Randy Gregory tested positive for marijuana at NFL Combine

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Randy Gregory is easily one of the top defensive prospects in this year’s draft class. Gregory, a standout defensive end from Nebraska, views himself so highly as a prospect that he believes he’s worthy of the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

However, failing a drug test at the NFL Combine won’t help his status.

In an interview with Kim Jones of the NFL Network, Gregory admitted that he tested positive for marijuana at the event in late February in Indianapolis.

“I blame myself,” Gregory said. “And I know it sounds cliché, but there’s really no one else I can blame.”

The combine has set dates. All the participants know when it is. And yet, somehow players still occasionally fail the drug tests they know await them in Indy.

Gregory says he hasn’t smoked marijuana since December and yet still tested positive because of how high his THC levels were.


That seems incredibly far-fetched. A highly trained athlete preparing for the combine, working out several times a week in the lead-up to the event, having not smoked marijuana in close to two months and still tests positive? Not sure I buy that one.

Now Gregory will be in the league’s drug system, which means he’ll be tested for recreational drugs more frequently and will be much closer to a potential suspension in the future.

It could have an effect on how early Gregory is drafted next month.

Gregory is an intriguing pass rushing prospect and his skills will still lead to him being selected early in the draft. However, if Gregory cannot control his off-field decisions, he could find himself following Josh Gordon’s footsteps in the future.

154 responses to “Randy Gregory tested positive for marijuana at NFL Combine

  1. Biggest interview of his life and he shows up with THC in his system, knowing he’ll get tested. Brilliant.

  2. How does player marijuana consumption harm the NFL in any way that makes it justifiable to punish use so highly?

  3. So another one, without a smidgen of common sense “graduates”? I aint buying this one either.

  4. Debate all you want about whether marijuana should be legal or not, or even how bad it is if you fall on the not legal side. Everyone knows it’s certainly frowned upon by the NFL.


    You know exactly when the combine is. Dont smoke a week or so before the combine!!

    It’s not worth thousands if not millions just to get a little high some night.


  6. The middling draft group of the Vikings, Chargers, Bills… Hell, even the lower-picks of Broncos, Eagles, and Patriots are very happy with this news.

    Stupid choice, but someone is giving people lot of money to stop smoking weed. Hopefully he follows the rules until these leagues decide to stop with these regulations. I’d rather Gergory spend his off-days toking up then running a person over drunk or assaulting people. I’ll stereoytpe the correlation but hard-pressed to see him doing much of either on the green.

  7. With large amounts of marijuana consumption and/or consumption over a long period of time, the THC will linger much longer in someone’s body than a person who barely uses Marijuana. So in fact he very well could be telling the truth but it makes him look like a pothead in the eyes of people who know how the drug testing field works.

  8. I think this is crazy and ludacris to have someone bashed for smoking marjuan. The man is trying to male a career for himself. What is the NFL going to do when nationwide because legalize for marjuan? Answer me that one!

  9. Gotta wonder about a guy who can’t abstain from hitting the chronic before the biggest job interview of his life. He must be taking advice from Percy Harvin.

  10. Rules are rules, even if they’re outdated.

    Randy just cost himself some dough but will likely end up with a better team.

    I hope this Kelvin Benjamin strategy doesn’t become more commonplace.

  11. Wouldn’t draft this bust, no way no how…cue up the dope solders defending the virtues of weed while doing everything in their power to change to subject and talk about alcohol.

  12. Even worse then testing positive is that he won’t own it, that’s 2 red flags right there.

  13. Shame. Combine is probably the biggest job “interview” of his career. Oh that Mary Jane…

  14. Randy should bring his talents to the Seattle Seahawks……

    I’ll hook him up with some of this homegrown Purple Nepal that I’m smoking


  15. It amazes me how guys in a position to cash in on such a huge level can take such chances. Somebody give this kid Fred Davis’ phone number

  16. Unbelievable… I’m not a marijuana supporter and I think it shows this child’s character by thinking he’s better then the laws of this country.. Just another idiot who chooses to live by his own rules… That the downside of athletes… They think they are above all rule!

