Vikings may not be bluffing on Peterson

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As the rhetoric has increased in recent days from Adrian Peterson’s camp, the Vikings have continued to calmly point out that Peterson remains under contract with the team.

Some regard the official stance from the team as a we-have-no-intent-to-trade-Percy-Harvin strategy for building trade value, or at a minimum as a way to ensure that Peterson eventually gets the brunt of the blame if/when there’s a divorce.  But in spending a full day (and night) at the league meetings and talking to folks in position to know what’s really happening, I’m starting to get the sense that, when the Vikings say Adrian Peterson is under contract, the only intended message is that Adrian Peterson is under contract.

Which is a nice way of saying, “He plays for us or he plays for no one.”

When Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, told multiple reporters last week that Peterson won’t be released, the goal undoubtedly was to ensure that anyone inclined to try to trade for Peterson would show up for the league meetings in Phoenix ready to talk turkey.  When Dogra said Monday that it’s not in Peterson’s best interests to play for the Vikings, Dogra may have been taking one last shot at conjuring a market that simply isn’t there.

It’s one thing to assume Peterson’s contract, which pays him $13 million this year.  It’s another to give the Vikings the kind of compensation that makes the trade sensible from their perspective.  More than a quarter century after getting the very short end of the Herschel Walker trade, the Vikings surely have no interest in bookending that with getting snookered for Peterson.

So unless someone steps up with a willingness to pay top-of-market money to a 30-year-old tailback who has yet to be reinstated after pleading no contest to spanking his four-year-old son with a switch until the boy bled and a desire to give the Vikings trade compensation that reflects the player’s value, the choice necessarily becomes play for the Vikings at $13 million this year or play for no one — and return $2.4 million in signing bonus money remaining from his 2011 contract.

197 responses to “Vikings may not be bluffing on Peterson

  1. Good for the Vikings! AP put himself in this situation. He signed his contract and accepted them signing bonus and the terms of the deal.
    Screw him I say. AP beat his kid and paid the price publicly, BUT this isn’t a court of law so the Vikings are not compelled to release AP from his obligation to the team.
    If you want out of your deal, then don’t beat your kid.
    ESPN/PFT have no concept of personal accountability, they advocate for players who break the law, and THAT is why players keep getting into trouble.
    Then ESPN/PFT blame the NFL for “not doing enough” to babysit grown men to keep them out of trouble.

  2. I don’t kneo why they are so adamant on keeping him, he is 30 as it is. Tell him if he wants out to restructure his deal so there is not a lot of dead money.

  3. Why would they be bluffing? They have a major asset and they’re not going to give it away without requisite compensation. If Peterson wants out badly enough, he’ll work out a cap-friendly deal with a trade partner that would allow them to give up said compensation. So far all I’ve heard is a lot of bluster out of Peterson’s camp about wanting to play somewhere else. If you want it badly enough, you’ll take a big pay cut.

  4. Good! Adrian Peterson shouldn’t be rewarded by handcuffing his team for a crime that HE COMMITTED!

  5. Obviously he’s a great RB, but his best years are behind him. Move on now and save some money. McKinnon is very talented and could easily develop into a respected back in the league. Add in Asiata and you have a good 1-2. Don’t chase the past Vikes!

  6. The Vikings have done nothing wrong here. He is under contract for three more years, and the Vikings have just paid him a year’s salary for just one game…he needs to “man up” and play out his contract for the one team that seems to want him. End of story…this is getting SO OLD……

  7. “play for the Vikings at $13 million this year or play for no one — and return $2.4 million”

    It’s Lose/Lose

    Give them the money.

  8. As a Vikes fan I want him back but would take the Cap relief as well. Its one way or the other though. I hope the Vikings do dog their heels in and control the situation! It’s not up to AP. He brought this all on himself so he should not be able to dictate the outcome.

  9. Let AP and Dogra have a hissy fit. As a Vikings fan I am fine with him either sitting on the bench or us getting a very good return. After throwing a hissy fit like this I think it would be hilarious to give him a little “time out” on the bench.

  10. The vikes have all the leverage. If if really wants out he will need to restructure his contract. I hope the vikes stand strong!

  11. After seeing Peterson’s b-day party photos, it’s clear that he is 100% clueless in regards to the reality of the world. Dude lives in a bubble. Yo, Adrian! Dogra was recently fired by his firm. You’d be wise to do the same. Oh yeah, but you’re not wise…

  12. A couple of things:

    First, this isn’t going to get resolved until Peterson and his agent quit playing hard to get with the Vikings, and start sitting down with them and working something out. Dogra may be doing Peterson’s bidding, but at some point, he’ll need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Peterson, and get him to realize he’s not in control here. Peterson may be ticked at the Vikings for not “backing him up” last year. He’s forgetting that the Vikings had initially wanted him to play, but after the public outcry against Ray Rice, and when team sponsors start pulling their money, the Vikings really had no choice. The failure of the commissioner’s office to lead on this issue didn’t help matters, but Goodell is an empty suit, and that’s not going to until he retires.

    Second, the only reason the Vikings got fleeced in the Herschel Walker trade was because it gave Mike Lynn an easy excuse to jettison high draft picks over a three year period. Lynn didn’t like having to pay big money to unproven players, and he saw this deal as an easy way out of doing that. If Lynn had really cared about making that Vikings team better, he could have had Walker for two high draft picks. Because Lynn cared about saving money, he packaged up seven high draft picks over a three year period for one player, and saved a bunch of money in the process.

  13. Good for the Vikes for playing hard ball with AP. He should not dictate anything. I think the Vikes have been very fair with him for what he has done. This from a Pack fan.

  14. It’s not in any parents best interest for him to play for any team… Fixed it….Ben “commission” Dogra… No one is paying his 13 mil… It’s amazing to me that a grown man who beat his child and stuffed leaves in his mouth that thinks his employer did him wrong by not having his back… Simply amazing

  15. Good for them,if what he did to his son happened in any other state than Texas he would be behind bars.

  16. I’m not normally one to defend the Vikings, especially as a Packer fan when every single one of our articles is swarmed by their various trolls, but the Hershel Walker trade 25 years ago needs to stop being brought up. No one is talking about sending multiple first rounders for Peterson or entire drafts like Ricky Williams.

