Browns, Falcons punishments to be announced soon

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It’s been known for weeks that the Browns and Falcons violated league rules via sending in-game texts to the coaching staff and using artificial crowd noise, respectively.  By next week, the punishments will be known publicly.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that both teams were informed during the league meetings that the discipline is expected to be announced next week.  Per Schefter, the teams already have been privately informed of the looming punishment.  One source told him the discipline for both teams is expected to be “severe.”

At the Scouting Combine last month, there was talk of the Falcons losing a second- or third-round pick for using artificial crowd noise in 2013 and 2014.  The Browns reportedly are bracing for a multi-game fine for G.M. Ray Farmer, possibly along with the loss of one or more draft picks.

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  1. What the Browns did was just poor management that only hurt themselves. Stupid to punish for that. I blame the NFL for allowing accessive crowd noise in the first place. Teams used to be penalized if the visiting team couldn’t hear the signals. Fans will start carrying all kinds of noise making gadgets if the league doesn’t put an end to it. They’ll do something as soon as the lawsuits start coming in from permanent hearing loss.

  2. Well its the Browns and Falcons so it won’t be a light punishment like the Pats get when caught.

  3. The NFL is obviously pursuing a fine against Farmer as a suspension wouldn’t be viewed as a punishment to the franchise.

  4. Are the Colts going to forfeit the 2006 AFC Championship game for the pumped in crowd noise and turning up the heat to 85 degrees on a flu-ridden opponent? Polian’s biggest ‘achievement’ truly deserves an asterisk.

  5. Leave it to the Falcons for being the only team punished for crowd noise. There have been several teams to do this without penalty… but the Falcons, who definately need every draft pick available, will lose a significant draft pick. Yeah, real fair Goodell. Keep up the great work by slapping the wrists of the teams you consider friends and throw the book at teams that blow.
    I am so tired of the NFL and the inconsistancy of rules and punishments.

  6. Well texting the sideline during the game IS worse than beating your girlfriend, so a severe punishment makes sense…

    Why is not texting the sideline even a rule? The NFL admitted that it doesn’t give the team a competitive advantage. So that deserves a severe punishment?

    When is Goodell punishing himself for how horribly he handled every situation, all year?

  7. Great, just as the Dirty Birds are trying to rebuild. Last thing we need is fewer draft picks for Quinn. Our defense has suffered enough!

  8. Cleveland’s punishment is they will have to stay in Cleveland and continue to be the Browns!
    Atlanta’s punishment is Morten Anderson will come out of retirement and be your kicker for the next 10 years!

  9. Given all the shennanigans of the Patriots with cheating and illegal formations, they need to go overboard and make an example of the Browns and Falcons to make up for it. We need to bring integrity back into the game. Nobody will care if they take away 2 first round picks from the Browns, they can’t pick anyway.

  10. What competitive edge was gained from “TextGate” ? Fine Farmer and move on already.

  11. How about no punishment and reward all other team with an extra pick in the new 8th round of the draft and give everyone a cookie

  12. Why not suspend the GMs and owner for a year and fine them $5,000,000 instead of taking draft picks and punishing the fans

  13. If the Patriots where texting to the sideline it’s cheating when the browns do it it’s just the browns being the browns. Got it .

  14. Good thing they aren’t in the NFC East. John “The Walking Dead” Mara would have them docked 25% of their salary cap the night before the draft. But since they aren’t in direct competition he doesn’t really care.

  15. No… The difference is that they actually did something wrong… The Patriots did something clever. Move on.

  16. Colts were notoriously doing the same as the Falcons in the RCA dome during Mannings reign there. No punishment for them?

    Teams continually complained and there was an actual tape that had the audio of the tape skipping.

  17. Thank you sir. May I have another?

    The hits just keep on coming.

    Haslam and Farmer are less than capable.

    Let’s get a Kickstarter fund going to help Haslam buy the Titans.

  18. Yet crickets on the punishment for the team that was in the Super Bowl and manipulated the most important piece of equipment all year long and maybe many years before. Wow. Commish must really love those Kraft parties.

  19. I feel the nfl is fixed and roger dodger needs to go. He slams teams that are not his buddies such as Kraft and New England. So today comes and it comes out that atlanta and cleveland will get punished hard and there is no time table on the so called investigation on deflate gate. Maybe to competitive advantage but the rule was broken. I guess he really wants to keep his yearly honeymoon trip with Kraft. Roger you are the biggest FAKE.

  20. Well, based on his track record, I wouldn’t expect any explanation from Goodell on why the overreaction NOW when similar has gone unpunished for years (Colts with the crowd noise, Polamalu using his cell phone on the sidelines, etc).

    Telling the whole truth is not what he does.

  21. OK
    pumping fake crowd noise through the PA is punishable…

    texting during a game is punishable…

    but f’n with the air pressure in the ball – the key piece of equipment in the game takes months to review and probably won’t amount to anything, right?

    Next they’ll be icing the field on the opposing sidelines hoping they slip and fall and using fans to influence field goals until that is ruled illegal.