  17. Considering how big the guy is it very well could last in his system that long. Working out twice a day has no effect on how long it will last in his system. It’s all based on fat, the bigger the person the longer it’s staying in his system. That whole “it stays in your system 30 days” is an estimate not scientific fact.

  18. Randy has bust written all over him. He is a string bean one trick pony. I have been keeping up with him for 6 yrs now when he played in HS in Indiana. I know the thumbs down are coming, but you wait and see

  19. And if the league tested everyone this week more than half the league would fail from marijuana use. Do we really care if some one smokes pot these days?

  20. Hmmmm, I could smoke weed today, and potentially lose millions of dollars in my future career, or I could just say no……such a difficult decision. You really feel bad for these extremely well educated players…..

  21. While I’m of the opinion that this stuff should be legalized and taxed, this kid is an idiot. He just guaranteed he’s not picked till at least number 8, at the earliest.

  22. So what that he tested positive? It’s not performance enhancing and shouldn’t even be included in the testing process. Stop the madness.

  23. You have to be a special kind of stupid to fail the test at the combine. I know some people will say it’s just weed, well guess what he knew the dates and knows it’s banned. I hope he drops out of the first round, even though I know won’t.

  24. WHAT A TOOL!!! If your too stupid to not smoke weed before what is essentially the biggest job interview in your life that tells me you have the common sense of a garden gnome and should not be trusted. Put that in normal every day context. Me and you normal people go and apply for a job you need to provide money for yourself and family. For some inexplicable reason we decide to smoke a joint anywhere near the time we have our interview. Well 100 out of 100 times we don’t get the job and that’s for jobs where your making 20-40 dollars an hour. This douche decided smoking weed was a good idea and his job interview is for one where they will pay him MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. If this gets him dropped from say the 6th pick down to say 10 well that joint just lost him 2 million dollars easy. The most expensive joint in the history of the world. I hope he enjoyed it.

  25. Very, very possible to fail after 2 months.

    All it means is that he smoked a ton. Sure he trains his brains out, but training hard and drinking gallons of water, while it can help “speed up” leaving your system, does not mean that you will pass a test.

    Everyone’s body composition is different. Some can pass a test on shorter notice than others, while smoking more than another.

    I have been an active weight lifter/trainer for 10+ years, and I tell people the same thing: you wanna pass a fest, whether it’s weed or juice, then don’t do it. Plain and simple.

  26. The prohibition of marijuana needs to change as it is becoming increasingly legal and it is not a performance enhancing drug. In the meantime, smart teams will profit by ignoring positive tests for it to the disadvantage of rubber stamp teams that choose to treat marijuana like every other drug – except alcohol.

  27. Whatever your thoughts on whether it should be lethal or not, these guys know they will be tested and they know the NFL had it on their list of forbidden drugs and you still can’t pot the booking down for a month?!-stupid He wants to argue that he smokes such massive amounts that it stayed in his system for 60+ days?!-even more stupid.

  28. THC is stored in your fat cells, this is entirely possible. However if he was using hard powders it would have been out of his system in a day or two, the rules need to be changed!

    Go Pats
    Legalize it!

  29. If he’s smoking weed, you’d think he would’ve gained weight. He was very light for the combine.

  30. Most importantly, how does this development affect Chip’s effort to draft Mariota?

  31. Well, yeah. Considering the Gordon debacle, what team will waste a first round pick on a guy, regardless of how talented, if they’ll potentially lose him for big chunks of time?

    This doesn’t show great self control on the part of the player, and yes, it’s hard to find anyone else to blame but himself. At least he’s got that one worked out.

  32. This is better for Gregory. Now he’ll end up going to a better team. Same thing happened to Dan Marino. Teams better be careful with Gregory. We saw how Marijuana ruined Marino’s career.

  33. Wow… unbelievable. You have a job interview that might define the rest of your life, where you know you’ll get tested and you go there and are busted?

    Huge red flag, but this will add some new intrigue to the draft and which team will risk a high pick on him now.

  34. What a moron. Nothing wrong with smoking a little weed, but not being able to hold off prior to the biggest interview of your life is asinine.

