Roger Goodell closes meetings with serious tone, little action


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke of many things in his press conference wrapping up the league meetings in Phoenix.

They were all taken seriously. Efforts are being made to do many of them right. And nothing is settled.

Goodell offered no resolution for the many issues on his plate at the moment, with no announcements on #DeflateGate, the proliferation of illegal legal tampering, the Cleveland texting violations or any possible suspension for Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy.

He said Ted Wells’ investigation into the charge the Patriots manipulated the air pressure of balls against the Colts in the AFC Championship Game was ongoing, and wouldn’t put a timetable on it.

He wouldn’t address the Browns issue, saying he hadn’t been caught up to speed but said: “I’m sure there’ll be a focus on it in the next couple days.”

He said they were investigating “several teams and several issues” regarding the premature cutting of deals in free agency, which was rampant this year.

On the potential move of a team to Los Angeles, he said he expected to hear from each of the three teams involved before the next meeting in May, and that they’d continue to move at “a very disciplined pace.”

Asked about a possible suspension for Hardy, who was signed by the Cowboys before they could know how many games he’d be eligible for, there was equal clarity.

“Any club is free to sign Greg Hardy, they understood that we were reviewing his case for potential discipline,” Goodell said, adding that they were “trying to get as many facts as we can” and that “I expect that will conclude some time in the near future.”

Of his recent meeting with Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, Goodell said “this is a young man who understands his responsibility.”

So there you have it. Things are being taken seriously. They want to handle them the right way. Tune in the next few Fridays around 5 p.m. for something to actually be done about them.

71 responses to “Roger Goodell closes meetings with serious tone, little action

  1. He forgot about the Atlanta Falcons crowd noise investigation. Will any of this wrap up before 2058? Can they manage to adjudicate one single issue in something less than a decade? And you need only look at the Ray Rice incident to see how adept the NFL is at fact gathering.

  2. Every question answered with a canned, carefully crafted by some PR hack, non answer.

    Goodell has no credibility anymore, and should have stepped down when the Ray Rice coverup was made clear to all.

  3. Pretty typical Goodell leadership style – talk, but no action. Probably because the owners have possession of Goodell’s manhood and won’t let him do anything in the best interests of the game if they conflict with the owner’s pocketbooks.

  4. So they’re going to issue some kind of decision on Hardy (and AP, and Rice) at some point, but what about a POLICY?

    Well, let me clarify…a policy that will be issued and then followed. So that when this (meaning another domestic assault charge against a player) happens again in the next few hours/days/weeks/months, the player, the team, the league and the public will have a clear understanding of what punishment the player is to expect?

    The solution shouldn’t be “hold them in limbo until we decide to make a decision”.

  5. Seriously and with turtle speed. Which means the league is happier not making any decisions. Safer that way…..

  6. It’s been proven that the only metric he’s graded on is revenue. He has succeeded at growing the business OR merely being in the right seat at that right time as the business grew organically. Make no mistake most other CEO’s, Execs, etc would have been ousted after what he went through last year. Money rules everything and no one should be surprised.

  7. What a clown! Does he know anything? He makes Sergeant Schultz seem like Einstein.

  8. If Goodell resigns or gets fired, the owners will hire another guy just like him: one that does exactly what they say and who will take the blame away from them. Oh yeah…and one with revenue as the main objective.

  9. 32 of the richest men in the US and a $40m mouth piece and all they can come up with is moving the extra point…These owners are full of themselves..

  10. tb12bestqbevah says:
    Mar 25, 2015 2:21 PM

    And for all this non-committal non-action non-information, they pay the guy $44m per year?


    That money is to give the media a scapegoat to keep them off the owners. He does that very well.

  11. There is an army of suits actually running the NFL….Rog is the face who’s primary responsibly is to the people who hired him…the owners.

  12. It takes time for the committees to investigate the task forces formed after a pow wow regarding issues “important” to the league.

  13. When it was brought to Goodell’s attention that resolving the issues discussed would require actual work and effort from him and not just talk, Goodell immediately decided it was the perfect time to cut to an indefinite commercial break.

  14. Roger reminds me of GW. Junior always seemed like he had no idea what Cheney and Greenspan were up to. Like Roger, he had no idea. GW and Roger have never delivered a message that left you feeling confident or re assured of their competency.

    Goodell is always getting up to speed. He’s always going through the facts. Whenever he’s asked about rule changes Roger is quick with information, facts and other language that will look great in future court documents.

    Atleast Roger hasnt done a Ray Lewis dance onto a field trying to have his “Mission Accomplished” moment. Goodell would look stupid in a bombers jacket.

    Go Pats

  15. How many billable hours is Wells running up in the deflategate investigation. If guilty, the penalty is a $25,000. fine. How does this make sense? methinks the NFL is trying to find a way to cover it up in a plausible way. I mean the guilty parties, Kensil, and the Colts should be very afraid. Also, when has the league office ever done anything in a timely, correct manner? Before Roger took over, that’s when.

  16. Congress works the same way. Big business has the money. Congress will not pass laws that conflict with big business. Same with the commissioner and nfl owners. It’s politics.

