Report: Belichick went on profane tirade about replay cameras

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Speaking publicly to reporters this week, Bill Belichick said he was disappointed that some owners don’t want to spend the money to put cameras on the sidelines and goal lines to give referees better angles on replay reviews. Speaking privately to his colleagues, Belichick reportedly let loose with a much more obscene version of the same message.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Belichick went off on a tirade about the issue in a closed-door meeting, saying he was angry that the league — with its billions of dollars a year in revenue — isn’t willing to pay the price to make the officiating better.

“They were in a meeting the other day with Dean Blandino, the head of the officials, and Bill Belichick got up there, and in profane language, told the NFL: ‘We spend money to send the Pro Bowl to Brazil, we spend money to go overseas to London, but we can’t spend money to have four cameras in the end zone, four cameras to help determine the correct call in the end zone on certain plays?’ He went off, and the way it was explained to me, from people in the room at the time, they were laughing at it because his language was so profane and because he was so incensed about it, and the NFL didn’t know how to handle it. But the bottom line is, they did not introduce the four cameras in the end zone, they thought right now it’s too cost-prohibitive for the NFL even, and they don’t know how to do it. They’ll probably continue to look at this, but Bill Belichick left these owners’ meetings not particularly happy,” Schefter said on Olbermann.

Belichick isn’t going to make many friends that way, but he’s right that if additional cameras would make officiating better, the NFL should spend the money. The billionaire owners can afford it.

UPDATE 7:08 p.m. ET:  Three sources who were in the room tell PFT there was no profane tirade from Belichick.

163 responses to “Report: Belichick went on profane tirade about replay cameras

  1. It’s incredibly petty of me, but I fully admit I’m happy he didn’t get his way because of his childish attitude. He’s a great coach, but I’m beyond tired of his shtick.

  2. He’s right. It’s ridiculous to think the NFL can’t afford to improve officiating.

  3. He’s the only one with any backbone to stand up and actually make the game better. Like him or not he’s not afraid to say what he believes. who cares if they don’t like you if your right.

  4. Dean Blandino needs to be fired. Then maybe officiating can get better. But cameras or no cameras with Blandino calling the shots the fans are f-ed.

    Also my only question on these cameras that Belichick wants so much, Is will the film from these cameras be available to NFL coaches to review? Because if they are filming the whole game they would give a pretty good view of yours and your opponents on the sidelines you know the same kind of views the Patroits got docked a 1st rd pick for filming.

  5. Bills not happy so the NFL has to take another look at it ? I see the intent of the media making a big deal out of his reaction now.

  6. Multi-billion dollar organization can’t afford 6 more cameras per stadium…


  7. I can’t stand the guy, but he’s 100% correct on this. Too costly? Don’t know how do do it? Seriously?

    High-resolution digital cameras are dirt cheap these days. Hire some people from Industrial Light & Magic or other specialists to figure this out. It might take them, oh all of about 45 minutes. Hollywood does this stuff all the time.

  8. dcpatfan says:
    Mar 25, 2015 5:43 PM
    that’s my Coach…
    and i’m so damn proud!

    Ditto that. 😉

  9. Guess the league never did approve of the bake sales and car washes Belichick proposed last year as a means to help pay for it.

  10. Belichick is right – more cameras would make getting the calls correct more likely and the billionaire owners can afford them. I don’t know why there is opposition to a common sense proposal.

  11. Not many coaches with the brass to call out the owners and their claims that they “don’t have enough money.”

  12. I agree with him about it being really sad they won’t spend the money to make the correct calls, but change all these stupid things every year

    ….on a side note maybe the NFL over spent on all these investigations and legal battles they have been launching…..seing as most of them are still unresolved.

  13. How the hell is it cost prohibitive? Owners would spend maybe a few thousand bucks per stadium. It’s a no-brainer, this should be done.

    Also, if I were laughing, it would be at the fact that we all know Bill’s affinity for sideline cameras! HEYOOOOOOO!