  35. Failing the most important drug test of your life when you know the exact date it’s coming is a huge red flag.

  36. “Not sure I buy that one.”

    Not sure anyone other than you cares if you buy that one, Dr. Crabtree. I know from personal experience that THC can be positively detected three months from the last toke. Stick to the wee bit of football that you know.

  37. First off, the kid is an idiot.
    However, with the testing utilized by the league, it is entirely possible to find MJ in a person’s system 2-3 months after use as THC attaches to “fat cells” in the human body.

  38. Dummy of the year award right here folks. You can’t stop it for the time frame of the combine? Seriously? I mean I have no problem with marijuana and I think it should be legalized across the country. But when you have the opportunity to make money that will set you for the rest of your life and they tell you that you can’t smoke it, DON’T SMOKE IT! Good god it’s not rocket science fellas. I just don’t get it.

  39. So, you are not employed by the NFL yet, only a prospect, and they still can drug test you? So, If I’m thinking that I would like to be employed by a company, and in a couple months may talk to them, they can test me now? Doesn’t the NFL have more important matters to attend to?

  40. Don’t worry, the Cowboys are always looking for bargain players from the wrong side of the line.

    As long as they can play, all else is irrelevant.

  41. Combine is the same time EVERY single year, EVERY one knows how long it takes to get out of your system. Yet, EVERY year somebody fails. I’m all for weed, but not ignorance.

  42. The guy cannot control his addiction to marijuana.
    Marijuana is more important to him than football or a job in football.
    He is a traitor in the War on Drugs.
    Such a person is a detriment to society.
    For many the only way to break the addiction is to go to prison. I hope someday he is willing to get the help he so clearly needs but until then his mind is not right.

  43. I don’t smoke weed, but come on, you’re gonna judge a player because he smoked weed? With the stress these guys have to go through, weed is their anti-depressant. Now if he tested positive for heroine, get him help ASAP.

  44. For the “MOST” important time in his life, he couldn’t put the weed down, I just never will get this with these players, sure take a chance, look what Gordon did to Cleveland, case in point, what an a$$

  45. “I blame myself,” Gregory said. “And I know it sounds cliché, but there’s really no one else I can blame.”

    No, it’s not cliché, he really can’t blame anyone but himself.

  46. On the NFL website, if you look at the Mock Drafts, all of them have Gregory going to the Washington team.

    How appropriate?

  47. Actually it is entirely plausible as marijuana can still be present in the body for up to 90 days in heavy users. I think it is odd that he would admit this as it means he was a very heavy smoker as opposed to someone who did it once and just showed poor judgment.

    The real question is how many millions of dollars is this going to cost him?

  48. Actually, while that part about higher THC levels may not be a legitimate excuse, today’s pot is not the same stuff from 30 years ago. It does have higher (in some cases several times higher) levels of THC – which by the way, isn’t good for you. I hope this is Gregory’s last brush with stupidity.

    As a Viking fan, I remember a guy named Onterrio Smith very well. He had the talent to be a great RB, but his love of pot was greater than his love of football. He literally whizzed his career away because of it. I hope, for Gregory’s sake, he doesn’t go down the same road.

  49. I don’t buy that either. the more you work out and sweat the quicker it leaves your system. If he was an everyday smoker i say 30 to 45 days tops and it would be gone. He better get his problem under control.

  50. Anybody that has every smoked weed knows that 2 months is plenty of time for all the THC to get out of your system. This of course is if you actually quit smoking weed in that 2 month timeframe. I’m sure lying about it will hurt his draft stock a bit more than the failed drug test.

  51. that was one expensive joint! hope you enjoyed it as you slide down draft board after draft board! stupid..just plain stupid..

  52. Should be off of every team’s board at this point. Talent doesn’t matter if your team can’t count on you to chose your job over weed.

  53. That toke cost this guy millions. If someone knows they are getting a drug test on a certain day and that THC stays in your system for a month but smokes anyway, that’s a MASSIVE red flag.

  54. No debating on whether pot should be allowed or not, but how stupid is it to know you will be testing at the combine, and when that test will occur a long time in advance, and STILL test like Smokey? Love to know how ‘Half Baked’ did on his Wonderlic.