  17. I am also holding my own investigations and have no timetable for the results, as well im not fully updated on many issues, but I don’t get paid 40 million a year and im probably more qualified then roger the moron

  18. I will do this job for $100,000 per year. Somebody get me a coin….ok call it heads or tails?

  19. Man that picture of Goodell above sure looks like a Charlie Brown expression to me.

  20. And you don’t want it so hard I don’t have the right way and it will take the bus.
    I’m at a time when you are not in my room for a long way in which he was the best of all.

  21. He huffs and puffs and sucks down your wallet

    …there will be no replay, its to costly to get something right

  22. Goodell and OBlommit are identical twins:

    Both are:

    Create Chaos rather then solving conflict
    Do not believe they should be FIRED
    Believe they are godz
    Hate the symbolism of American Freedom = PATRIOTS
    Hold office title without the People’s approval

    and worst of all – JUST WILL NOT GO AWAY !!!

  23. If you’ve seen the “South Park” episode with the Goodell-bot, that’s all you need to know. It’s time for people to start calling out the owners for feeding us this continued line of bull. Goodell is paid handsomely to be the fall guy, but we know the owners make the decisions; hence the bureaucratically slow pace of every decision that is made.

  24. Did you ever think you’d see the day where the commissioner of the NFL would be more loathed than Gary Bettman?

  25. Goodell is always serious & never does anything except clear the by GOD patisies cover their cheating ways & taking money from Kraft to buy the Super Bowl for the darlings of worthless Goodell’s NFL!!! Can’t wait to hear the boos when he takes the stage for the draft in Chicago!!!

  26. “Any club is free to sign Greg Hardy, they understood that we were reviewing his case for potential discipline,” Goodell said, adding that they were “trying to get as many facts as we can” and that “I expect that will conclude some time in the near future.”

    Gathering what facts!!!!

    Dude was charged with a misdemeanor that was DROPPED because he paid her off. You suspended him for a season, just move on already.

  27. He is a sea gull style commissioner. For those unfamiliar with sea gull management, you fly in, squawk a lot, crap on everything and fly out.

  28. The league’s ineptitude is beyond belief. The Browns texting situation is open and shut. How can there be no resolution to that case yet? Same with the crowd noise issue in Atlanta. And Deflategate was dead in the water from the start because they never recorded the pressures initially and without those no serious investigation was even possible.

  29. What is he doing if he’s not up to date on the issues that are still up in the air? Will they resolve themselves by magic?

  30. Is it really Goodell fault that he has to reign in teams that knowingly break the rules and some mentioning no names are perenially trying to sneak an advantage by altering, filming or designing plays that nobody has ever seen that at best are unsporting. But it also must be said that there is so much technology, rules etc that it is almost impossible to stop teams that want to bend the rules or cheat from doing so.

  31. I’m going to take another viewpoint.

    Put the Ray Rice thing aside, they clearly botched that.

    Otherwise why does the NFL have to march to our timetable or the timetable of the press? It is a private business and the delays impact the teams ability to make decisions and no one else. The cowboys dealt with it and signed Hardy with no guarantees. The Patriots ignored the accusations and won the SB. The discipline to the Colts or Pats for deflategate will come and be no less severe depending on the time, same for ATL noise pumping and the Jets and tampering.

    Tired of the press and overexcited fans who expect the NFL to put things on rush just for them. Take time and do it right is what I say.

  32. Agree with jules- Bad news will be announced on a Friday before a Holiday…..good Friday. Point of fact- Goodell worked one season as a Jet intern, didn’t even get paid.

  33. This guy is the epitome of a corporate suit. Well dressed, knows his vocabulary, but is a complete blowhard with NO substance. No wonder players and fan dislike this guy so much

  34. I wonder what roger does with all his free time? He’s in charge but not aware or up to speed with what’s going on around him. He probably needs a long vacation after attending all those meetings. $40 million a year to look like an idiot and say blah blah blah blah.

  35. nflfan22 says: Mar 25, 2015 2:55 PM

    The serious irony is that Deflategate is ridiculously OVERBLOWN!


    How did you miss using OVERINFLATED?

  36. All of you here are asking why does Goodell this or Goodell that?

    The question is, why are the majority of you concerned with what happens with the owners, Goodell, etc? You “guys” are spewing out your mouths.

    Here’s another question, what happened to watching a football game without getting caught up with the background?

    Just watch the game, or don’t. Don’t worry about how much money the next guy makes, you envious-jealous sheep. Worry about your own. And if what is happening within the personal realm of these owners and players is affecting any of you where you can’t watch and have fun with a football GAME, don’t watch.

  37. If the NFL wants to know what would happen if a real man were in the commissioner’s office, they only need to look at the NBA.

    RG is so inept, I can’t fathom how he ever made it out of grade school.

  38. The look on his face when the fans booed him in the Super Bowl post game celebration was telling. It will become a standard from fans anytime this guy is introduced. It is deserved and a well earned honor.

  39. Notice that any investigation into an owner and team that kisses his backside takes forever to get resolved so it’s forgotten and any team that shows any independence gets the hammer dropped on them.

    The Falcons charge is just straight up cheating but they’re dragging it out. Piping in noise when the other team is trying to call a play is just flat out cheating yet this is taking forever.

    The deflate thing is more complicated but they should have all the info needed by now.

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