Jerry Jones says Greg Hardy “paid a terrific price”


Jerry Jones does not believe Greg Hardy got off scot-free when a domestic violence charge against him was dropped.

Jones, who signed Hardy to play for the Cowboys, said on PFT Live that Hardy has lost millions of dollars because the Cowboys will be paying him a lot less money this season than Hardy would have made if not for the domestic violence case.

“He’s paid a terrific price,” Jones said. “Had he not had this incident his contract would be one like Ndamukong Suh, possibly, but he doesn’t have that. So he’s got more to come because the league is going to rule on if he has suspensions this year. All of that is all incorporated in that agreement and the bottom line is we hope and feel that he won’t do that, go down this road again.”

Hardy may still be suspended by the NFL, and Jones said the Cowboys have received no assurances about when Hardy will be eligible to play for them.

“No, that’s a part of the risk that we took to sign him and deal with whatever comes,” Jones said.

71 responses to “Jerry Jones says Greg Hardy “paid a terrific price”

  1. No, he didn’t pay a terrific price, he lost income which he didn’t deserve in the first place. Just because you Jerry, and our lame daughter can’t see it is just an indication of how money hungry your are.

  2. Paid a price and never spent a day in jail? Money is not paying anything….he still has money! Dallas should just shut up about this.

  3. I mean even he can’t truly believe that. He paid the girl some money probably threw a bunch of threats her way and boom he’s off the hook. And he got paid to do nothing last year. I mean may be better to just keep your mouth shut jerry.

  4. Oh the price he will pay has yet to come.

    They have a saying about people like Hardy in my community. “the coyote of the desert likes to eat the heart of the young and the blood drips down to his children for breakfast, lunch and dinner and only the ribs will be broken”

  5. Found guilty by a judge, paid off the victim to not show up at a jury trial, was paid 13 mil to be on vacation, then gets off scott free. Terrible price indeed, where can I sign up?

  6. Does anybody in that organization remember the class they once represented? The class and integrety that Roger Staubah and Tom Landry embodied? I guess not! I proud to my owner (yes, the one with the Lloyd Christmas hair) took a stand and said no to women & child abusers!

  7. I appreciate Jerry the GM more and more every day. As a Lions fan, there are few tenured GM’s worse than the parade of buffoons and morons that the Lions have paraded out there as GM’s this past half century or so. Jerry Jones is the exception to that…..

    Jerrah, you are a hell of an owner but an absolute idiot as a GM if you really think that Greg Hardy’s on-field accolades would put his contract in the realm of a Suh (or Watt). Stick with what you know – Lining your pockets and those of the other owners with your business dealings. It’s time to hire a football man to run the team….

  8. Saying that Hardy has paid a price already would seem to be in contradiction with Goodell’s position that players on the Commish’s exempt list haven’t received any punishment yet.

  9. How exactly did he pay a terrific price? He got paid for the entirety of last season and played one game. That’s 15 games where his body didn’t take a beating and yet got paid like it did. Wow, sign me up for that “terrific price”.

  10. skooter519 says: Mar 25, 2015 8:18 PM

    He did pay a terrific price. To the woman he assaulted, now he’s walking around pretending nothing happened.


    Excellent Scooter !!! and somewhere peering out from behind a cowardly curtain is Ray Rice watchin to see how hes gonna be recieved !!!

  11. So, saying he “paid” a terrific price says that he already has. So it seems incongruous with the NFLs position that the exempt list is not a punishment. I know he says its the money, but he still could get $13 mil, so earning maybe $6 mil less than Suh (on average per year for the $114 over 6 years) this year is not a terrible price. I tend to see this as a tacit admission that the exempt list IS punishment.

  12. So many morons on here… Anyone care that he was acquitted and this is a he said/she said case? he may be guilty and he may be innocent… the only ones who know are the two in the room that night. However, in the eyes of the court, he is innocent! You people do realize that women commit domestic violence I hope. What if she showed up at his place, started a fight, wouldn’t leave and assaulted him?

  13. I can’t believe that he’s not smart enough to just shut up about this. Even if Jerry is dumb enough to truly believe that he actually “paid a terriffic price” This is one of those times that someone should whisper in his ear to just say no comment.

  14. He is one of the Hardy boys and Jerruh is from that era and he thinks he can do no wrong if he helps the Boys win football games no matter which side of his mouth he is speaking out of. A lot of double talk coming out of Cowboy land.

