Chargers seem destined to leave San Diego

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Apart from the bright-line rules that were (and weren’t) adopted at the now-concluded annual league meetings, one thing became clear via the chatter among those in attendance:  The Chargers are determined to leave San Diego for Los Angeles.

They haven’t said so publicly, and they likely won’t for months to come.  But enough is being said privately to lead to the inescapable conclusion that the Chargers are destined to escape from the city they’ve called home since 1961.

With public money no longer a viable option in California (or pretty much anywhere) to construct an NFL stadium, the money necessary to build a new building in San Diego won’t be offset by the kind of revenue that justifies the investment.  Instead, it now seems to be far more likely than not that the Chargers will partner with the Raiders in Carson, or that the Chargers will become the second team in the Inglewood stadium that will house the Rams.

It means that the Rams or Raiders will be shut out of the market.  The most common theory making the rounds in Arizona this week had the Rams joining the Chargers and the Raiders possibly filling the void in St. Louis created by the departure of the Rams.

Regardless, 20 years of talk about a team moving to L.A. will soon be ending.  In 2016, it now seems inevitable that the Chargers and another NFL team will be back in Los Angeles.

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  1. The St. Louis Raiders? That sounds ridiculous. Its pathetic that any fan base has to lose a franchise no matter who it is. A lot of teams are getting new stadiums or at least getting updates. Get Oakland out of that terrible field, update the Chargers stadium, and let St. Louis build a new stadium. L.A. has had all 3 teams and they all left. If L.A. wants 2 teams, get a couple expansion teams.

  2. Since the Chargers have proved themselves unable to draw adequate fan support in San Diego, it just makes sense for them to leave. But haven’t they filed suit against the league or the individual teams, claiming that LA is theirs and theirs alone? Spanos wants to have his cake and eat it to. He can’t afford to build a stadium anywhere. Somebody has to do it for him but he wants to bluster about calling the shots. They should move the franchise to Compton.

  3. Yeah, the Chargers have been wanting a new stadium for *at least* 20 years. I can’t blame San Diego, though. The cities/towns/counties that funded public stadiums in the last 20+ years have always gotten the short end of the stick, by far.

    Of course St. Louis built a new stadium for the Rams 20 years ago, so now they’re getting the short end coming and going. Kroenke is a scumbag.

    Having said that, I really hate the fact that the NFL allows teams to shuffle around like this. You can only jilt fans so many times before they go away.

    The NFL thinks the golden goose is invincible, which is false.

  4. It’s so nice seeing these articles about a team relocating and there is no mention of the Jaguars. In Khan we trust. Go Jags!

  5. The Inglewood stadium is still going to cost the taxpayers money, quite a lot of it actually with the developers writing in all sorts of fine print to make the taxpayers responsible for all sorts of reimbursements:

    While the group is not requesting any taxpayer money up front, they want to recoup $100 million in reimbursements or tax breaks in the stadium’s first five years, according to the AP.

    The developers claim that Inglewood stands to benefit a lot from the stadium, saying the city could generate more than $1 billion in taxes over 25 years. But the developers only want to promise the first $25 million a year to the city, after which they’d like to be reimbursed for “eligible costs,” and then any surplus would go back to the city. “Eligible costs” could include infrastructure around the stadium site, such as sidewalks, roads, and utilities, and landscaping.

    The reimbursements would not be limited to infrastructure and other sunk costs, though: “developers can be reimbursed by the city for costs on event days for police, emergency medical crews and shuttle bus services from off-site parking.” Those payments could end being as high as “$8 million annually, or $40 million for a five-year period.” The developer group has good reason to downplay the reimbursement scheme, as Inglewood residents could petition to vote on the proposal, fast-tracking the entire process.

  6. If the Chargers go to L.A. they will die there, they’re better off where they are.

    I understand they’ll get a sweet deal there and that their fan base is small in San Diego, but they will have no fan base at all in L.A.

    The Raiders are staying in Oakland and talk of them going to St.Louis is crazy.

    I think everyone knows that, even Florio.

  7. And as soon as they do other NFL Teams will start using San Diego as the next destination spot in leverage with their existing teams…….