  55. Unbelievable…you know the date you are being tested and you still fail. Not very responsible. Bet he drops significantly. Nobody wants another Josh Gordon.

  56. You can get blind drunk and kill someone while behind the wheel, but god forbid you get stoned.

  57. oh no, marijuana? Oh my… gasp! What a terrible drug. I suppose it would have been better if he drank alcohol instead of smoked pot since that’s legal ? So sick of this crap. If people want to smoke marijuana on their off days, that should have nothing to do with a guy’s job. People die everyday from alcohol and that’s legal, and it would have been perfectly fine if he tested positive for that or drank it everyday, our society is totally backwards

  58. These players continue to show their stupidity not to think they will be caught and there self entitlement attitude not to care.

  59. what an idiot. If you drink a gallon of green tea it flushes out the thc in your urine for 36 hours, everyone knows that.

  60. End the war on drugs. Land of the free is just a marketing motto at this point. Also, he could have done cocaine or any other much more harmful and addictive drug and it would have been out of his system in 3 days. I hope this makes it so he somehow falls to 11 and the Vikings grab him.

  61. Sounds plausible to me. I think it depends how heavy his use was prior to quitting. I personally failed a test and got kicked out of school after being clean for 45 days. A time in which I was working out constantly. Some of these tests are that good and the player doesn’t truly know for sure whether or not he is “clean” he’s just hoping. It’s all so dumb and unnecessarily stressful.

  62. Hey CC,

    A quick internet search reveals that THC can stay in the system up to 90 days. Not saying that he’s not to blame, but he may not be lying. You might consider checking all your facts before coming to such an assumption.

  63. Don’t worry Gregory about sliding too far in the Draft. The Dallas Cowboys just put you on the top of their draft board.

  64. I dont buy it. You can flush it out with a ton of water and sweating it out because it sits in your fatty soluables. Anyways Washington D.C. legalized buds, so why doesn’t the NFL?? Its better than man made pills.

  65. Not everyone metabolizes THC at the same speed. Average time is 30-45 days, but I’ve seen guys take over 60 days to clean 0ut.
    BTW – does he think that saying it was in December somehow lessens the infraction? “Oh, I did that a long time ago” is an excuse you hear from a kid.

  66. This seems to happen every year. I doubt that the teams considering him are more sceptical because a college student smoked. But what does it say about your commitment to yourself and the sport to do so when you know you are going to be tested, not to mention what it tells you about basic intelligence (or the lack thereof).

  67. If he blew a .2 and was falling down drunk the night before, as long as he was not behind the wheel that would be O.K……blow a J and he is Josh Gordon!…REALLY?

  68. No one is really arguing that pot should be illegal. But, for now, it is. Most places. The fact that he knew that and smoked anyway, well, that’s bad.

  69. The red flag isn’t as much that he smokes weed – plenty of NFL players do that – it’s that he was stupid/careless enough to not get clean KNOWING he was gonna be tested.

  70. Because we all know how detrimental marijuana usage can be for athletes trying to maintain peak physical fitness. Just ask that Michael Phelps guy.

  71. It’s amazing how stupid people sound when trying to come up with an excuse after they are caught. We had a guy in the USAF that said, after his positive test, he must have gotten it from second hand smoke from a concert that was over a month before. He must not have known that his particular sample was the highest concentration the base had ever found during a random test. He was adamant and wanted me to believe his story. I told him his levels were so high that I wondered if he dropped a joint itself in the sample.

  72. I don’t smoke, but think pot should be legal. In this case, I really hope it was worth it. It stays in one’s system for a max of 30 days, meaning he is lying now too.

  73. It’s time the NFL reviews it’s policy on marijuana use. It’s not performance enhancing, and many players have stated it helps them with pain relief.
    This 4 game suspension for testing positive is excessive. Worse yet a 1 year ban for a second test ? The NFL wants this squeaky clean image but the facts are we know some of these players have a checkered past or have issues dealing with the fame, notoriety, and the money. Pot should be the least of issues they need to address.

