NFL may change the extra point at May meeting


The NFL is taking no action on changing extra points at this week’s meeting. But that doesn’t mean no change is coming for the 2015 season.

The league has another meeting in May, and it’s possible that the owners will vote there on a change to the extra point rules.

It’ll come in May,” a source told Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

But it remains unclear what change, if any, will come in May. The most popular proposals are moving extra point kicks back from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line (to make them slightly harder), or moving all point after touchdown attempts from the 2-yard line to the 1-yard line (to make two-point conversions easier and therefore more common). The problem is that although many people around the league agree that extra points are too boring and need to change, few can agree on how the extra point should change.

So while the extra point will continue to be discussed throughout this offseason, there’s a good chance that those discussions won’t yield any changes.

58 responses to “NFL may change the extra point at May meeting

  1. Or, just take the kicking option out of the equation altogether. It’s not the fact of adding a point per se that is boring, it’s everyone lining up for what is almost always an automatic kick.

    How about giving a team two options after the TD: run a play from the 1 for 1 point, or a play from the 5 for 2.

  2. Change just for the sake of change is not a good thing. Does anyone really complain about the extra points? I don’t like all this tinkering. The game is great as it is. What makes things annoying is all these rule changes. I’ve been a fan for 35 years but it’s a different game now with all these penalties for defenseless players and illegal blocks. It’s getting too technical and tedious.

  3. seriously, just leave it as it is. who cares if it is too easy or too boring. There is nothing more boring than a kickoff after a touchdown that goes 15 yards out of bounds.

    the 2 rule changes i’ve always wanted to see in all levels of football are these:

    1. after a touchback, the offense starts on the 30 or 35 yard line instead of the 20. if kick goes out of bounds, start the possession on the 35 or 40 yard line.

    2. when an offense is backed up near its own goal line and it commits a penalty….instead of a false start from the 2 now being basically 1st and 11 from the one……i’ve always wanted to see the down markers moved up the field 5 yards and make it 1st and 15 from the 2, but now you have to get to the 17 instead of the 12 for a first down.

  4. The guy who said just take it out and give teams the option of going for 1 on the 1 or 2 on the 5 is brilliant.

    It would add a lot of drama to the game and would reward coaches that think ahead.

  5. If anything,move the ball back to the 15 yard line to make kicking the extra point a little harder.

  6. If they must change it, change it so that the 2 point option and the kick option have proportional success percentages.

    Meaning, if a 2 point conversion from the 2 has a 50% success rate, find the length of field goal that has roughly a 70-75% success rate.

    Keep the kick, but make it less than automatic.

  7. Why does the extra point need to be changed in the first place? Is anyone really complaining about it? I can’t remember the last time I watched a game and thought to myself, man that extra point is too automatic. They need to do something about it.

    Teams already have the option to risk getting 0 points in order to try and get 2 or take the automatic 1. Isn’t that the point? This seems like change for the sake of change. The extra point isn’t a problem with the game…

  8. Setting it at the 1-yard line modifies the style of football for teams. Think about it – the 2 point conversion becomes far more enticing. Jumbo Packages, bruising RBs and smashmouth football could become far more-important, even if for just a few plays a game. But continue thinking about it – those 2-point conversions become much more important and coveted, instead of a tactical alternative. Little of classic football is damaged in the process compared to many of this decade’s rule changes.

    It is very interesting. Fundamentally it should not be easy to score points but the extra point has been easy for decades and is nearly impossible to block. I see unfair balance on that particular special teams play more so than solid, historic american football.

  9. P.S. – think of it this way, the Extra Point is merely an entitlement. We all expect it. That’s not sporting and certainly not competitive in nature. I really think this one proposal has valid arguments for change.

  10. Just make a TD worth 7 and you can go for an “extra point” and run a play like they do now for 2 pts. If you succeed you get 8 points, if you fail you get 6. Or, you can just take your TD and call it 7.

    That would make sense, and be much more exciting than the way they do it now.

  11. Keep the current rule for 1pt. conversion but add an option to kick from like the 30 yrd line for a 2pt conversion. Requires coaches to make important decisions everytime a TD is scored.

  12. Just change the two point conversion to more than two. Make it more enticing to not kick.

  13. bassplucker says: Mar 25, 2015 9:03 AM

    Or, just take the kicking option out of the equation altogether. It’s not the fact of adding a point per se that is boring, it’s everyone lining up for what is almost always an automatic kick.

    How about giving a team two options after the TD: run a play from the 1 for 1 point, or a play from the 5 for 2.


    Bassplucker for Commissioner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Why not eliminate the kick and just have a trivia question instead?

    Depending on who answers on your team will be worth more
    for example…

    qb and ofeensive line = 1 point
    rb and wr = 2 points

  15. The stupidity I hear about this being about “tradition” is crazy. The advent of the 2 point conversion is a modern idea that I think has been crucial to the games increased success.

    now I’m not for the crazy 9-point play rule with a bonus kick – not because of tradition, but because its silly / stupid

    But the proposal to move the extra point back to the 15 yard line I think gets the job done here.

    if not, then the proposal to move all attempts to the 1-yard line may work also, but then I think you’re really going to incentivize going for 2 more than you think.

    Either way, its time for a change. Extra points, as someone posted above, have become completely non-competitive, which has no place in the world most lucrative sporting league.

  16. NFL is getting too full of itself. I don’t know many people with a life that really care about the extra point. Its been a pat of the game since the beginning of the sport.