  8. The worst part of all this relocation is the thought of the St. Louis Raiders seems really wrong.

  9. All three of these teams were already in LA and left, why should any of them be allowed to go back after whet they did to that city? Honestly it’s BS if you ask me. Add two expansion teams with the first going to LA and the second goes to a city like San Antonio or Oklahoma City whom actually deserve a team. Also, it gives the NFLPA the extra jobs it requires to allow expanded playoffs and eighteen game regular seasons with perhaps adding more roster space and shortening the preseason by those same two games. These fickle owners believe they are modern day royalty because the public pays for their castles/coliseums. Just saying…

  10. One thing for sure is the Rams are moving to L.A. Stan the top Ram owns the property in L.A. to make it happen and he would be foolish to lease the stadium out to two other teams while he would make less money in St. Louis. Either the Chargers or Raiders are going to move to L.A., while the question is, which team will get the new stadium deal first, opening the door for the other team to move to L.A.

  11. So, once again I ask the same question.

    The owners have long been rumored to expect a billion $ relocation fee for any team heading to LA. Is that now off the table?

    If Spanos can scrape together a billion to move, then why has he not scrape together a billion to build his own stadium in San Diego and instead been crying poverty?

    The entire situation is just owners chasing their tails.

  12. It makes the most sense for the Chargers and Rams to share a stadium, as long as the terms are acceptable to Mr. Kroenke. If not, he will go it alone.
    It would never seem right to have the Raiders in St. Louis, although the Raider fanbase would certainly fit in well with the outlying city of Ferguson.
    Make no mistake, Mr. Kroenke holds the cards. The Rams WILL be in L.A. so the question is how much is Dean Spanos willing to pay Mr. Kroenke to use his stadium? If its not enough then the Chargers may be the team left out in this whole round of musical teams

  13. So 2 teams will have empty stands until half way through the first quarter and then again half way through the fourth quarter? Worst sports city in the country…

  14. THE LA AREA fans won’t support ONE team,,much less TWO!!! You watch attendance will get anemic after the shine wears off,,and we will be back to,,Profit/loss issues…esp if it’s the raiders..wit their losing ways…how are you going to charge a $20,000 PSL for a team like the raiders?

  15. Obviously, the city of San Diego doesn’t think much of the Chargers and what they do for the economy and local community.
    San Diego refused to do anything.
    The Chargers simply are not wanted by local government.

    Now the old stadium and parking lot can be torn down and a better business for the community can be put in in its place.

  16. And, so begins another round of the inevitable moves of NFL teams. Say good-bye San Diego and St. Louis and welcome to LA.

    This will, of course, open expansion for the aforementioned cities and giving the owners hefty fees for admission back into the Club. The script is fairly predictable and after these cities the newly targeted city may include Jacksonville and watch for the gravitational pull towards London.

  17. I really dont understand why the super mega billion dollar NFL wont just pony up the duckets for stadiums for the teams that need them, in their base hometowns (save for St Loius LA Rams). Wouldnt investing into the leagues very own franchises just pay itself off quickly anyway? While keeping the fans in those citys faithful as well for a new stadium to cheer on their team like they always have.

  18. Smart ! Now all the nfl needs to do is get the Jaguars outta Jacksonville . San Antonio , Portland and OKC would fill up a stadium that doesn’t need a pool to lure fans to Support their Team . Skol Vikes

  19. How does SD build a baseball stadium over football ?? Bizarre….

    2 teams in LA is a colossal mistake waiting to happen

    Dan Fouts is rolling over in his grave

  20. San Diego: incredible weather, great town to visit, one of the worst groups of NFL fans in the country.

  21. Why in the world would one team LEAVE St Louis just to have another one go there? If St Louis wants a team they should strive to KEEP theirs!

    On another note it’s a shame to see teams leave places they’ve been and become synonymous with. Who wants to see teams like the Packers, Steelers or Chiefs move away?

  22. This is because the San Diego market can barely fill a stadium now, and could not support the PSL’s that are needed to offset the lack of public money politically available in California.

    The team that started out as the Los Angeles Chargers, seems destined to return to that name.

    Sad, since it’s my favorite team.

  23. Why would the Raiders choose St. Louis over San Antonio?

    The San Antonio/Austin metropolitan area is larger. The market is growing (unlike St. Louis which is shrinking) the people earn more money, the tax structure is better, and San Antonio hasn’t already failed at the NFL twice.