  74. My first thought is how did this info come out? Is he the one who volunteered the info? It was probably a trick question by a reporter who knew how stupid he is. Also this is the same kid who has acknowledged that he had a case of senioritis in High School, that’s why he was not able to get into Purdue (signed commit) and had to go to a JC. I can see him falling to either the Cowboys or Colts (Colts would take him as he is from Indy)

  75. Weed? I don’t even care anymore. I would draft a player based on need not weed. Unless he’s the second coming of Josh Gordon, it doesn’t matter.

  76. I’m so tired of the whiners saying it’s just weed. Guess what, when a corporation wants to give you a job that will pay you millions of dollars, but states you can’t smoke weed. Don’t smoke weed – especially before you are going to get drug tested – Pure and simple.

    Don’t care if the drug is legal or illegal in some States, your company lays down the terms of your employment. If you can’t follow those terms you get fired or suspended.

  77. If this guy is as good as reported, and he smoked weed all through college, and his THC level was so high it was detected at the combine whether he smoked 2 months or 1 month beforehand, shouldn’t the NFL classify weed as a Performance Enhancing Drug (PED)?

  78. Yeah, if you know you have this coming up – what the heck are you doing Randy? One of your buddies told you it would be out of your system in 30 days and you bought into that.

    NFL just needs to classify it as a pain medicine and move on.

  79. Oh nooooooooo, marijuana, the universes most evil and dangerous drug ever! His life is over as are millions of others that smoke the devils weed!

    Shut up America. Its harmless. The government accomplished its mission in the 70s to ban the plant the grows naturally.

  80. Some of you commenting are so old your college days are light years away. He’s still a kid obviously he’s not going to take everything in life seriously. I honestly don’t know how this doesn’t happen to more players. It definitely can take longer than 30 days I know from experience. Went over 40 and still tested positive.

  81. What a bugger…he just lost 500k or so from that move. Hope it was worth it.
    I don’t agree with NFL rules on pot, but it is, what it is, and he blew it.

  82. Just maybe we can steal him in the 2nd round…If Dallas or New York does it they call it a great pick a steal…but if we do it who knows what the media will say but for sure they wont give us praise..we will have to shut them up during the season with winning ..RAIDER NATION

  83. First of all, anyone that wants to excuse this knuckleheads behavior as OK because “it’s just pot”, “pots legal in some places”or “it should be legal everywhere” need to put the bong down. I thinks that it Is Pretty clear to everyone, even those people that do partake, that it being marijuana Is not the issue, at all. His decision to smoke down at a time when he knew that millions of dollars were on the line shows way more issues than just getting high on the mj.

    1) Lack of character. Putting getting high before a drug test that will play a huge part in your financial worth for, at least, the length of your rookie contract.

    2) Just plain stupid. Come on, you knew the date of the test, it wasn’t random.

    3) You are either a liar or a weed junkie. Sure there are cases where thc stays in your system longer than 30 days. If you’re 45, pushing 350, have almost zero physical activity or have a stopped metabolic rate. Other than that I can’t imagine how much he would have to smoke a day, in order for it to remain in someone of his age and activity levels system. If he’s smoking that much than, by now, you could count his remaining brain cells with your fingers. (Maybe more of a possibility than I thought)

    I have zero problem with pot. To each his own. Unfortunately billion dollar corporations feel differently, regardless of it’s legality. People are now losing their job for having nicotine in their system. To fail a drug test that you were aware of for a very long time Is a Pretty darn good reason for a company to think twice before investing millions of dollars in you.

  84. Though I agree that it is probably unlikely it was in his system for that long due to the fact that he likely has a high metabolism, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Depending on how much one smokes, the metabolites of THC can be in the system for quite a while longer than 30 days. In my experience I have seen cases where people test positive after 100+ days of not smoking (though these are generally people with high body fat percentage and low daily activity). Nonetheless, if he truly did stop smoking 2 months prior to the tests, it means that he was likely a heavy every day smoker for quite some time. It takes about 90 days for these heavy smokers, regardless of metabolism rates to get completely clean if testing at a 15 ng/ms level.

  85. I love fact that the PRO Pot people can’t spell worth a crap,they must be high while writing . This why drugs are bad for you ,it screws your mind up.provided you had one to start with.

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