    Peterson, at 30 yards old and on the commissioners exempt list, at a devalued position is probably worth a 3rd or 4th round pick especially considering how other 30+ year olds have faired on the market recently.

  17. You know where this is heading right?

    Ben Dogra lying on the floor pounding his fists and kicking his feet like a child having a tantrum.

    I for one can’t wait to see it.

  18. After the way AD and Dogface have handled this saga, would anyone want AD? Couldn’t believe Zimmer and Norv want this camel riding cancer around Teddy, a great young man and leader of the Vikings.

    I think only a bottom feeder like Jerry Jones could do it. Do they even have enough to offer the Vikings? What a soap opera….

  19. “Vikings may not be bluffing on Peterson”-They’re not bluffing, as a Viking 4life since 1968 I can tell you no half decent respectable organization will let ANY player push them around especially after what the Minnesota Vikings organization has been through. This man got paid millions and millions of dollars to sit at home and contemplate what he has done wrong. Then he has his dad and his agent make incredibly stupid comments-and Adrian Peterson thinks he’s going to be welcome any better somewhere else than he would be here. I always thought he was a little slow but I didn’t realize he was crazy too!

  20. Vikes should keep him and let him rot for another season on the bench. What a selfish jerk. Literally shows no remorse after his actions last year and plays the victim, and he’s crazy if he thinks someone else will pay him the kind of money he’s getting in Minnesota. Another dumb athlete.

  21. Unless Peterson & Dogma agree to take a paycut to $4M/yr, no team will give the Vikings adequate return in a trade (at least 2nd rd pick)…therefore the team has NO incentive to trade him. Let him pout, and retire or sit at home. He has ZERO leverage here.

  22. The irony is that in the end the Vikings may get stuck with him and he is more likely than not to be a less than stellar back. He’s been out over a year and has become a head case.

  23. As if JJ doesn’t fall asleep every night with visions of Peterson running behind the Dallas offensive line.

  24. I want Adrian to return to the vikings but this is getting old fast! You brought this on your self and the vikings are still staying loyal and want you back. Wish the team would say there will be no trade and we are done talking about this. He will play here this season or not at all

  25. Just shut up and play Adrian. You were in the wrong, not the Vikes. The fan base is behind you , if you shut up and play.

  26. It’s been apparent for some time right now that the Vikings have the upper hand and expect him to play for the Vikings. No options for Adrian. Play for the Vikings or retire. Either way the Vikings win.

  27. Peterson is gonna get what he wants because he’s that good. If some of these gang bangers had a dad like Peterson to discipline them a bit more growing up maybe your countries murder rate wouldnt be so obscene…Look in the mirror

    Go Pats

  28. Taking on his contract should be enough. That is a lot of money to pay a RB let alone one that is 30. Even if it is AP.

    A first round pick would make it happen. A high second round pick could also entice Vikings to move on.

  29. “You mean I don’t have to put my health on the line, run a mile through hundreds of 300 pound linemen trying to tackle me, go through months of tough workouts, painful injuries, and I still get paid?!” AP is laughing all the way to the bank.

  30. Dogra’s primary interest is getting paid for a new contract he negotiates. It surely seems like he has his own interests placed ahead of Peterson’s.

  31. Seriously, whining about how bad you want out is going to do nothing to increase your trade value. Team’s already have a lot of baggage to deal with by bringing you on, plus the contract, plus your apparent incessant whining, and all you’re doing is making yourself less desirable while decreasing what teams will give for you in return.

    NEWS FLASH: If you tell everyone you don’t want to play for the Vikings, everyone else is going to low-ball in trade offers or wait it out and hope the Vikings release you (which they won’t). Why would I offer the Vikings something nice when I think I can get him for cheaper because he does not want to be there? Peterson is decreasing his own trade value by whining like this, and he’s doing the exact opposite of what he is intending.

    Peterson’s best course of action would be to fire his loudmouth agent, say his agent was not speaking on his behalf and that he loves Minnesota, then work something out quietly behind the scenes. If you think whining publicly that you want out of Minnesota is going to get teams to pony up a good enough offer for you, well then you’re dumber than that stud football player who got suspended for a year because he beat his kid with a stick.

    Hey, wait a minute….

  32. Good. I hope they’re not bluffing. Peterson can claim that he thinks the team didn’t support him, but they paid him a lot of money to not play due to a situation he put himself in.

    His agent wants to cash in on a new deal, and Peterson is acting like he has all sorts of leverage just cause he’s a great RB. He’s past the prime of his career at this point, and his fall from grace continues the longer this nonsense goes on.

  33. I really wish the media would stop with this nonsense story. Adrian hasn’t said a word so because of that the media goes in a frenzy and starts speculating. Leave the man alone. He is a VIKING unless he says he is not. His agent is a punk that wants attention, adrian isn’t.

  34. I don’t see why the Vikings should do anything but hold on to Peterson. While as an NFL fan I would love to, say, see Peterson run behind the Dallas Cowboy OL, to be fair to the Vikings I agree that they should stick to their guns.

    It seems pretty clear from his comments a year ago to his actions this offseason that Peterson is looking to make his way to Dallas. The Vikings can’t and won’t be “snookered” in a Peterson trade, because an over-30 RB with a big contract has little market value to begin with, but they are under no obligation to make Peterson’s wish come true while helping a conference rival.

  35. The Vikings will stand their ground and show toughness! Meanwhile our little sisters to the east are practicing kicking field goals from the 2 inch line.

  36. What would be in Peterson’s best interest is to get back on the field, keep his mouth shut and run hard. It has been shown time and again that the public has a short memory if you just go and do your job. Peterson has a place to play, money to earn and reputation to resuscitate. Put on the purple jersey and just do it.