  17. move the ball back to the 30 yard line for 1 pt attempts or the 2 yard line for 2 pt attempts….if the 30 yard kick is missed give the opposing team the option to get the ball at the 30 or accept a kickoff

  18. This is the equivalent of the NBA moving free throws back to mid court to make them more exciting and because they’re to easy and some players hit them at 90%. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

  19. I dont get the folks who say keep it as is or just award 7 points……the goal of the game should be to add MORE excitement

  20. Is anyone complaining about the PAT? Or is this another case of the arrogant NFL telling its customers what they want?

  21. Lets make a touchdown by pass 4 points and if you score by running it 8 points . That way we can go back to the way football was meant to be played,not like the way it is played today.

  22. ..all extra points should be FREE KICKS from the 50. Let the little kicker trot on out to the 50 BY HIMSELF with his football holder …tee it up…and let him take a shot at a 60 yard kick. Kickers make those types of kicks all the time BEFORE the game when everyone is out on the field doing warm ups. Don’t you hear the announcers say”well he was kicking 60 yarders before the game”.

  23. This is so hypocritical. The NFL continues to preach player saftey, yet one of the rule changes they are discussing will add more violence to the game and more opportunity for injury. Let’s also add more games while we’re at it, but claim we give a poop about these guys after they’re done being profitable.

  24. Make the posts little narrower, back up the extra point to the 20, let teams have an options after the touchdown
    1pt from the 20 yard line equals 37 yard kick
    2pt conversion
    New is 3pt kick from the 35 …… Making this is 52 yards miss this other team takes over at the spot of the ball. Without kicking off!

    Still have the 3pt as option for fgs as what we have now!

  25. Leave the 1 and 2 point methods alone.

    Convert from 10 = 3 points
    Convert from 20 = 4 points
    Convert from 100 = 10 points

  26. They’ll probably experiment in the preseason with out.

    Is the kneel down next to be changed?

  27. If they move it from the 2 to the 1, wouldn’t that create more injury risk since more teams will go for 2? Hypocritical NFL at its best!

  28. Add a middle upright, and line up on the right or left hash and kick through that now very narrow side. No change to 2-pt conversion and a regular 3-pt field goal can go through either side or boink off of the middle upright to count.

    It’s a terrible idea, but fun to think about. There are a lot of rules that need more attention than the try after.

  29. Since we are getting crazy with the ideas here’s mine.

    Whichever player scores the touchdown has to kick the extra point.

    Or opposing team gets to pick the player to kick, I want to see a lineman kick the ball.

    Ok back to the drugs.

  30. If we’re going to be absurd, why not make a target between the posts, make them line up at the 30, and give them between 0 and 3 points depending on where in the target they hit?

    The whole discussion is stupid. Just leave it alone. Focus on the real problems instead of trying to distract us with nonsense.

  31. While we’re at it, let’s propose field goal posts that become opening and closing moving targets!! This way they have to time the snap when they’re open!!

  32. They should play ‘butts up’ for the extra point.

    The person, or persons, who gave up the touchdown should have to stand 10 yards away with their butt facing the kicker.

    The kicker can then tee off on them and if he hits one the the players in the butt, he gets a point.

  33. Why does everyone on this site love kicking? If the original creators would never have included kicking if they knew that XPs would be converted at 99.99% and FGs at nearly 90%.
    Reducing the role of the kicker is paramount. Currently, kickers are the 2nd most important player behind the QB. That’s ridiculous.
    I echo the sentiments of the original commenter, no kicking, 1 point from 1 or 2 yard line, 2 points from 5 or 10 yard line.

  34. I don’t think you can really put the extra point kick at a different spot than the two point conversion attempt. After all, the idea is that you can run any play you want, and if you get it into the end zone you get two, and if you put it through the uprights you get one. Anything else is exessive meddling.

    Maybe they should make a rule that the offense has to declare whether or not they are going to pass, and if they are then they have to start five yards back from the end of the previous play. Passing gets more yardage, see?

    Or they can quit screwing around and just let them play the game.

  35. “Currently, kickers are the 2nd most important player behind the QB. That’s ridiculous.”

    No, that’s football. Should pitchers be made to throw from second base to make it harder? They are pretty important after all, and they don’t even play every day!

  36. Why does it have to change? Why can’t there be a boring play in the game where things slow down for a moment? Punts are boring, make every team go for it on 4th. Running between the tackles for a 1 yard gain is boring too… eliminate that as well. In fact, every play should just be an 80 yard bomb down the field from now on and every team will consist of 52 receivers and a quarterback. UGH…

  37. Simple solution. Don’t change the extra point kick, just don’t show it live on television. Go to commercial, and if anything interesting happens they can show the replay 30 times. I mean, if theres anything we need its more commercials and more slow-mo replays. Or just put it in a small screen down in the corner and show the cheerleaders bouncing around half naked while advertising beer . Win-win, yes?

  38. The NFL can’t keep their players out of jail and they are worried about the extra point? Time to get priorities in order! Don’t you think?

  39. Ryan Leaf has a message for the league regarding their incessant compulsion to try and change things for the sake of change: “KNOCK IT OFF!”

  40. Why not have the person who scores the touchdown have to kick the extra point? The Kicker would then only kick field goals.

  41. If they have a single better idea to implement then fine. But changing things up in some random way just because is asking for trouble. There’s not a person out there who would say “I’d really be into football if not for the extra points.”

    More and more you get the vibe the NFL has lost all connection to the history of the game and now everything is being done based on what some focus group told the league marketers. They’re running the risk of eventually losing the current fans as they try to reach the percentage of people who’ll probably never be fans no matter what they do.

  42. Here’s an idea – give the team a choice – go for one point from the 2 yard line or go for 2 pts from the 40 yard line – thus a 48 yard kick.

  43. I would rather they make the field goal more difficult by widening the hash marks and narrowing the goal posts.

    It would make overtime more interesting, too.

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