  24. About time they got back in the market. What happened to the Raiders in San Antonio talk?

  25. So… St.Louis loses an NFL team… and then another franchise will immediately move to a market that just lost their team? Makes no sense.

  26. With public money no longer a viable option in California (or pretty much anywhere) …
    Um, people in Georgia and Minnesota may not agree with you there…

  27. Chargers in LA, Rams in LA, Raiders in St. Louis, seems like we are back to the mid-90’s where franchises skipping town were prevalent. I don’t understand the rush to put TWO teams in LA. Shouldn’t we start with one and see how that goes, especially if Kroenke is willing to build a stadium himself? Not that I want any team to move….I hate that cities have their teams ripped away from them because they don’t want to foot the bill for a billionaire’s business interests, but it’s clear that the league wants it to happen, and what the league wants, they get.

  28. Seeing as the Raiders have won a Super Bowl in Los Angeles and the Rams have won one in St. Louis, doesn’t it make sense for Kroenke and Davis to swap, and Kroenke move the Raiders and be joined by the Chargers, while the Rams stay put? Seems more efficient to have two California franchises relocate rather than moving three.

  29. Disenfranchised fans in the hundreds of thousand as three team move to richer locales. Where’s the fan disgust? The NFL could care less about its fans by allowing teams to continue to move. After we lost the Colts I pretty much dumped the NFL for almost 15 years. The next teams will be Jax and maybe Tampa too. Putting a team in St. Louis after losing a two teams is stupid. It’s a baseball town and to get people to rebrand to a Raider will be hard. The fans are not as smart as they used to be. Players making ridiculous millions while most fans make an average $50k per year, billionaire owners fleecing you with ticket prices and yes, the ever spiraling cable and satellite bills driven up by sports contacts for the right to air. Fans will take any slap in the face, as surly the NFL surely knows.

  30. Look I hate the idea of relocation and fans losing their teams- especially Oaklandians.

    That said- San Diego has over 1.3 million in the city (8th in US) and over 3 in the metro (17th in the US). All those people, and even when the Chargers were a playoff team in 2013 (and they’re pretty much always playoff contenders) they blacked out a Monday night game. Prime time.

    They may not deserve it, but it’s been a long time coming with that lack of support.

  31. The NFL is a master of leveraging municipalities for stadiums.

    This one is an interesting one to watch with three teams, the LA stalking horse, and public funding dryer than the Central Valley of California.

    Kroenke and his privately funded stadium makes for a new wild card.

    Stadium talk is like the draft… A thousand rounds of liars poker before something substantive breaks loose and actually happens.

  32. Rivers let the cat out the bag when he said he wouldn’t move his family to L.A. Then turned down the extension. Sad day in San Diego Charger history.

  33. This justifies the people of San Diego not stepping up to support billionaires. If billionaires will spend money in LA or even Carson but won’t build in San Diego, why would the cities taxpayers? Greed will be the end of the NFL, and it’s coming sooner rather than later.

  34. While they’re at it, they can go back to the dark blue helmets they had in the Fouts/Winslow era, too. The faux throwback white helmets are just fugly.

  35. Franchise relocations are just another reminder of how pro football is much more business than sport. San Diego fans that strongly supported the Chargers for generations are getting the finger. Cleveland, houston, Baltimore all know that this is like.

  36. So, the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and the St. Louis Raiders?

    What about the San Antonio Colts, Portland Panthers, and Oklahoma City Oilers?

  37. Why won’t Phillip Rivers sign an extension…?

    Oh, he doesn’t want to raise his family in LA.

    Which is dumb, Orange County is beautiful, but I can see him preferring the south over Southern Cali.

  38. But California still somehow has the tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to build highspeed rail to nowhere. Smart people got out of that state years ago.

  39. Jax has nothing to do with this. The Jaguars are an organization on the rise.

    A NFL Voice of the Fan Survey, fans rated the Jaguars 1ST in…

    *In game enhancements & technology
    *In game entertainment
    *Arrival experience
    *Leaving the stadium

    The fans ranked Jax 2ND in…

    *Gameday staff
    *Safety & security

    The fans ranked Jax 4TH in…


    Imagine when JAX starts winning. Quit using us as the rumored relocation teams’ scapegoat, one (Jax) has ZERO to do with the others.