  37. he’s going to the jaguars a lowly team in the afc the other conference . they will never trade him to dallas and if the raiders won’t take greg hardy they won’t take him either.

  38. This reminds me of the late nineties when the Detroit Lions refused RB Barry Sanders’s expressed desires to be traded.

    The Lions bitterly refused to budge, in a “cut off your nose to spite your face” move that blew up in their face when Sanders called their bluff, and it set that franchise back a decade.

    The Vikes should lean on McKinnon and the draft crop, and work to obtain optimal value for Peterson — while also trying to salvage their long-time relationship with the best RB that franchise ever had. The guy could have easily eclipsed 300 yards in that Charger game years ago.

  39. Seems that they are panicking, knowing there is no feasible way to get what they want

  40. Remember the victim, just think about the kid before getting all fired up about the Vikings management. Daddy Peterson did this to himself. How can you support someone who abuses a child?

  41. Or retire. Even if there is a team with a lot of cap room, they still wouldn’t trade for him. The Vikings are paying him too much as it is. That’s a lot of of money for just one player, which just turned 30, and is an RB.

    Oakland, Cleveland, and Jacksonville have enough cap room, but I doubt a trade with them would happen. It would serve him right if he got traded to one of those teams, not from a troll point of view, but they are farther from getting to the Superbowl than the Vikings are.

  42. I still am a big AP fan. But his desire to play for another team, instead of honoring a contract and be with the team that has supported him in his career, and the team. who was put into a corner by his (AP) own actions, is just plain wrong. He wants to display an honorable image, especially after his horrible actions to his own child, and before then had a good reputation of integrity; but instead only damages that image further and by displaying a lack of integrity and honor if he does not honor his contract. Dogra might be a good money agent, but he is participating in ruining his client’s image even further. Which shows me he lacks integrity and character also. It’s all about the money to him. And AP does not care about a fan base that has loved and supported him for many years.

  43. they are definitely NOT bluffing….. if he and his agent don’t see that… well good luck to them

  44. Take a look around the NFL, is there any team amongst the other 31 that is devoting $15 mil in cap space to a RB?

    (hint, the answer is NO)

    Is there any other team devoting half that amount to a RB that is over 30?

    What is the true value of a RB that gets into the biggest game of his career and proceeds to fumble 3 times?

    Answer those 3 questions without your purple colored glasses and you have your answer why the Vikings can’t find a trade partner.

  45. Peterson just doesn’t want to play in Minnesota because he’s embarrassed, he knows he broke the law, and he knows he’s going to be vociferously booed. People in Minnesota don’t appreciate child abusers.

    The Vikings hold all the cards here. The facts are that:

    1) Peterson brought this whole mess on himself. The Vikings didn’t beat his child bloody–he did. (Look at the pictures of what he did to that little boy and then try to explain how that wasn’t child abuse.) Let’s put the blame where it belongs. None of this would be happening if Peterson weren’t an abusive bully to a 4-year-old.

    2) The Vikings did what they thought was right under some very difficult and unprecedented circumstances. They not only supported him throughout his suspension but paid him handsomely when he wasn’t even playing.

    3) Peterson is under contract with the Vikings for an ungodly amount of money and the team rightfully expects him to honor that contract.

    Now stop posturing, Peterson. Take your medicine (and your $13 million) and play football for the Vikings. Or sit at home and rot. Either option is fine with me.

  46. this is why I think very highly of spielman. does a very good job in the draft, which will even be better now that he has zimmer/turner by his side. but all in all, he plays no games, talks no junk. unlike the kids from…well, you know.

  47. The dirty secret is Adrian Peterson isn’t the same running back that he used to be. He changed styles when he lost some explosiveness. He doesn’t zig zag around the field like in his younger more explosive years (the Bears fans know this all too well). He gained muscle in the weight room to compensate for this and can still run really hard. It’s just…he gets caught on those 60yard runs now by CBs and taken down before the end zone. Plus another year has gone by, after watching Felix Jones run the 40, why would you give fair compensation for an enigma at RB?

  48. Vikings front office should give AP’s agent between now and draft to seek a new deal.

    Once that’s done, they can strike a deal for compensation.

    No one is going to pay a 30 year old RB $48 million over next 3 years.

  49. When you are an employee, your rights are limited. Severely. They are:

    1. Show up and get paid to work at a satisfactory level.
    2. Don’t show up and don’t get paid to work.

    If this 2 bit agent thinks the Wilf boys are going to do what he wants, he is sorely mistaken.

  50. Looks like the only option Adrian has is to retire and make good on his promise to become an Olympic gold medalist!

    Maybe Dog-boy Dogra can negotiate 12 mil signing with US Olympic team!

  51. So, say the Vikes get a trade offer from another team – that team’s first business would be to explore AP’s willingness to renegotiate his current contract.

    No one else is going to pay him that much. If he really wants to go elsewhere, it means he plays for significantly less money.

    This is a really dumb play by the agent, who should just shut his greedy mouth. This was already an ugly situation, and he’s playing on AP’s emotions to make it much uglier than it needs to be.

  52. I’ve been a Vikings fan since they came into this league, I Love my team but this whole AP thing is a HUGE Distraction. They do not need this and need to solve the problem. Yes they control the situation but let’s get real, the talk is true, no matter what AP is not getting better every year and the longer the Vikes wait to rid themselves of him the less they will get. If he sits and does not collect a paycheck that hurts him but also hurts the Vikings and there chance to get a better deal for him. I like AP but his agent seems to be controlling the situation, Sadly, and the organization needs to do what best for them. So I say Trade him, get as big a Payday as you can, cash it in at the Draft and get some pieces that will help the team for much longer than a 30 year old player would. Everyone (Vikings & AP) needs to move on from this mess…NOW!

  53. The money angle doesn’t really make sense from AP’s perspective.

    AP is due to be paid 13 million a year. I don’t think he’s going to get anywhere near that even if he was a free agent.