  14. The bad part is that they laughed at him. We know how devious this guy is. Might as well pencil the Pats in as SB champs again.

  15. I like the current system because the officials calling the plays can hide their giving the game to the favored team (NOT!). Come on, don’t tell me they don’t….

  16. “Bill Belichick left these owners’ meetings not particularly happy.”
    To be fair, Belichick didn’t arrive at these owners’ meetings particularly happy either.

  17. It wasn’t about whether or not they can afford it…

    It’s about Owners saying they ‘couldn’t afford it’…

    In a vacuum, guessing whether or not they could afford it is one thing… but we are not countering a theory, we are countering a bald face lie that they couldn’t.

    Word to the wise, never trust anything a owner or GM says…

    They’re batting .000 this offseason.

  18. I have been in enough corporate settings to know that Bill will pay a price for this. People are petty. They will believe he made them look bad by pushing it and not curtsying when they said no. We’ve all seen Blandino defend the indefensible when it comes to officiating. He’s a tool.

    What is interesting to me is that Belichick utilizes the challenge as exists today much less than other head coaches as a whole. He must feel the plays that can’t be challenged have a greater impact and are all too often missed. That field goal against the Ravens and the non-call on pass interference in the end zone against the Panthers both pushed him over the edge.

  19. You don’t have to like Belichick. But can anyone honestly say that he’s wrong about the cameras? Can anyone seriously say that they’re confident enough with the officiating that they don’t need them? Does anyone alive think the owners can’t afford them? Is anyone unhappy that Blandino got a verbal cavity search in front of his peers?


  20. First, I’ve stopped watching and reading ESPN for bringing back a so-called reporter who is ultra-leftist and hates hi country——Olbermann.

    Now I completely agree with the future HOF coach. Good for him. The owners will spring for the bucks when they can figure how to pass the cost on to the fans.

  21. Not a huge Belichick fan, but he is perhaps the greatest coach of all time, definitely one of them, and he has a point. The NFL might want to listen to one of its greater minds.

  22. Good for him. I don’t really care who proposed it, but the NFL can’t get out of their own way sometimes. They will launch a 3-months-and-counting long investigation into the inflation of footballs to “preserve the integrity of the game” but won’t spend the money to increase their chances of properly officiating the game? And, no… I am not a Patriots fan. I am a Viking fan but Bill seems to be the only one willing to speak out on ways to pro actively make the officiating better instead of the typical NFL approach of reacting to whatever bad call screwed some poor team the previous season.

  23. As each day passes, the once mighty NFL loses more and more credibility. Can’t afford cameras for endzone quality assurance to simply make sure the correct call is made?


    The New England coach has a point here. It’s better if they spend their money on Brazil, yeah, that makes sense.

  24. They already have the camera on wires that covers the entire field. Why not stick over the goal line in those situations?

  25. Hey, let’s back off here, how do you expect a little mom & pop outfit like the NFL to cover the expense of a few cameras and people to run them. Seriously though, makes you wonder why the NFL wouldn’t want this. Money is the LAST excuse any sane person would believe from the NFL. Just say we prefer to have the final say on important calls in the hands of NFL employees and not some HD camera that could provide a clear image of the play and eliminate any guesswork.

  26. I love Bill Belichick…..coolest dude around…He is the best…and as usual, right on in regards to the cheapness of the NFL…..

  27. Whatever the issue is, if it doesn’t add “value” (money), then the owners won’t be for it. This is how this gang operates.

  28. I didn’t know the NFL was spending money to have the Pro Bowl in Brazil. Brazil, the home of Pele and soccer, and the NFL is wasting money on that?!? And I thought sending teams to play in London was stupid…

  29. Yea he is right about this and it seems like an obvious thing to do, its kind of suspicious that they wouldnt want hear the conspiracy theories about refs fixing games..not having cameras to make a correct call gives the refs a way to give and take points.