  40. As a Chiefs fan, it is seems not right from a competitive standpoint for KC & Denver if San Diego and Oakland are playing in the same stadium in LA. That suck to play the 2 LA teams 4 times a year, twice in the same stadium, and the 2 LA teams don’t have to travel for their division games against each other.

  41. Over the next ten years, California will go bankrupt. Whatever the Democrats do amounts to just rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

  42. Raiders will stay in Oakland, and the Rams and the Chargers will be in LA. Sorry Charger fans, but thats where your team began (LA Chargers)years ago anyway, and now they will return. Two teams in the Bay area and two teams in So Cal. Thats what the NFL wants.

  43. Let’s the Raiders move to London and realign them in the NFC east. Change their name to the Red Coats and maybe Superbowl 100 is a rematch of the Independence War : Patriots versus Read Coats.

  44. I can see it being good for the NFL to have a team in LA. But having longtime NFL cities losing teams is a bad thing. And if they eventually end up putting expansion teams in some of these cities that lose teams they won’t have gained anything over putting an expansion team in LA, which is probably the best case scenario in terms of getting LA fans to really latch onto a team.

  45. As someone living near LA, of the three teams mentioned, the Chargers would be somewhat palatable… but I’d rather an expansion team. Let these markets have their teams, put at least one expansion team in LA, start fresh. No more adopted teams.

    St. Louis Raiders…lol… Mizzou Raiders?

  46. The only way the Raiders move to St Louis is if a new stadium is built for them there. No way they move into a 20 year-old mausoleum that was the main reason the Rams wanted to move to LA.

  47. The people using metro population as a main reason for the NFL to move to a city (mentioning cities like OKC, Portland, San Antonio/Austin etc). If that’s the case, the Rams and Raiders would’ve never left Los Angeles. Some of these OKC’s and Portland’s of the world may not have the football culture to support a NFL team.

  48. You cannot blame the cities that lose NFL teams for not building stadiums for their teams to stay. Why spend 100s of millions of tax dollars on a stadium that will be used only 10x per year, with all profits going to the owners? And forget those jobs they supposedly bring to the city…they bring about 200 jobs serving beer and selling hot dogs (paying $7.25 hr here in TX).

  49. Teams that have moved:

    Baltimore Colts
    Los Angeles RAMS
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Houston Oilers moved to Tennesse, changed name.
    Raiders actually moved twice already, Oaklan, LA back to Oakland.
    Browns moved to Baltimore, changed name.
    And probably more I’m leaving out….

    Teams moving is nothing new. Get over it.

  50. Let’s do the math. San Diego, population 2 million. Los Angeles, 14 million. Which city would it be easier to recoup your investment building a new stadium? Plus L.A. has Dodgers, Lakers, Kings who have all won championships. What city would I prefer to live? San Diego, of course. Build a $1.6billion stadium? L.A. obviously. And what will happen in Oakland? Their stadium entire upper level is tarped. And what city would want their fan base? Hey raider fans. You better call Saul.

  51. The St. Louis “River Raiders” sounds catchy. Given the history of the westward expansion through St. Louis and usage of water routes.

  52. San Diego needs to stay put. Everyone talking about blackouts and no support in San Diego needs to go to Qualcomm and check it out for themselves. Yes it is true we have had a couple of blackouts in the last couple of years, but the Chargers did not opt to take the 85% rule or cover half of their stadium seats (cough – Raiders). The stadium is filled with Charger fans every Sunday! I left the area for a couple of years and still go to every game with my son (a 6 hour drive). There are a lot more fans just like me. There is no fan base in LA for the Chargers, they need to stay put!!! BOLT UP!!!

  53. Unfortunately, for the loyal Charger fans when you go to see a home game, you have to deal w/half the stadium being loud obnoxious fans from the other team. Not a pleasant experience.

    San Diego is just too beautiful of a city with too many transplants from other god forsaken states that nobody else wants to live in. Massachusetts and the Patriots come to mind.

  54. Sorry to see this happening again~ I guess Not For Long applies to cities as well. But let’s be honest-to not have a team In Los Angeles is hurting the leagues finances therefore hurting 32 franchises.

