Reports: Mason Foster agrees to deal with Bears

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The Chicago Bears may have found their replacement for Lance Briggs.

According to Jen Lada of, the Bears have agreed to terms with former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster.

Foster has been a starter for each of his four seasons with the Buccaneers after being selected in the third round out of the University of Washington in 2011.

Foster had his least productive season for Tampa Bay last year. He appeared in just 10 games as he battled injuries throughout the year. He recorded just 40 tackles.

For his career, Foster has racked up 343 tackles, six sacks, five interceptions and two forced fumbles in 57 games.

The San Francisco 49ers were also interested in Foster before he elected to sign with Chicago.

33 responses to “Reports: Mason Foster agrees to deal with Bears

  1. The Packers could have used him, but of course Ted Thompson wants to win the trophy for having the most salary cap money. The Packers are currently in sixth, trailing perennial powerhouses Cleveland, Oakland, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Tampa Bay. Ted, I’m sure, has his eye on an up and coming Div.III inside linebacker, Mikey “Buffo” McSnarckle, 5’8 and 270 pounds and runs 6.9 in the 40. He’ll sign him as a street free agent after the draft and tell McCarthy to have him starting on opening day.
    Ted can save salary cap money that way and maybe overtake the “top 5”.

  2. Sorry Hodag, but why would GB want someone who can’t make the worst team in the NFL and who had a down year? As for FAs, I was hoping we’d kick the tires on Spikes.

  3. Always fun to read Packers fan moan and groan. You ought to be a Bears fan. As such, I see the Bears trying to load up on defense. I don’t agree with that and was hoping they’d just ‘unload’ and start from scratch. They’re so bad across the board that it wouldn’t be much of a change. I’m sure they have a long way to go, but with a GM who just left a team that is a cap disaster you have to wonder what his plans are for the future. So far it appears that the Bears are trying to reload on the fly. If so, those Packers fans won’t have to moan and groan in 2015 when they play the Bears.

  4. As a Bucs’ fan, I can tell you Mason is a good value pickup. He is not a fit for the cover 2 because he can’t cover receivers, and can’t get deep to save his life. But if you don’t play cover 2, he’s an above-average starter. Very good against the run. And a good character guy.

  5. As a Bucs fan, I wish him the best of luck. I didn’t really enjoy watching him play(how can you when LD54 plays next to him?) or watching him get burned in the passing game. With that being said, hopefully he just needs a new change of scenery.

  6. Big day for the Bears management. I can’t believe we just created a 3-4 defense out of FA! We got a great DC, hopefully we can make some huge changes stopping the run this coming season!

    Go Bears!

  7. This all makes me wonder if they’re gonna focus a lot more on offense in the draft than people had expected. Like maybe a WR, a RB and a C/G among the first four picks with a S or CB to round it out.

  8. bassplucker, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bears went BPA (which is likely cooper or white) at 7 (so WR) Royal is ok, but he would be a better slot WR than #2.. having a stud to pair up with Jeffery, would give the Bears a dynamic WR duo for the next 6 years. I don’t think anyone would go RB in the top 10, I heard that the Bears are looking to add another C in free agency. So I would be surprised to see the Bears go WR at 7, then look at S, OT, CB, in the next couple rounds. (unless they can trade back)

  9. With the way the Bears are building through FA, they look poised to draft Mariota

  10. I like their moves today, still hoping they land Wisniewski to play center…McDonald is an interesting signing, he will hopefully put his troubled past behind him much as Brandon Marshall did when the Bears took a chance on him a few years back.

  11. “Hmmm. I just hope he’s not just a D.J. Williams clone. Run stuffer but a liability in coverage.”

    Um, okay, you better sit down for this…

  12. A lot of signings from Pace recently, but most seem to be injury returns or down-and-out players looking for a 2nd chance.

    I hope these pan out. They’re either brilliant moves or costly. We’ll see.

  13. Another Bucs here… I really liked Foster but as others have said he was a very poor fit in a Tampa 2 defense where the MLB needs to drop and cover TEs running down the middle of the field. If he’s playing in an attacking 4-3 or is an ILB in a 3-4 and is more of a run stuffer, I think people will ask next offseason why Tampa made such a stupid move in not resigning him. He’s just not a good fit here but he’s a good player if you put him in a position to play to his strengths. He has OK speed and quickness and has above average instincts in stopping the run game – I think Bears fans will like him and I only wish him the best, he’s a good guy.

  14. I’m not expecting much, if anything, from the Bears this year, but so far I like what Pace is doing. Hopefully it won’t be long until we get back to good football.

  15. He can’t be any worse than Briggs was on the field last year, and seems to have a good attitude besides.

  16. Th Bears defense was devoid of talent last year which was obvious. The talent void ran into the depth also, so what choice does Pace have but to rebuild through free agency? This is his first draft and he has to hit on every pick, which he obviously won’t, but if he goes 75 % good I’ll be happy.

  17. I like the Pace signings. Most of the signings are still young. Rolle is 33 but was signed for his leadership qualities. McDonald is the question mark with his character issues. If he has left his troubles behind him it will be a good signing. The guy can play ball and knows Fangio’s defense.
    It looks like the Bears are going to draft for offense Cooper or White would look good stretching the field. I wouldn’t mind if they went after Shelton on the defensive side. There are many holes to fill. Even trading down to get another second couldn’t hurt with the depth at the positions the Bears need most.

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