  30. Saying no to Bill Belichick was John Mara (and a majority of owners) way of putting him in his place. Some billionaires like Mara enjoy appearing frugal and then laugh about it while sipping their Dom Perignon in the evening.
    Bill Belichick is correct, but this was a humiliation partly for their entertainment.

  31. “I’m happy he didn’t get his way because of his childish attitude. He’s a great coach, but I’m beyond tired of his shtick”

    No kidding. How dare Belichick suggest a change that would actually ensure that refs make the right calls in the most important part of the field.

    What a jerk!

  32. Now we know why he doesn’t give much to the media. Because he if told you how he really felt, people would feel stupid, then they would feel offended b/c their feelings were hurt, then we’d have a whole season-long, drama-filled, escapade.

    My 2 cents? Belichick is a great coach and poor sportsman all tied up into one package, but he’s right about the cameras.

  33. Of course they can afford it, but because it’s Belichick’s idea, the league doesn’t want him to get credit for it. So they’ll cut off their nose to spite their face and let it go.

  34. Man the NFL is the definition of penny wise and pound foolish. They don’t want to pay for these cameras. Ok, a maximum of $100,000 per stadium but you’ll pay Goodell $30,000,000 per year.

    I’m so happy they got rid of the blackout rule this year. Going to see a major decrease in attendance of games and rightfully so!

  35. I also found it very strange that rules committee co-chair Jeff Fisher stated on TV that they all want to get more accurate officiating, but that replays of penalty plays aren’t a way to get it. Really? Looking at the play in slow motion from different angles is not going to help get the calls right?

  36. Woody Johnson proceeded to raise his hand and ask ‘Can we just use your camera’s instead Billy?’ further infuriating the Patriots.

  37. How much do these cameras supposedly cost? A million dollars each? I mean come on guys… I don’t care either way but too expensive?

  38. Controversy is good from the owner’s perspective. It gets people talking about how some call should have went one way or the other. Over a long period of time the missed calls should balance out, so from the NFL’s perspective having a blown call here or there isn’t the end of the world. It may actually help the product (ironically).

  39. I don’t care for the hoodie clan, and I am not prone to spending other people’s money, but this particular time I gotta go with BB. This is a cheap investment for a worthwhile benefit. Quite honestly they should put in overhead cameras too.

  40. Bill is correct, they pimp out everything else but you can’t get cameras down the goal line???? Someone needs to start a petition to make these billionaire owners pony up some cash, or maybe they want some online funding help.

  41. The dumb thing is that it probably wouldn’t cost anything – you’re telling me they can’t find a camera company who’ll give them a few hundred cameras in exchange for the amount of exposure they’d get every Sunday?

  42. Just why can’t the NFL spend a couple of bucks to improve officiating? The refereeing stinks when you consider how much money this league makes.

  43. NFL is going broke by spending $10 million on cameras. That’s at roughly $75k each. If they’re more than that I need to build cameras for a living. Cost prohibitive? Don’t trip over your wallet while getting out of your Mercedes S-Class, Roger.

  44. Hard for anybody to point a finger at Belichick when it’s clear the 32 owners of this game have zero problems with him bending the rules for his own advantage when they aren’t even interested in spending reasonable amounts of money to protect the integrity of the game.

    Thankfully we have Roger Gooddell protecting the integrity of the game, which is why there isn’t any integrity to be found between 32 owners and 1 figurehead.

  45. The league has to leave some wiggle room for the officials to tilt the game when necessary.

  46. This is just the tip of the iceberg of Belichick’s view of the Goodell “lead” NFL… and Goodell knows it, which is why he can’t stand Belichick, even going so far as to feign shock and disgust about signal filming when Goodell’s own rules allow for it

    Just remember folks – Belichick is out there fighting for the integrity of the game in good officiating

    Goodell opposes that. Maybe coaches of other teams will speak up as well, but they know there is a price to pay for publicly pointing out that Goodell is an idiot.