    For example, look at Dallas – one of the rumored destinations for AP – they wouldn’t even fork over 8 million a year for Murray – why would they suddenly find another 5 million a year for AP? I realize AP is a better back, but not THAT much better.

    I really do think this is about him being “hurt” by the Vikings. In my opinion the Vikings have handled this situation well and AP has nothing to complain about. Last year was HIS doing, and the Viking stood up for him until they had no choice.

  54. AP should FIRE Dogra NOW!! The Vikings did everything in their power to “support” Adrian in a situation that Adrian brought on HIMSELF!!! Sponsors were bailing on the Vikings and when that happens, you have to be upfront with saying you don’t condone child abuse. That wasn’t shady in least. The Vikings are going to be around long after AP is gone from the game. They had to appease their corporate partners in some visible way and the Commissioners Exempt List was that way. AP got his full salary for the season!!! Nothing less than 2 #1s will do and the Vikings should stick to their guns. If AP want’s to sit out another season, we’ll see how many suitors will be willing to sign a 31 year old that is 2 years out of the league to big money.

  55. It is a closed mind that will not give a player’s agent permission to speak to other teams regarding a possible trade.
    Why refuse to listen to offers?

    What does it say about the employer when your top employee is willing to cut his pay significantly to work elsewhere?

    Perhaps the vikings want Peterson on the exempt list awhile.

  56. AP blames the Vikings for putting him on exempt list but for a franchise they had to do what was best for public relations. Sure it was their decision but he forced that situation and it only worsened with all of the other NFL backlash. 5 yrs from now AP will be irrelevant and the Vikings will still be a franchise.

  57. This is showing that the trade market for adrian is lower than most believed. AP- Vikings are the only team that wants you for that money. You have done this to yourself.

    The Kid lives in Minnesapolis. If he wanted to be a man and dad and repair the damage from the past he would stay. Instead he can’t leave fast enough. You are writing your own story AP.

    I hope the Vikings don’t bail you out AP.

  58. Dogra, it looks like you have never played poker before. Spielman and the Vikes are holding a royal flush, while you have Ace high and think you have the winning hand or that you think you can bluff them. Uh, uh, ain’t going to happen. It’s time to fold Adrian.

  59. Vikings are playing this very well. How do you get the most from an asset that somebody else wants?
    Act like you don’t want to part with it.
    Minnesota is in a win/win situation, If they don’t get multiple high Draft picks, Peterson plays… For 3 more years! By that time hardly anybody is going to want a 34 yr old RB when a 24 yr old is willing to play for less and match production or even out perform.
    AP had better think about his reputation after the career.

  60. 3 TO 5 FUMBLES AND A COUPLE OF RUNS IN THE WRONG DIRECTION FOR LOSSES SHOULD DO THE TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Vikings will be begging for some team to come along and trade for “All Day”. ha ha ha

  61. This is a good move by AP. Looking at the Vikings roster I don’t see them having a winning season in the next 10 to 15 years. AP wants to continue his career for a winning franchise and maybe win a super bowl. I hate to see AP with so much talent wast away.

  62. I feel like if a person doesn’t want to be on my team- I wouldn’t want them. No matter how good they are. One person doesn’t make a team anyways. No manners.

  63. the Vikings essentially threw him under the bus

    the Governor and useless senator came out and said some stupid things about him

    he made a mistake, paid fairly high price for something that most people cannot agree on the severity of

    well, let him go. trade him. cut him. regardless stop complaining – both sides please.

    also, whod want to stay in minnesota and get hammered by the pack for another couple years anyways?

  64. Peterson may have plead guilty in court but he is acting as if he was the one abused. Take responsibility for your actions & the consequences as well. You are not the victim here AD.

  65. However you feel about Adrian Peterson….and however you’ve judged him, he has gone through the legal system as a citizen and has completed what is necessary. The whole thing is settled.

    At this point, the league and the Vikings need to be clear about what they want to do now. They can’t both distance themselves from Peterson and cling to him at the same time.

    Players who are franchise tagged are often bitter about it and they are gone the next year. Can you imagine how a player feels when he has been treated like a cancer…and then embraced months later because of his trade value? What motivation would AP have to play for the Vikings at this point? It will not be good for him or for the Vikings if he stays in Minnesota. The well is poisoned. The relationship is ruined. The longer they continue it, the worse it will be for both parties.

  66. If I were the vikings, I’d announce Mckinnon as the starter, and have Peterson playing with the 3rd stringers if he bothered showing up to camp.

    -Vikings fan

  67. Please explain how the Vikings “win” in this deal by keeping Peterson? He’s a 30 yr. old RB who hasn’t played in a year, scheduled to make $12.75MIL in ’15, $14.75Mil in ’16 and $16.75Mil in ’17. Are his services really worth $44Mil over the next three seasons with a pissy attitude towards his own team?

  68. The Vikings should do nothing except send him a message:

    “See you in camp.”

    He can always make himself tradeable by cutting his salary in half. That’s the only way any team would give maybe two third round picks for him.

  69. Like most Vikings fans I want Peterson to be on the team, and like most Vikings fans, I think he or/and his agent have grossly misplayed this situation. If Peterson wanted to rehab his image he would have been a little more contrite, admitted he made a mistake, acknowledged he understands why many people were unhappy with him, and quietly stated he’s looking forward to putting this behind him and getting back on the field and helping his team. Maybe mention that he has realized what he did was over the line and has been getting counseling and is moving forward as a person and father. Instead he’s playing the victim here, and what he’s really doing is just doing more damage to his already crumpled image. I hope the Wilfs, who are good businessmen laid it out for him like this: ” Yeah, we hear you, but uhh, we gave you a large chunk of change for 1 game last year, and uhh, we don’t really see getting proper value in return here so uhh, we’ll see you up in Mankato then. Or,uhh, I guess you can retire and do Olympics or whatever. Good talk .”