  55. London Raiders
    London Chargers
    London Rams
    London Jaguars

    There, GODdell’s dream has come true. He can now have a whole division in London. Closer than you think because the NFL does not care about it’s American fans because they’ve already sucked out every dollar they can get from us.

  56. San Diego has always been a lousy NFL fan base…but LA hasn’t been much better…Just happy to know that my CHIEFS will always be here in KC…Where REAL NFL fans reside.

  57. Explain again what’s wrong with the existing stadium? Nothing? Never understood this “give me a new stadium or give me death” mentality. The shine wears off after a couple years and then attendance is back to normal. Winning is the main thing that drives fan support. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  58. Oakland will not get a deal done. They’ve been talking about one for the A’s for years… it’s never going to happen.

    The Raiders will take the first solid offer given to them. Both the Raiders and the cities in question are simply feeling each other out.

    The Rams/Chargers in LA deal will happen. It makes sense. More butts to pay for seats, and #2 media market. SF/Oakland is #6 and has two teams, but LA has none? It’s a no brainer and the NFL knows it needs to be done.

    I suspect when the LA teams are finalized, that’s when the minor markets will come looking for the Raiders.

    San Antonio seems like a good fit if they can get a stadium deal done, plus it’s not just S.A., but Austin as well. There are die hard football fans in central Texas who throw all their money at UT because they have to travel 3+ hours to get to Houston or Dallas for a game. Give them a market, and they will spend.

  59. All 3 of these teams have played in L.A. before…..
    Why are we doing this again….and again….and again?

  60. Man you chargers fan in san diego are so annoying…. no we wont raise our hotel taxes that people on vacation would be paying anyways… boo hoo… your team is moving 100 miles north cause you guys cant fill the stadium and now you have to drive to see your team… us in l.a. area.. i.e. area have been driving down there for 50 years so dont be cry babies when you have to make the drive or you were never really fans at all… you dont want to pay for a stadium through people visiting your city and you dot want to drive a couple hours north then hide in your holes like you do every time the team loses cause i can gurantee there are plenty of fans where the chargers are moving and if you fans in san diego dont come to l.a. to watch then keep watching on t.v. then trolling some more online lol

  61. Raiders and Chiefs in the same state!!!! No way that would ever happen…. And don’t ever touch the AFC West, all original 1960 AFL Teams:

    -L.A. Chargers
    -Oakland Senors
    -Denver Broncos
    -Dallas Texans

  62. What city (or country for that matter) would want the Raiders? They should move to the CFL.

  63. Just GO, Chargers – – – and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

  64. Being a San Diego native, the Chargers are a staple in my mind. Like the Padres, you don’t really expect too much from them but you enjoy the fact that they’re there and that you have the luxury of enjoying a baseball or football game when the season comes around. Yet, the call for a new stadium has been ongoing for years. The Padres got Petco Park and I think that’s about all San Diego is willing to deal with at this time. I say compromise and renovate Qualcomm Stadium for the Chargers. It’s a a landmark and there’s no reason to build a new one with that one right there. Fix it up nice and appease the Chargers or raze it and rebuild but I think the most cost effective measure is just to renovate Qualcomm and have done. The Chargers belong to San Diego and I wholeheartedly believe it should stay that way.

  65. Its a giant game of musical chairs in the city of Angels. Loser goes to Saint Louis?

    Doesn’t make sense.

    The Raiders are a California team, maybe the thought of moving to San Antonio doesn’t tarnish the image as much(Texas is a rebellious place, and the Spurs wear Silver/Black) but to St. Louis? They lost 2 franchises consecutively, I think they need to be put on time out for awhile(see: Los Angeles market)

  66. Goodell is a fool if he lets San Diego go without a team.About as perfect a location for a super bowl as it gets.

  67. So even though its been proven that LA can’t even support a single team they’re going to get two. What a flippin joke…

  68. St. Louis is willing to build a new stadium despite having built one just 20 years ago. Kroenke with his Walmart ways is greedy and prefers having a team in LA, particularly after the LA Clippers sold for $2 billion.

    San Diego and Oakland on the other hand won’t or can’t build stadiums. St. Louis does not deserve to lose the Rams simply because of the owner’s greed.

    Kroenke can go kick rocks in LA with an expansion team, just leave the Rams here and in the hands of an owner that cares.

