What he needs to realize is that playing opposite a speedy deep threat like Torrey Smith opens up space underneath for an intermediate route/possession type receiver like Crabtree. This is a type of teammate he hasn’t had yet, and I think both his and Boldin’s numbers would go up, as it would be easier for these guys without elite speed to get open.

  18. Looking back was it worse to take Heyward-Bay or Crabtree? Appears to be a lose/lose decision. At least DHB was a good citizen and tried his hardest.

  19. Would be wise to get a 1-year deal with a real QB who can pad his stats so he can cash in next season.

    Guy has yet to prove anything. 1 good year doesn’t warrant a 5-year $40M deal.

  20. Raiders or Jags should be all over him given the enormous cap space they have a hard time spending. Oakland, here’s your chance to make up for when you mistakenly chose Heyward-Bey over this kid!

  21. He was hampered by the QB throwing him the ball. He would be a good WR to bring in.

  22. Why not give him a 1 year to prove himself deal in Baltimore to replace Torrey smith? He may not be a number 1 stud but he’s better than marlon Brown

  23. A lot of these posts have like 94 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down. Michael, is that you?

  24. he will be this year’s golden tate. chicago, cincy, pitt, bal or n.e.(anyone fits there) would be good fits for him. doesnt have to be #1 guy and will exploit single coverage.

  25. He needs to go play with an elite quarterback. I don’t mean so he can pad stats or whatever. He needs to play with a quarterback who demands respect. I think that he will have problems if he goes to play with a young guy like Carr or Bortles. Put him with Brady or Rodgers & he will be forced to become the best player he can be. I think he could be really good, but I won’t bet on it unless he works with an elite quarterback.

  26. He did not hold out for a better deal. He got the same deal he was slotted for. Not a penny more. His being a ” diva” is biting him now. He never made the big play. Clown

  27. He could go to the Chiefs! That way, when he doesn’t catch any passes, he can say it’s because Alex Smith doesn’t throw TDs to WRs!

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