  70. Luv all the comments of he plays for the Vikes or he does not play at all… Yea, that’s exactly what Zimmer wants a disgruntled 13 mil dollar RB that will probably nurse every muscle bruise this season… Just remember this convo Minnie fans when by mid season he is sitting on the injured bench collecting 13 mil for no production.

  71. Oh, the Vikings can force him to show up and cash his checks but, I see him contributing about as much as the US Congress does.

    The Vikings have a lot of good young talent. Do you really want to expose them to this malcontent? Ship him off to JJ and the Cryboys.

  72. Peterson and his agent are awfully mistaken that the Vikings will be bluffed.

    Zygi Wilf started out as an attorney then got into the family business, which is real estate, to make his billions. Do you think a guy with that type of resume is going to bluffed??

    He eats millioniares divas and their agents for lunch.

  73. Funny when a team decides to cut a player – it’s done, contract or not. They find ways to do it, so don’t be naive.
    Remember how the Bengals did the same thing to Carson Palmer? This is BS – the Vikings are showing how petty they are & should cut him. He doesn’t want to be there any longer & do they want this guy who doesn’t want to play there anymore in their locker room? Making him “rot” on the bench serves no one.

    No wonder the Vikes suck – they should focus on a QB & defense. Enjoy another losing season, Minn 😉

  74. I normally side with the player 9 times out of 10, but in this instance, I am 100% with the Vikes.

    Peterson commits a reprehensible act, he essentially gets a year’s paid vacation, PAID. The Vikes stand by him, and he doesn’t think he can come back to the team because they didn’t support him through this?

    They paid him several million dollars AND took a major PR hit. If that isn’t support, I don’t know what is.

    Couple that with the fact that his agent won’t even meet with Spielman is bad business on his part. Players have ZERO issues getting rid of Agents, so he needs to be careful that he just doesn’t piss every one off.

  75. There are worse things than having the best RB in the league and former league MVP come back to play for your team.

    It’s not like he isn’t a big asset on the field, even if his personal life leaves much to be desired.

  76. Do the Vikings really think another team wants his contract? $13mil this year and even more next year for a guy who didn’t play last year?

    I don’t care if you’ve got the best back in the league, spending almost 10% of your cap space on an RB doesn’t work in today’s NFL.

  77. Cleveland Browns step up. A 2nd & 4th, or your 1st. This 30 year old thing is a bit overrated. Adrian is in better shape than any RB ever, he is a physical freak, and he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder. I think he has 4-5 more years of ELITE production left (if not more). If it is not Cleveland someone else will realize this and step up. If Adrian wants out bad enough he will expand his “preferred” list of teams. If no one steps up then I am really hope the Vikings dig their heels in, they have taken and are taken the exact right approach.

  78. kissmysandwich says:
    Mar 24, 2015 10:13 AM
    After seeing Peterson’s b-day party photos, it’s clear that he is 100% clueless in regards to the reality of the world. Dude lives in a bubble.
    Breaking news: rich athlete lives a in a bubble and doesn’t understand the rest of the world…

  79. Still, I would be most grateful if the Raiders or Jacksonville put up an offer Spielman couldn’t refuse.

    Peterson playing out his last years in Jacksonville has some poetic justice to it. Not exactly a mouth full of leaves and getting beat with a switch, but close from a career standpoint.


    Use that 1st rounder to draft a new back, get whoever else you were already going to get with the other 1st you have.

  81. When a player is truly willing to hold out or retire instead of playing for a team it is best if they release him. There is no advantage to playing hardball. Keep him on the roster through camp to see if he actually is willing to hold out and then cut him if he does.

  82. As a life-long Vikings fan, here are my sentiments on it:

    1) Adrian – you made your bed. Shut up and sleep in it. Any negative feelings towards you are the direct result of your actions.

    2) The only reasonable action his agent should take is to tell him he is LUCKY that he can still make 13 million after committing a crime of family violence and also “smoking some weed.” He should consider himself “lucky” to to be employed and that the Viking want him back. Tell him that 13 million is the best he will get ANYWHERE and his trade value is currently ZERO.

    3) Peterson’s DAD should just stut up.

    4) As a person who espouses Christianity, Peterson should spend some time ruminating on 1 Corinthians 6:18.

  83. It’s a no brainer.
    If the Vikings want to pay that much for a RB, then Peterson should be very happy to take the money.

  84. Dogra should start a movement “no Alpo for AP” send a message to Spielman. Get Mike Vick on board.

  85. isn’t Minnesota looking at possible charges against Peterson? at 30 years old, he isn’t showing any signs of stepping up and being a man.

  86. Nothing will happen until the league office reinstates Peterson In April. Teams want to know what the whole shot is before they make a firm offer.
    Something tells me the league office may be working with the Vikings front office. I felt the same thing last year when this first came down. Protecting team assets seems to be the priority.
    That would explain why Prterson’s party is upset. They think the Vikings could have and still can ask the league for resolution.

  87. Vikings will turn out to be the biggest losers…. Sits and waits for a trade like Carson Palmer only no team dumb enough to trade 2 #1s

  88. tokyofilthblaster and buffalosoldier; tell us what do you think the the Vikings front office should do since they are “idiots”. You must have a better idea? Release him and give the crybaby athlete and slimy agent what they want after paying him to sit for a year? Trade him for pennies on the dollar because you cannot handle the pressure? This I gotta hear….

    The Vikings in my opinion (at least from what I can tell from the reports which are the best available data) are going about this the right way. I fully believe they would have and would still trade Peterson if they got an offer that made sense for the Vikings. If said offer doesn’t come, he simply should not be moved. The Vikings sound as though they have been straight shooters on this and seem to be the only ones trying to work it out amicably. Peterson is now in a position where he has to have an outstanding year because he has shown a lack of integrity and loyalty that every team is paying attention to. A part of me says I hope he plays his rear end off and has a great year and can mend fences, a part of me hopes he plays one more good year only to keep his trade value high, and part of me would like to see him have a mediocre to bad year and cut with his reputation and value shot. I don’t think the first is going to happen so out of the other two I hate to sound bitter but the latter seems like it would be justice served.