  69. San Diego’s City Hall and County Seat are about to come together in the same house. The city and county governments will announce at a news conference Thursday at the County Administration Building they have formed an alliance and will work in tandem to solve the turbulent new Chargers stadium project.

    The marriage has been hoped for and expected, especially by those who believe nothing can get done without assistance from the county (which doesn’t have the city’s financial issues), be it by area-wide ballot or otherwise, and harbors many of the Chargers’ season ticket holders.

  70. My two cents.

    Kroenke gets the approval and builds the stadium. The Chargers or Raiders move in.
    St Louis approves the new stadium and the Rams stay in St Louis. The NFL makes a deal with Kroenke where he is okay with the above and will get first dibs at buying the Broncos whwn the time comes and he sells the Rams to a local owner.

    Kroenke runs all Denver sports and everyone is happy.

    LA Chargers 2017

  71. One thing is certain, wherever the Chargers land as long as the Spanos’ are owners they will never win a championship.

  72. Life-long San Diegan here. Seems to me that the Spanos family decided a couple years ago to move. They’ve always been more into ‘owning a football team and making money’ than ‘owning the San Diego Chargers and putting the best team on the field’.

    Add to that the City being dysfunctional about these issues, and also the bad experience with John Moores and Petco– and there is little chance a stadium gets built in SD city or county.

    And with Kroenke heading to LA for sure, then either the Raiders or Chargers will get left out– which means Spanos will jump sooner rather than later, and will probably end up partnering with Kroenke in that new stadium.

    Sad to say it– but this Charger fan thinks they are gone.

  73. St Louis has lost a franchise before and they can handle it.

    Oakland lost the Raiders before and they will understand.

    San Diego refused to do anything to keep the Chargers and they deserve it.

    Yet in Green Bay, a city of 105 thousand, people can fill an 80,000 capacity stadium for every game and have over 100,000 on the waiting list for season tickets.

    Indianapolis has built the Colts 2 stadiums. Many other cities that love their teams have stepped up.

    It is about time people realize that the NFL is not bluffing. If cities don’t like their teams, they will find others who will appreciate them.

  74. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is too funny. Has Stan Kroenke even said, “we will be putting breaking ground on such and such a date in 2015 or 2016 or whenever???” Noooo…..he’s still trying to extort money from St. Louis!!! I guarantee you that if St. Louis ponies up anything close to what Kroenke thinks is fair, he won’t move. The Chargers and Raiders will be screwed because they don’t have enough cash between them to fund a stadium by themselves.

  75. Except….only 5% of pollsters in LA want the Chargers. Trust me, not one length of rebar will be laid down for the Carson stadium. Zero chance.

  76. I think things could come crashing down as fast as all the hype went up.

    Roger Goodell said he is pleased and encouraged with what St. Louis is doing to get a stadium plan in place for the Rams. Which could be trouble for Kroenke if wants to move the Rams and St. Louis is doing all they can to get a stadium built.

    The NFL will meet with all three cities over the next couple of weeks to see what the stadium progress is in each city.

    Now that the County is involved with the city of San Diego to get a financing plan together, things will look less dire once its presented to the NFL. The County is in a much better financial situation (billions better) than the city of San Diego.

    Al Davis says he wants his Raiders to stay in Oakland even if that means playing in a much smaller stadium and the team would even put up $500 million to do so.

    If deals are made with each city, Los Angeles could be left out in the cold again. Roger Goodell has stated that they want football back in Los Angeles, but they are in no rush to move a team there. And if any team relocates there, they want to make sure they do it right.

  77. I’m holding to my own “bold prediction” when this all started. Raiders stay in Oakland, Chargers Rams to share L.A.

    I just don’t see the Chargers working hard enough to really find an even ground with the city. Until that changes, I see the Chargers moving.

  78. Come buy a house in San Diego trolls enough said. We live life not the NFL life. Fan base has nothing to do with it but you live in some dump and I could buy in cash on one year of salary. You enjoy the cold, snow and your ignorance. I will enjoy life not supporting Mr Spanos. I do support Mr Kraft he is the best owner.

  79. * There is NO WAY the Chargers are staying in San Diego.

