Sources: There was no profane tirade from Belichick

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One of the more intriguing anecdotes from the now-concluded league meetings arose via a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that Patriots coach Bill Belichick engaged in a profane tirade regarding the league’s resistance to using fixed cameras to enhance replay review, supposedly due to the cost of the enhancements.

“They were in a meeting the other day with Dean Blandino, the head of the officials, and Bill Belichick got up there, and in profane language, told the NFL:  ‘We spend money to send the Pro Bowl to Brazil, we spend money to go overseas to London, but we can’t spend money to have four cameras in the end zone, four cameras to help determine the correct call in the end zone on certain plays?’  He went off, and the way it was explained to me, from people in the room at the time, they were laughing at it because his language was so profane and because he was so incensed about it, and the NFL didn’t know how to handle it,” Schefter said on ESPN2’s Olbermann.

Three different sources who were in the room at the time say Belichick did not engage in a profane tirade.  One source said there may have been a single F-bomb uttered by Belichick while sharing his views on the league’s reluctance to invest the money necessary to install fixed cameras along the sidelines and goal lines, but the source added, “I’ve heard much worse in that room during discussions.”

“The quote was something like, ‘Let me get this straight, we can bring this game to Brazil and effing China but we can’t afford to put a camera in a pylon?'” one of the sources said.  Another source said he heard no profane language at all, which suggests that any profanity was uttered with a classic Belichick mutter, not as rant.

Belichick’s point was that the notion that cost prevents the use of additional cameras seems to be a pretext for the real reason, and that the folks resisting the increased use of cameras should just provide the real reason.

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  1. Have any of the sources been named? Either those who said the tirade happened or those who say it didn’t? I can maybe understand the original source wouldn’t want his name attached to the story but if no tirade happened why would anybody hesitate to say they hadn’t heard a thing?

  2. I dub thee #Tiradegate the nfl will contact the FBI to do a full blown investigation into this one.

    …Too bad they can’t affor a couple camera’s

  3. The hate against Belichick and the Patriots spawns an awful lot of these types of stories [lies] from anonymous sources. People don’t hear or read the retractions, they only remember the 1st report.
    See Mortensen whenever he writes about the Pats and the bogus report about filming a practice. Folks are very eager to blast the Pats anonymously, and giddy writers eating it up.
    Shefter is among the best out there, but he got suckered by 1 of the jealous league heads.

  4. From tirade to maybe one f-bomb. They sure know how to sweep things under the rug. Kraft wants his apology.

  5. Seems like such a logical argument that it likely deserved an F-Bomb or two for emphasis.

  6. C’mon let us fans have the imaginary video if Belichick going bonkers. We’ve had to sit through so many, ‘we’re on to [next team]’, you owe us this.

  7. I never believed there was a tirade. Belicheck seems like the type of guy to get to the point in 5 minutes or less. He was just saying what most fans thought anyways

  8. Lying about the Patriots is actually a two-fer. Not only does it make the Patriots look bad but when the truth comes out it makes the league look bad as well.

    Why would anonymous sources not make stuff up? Heck why would reporters not fabricate anonymous sources? There are no consequences to lying about the Patriots, only money.

  9. So is this the epitome of PFT on PFT crime?

    One article – ‘sources say there WAS a profane tirade…’ very next article – ‘sources say there WAS NOT a profane tirade…’


  10. Really though, 2 cameras on the goal line to get these calls right is too expensive? The most important locations on the field are the goal lines! These idiots spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on foolish investigations. Goodell snd his gang are morons

  11. ESPN

    Spewing Hatred and Jealousy against the Patriots once again.

    Where’s Stephen A on the subject? or is he avoiding Bill because he’s white

  12. This is so typical of Patriot news. And it goes all the way back to Spygate. The initial, headline grabbing, nightly news leading reports are inaccurate and slanderous (taping walkthroughs, deflating footballs, coach going bonkers). Then comes the truth (filming sidelines during games from an unapproved location, possible botched league sting operation, coach stating the obvious during meeting). Problem is, the American public will always remember the false headlines and the Pats will forever be labeled as cheaters and tainted even though it is not true. No wonder Bob Kraft is so mad at the media and the league front office, it’s a whole lotta BS.

  13. Let’s be clear, Bill was right about this issue.

    But it’s not like he ever lost control of his emotions before, like running down a ref on a game-ending call he lost.

  14. ESPN in an effort to”get a scoop” once again is an EPIC FAIL!!!
    I can’t believe how poorly they continue to get…. TMZ of sports entertainment news…& that is NOT a compliment!!?