  89. “Adrian’s a member of our football team. He is under contract with us. We are focused on the 2015 season and expect Adrian to be a part of that.” – Rick Spielman

    What, if any, part of this paragraph is confusing to anyone? The Vikings have ZERO intention of trading AP. They expect him to honor his contract and play.

  90. Peterson`s agent, dad, and media all have one thing in common. They all want extra revenue and will do whatever it takes to do it. Peterson`s agent and father spew inflammatory rhetoric to the media in the hopes of getting more money in their pockets by getting a new deal. the media in a frenzy to sell papers and grab headlines run with the to the editors print it so they can sell more papers, get more listeners, or get more media coverage for themselves and their networks.
    The Vikings hold all the aces in the deck on this one. Peterson`s agent needs to realize they can demand all they want and they will get nothing, zip, zero, nada, the big goose egg. which is a helluva lot less than they got last year.
    Peterson`s agent needs to do what is morally and ethically right for his client. He needs to advise his client he is under contract and needs to honor it!

  91. I was going to say this will be the last big running back contract that burdens a team but then I remembered the mess chip jelly has started in Philly

  92. He doesn’t have nearly the leverage he and his agent think. And there have got to be teams who are beginning to think he may be more trouble than he is worth.

    I think in his mind he’s going to realize a huge payday based on that amazing 2012 season while the rest of the league is going to be judging him on his more human 2013 numbers and the baggage he’s accumulated since then.

  93. “dowhatifeellike says: Do the Vikings really think another team wants his contract? $13mil this year and even more next year for a guy who didn’t play last year?

    I don’t care if you’ve got the best back in the league, spending almost 10% of your cap space on an RB doesn’t work in today’s NFL.”

    No brain dead… they EXPECT him to honor his contract with them and play in purple. The only people talking trade are the people with no leverage to force that trade for the next 3 years… by which time a used up 33 year old AP will be available as an UFA… UNLESS the Vikings decide to slap a franchise tag on him. *SMILE*

  94. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Mar 24, 2015 10:05 AM
    If he wants to be released, AD should do something crazy like dress up in an outlandish costume and ride into a party on a camel.
    No different than wearing a cheese wedge hat while claiming to be an nfl owner.

  95. First of all lets get something straight – spanking refers to a parent smacking a kids butt with their hand reasonably lightly when they did something wrong,intended to basically scare the kid, all while taking care not to actually hurt the kid. Peterson shoved leaves into a 4 year old’s mouth and beat him with a branch until he bled. Spanking leaves MAYBE a light red hand print on a butt check- Peterson’s son had lacerations to his scrotum. I call that malicious abuse of a defenseless child, not a spanking.

    Now that we have that cleared up.

    I rarely back NFL teams over players. But, Peterson is under contract, case closed. The Vikings should dig on in principle.

  96. As much as I like dogging the Vikings organization, I have to applaud them here. Peterson’s problem is that the Vikings, as an organization, have not groveled enough. They didn’t do it last year, although they did pay him a ridiculous amount of money to NOT play, and they’re not doing it now.

    He clearly wants them on bended knee, worshipping at the Altar Of The Purple Jesus and they’re just not going to do it. Good for them. They have earned some respect here.

  97. September 21, 2014: According to team sources, ‘the Vikings do not foresee Peterson in their future’. They turned their back on him completely when he could have used a little support.

    Fast forward 6 months later and here we are. Funny how fast things change when feet are put to the fire, isn’t it?

    Peterson is their workhorse, but their cash cow as well. The ONLY thing interesting about the Vikings is Adrian Peterson. He’s the only thing that makes them relevant.

  98. I sense a schism which for the past 6 years has been the norm for a minnesota offseason.

    The vikings are just as much to blame for this fiasco. For one they are the ones who signed them to that ridiculous contract which has handicapped them. Last training camp peterson doesn’t want to practice and having no backbone the coaching staff allows it creating a diva. Lastly they say they are going to stand by him until they are faced with the moral outrage from the media and sponsors because of the abuse and they do an about face.

    From peterson to management I don’t think either has clue as well as the posters thinking he has trade value.

  99. The Vikings continue to be the comic relief for the league. What a mess, he costs too much, they can’t afford to keep him, can’t cut him because of cost, can’t trade him because no other team is stupid enough to assume the liability of the contract.

  100. Minnesota Vikings 0-4

    1970 0-1 Kansas City Chiefs 7-23
    1974 0-2 Miami Dolphins 7-24
    1975 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers 6-16
    1977 0-4 Oakland Raiders 14-32

  101. I think the Vikings want their money back from last season and that is creating a problem. Play and pay or pay and we cut you….

  102. “More than a quarter century after getting the very short end of the Herschel Walker trade, the Vikings surely have no interest in bookending that with getting snookered for Peterson.”

    As a Vikings fan, I think you are being very generous to their front office with this assessment.

  103. Peterson can run the football but he is not a smart man. Look at his foolish stance here, his camel riding birthday party and his comparison of playing a game for millions of dollars to actual slavery. Don’t trade him, recoup the bonus money he owes and fine him the max amount for every day he holds out. The relationship was broken by AP and he doesn’t want it fixed. Don’t feel sorry for him when he is shown how little power he really has. Also, don’t cave on the fines.

  104. AP is the only RB on the current Vikings roster who has actually beaten the Packers. Of course that was in 2012 and he’s a sad 3-7-1 all time against them. But in Minnesota, beating GB even once gives you carte blanche to abuse your kids and collect million dollar paychecks long after you’ve achieved this limited amount of success.

  105. bchap17 says:
    Mar 24, 2015 12:34 PM

    The ONLY thing interesting about the Vikings is Adrian Peterson. He’s the only thing that makes them relevant.