  47. I’m a bills fan and probably one of the few that actually respect Belichick for what he’s accomplished in the league. And no matter what people say they’d be first in line to welcome him as coach of their team. He’s right about this one. It’s stupid to not make the game better if the technology and ability to do so is available.

  48. What kind of cameras are they trying to buy? The kind they filmed Avatar with?

    Id be happy with a phone camera if it would improve calls. Right now they are a joke.

  49. Use that invisible fence thing. Hook the offense up to collars and something to manage GSR (galvanic skin response). If their heart rate spikes, it means they were shocked, which means they crossed the plane.

  50. The NFL is losing me a little more every year because of their stupid decisions. $$$$ is the reason! Oh maybe it is because I made a conscious decision not to purchase NFL endorsed products. Losing me!

  51. He doesn’t need to make any friends. He’s earned the right to speak his mind and the NFL has earned the right to sit there and take it on the chin.

  52. Espn has a serious hatred for the PATRIOTS as does that make-believe reporter Shefter.

    Shefter & Mortensen need to go away. They are complete clowns and should be writing for some old ladies tabloid.

    Not only is BB 100% correct on this issue but also on the point that coaches should be able to Red Flag a questionable penalty.

    31 Team owners are unable to over-throw the Dynasty of the NE PATRIOTS. Therefore they make every attempt to vote against them irregardless if the idea is a BENEFIT for the NFL.

  53. If the technology is available to get the correct call on a play, then you do it. It is foolish to allow home viewers and networks the ability to see a play with what should be the correct call and the officials and league ignore the ability to get it right.

  54. The owners do not want to eliminate ambiguity that allows them to direct the outcome of games through the officials.

    “Where does the money lie?” is the question that is asked when the ref goes ‘under the hood’.

  55. And if nobody in the league office nor at the franchise level can not sell the sponsorships to offset the camera cost with a profit, well then the reps should be looking for a new line of work.

  56. All he needs to do is go to Kraft and tell him to tell Rog to get the cameras. Rog won’t say no to his buddy.

    And the smartest coach in NFL history was Vince Lombardi.

  57. It’s all spite… And good idea that comes from Belichick is frowned on … Thay don’t want to give him credit for a good idea. And the money thing? Any camera company would do it for FREE … Sony ,cannon , any one of them would probably pay the NFL for all the free advertising.

  58. Why are we going to Brazil? ?
    So when nfl players get kidnapping/ransom threats by cartels or etc in brazil who’s fault will this be???

  59. NFL Logic:

    Improve the integrity of the game? = “What for?”
    Change extra points? = “It must be done ASAP!”

  60. I’m shocked!! Shocked I tell you! To hear that a football coach used salty language. What is the world coming to?

    That’s it!! If this type of language manages to spread to hockey coaches then I’m giving up watching sports altogether.


  61. He’s absolutely right. Even the NHL understood the importance of getting scoring plays right by putting cameras in the net. No excuse for the NFL not to do something similar especially considering how much larger their
    busine$$ is.

  62. I am sure Jerry Jones is behind this one more then Mara. If you add 4 cameras in the end zone he can’t pay off the refs anymore. That’s not going to work for Dallas.

  63. The one time I let the DVR get Olbermann and this might be reported on it. But retracted.

  64. Talk about irony, one of the biggest beneficiaries of poor or questionable calls griping about the lack of better officiating.

    He can thank at least one of his trophies for such poor officiating, the first one that got the ball rolling when he would have been ousted in the Divisional Round that he never should have gotten past.

    Otherwise, his team has benefitted from calls biasedly favoring his team for years.

  65. theanalyticalkid says: Talk about irony, one of the biggest beneficiaries of poor or questionable calls griping about the lack of better officiating.

    You can’t be talking about the Tuck Rule. That video was reviewed, the call was made, the call was later re-reviewed and affirmed as the right call.

    The Tuck Rule was subsequently affirmed and retained by the Competition Committee for the following 13 years

    The Tuck Rule was CORRECT officiating – though there’s no shortage of bad calls that have gone for and against the Patriots and every other team.