    * As a Chargers season ticket holder since 1978, the city and the fans have had nearly 15 years to think about this and the fact is – nothing has been accomplished because the fan base is weak – and the majority of residents who are NOT Chargers fans – will not allow taxpayer dollars for a football stadium used for only 10 NFL games a year. It takes a 2/3rds vote to allow this – and today’s environment – that will never happen.

    * The Chargers have been playoff contenders since 2004, when Brees was here, and since 2006, when Rivers became the starting QB. This has not prevented the many blackouts that have been imposed prior to the 2014 season. I think only 1 in 10 people on the street that I talk to – have seen the Chargers in person during the past 10 years at Qualcomm. Per-ticket cost is an issue, but not the only issue. The fans here prefer watching the team on TV.

    * There is NO home field advantage, unsold tickets are purchased by visiting teams, there is no waiting list for season tickets like there are in other cities – and these are all issues independent of the stadium being built in 1967 – and last hosted a Super Bowl in January 2003.

    * For PAYING fans like us – there are zero options without public tax support. The Chargers WILL move and will never get another NFL team in my lifetime. If you lose your foundational team, what are the odds you’ll get another via expansion in a 50-year-old stadium?

    * A friend of mine talked to me about the “trauma” of losing a major league sports team. He said he supported the Rams when they were in L.A., was a season ticket holder, thought he would never get over it. But he did. He watched the Rams from “afar” but he got over it, saved money and stayed interested in the NFL by rooting for alternative teams.

    * While the heartbreak of losing the Chargers will be a major story, it isn’t like the Brooklyn Dodgers moving to L.A. in 1957. That move was legendary and shocking, two years removed from a World Series title. It won’t be as bad as when the Browns deserted a fervent fan base in Cleveland and became the Ravens. Or as bad as when the Colts escaped Baltimore in the dead of night and moved to Indianapolis. Cleveland has a new Browns team despite their mediocrity for a singular great reason – maniacal support from fans.

    The Chargers – my team – do not have a fraction of the fan intensity that cold-weather fans from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia or Green Bay has. I would feel differently about the Chargers chances if this was a new story. But no, this dates back so many years that there’s a resigned feeling about everything. To me, the Spanos family has been MORE than patient and if I was in their shoes, given how I’m not getting older either – I would have gotten fed up and pulled up stakes a long time ago. I want the Chargers to stay, but waiting 15 years is BEYOND my definition of being patient.

    * The irony is fans most upset about the Chargers leaving – again – in my view – seem to be fans who love the team despite their inability to support them financially and have not attended games regularly at Qualcomm Stadium – instead of in their homes or at sports bars. As a season ticket holder, I have obviously supported the team for decades financially. I wish the Chargers would stay.

    * The city’s stadium task force announcement of alternatives to keep the Chargers comes out soon. It won’t be enough to pay for a stadium based on reimbursements of “projected” revenue from non-tax dollar sources. That’s a FACT. You don’t invest and build a stadium unless you’re assured of a decent return and most risk is reduced. And it’s been clear for 15 years, the city and the fans refuse to assume the risk for a $1.3 billion stadium.

    * But I’ve known for a long time that this will not end well for San Diego. And it won’t.

  80. The lights are on, but no one is home…

    The Raiders are staying in the Bay Area. It has been all over the papers. Ask Marc Davis directly and he will tell you they are opting for a new, 56,000 seat venue in the Bay Area.

    Drink your Ovaltine.

    The Carson deal will not fly. The City of Carson has no leverage.

    Stan Kronke will move his Rams to Inglewood.

    Just today, it was announced that the City of San Diego and San Diego County will partner up to build a new venue in San Diego. Call them. Call Dean Spanos.

    Are you on drugs? Are you using a Ouija board for your information?

    Your reporting is irresponsible gibberish. My cat, Cyrus, could do a better piece.

  81. The County and City of San Diego teaming up to build a new stadium to keep the Chargers in town has symbolic relevance – NOTHING ELSE.

    Despite the County’s coffers being loaded, again – there is NO WAY that county taxpayers will foot the bill for a $1.3 billion stadium AHEAD of other county services in San Diego.

    While the county voting threshold for approval is not as draconian as the City requiring a 2/3rds majority – the mindset in California is NO taxpayer dollars, period. The 49ers’ Levi Stadium was built entirely with private money and personal seat license sales. In the region abutting San Francisco – there is no way this stadium could have been built in any other way.