  15. “He paid a terrific price. I mean, wow what a bargain!! Seriously can’t beat savings like that!!” – Jerry Jones.

  16. As a Panther Fan this is right out ignorant. Jerry Jones should be ashamed of himself in trying to justify this signing. Simply put, how can Jerry talk salary when Hardy was paid 13 Million last year although he only played one regular season game. He should be required to pay some of that back to the Panthers. IS JERRY SERIOUS…FLAT OUT EMBARRASSING!

  17. Eh, someone was going to take him. If the Patriots had signed him everyone would be talking about Belichicks genius move.

  18. That’s Jerry’s world. Here’s the real world: Just before the referees leave home to do a Cowboys game, their wives and daughters will remind them what a scumbag the Cowboys’ owner is for signing Hardy. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of close calls go against the Cowboys.

  19. He got paid $13 million last year to take the year off. He will get paid over $11 million this year. Hasn’t Greg Hardy suffered enough already?!?

  20. To the moron calling us all morons. The case was dropped because the victim failed to show (after Hardy paid her off in a civil suit). He was not considered innocent by the court. The court just lost a key piece of evidence to prove him guilty.

  21. Jones is a total idiot. He’s such a blowhard, I’m beginning to think he’s actually Rex Ryan’s father.

    Jones is never going to win another Super Bowl while he’s still running the Cowboys.

    The terrible price Jones is referring to was all that money he gave to Tony Romo. It cost him DeMarco Murray, and all the crap he says doesn’t change that one bit.

  22. Paid a terrific price………….what arrogance. As one of Goodell’s inner circle, you can bet the farm that Jerrah has a wink wink deal with Goodell and Hardy will be lucky to get a 2 game suspension.

  23. Some of you people act like youre saints but behind closed doors you all done worst things people live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  24. Who pays a price is the fan. The fan buys the merchandise and the tickets. The fan is the focus of advertisers. The price is high for the fan.

    The fan is getting sick of the NFL allowing players like Hardy have a place in the sport. Maybe the NFL and people like Jerry Jones will realize that without the fan, there is no NFL.

  25. WOW, Did Jerry Jones just try to sell us that “Greg Hardy is a victim” here?

    So instead of Jerry advocating for battered women, Jerry is advocating for Mr. Hardy not being able to earn a “livable” wage.
    Well, last time I checked nothing is stoping Jerry from paying Mr. Hardy a contract on par with Suh.
    So there goes that theory Mr Jones.

  26. Hids punishment is to only be given $11 million instead of $60 million

    A nation weeps for him. I don’t care how many women he assaulted, I think we all agree what a punishment making only $11 million is

  27. First, the charges were dropped because of a financial settlement.

    And yeah, a guy that abuses a woman and then makes a financial payment to make it go away, should in fact pay a price. One that should include some time behind bars. He got off easy. All he got was less guaranteed millions than he would have gotten with the possibility to still earn it anyways.

    How is that paying for anything? Crank that PR machine up some more because it’s still not working.

  28. You have to admire the fight in her. She’s a trooper.

    Fact is, Hardy could not bring her down alone.

    I hope his personal administrative assault assistant (Sammy Curtis) at least credit for a half a sack.

  29. Back in Tom Landry’s day, scumbags would have been run out the door. Meanwhile under Jerrah, they’d sign Aaron Hernandez if they could.

  30. Leave it to Jerry to dish out backhanded compliments to glorify his new player with shady personal conduct.

    Hey Jerry, cup your hands for me….. VOMIT!

  31. Jones is dripping so much of desperation, I honestly had to turn off the video.


  32. Jerruh’s futile attempt to sidestep the obvious.
    Clown Jerruh just paid him more money.

    Nice try idiot.

    I guess in your World it pays to be blind, and filthy rich.

    Principles be damned.

  33. Hey Jerry. We are not fools. Any of us had done that we would be buried under the jail right now.
    Dont talk anymore just don’t. You got your player. You know what you signed on for but don’t try to tell us what a price he paid. You reap what…..


    No, Jerry has it right. Hardy is practically like Jesus in the sacrifices he’s had to endure. And now he only gets to make $13 million this year. My keyboard is soggy with my tears.

  35. If he wasn’t an NFL star, he’d be in jail. Jerry better hope Dez doesn’t take him to Walmarts.

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