    Really? Because I was pretty bored in 2013 despite Adrian Peterson playing most of the year. On the other hand, I was fascinated by watching Teddy Bridgewater develop last year while Peterson was sitting at home. I’ve never seen a rookie improve so much over the course of a season. You’re going to see a lot of relevance over the next 15 years and Adrian Peterson isn’t going to be part of it.

  106. The Vikings won’t trade or release him, so he’s back on the team. Albeit he’ll probably only going 75% and/or have some “nagging” injury throughout the year *wink,wink*.

  107. Yeah….it’s really bright to keep a guy around who doesn’t want to be there….let’s see, keep him and get no effort whatsoever or the old season long nagging groin injury or just get rid of him….move on ….and the Viking brass shouldn’t forget what the backlash is gonna be when they try to put this guy on the field….but hey, the head honchos of the Vikings aren’t known for making wise decisions

  108. Remember the reports that Cleveland offered the 19th overall pick for Sam Bradford, an injury-prone quarterback who has never accomplished anything and is going to make $13 million this year? Maybe Spielman could convince them that they’re never going to find a quarterback so they should send that pick over here for Peterson.

  109. For those of you saying that Peterson won’t give a good effort or will fake an injury if he has to play for the Vikings, don’t bet on it. One of his prime motivating factors is his place in history. He still thinks he can finish as the NFL’s all-time leading rusher and he isn’t going to waste another season after missing last year.

  110. Healthy scratch.. sit him every week. No reason to activate him.

    Because if he is going to pout, he probably won’t give you the effort the other two backs you have will.

  111. ViqueenZ: Gee AP, your cap number is WAYYYYYY too high for a 30yo RB who did not even play (most of) last year… we think you should renegotiate your contract to lower your cap number…

    AP (or his agent) POUND SAND! PAY ME or CUT ME!
    (and if you cut me, regardless of when I will use the 1 time severance rule to collect another 13-odd million bucks from you and then go play for an NFC North team for the vet minimum and run for 300 yards against your pathetic defense twice a year..

  112. Maybe Adrian just doesn’t want to play for the Vikings anymore. As all you Viking fans used to tell Packer fans when we were dealing with Favre. Just cut him and let him go where he wants. Why do you want that cancer in your locker room. You already have the potential issues with Wallace and Patterson.

  113. To me the thing is, they don’t need him. They have decent running backs now. With Teddy coming in prepared to play and one year experience, this team is going to the run game and short passing game with or without him.

    We have all heard this story before and its getting old. Play the no respect, I feel so bad card and hope you create enough angst that they trade you.

    Pederson still has value but the irony, he and his agent have screwed this up going public. Now any team that may have been interested see the Vikes over a barrel with a digruntled high priced player who wants out. Never a good bargaining chip.

  114. The Vikings are going to keep Peterson. The Vikings will pay him his full salary. If Adrian suddenly shows a lack of interest or effort in playing and performing or decides to sit out the Vikings can and should fine him for not honoring his contract. They also have the option to release him for conduct unbecoming to the team. Which will default his signing bonus and probably impact his bas salary as well. He has 13 million reasons to perform this year. He has 1 reason to hold out his agent needs a bigger bonus. He will play and he will perform otherwise He is done not only with the Vikings but also with the league.

  115. This is all truly foolish and unnecessary by Peterson and his agent and unfortunately it helps take the focus off the horrible decisions that Goodell made to exacerbate this fiasco. But if you step back a bit, it is easy to understand why this is happening.

    Physically, there are many athletes out there that are comparable to Peterson. Yet, he and the other greats have something a bit different about them that make them unique. Peterson has always found tremendous success in the athletic area by focusing on goals and then become unrelenting toward that goal. Nothing else matters, just press toward the goal. He has had incredible success doing that and it has rewarded him with wealth and praise. That might work in football, but it doesn’t always work in life. His personal life has been reckless and a train wreck the last couple of years, yet his response is that it’s no big deal and he presses forward. Instead of learning and adjusting, all he knows is to press forward, because he has always won by doing that. But now is the time, for his own good, to take a good look at what he has done and where he is headed. But he seems almost incapable of doing that because he has almost no experience with it. One hopes that soon he will have to look at “that man in the mirror” and make the changes that need to be made. If not, his life now and after football are going to very painful for him and those around him.

  116. Too bad they have to pay him while he’s on the Commissioner’s exempt list. Otherwise, they should just ask Commissioner Roger Godcomplex to leave him on the list forever.

  117. This goes to show how desperate the Vikings are,” They will hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George ”

    The way the Vikings bent over backwards and gave special treatment to guys like Favre allowing him to show up why he wants. I am not surprised a person that feels as “entitled” as AP feels he should get the same.

  118. “yyc2phx says:Mar 24, 2015 11:50 AM

    Vikings will turn out to be the biggest losers…. Sits and waits for a trade like Carson Palmer only no team dumb enough to trade 2 #1s”

    It’s funny the information people think they know, but never actually research….

    The Raiders did not trade two 1st round picks for Palmer. They traded a 1st and a conditional 2nd, which stayed a 2nd round pick because the Raiders did not make the playoffs the prior year.

  119. Does anyone know what the repercussions are for him if he just retires then signs with another team? Isn’t that what Carson Palmer did a few years ago, threaten to retire if they didn’t trade him?

  120. Funny to me that Vike fans seem to think Vikes want to keep AD at his current contract. They would like nothing more than to get rid of him and for sure would take as low as a 3rd round pick for him. Too bad they didn’t trade him in 2010 when he still had some value.

  121. Too bad they didn’t trade him in 2010 when he still had some value.

    Yes, and imagine the haul the Packers could get if they traded Aaron Rodgers right now. Great take.

  122. “Does anyone know what the repercussions are for him if he just retires then signs with another team? Isn’t that what Carson Palmer did a few years ago, threaten to retire if they didn’t trade him?”

    He could certainly retire, but he wouldn’t receive pay and could possibly have to give back any pre-paid signing money. Additionally he’d be done in the NFL. The team would still own his rights for three years if he decided to come back.