    In 1967, San Diego voters, hungry for major league football and baseball – eagerly approved a stadium with taxpayer dollars. That stadium is Qualcomm Stadium. Much has changed since 1967.

    The Chargers are going to move. This is not a bluff. It may not be Inglewood, but they’re not staying in San Diego. They’ve waited 15 years too long to get results and only now – on the edge of truly bolting – are people in a panic. The panic is too little, too late. The chance to make money hand over fist in the L.A. market that skeptics believe cannot and will not support an NFL team like the Chargers – has been put off for too long.

    The valuation of a team in Los Angeles alone is more than enough to make up for any bumps that will occur during the first year or so with a new fan base. Winning cures almost everything.

  82. The NFL should be fined by Oakland, San Diego, and St. Louis for tampering. They should be suspended for fan abuse. Then get reinstated and be suspended indefinitely for bullying.

  83. What’s really stupid in this article is no mention that real progress has been made in Oakland with a developer being given exclusive rights to negotiate with the Raiders and apparently the Raiders are working with this guy and other companies to present a plan to build a stadium at Coliseum City! The City and County have official votes and no mention in article? The Raiders owner has said repeatedly he wants to stay in Oakland and wants a smaller. 55,000 seat stadium and that was forgotten? All to say that their moving to St. Louis where now 2 teams will have moved Cardinals and now Rams? No mention that there is no fan base in St . Louis fir the Raiders! And no fans would never follow them there! Chargers moving ya I could see that being there’s no progress being made do Rams and Chargers in LA I can see that! Raiders stay in Oakland, book it!!

  84. I have been a fan of the San Diego Chargers since the early 60’s and I disagree strongly with the idea that San Diego has a weak fanbase. It’s true that many transplants move to the area who don’t identify with West Coast teams but for the one who doesn’t care about professional sports, there are three fans who do – greatly.

    The problem lies not with the fans, it is the owners (and the city shares some blame in this) who have let the fans down. San diego has a love/hate relationship with the Chargers – love the team, hate the owners. The Spanos family is the Harland Svare of NFL ownership, IMO.

    Beginning with the sabotage of Don Coryell’s career, to the $75 million facelift to the stadium that Alex Spanos showed public disdain for almost as soon as it was completed (ungrateful), to the ensuing ticket guarantee that the put the city City financially on the hook for unsold tickets when the Chargers fielded one of the worst teams in all sports.

    There’s the Bobby Ross debacle, they ran him out of town shortly after he led the team to their only Super Bowl. Marty Schottenheimer fired after a 14-2 season and replaced by Norv Turner.

    Nepotism runs rampant throughout the Charger front office. They’re barely owners and yet they fancy themselves “football people”, convincing themselves that they have the talent to assess football talent. The City seems snakebit on getting the stadium issue done, probably due to the fact that they have been hoodwinked by these football charlatans many times before in the past.

    There’s enough blame to go around for the City. But it’s undeniable that the ego of the Spanos’ and the greed of the NFL have much to do with the negative situation going on in SD…

    I’ll go on record as saying that the Chargers will probably leave San Diego, but I will also make a bold prediction. Los Angeles will never love the Chargers the way San Diego does. They might fill more seats in LA and in doing so, their wallets as well. But they’ll never get the love they already have here – because while they are there, the Angelenos are going to discover something we in SD already know. Fan base is a direct reflection of Ownership.

    We love the San Diego Chargers but it would’ve been nice if the Spanos family had just stayed in the construction business.

  85. San Diego dragged its feet too long. Nothing short of a IMMEDIATE plan to build a new, privately funded facility in Qualcomm parking lot (already zoned etc) will save the day there. The Wildcard: Angels stadium old, Rams used to play there: Re-invention of a modern two-sport stadium in Anaheim for Angels and the “San Diego Chargers of Anaheim” (yuk)

  86. “killxswitch says:
    Mar 26, 2015 7:39 AM
    Wow, 1961. Long time to go without ever winning a Super Bowl.”

    Actually they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1970… Since that’s when the AFL joined the NFL.. The Chargers won an AFL championship in the 60’s as well as making it to a few others and losing.

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