Report: Taylor Mays agrees to deal with Vikings

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The Cincinnati Bengals are losing one of the core backups in free agency.

According to Josina Anderson of, Mays has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings.

Mays visited the Vikings last week and saw interest from the Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins as well. Cincinnati also hoped to keep Mays in town.

Instead, Mays will join his former defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, in Minnesota.

Mays was a second round pick of the San Francisco 49ers in 2010 but was dealt to Cincinnati just a year later. Mays never developed into a starting safety but performed well on special teams and as a hybrid linebacker during his time with the Bengals.

48 responses to “Report: Taylor Mays agrees to deal with Vikings

  1. nice player in colleage and had alot of potential but for whatever reason never impact player in NFL

  2. He played high school in Seattle, played for Caroll at USC. Mays was angry when Seahawks took safety Earl Thomas ahead of him in that draft. Thank God we didn’t take Taylor Mays instead of Earl……..

  3. He’s a help. Fix the situation as safety? No, but dude is a good special teams player and will get on the field in some defensive situations, too. Good signing. Good teams build depth.

  4. Taylor, I will miss you…. in Madden. Great special teams player. Not much of a safety. Good luck in Minny! If anyone can make you better, it’s Uncle Zimmer

  5. I think the first two commenters forgot thatr Mays already played in Zimmer’s system, for three years and didn’t develop into an impact player. He helps the depth at safety and should contribute on special teams.

  6. Solid signing… but let’s not forget that he has already had a few years playing for Zimmer and couldn’t consistently break into the starting lineup.

    Here’s hoping that he is finally able to demonstrate his emense athletic ability and translate that into a solid career in Minnesota.

  7. T Mays washed out for the ’49ers first & the Bengals then got him for a low rd pick (7th?) & Zimmer/Bengals “developing” him is how he got to this point already… which is a hybrid/’tweener SS/LB probably best suited for special teams

    Otherwise he’s an interesting character that you’ll have some fun rooting for …

  8. Seems like a decent depth move — I hope he doesn’t run around like a chicken with its head cut off like Blanton always seemed to do.

  9. He is an athletic freak. 6’3 225 and very fast. A special teams star. Hopefully Zimmer can harness his athletic talent to be an imposing presence with Smith in the back….

  10. Well, Zimmer was the one who made him a hybrid S/LB so he probably has a few ideas how to use him. If Zimmer wants a guy he already knows, I have confidence he knows what he’s doing. At worst he’s he good special teamer, at best maybe he can play some nickel LB or maybe realize some of his potential and contribute in sub packages or push for some extra reps in a situational role. Either way, low risk move that could pay off.

  11. I think best case he can compete for a spot with Blanton, at very least case strengthen our special teams and maybe work himself into some playing time in sub packages

    can’t hurt

  12. Pete Carroll wouldn’t draft him after coaching him because, while Mays definitely brings the boom, he only moves well in a straight line; poor lateral moves and no turns. If he can carry the weight, though, he could continue to develop into a decent LB.

  13. This guy is so perfect for the US bobsled team!!

    He is a rock solid special teams player….only wanna play him on defense if you have to.

  14. To the fans talking about excited to see him play, have you not watched in play a game in NFL? He has zero football instincts, terrible in coverage and almost as bad in run support due to angles he takes. If I recall correctly, he even looked lost in practice on Hard Knocks.

  15. Bet he doesn’t stand around and watch as receiver catches a 30yd dying duck pass for 2 ponit conversion

  16. packer trolls post more on Vikings articles than their own. I guess if nothings going on at home, ya better throw yer trash all over town hey ladies? packer trolls aren’t even liked by their own kind.

  17. Core depth? Pffff…Mays rarely saw the field and if the Bengals really wanted him back, he would’nt have been on the street so long. Mays was mostly known for accidentally laying the boom on a couple of his own teammates (he lowers his head and wrecklessly launches himself).

    The Bengals are rumored to looking to add a safety in the draft, so the Bengals let Mays walk. He’s a nice guy though, I really wish him luck. Glad Zim managed to get an old player of his.

  18. Obviously Smith is is our starting FS and even Blanton is a very solid SS. Mays will be another great backup safety for the Minnesota Vikings. Now they just need another starting CB and their secondary is solid.

  19. linemanguy74 says:
    Mar 24, 2015 8:00 PM
    Bet he doesn’t stand around and watch as receiver catches a 30yd dying duck pass for 2 ponit conversion

    Now that, depending on where you live, is hilarious!

  20. Good special teamer but never lived up to his draft status.
    Hell of an athlete! Would be better suited as a weak side linebacker in a 4-3 defense in my opinion as opposed to Safety. Zimmer will no doubt find a place for him though.
    Can’t say he’ll be missed in Cincinnati though.

  21. Good for him. I know he’ll be happy playing for Coach Zimmer. The Bengals didn’t use him enough after Zimmer left.

  22. As a Bengals fan move along nothing to see here. Like many good teams the Bengals can make a run if injuries are minimized. It’s a game of attrition. Vikes likely overpaid. The Bengals got Mike Johnson, the Vikes didn’t. Spending 5 million they weren’t expecting to made them hesitant to drop 2.5 million on a backup safety. They can replace him with another player already on the roster. Mayes has awful instincts. When you are a journeyman an extra 500k means a lot. I bet the Vijes offered more for Johnson. Zim a good guy took a crappy job. He will be canned before he finds a quarterback. I’m not a troll. Bengal fans don’t troll Vike stories. It’s also a Bengal story. Nice stadium Vike fans. That’s what they say in Niner nation. Cheese Chili coney islands are great!

  23. Johnson will make 7 mil from the Succaneers and 5 from the Bengals. He wants a chance to win. We aren’t the Pats. But thank God we aren’t the Vikes.

  24. The Vikes already found a Quarterback. You know Teddy Bridgewater, The Pepsi rookie of the year. He’s a hell of a lot better than that Ginger loser over in Cincinnati. When was the last time Cinci won a playoff game? Wasn’t it like 1990 or something like that?

  25. really was hoping the eagles would take a flyer on him. at a position of need it would’ve been nice to have someone with his athleticism come in and compete for a job. and worst case scenario he could’ve been another productive player on one of the league’s already top special teams units

  26. Seriously, Vikings fans, this is nothing to get excited about. Mayes has great straight-line speed, but he cannot cover worth a lick. He couldn’t do it at USC or in the pros with Cincinnati, so don’t expect much.

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