  66. How is it to expensive for more cameras? Roger Goodell recently made $44.2 million and he just had a lousy year. He should take a paycut. If not, I doubt that he has a guaranteed contract and seeing as there is no dead money affecting the salary cap from any signing bonus to be concerned with, just waive him and sign a younger and cheaper replacement and sign up for goal line cameras.

  67. Just watch…. one of the networks will take the initiative to position cameras as suggested, and create controversies when what they show the reality that the refs missed, thereby embarrassing the NFL into doing it.

  68. as in everything BB is exactly right good teams should not have an advantage because they get nationally televised games .
    I love updates that retract the story

  69. Adam Schefter strikes again. Loosely reporting things and not double checking sources. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

  70. No matter what you think, just look at all the comments. EVERYONE follows the Pat’s/Belichick. As a Raider fan, I see them doing what the Raiders did back in the day….Find a way to win!! When new rules come out 2 months after the season just ended, loopholes you found to help win the Superbowl… You’re good. P.S. F the Pats

  71. Soon more people will realize that people w that amount of money don’t care about anything unless it makes them more money.

    And people wonder why their wages and benefits stinks…. don’t look at Obama, look at the CEO’s.

  72. Right…so stick the “clarification” at the end of the article, but leave the headline on the front pages because it makes Belichick look back and draws clicks. Isn’t there an ambulance waiting to be chased, alleged counselor Florio?

  73. Love to see a camera company embarrass the NFL by saying it will donate the cameras. “Cris, the referees are looking at the replay on the Sony Touchdown Cam.”

  74. Where was belicheat and his cheating tirade ramblings about replay cameras when he was cheating the last 10 years. Oh that’s right reverse. Psychology, you can’t fool the most intelligent. Fooball fans belicheat.

  75. Would it rely matter anyway? Almost every call now is a “judgement call” so it’s not really about what officials see so much as how they “judge” it. For example Dez Bryant’s catch against Green Bay came down to did he dive forward or did his momentum falling carry him forward? The cameras had a clear view on that but it was still determined by the “judgement” of the officials as it should’ve been.

  76. it is insane that there arent two cameras on each end of the goal line at all times. ive always wondered why there wasnt. some of those replays they show of a player trying to break the plane are usually at slant and you cant completely tell. the idea that the league “cant afford it” is completely ludicrous. further proof that these owners are total cheapskates.

  77. Whoever has a camera in that meeting, kindly leak the said profanity laced tirade. Would love to see BB carpet f- bombing Blandino.

  78. I live in Minnesota and have been a Viking fan for 50 year or so now but I love this coach and his team , What Bill is suggesting is very affordable and just plain smart , It sure seems to me there is nothing but poor sportsmanship jealousy and politics behind the decision here

  79. How else can they control the Vegas Line?
    Too many angles could actually unveil the truth.

    How else do you control ‘the human angle’?

    Sure didn’t need additional cameras for the PI call reversal between Dallas/Detroit.

    That sort of control must’ve cost Jerruh a fortune.

  80. He’s said this for years. How can you have a system of video review and not have cameras covering the goal lines, end lines and sidelines. It’s beyond comprehension that they don’t do whatever it takes to have the field monitored. It’s not like football fields are like baseball stadiums where each one is different. They are identical. The ignorance here is astounding.

  81. UPDATE 7:08 p.m. ET: Three sources who were in the room tell PFT there was no profane tirade from Belichick.

    Wait, what? An inaccurate report from ESPN? The heck you say! Did Chris Mortensen also report that Belichick was sitting on a pile of deflated footballs as he spoke?

  82. Probably a tirade… I seriously doubt the guy wants more ways to get FairPlay on the field… He benefits the most from unfair advantages…

  83. “Mar 25, 2015 5:54 PM
    “Bill Belichick left these owners’ meetings not particularly happy.”
    To be fair, Belichick didn’t arrive at these owners’ meetings particularly happy either.”

    You win the ‘Best Comment Of The Thread Award’

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