  123. Maybe Adrian Peterson should consider that the best scenario for the Vikings is for Adrian to hold out or retire and not get paid. Far better than paying him for not playing, like last season. Peterson is not playing a strong hand here.

  124. AP is being ridiculous. What exactly did the Vikings do to him that was so terrible that he can’t go back there?

    Refuse to “stand behind” and “support” their player after evidence was clear of how over the top his “disciplining” of his son was? Not put him immediately back on the field while this horrible incident was hanging over the team and the league’s head?

    The Vikings are doing the exact right here. You don’t give away an asset like AP because his feeling are hurt.

    The fact remains that if AP had been able to show an ounce of control and restraint with his children, none of this would have happened. And that’s not the Vikings fault.

  125. Anybody that thinks Peterson is as valuable to any team as Rodgers would be, right now, should hand in their man card.

  126. stellarperformance says:
    Mar 24, 2015 3:05 PM

    Anybody that thinks Peterson is as valuable to any team as Rodgers would be, right now, should hand in their man card.

    Nobody thinks that. My comment was pointing out that trading Peterson in 2010 would be tantamount to trading Rodgers now.

  127. Still trying figure out if Teddy’s QB rating will be higher than AP’s IQ..

    Rodgers was 55 in the NFCC, and Ron Dayne does not look that smart

  128. lukedunphysscienceproject says:
    Mar 24, 2015 3:01 PM

    The Vikings are doing the exact right here. You don’t give away an asset like AP because his feeling are hurt.

    Except the Vikings and many their fans are overvaluing him SO much. He had career lows across the board last season, but the 3 BIGGEST issues is he just turned 30, (everyone knows what that means for RBs) he is owed 45 Mil over the next 3 years, and it takes more than RBs to win championships. A few other concerns is did he stay in GREAT shape or did he smoke poot and eat a bag of Doritos every other day? He has played 16 games in ONE season since 2010. The only team that have that kind of space, is the team (in this case Vikings) that planned on building around that player.

    Everyone thinks the Vikings hold all the cards, they don’t… its a team if they want to acquire him that holds the cards.
    None of the other teams NEED Peterson, they weren’t planning on him being with this upcoming season anyway. So Vikings need to swallow their pride a bit, trade him for a 2nd rounder or two 3rds, and get rid of this clown.

    The Vikings need to show Peterson and everyone else on the Roster that no one is bigger than the team, but since the Vikings let players take off practice to go get Favre halfway through pre-season. I can see how some players that were around when that happened (Harvin, Berrian, AP) might feel that way.

  129. Adrian, take a lesson from George Costanza. Drag the team’s championship trophies behind your car in the parking lot. Oh wait… that can’t be done in Minnesota.

  130. I think it’s only fair that the Vikes trade him to an RB-needy team like the Cowboys for multiple 1st round draft picks and a bunch of players.

  131. chunkderrrty says:
    Mar 24, 2015 10:31 AM
    “Didn’t the cowboys just pay 13 million to a player that hasn’t been reinstated?”

    Yeah but Hardy’s contract isn’t guaranteed. He gets paid if he plays while AP gets 12 million period.

  132. granadafan says:
    Mar 24, 2015 4:34 PM
    I think it’s only fair that the Vikes trade him to an RB-needy team like the Cowboys for multiple 1st round draft picks and a bunch of players.

    Even the Cowboys aren’t that dumb… lets see trade for for a overpriced over 30 RB with baggage…. or take your pick of a young RB with a team friendly contract and his prime still in front of them.

  133. The reason the Vikings hold power is because of Adrian’s age and his desire to be the best. Adrian isn’t going to sit out a year at age 30 and he isn’t going to not try. He wants all the rushing records so he is going to do anything he can to get them regardless of what team he plays for.

  134. rho1953 says:
    Mar 24, 2015 12:39 PM

    The Vikings continue to be the comic relief for the league.

    Your team in queen bay is pretty funny. I especially laughed at how you finished the NFC Championship game in epic fashion. I never seen so many players & coaches point fingers at each other after a game like they did in Seattle.

  135. No team in the league values running backs more than the Vikings. Minnesota is the perfect fit for Peterson, and nobody will pay him like the Vikings. Peterson should be happy the Vikings would take him back.

  136. Hey Vikings – Who is to blame for the dumpster fire of an organization you’ve run in spite of having one of the NFL’s premiere RB’s ever in the league…and you still can’t find a way to get it done.

    Whose to “blame” for that? AP too? What a crock!

  137. Vikes fans that like AP are to emotional to see it is bad to keep him the Vikes fans that dislike AP are to emotional and will cause problems. They need to part ways. AP needs to take a pay cut. Like would be stupid for Vikes to overpay a guy to have not want to be there and be problematic.

    Make a deal, Vikes won;t win it all or be anywhere near close the next 3 years anyway. Let AP go and get picks and save money. They should have already traded him and signed Cobb or traded for someone as good.

  138. fmc651 says:
    Mar 24, 2015 5:32 PM
    rho1953 says:
    Mar 24, 2015 12:39 PM

    The Vikings continue to be the comic relief for the league.

    Your team in queen bay is pretty funny. I especially laughed at how you finished the NFC Championship game in epic fashion. I never seen so many players & coaches point fingers at each other after a game like they did in Seattle.

    Really? You must be forgetting over fifty years of irrelevance and choking by the Minnecrapolis Vikequeens. My Packers have the most titles in the NFL, and four Super Bowl victories to your ZERO.

  139. SO what else is new. Hey we’ve all heard the I’
    m not respected story before and its old, very old.

    Petersons’ biggest problem: Rick S is a draft genius and unless he gets an offer where its a win for him, Pederson will be wearing purple the next couple years. Basically until someone steps up to the plate with the deal of the century truly wanting and needing an AP, he ain’t going anywhere and his agent knows that.

  140. I hope the Vikes keep him and sit him for the next three seasons which will end his career. And suspended his behind every time he looks like he wants to complain, this time without pay.

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