  15. He’s right.
    Ok, NFL, you want to cry poverty? Have the cameras be sponsored. You’ve already slapped corporate names on nearly every stadium in America, why not the “Burger King” replay cameras or something? I’m sure they’d love to have their logo on TV during NFL games.

  16. People don’t hear or read the retractions, they only remember the 1st report

    Oh, you mean like the “taped the Rams walkthrough” nonsense that morons bring up and think they’re being clever?

  17. I was in that meeting.

    Arrayed against the forces of complacency, Belichick tore the world asunder that day.

    And then he dropped the mic, and was gone.

    – Brian Williams

  18. bill is always right money spend on going overseas, and other things, and can’t afford camaras, they can’t even afford psi testers, for the refs, for god sakes

  19. Ever notice that when it comes to the Patriots, the biggest media trolls all work for ESPN. Eventually, they get embarrassed by the Pats, just like all the whining, crying franchises like the Ravens, Colts and Jets.

  20. If they do install the extra cameras guaranteed they raise beer prices another 2 bucks.

    Does anyone actually believe the owners will foot the bill for anything that doesn’t increase revenue.

  21. kissbillsrings says:
    Mar 25, 2015 8:01 PM
    ESPN in an effort to”get a scoop” once again is an EPIC FAIL!!!
    I can’t believe how poorly they continue to get…. TMZ of sports entertainment news…& that is NOT a compliment!!?
    You do a disservice to TMZ. Their journalistic integrity is so far above espn. TMZ broke more important sports stories in the last year than espn has in the last 30 years.

  22. Why did he mention China of all countries? Why not England? Was it sarcasm or was a league secret inadvertently revealed?

  23. The Dark Lord has spoken and if he wants to drop F-bombs then g-d-it he’s gonna drop F-bombs.

  24. LOL, I love Belichick. Everything about the dude. Just cracks me up. No nonsense and just love the way he treats idiots who deserve the treatment they get.

    And I’m a Seahawks fan. Doesn’t matter. Belichick is awesome.

  25. I was there they played it over the PA. BB read poetry and the ref said don’t cover BB’s mouth.

  26. “Why China?” I was at a game in 06 week 3 Denver ( it sucked we lost) and pre game Kraft had a group of chines guys on the felid ,said Thay where planing a preseason game in 08. It never happened Thay went to England but maybe it’s back on the table. Thay have lots of people and lots of money so I think it’s inevitable.

  27. This is exactly why I hate the “press”, and more importantly, this is probably why Belichick seems to hate the press.

    Shefter comes out with a gossip piece about Belichick’s salty language at a meeting, and it turns out untrue.

    BTW, had Belichick in fact cursed at the greedy btards who are too cheap to spring for equipment that will ultimately improve the quality of football, well good on him.

  28. belichick is the greatest football mind in history. it’s not close.
    nobody is within 1,000,000,000 miles of the dark lord!

    #kisstherings #worldchampions

  29. I bought a GoPro for a little over $200 and the NFL can’t afford cameras. Of course, when you write $40 million checks to Roger, that’s a big hit on the budget.

  30. This is a great victory for John Mara and the other penny pinching billionaire NFL owners. The cost of some additional cameras is an outrageous expense that must be stopped.
    And Roger, you’re still doing a heck of a job!

  31. Let me get this straight. Adam Schefter was named as the source for reporting that Belichick went into a profane tirade. Florio’s 3 contradicting sources were – as usual – anonymous. Schefter wins.

  32. I don’t want the season to start until we get to the bottom of this. Profane tirade or logical rant? Brees demands an explanation, Tiki is flabbergasted, and Ted Wells has begun the investigation. Jed York is sorry you feel that way.

  33. The point is that if he did not, he should have. The NFL owner argument on no cameras, given their multibillion dollar revenue generation, is as stunning as it is stupid.

  34. And in a Dark room somewhere in a Jacksonville high rise, Mark Brunell weeps quietly as Roger Goodell strokes his hair.

  35. so here’s the timeline:

    – report that according to a source* Belichick went on a profanity laced tirade

    – massive support of Belichick comes out from both fans and haters alike

    – report that according to three sources* Belichick did not go on a profanity laced tirade, though he may have used a single profane word.

  36. So, why was the original report so important for Shefter to report at all? These are grown men, and I’m sure many/most of them swear on a regular basis.

    “Outing” Belichick for swearing in a closed door meeting is a non-story in itself, but the fact that ESPN felt the need to report this shows that they feel the need to pain Belichick in a bad light.

    Nice “journalism” there, ESPN.

  37. Do you mean someone would LIE about the Patriots????

    I’m shocked!! The PAtriots are always treated so fairly by the media.

    But who cares…the New England PAtriots are Supr Bowl Champions!

    Suck on that haters

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