  22. The Browns punishment will be that they have to start Johnny Highball for 8 games.

  23. I believe Farmer ordered Manzel in during the Bills game and yanked Hoyer via txt and Pettine complied against his better wishes. Clearly Manzel was not ready as seen during both Bills and Bengals game. Front office should stay in the office and let coaches coach. Personal decisions should be made away from live action. Manzel should have been in when he was ready for NFL action…If ever.

  24. If any of those teams (Browns/Falcons) lose a draft pick, they should automatically be given to the Patriots.

    That one ball out of twelve proves they were innocent!

  25. Boomgrounder You may want to delay your appearance at the comedy club for just a little while. Yikes !! At least there’s no doubt you are using your own material.

  26. These teams should not be severely punished, their infractions are trivial compared to tampering with footballs (if proven) That should be dealt with severely. Imo

  27. i am sick of these big penalties and petty dramas. the league used to take care of stuff on the down low and that was fine with me.
    Look at the Browns; they actually kept that gm! Thats enough punishment right there for me. You want to have a dysfynctional team, your call.
    As for the Falcolns, a fine is enough. A second rounder are you kidding me!! Hell its still quieter in there than in Seatle ot KC.
    Goodell is a power hungry over-letigous CEO. It’s even rubbed off on fan bases. Look at all the attention given to minor infractions. Fans used to debate players and teams!!!! Now they debate PSI and texts and who said Revis has the prettiest eyes.

  28. Perhaps the NFL missed the news the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, talking about this thing called “Deflategate”. Apparently Belicheat & Bradycheat conspired to have the air pressure in thier balls reduced to give thier team an advantage with grip and control of the ball. Yeah, it seems Belicheat has now been proven to have made a career of being a cheater. Since the NFL is doling out punishments…perhaps someone might want to let Goodell know his good buddy Kraft & his coach are up to thier old tricks again…

  29. Makes sense that the Browns are not signing FAs while letting theirs go in order to obtain more supplemental picks. They must know they’re losing a draft pick or two…

  30. Another act like the tough guy punishment handed down by Goodell. I mean he should let the Browns film other teams signals, text, hear the other teams play calls, and they would still stink. Texting gains no advantage.

    Falcons piping in crowd noise? Lol. Fines for that? And alleged severe punishment. Wow. What a joke

  31. Saving the Patriots punishment for last. This is going to be good, all the Pats fans with their “it was the Colts, not us” B.S. will be screaming bloody murder.

  32. That poor expansion team by the lake. Can’t get out of their own way.

  33. Life is not fair and I hate the way the NFL decides who gets punished, how they get punished, and why they get punished. Its all a bunch of bull. When Goodell himself received no punishment for his mishandling the Rice debacle, his cover-ups, and his obvious hit to the “integrity of the game” as he so calls it, is bull.
    He gets away with everything, and answers for nothing. All the while making truckloads of money. It is good to be king.

  34. Corrupt NFL with it’s compensatory draft picks and arbitrary removal of other picks. They’ll probably give the Cleveland pick to NE since they made Belicheat mad by not buying the cameras he demanded.

  35. The only thing the Browns have going for them is a nice haul of extra draft picks again this year. Now they apparently won’t even have that. That’s what happens when you have a criminal as an owner that thinks he’s playing fantasy football and a GM that doesn’t know the rules.

  36. If they lose a draft pick I would immediately fire Farmer for that bonehead mistake.

  37. There has to be something political for the Falcons to be singled out. The vikings always set up speakers behind the opponents bench in their old arena.

    Poor old Cleveland. Texting during the game seems to be a distraction that already hurts the team. Ownership will not give a coach a break from badgering and interference even during the game. Somebody has to tell ownership to back off.

  38. Hey remember that time Indy’s crowd noise CD started skipping on national TV? I guess the embarrassment was punishment enough

  39. But the Pats, proven cheaters multiple times, won’t be punished at all – and may be rewarded more draft picks for no reason other than GODdell and Kraft are golfing buddies.

  40. Because a text sent by a GM to a coach is worse than manipulating the actual football used in a game?

    The NFL cannot get more hypocritical.

  41. I can’t wait for the Wells report to come out and exonerate the Pats and probably point blame elsewhere so all you losers can FINALLY quit crying. Even though you’ll probably just cry about something else the big bad Patriots did to your pathetic teams.

    28-24 still keeps you up at night doesn’t it?

    DOESN’T IT!!

  42. I can see a Farmer suspension, but the league has punished this team enough since it’s rebirth.

    Losing any draft picks is just wrong.

  43. Why would RG wait soo long before punishing the Falcons when the owner admitted to it point blank months ago. If they take away draft picks after letting the Colts and vikings get away with it for soo long then he needs to be fired. Absolutely ridiculous. Tired of all the small stuff getting harsh punishment and the SUPERBOWL CHAMPS getting away scotch free as they always do.

  44. Just what Cleveland needs, more years of suffering…..New England gets busted every other year for something but gets the slap on the wrist!

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