Reports: Vikings reach deal with Terence Newman, who’s likely to sign Friday

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The Vikings will reportedly soon finalize a contract with a cornerback whom head coach Mike Zimmer knows well.

According to Darren Wolfson of KSTP-TV in St. Paul, Minnesota is likely to sign Bengals corner Terence Newman on Friday.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports Newman has agreed to a deal worth $2.5 million ($750,000 guaranteed).

Newman, 36, played in Zimmer-led defenses in Dallas (2002-2006) and Cincinnati (2012-2013). He notched 72 tackles, 14 passes defensed and one interception in 2014 for the Bengals. The Cowboys’ No. 1 pick in 2003, Newman has started at least 10 games in all 12 of his NFL seasons.

Xavier Rhodes, Captain Munnerlyn and Josh Robinson are the primary holdover options at cornerback in Minnesota, and Newman’s experience in Zimmer’s scheme would figure to give him a solid shot at a contributing role.

57 responses to “Reports: Vikings reach deal with Terence Newman, who’s likely to sign Friday

  1. Happy for Newman, was a classy guy and total pro while in Cincinnati, but he has lost a step and it showed last season a few times. Hope he does well mentoring the young guys in Minnesota.

  2. Bottom line is Zimmer knows defense and if he thinks this guy can help then he probably can. The defense will be improved from a year ago just by Zimmer having his core players spend a season playing in his scheme.

  3. Best player on the greatest team in the history of the universe. We are well on our way to the 103rd division title in the last 55 years.

  4. stevelibrandi says:
    Mar 26, 2015 7:49 PM
    37 years old opening day. Was injured too much. Another insignificant Vikings signing. They way overpaid.
    Zimmer has a HUGE defensive mind. Apparently you have a TINY football mind. Zimmer knows the guy can play. And mentor.

  5. Wow, surprised by the amount, figured he might have been signed to help the young guys out in training camp and then get cut before the season, but with $750k guaranteed looks like they plan on giving him a shot to start ahead of Robinson.

    Wonder if this means the Vikes are not targeting Trae Waynes at 11 and are ok with grooming a later round pick behind Newman, or this is just insurance. Hmm.

    I know this FA class was pretty weak, but seems like the Vikes got older with the players they picked up with a 37 year old QB, a 37 year old CB, a 28 year old WR with a potential attitude, resigning a 37 year old LS and a 34 year old backup OL in Berger. Just seems to be a different direction from what they did last year getting younger.

  6. I’m happy for Newman. He played very well for the Bengals until the last few games. I wasn’t a big fan of him signing with the Bengals but was pleasantly surprised with his production. Zimmer will get more out of him this year and will have Newman mentor the Vikings young CB’s.

  7. your right about the CINCY fans, after dealing with the “packer fans” predictably desperate antics towards VIKING fans it’s refreshing to see the comments of most the BENGAL’s fans on VIKINGS related posts always leaving an informative or just honest answers whenever there is a connection that comes up between the PURPLE & ORANGE’BLACK CATS. I’M JUST SO TIRED OF THE NEGATIVE, THANK YOU CINCINNATI FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE

  8. Told ya. Nice to see the bengals love on here. We’ve been thtough the dregs, generally call it pretty square. Zim is a good guy, and good coach. His dudes love him. Newman will play solid for you Vikes.

  9. V fans gave GB fans a hard time when they signed a 34 yr old Peppers last year and look how that turned out.(except for him telling Morgan Burnett to take a knee instead of trying for a pick 6).

    Im not gonna do that here because its a decent signing despite him being 37. He’ll be like a coach on the field, he might know Zimmers defense better than Zimmer at this point.

  10. I remember when he left dallas people thought he was washed up then simmer got hold of him again. Man he really balled here in cincy I would just like to thank him For his contributions just a classy pro. I’ll never forget that 4th down fumble recovery for a td vs the packers. You got a good one Minnesota.

  11. He fell off some last year, but he’s got some gas left, especially if the Vikings only use him in a nickel or reserve role. Zimmer will know how to use him. Great guy too. As a Bengals fan, I wish Newman, Mays and Zimmer good luck this year.

  12. AR12 is going to light this guy up….a little bit like 42-0 at the end of the 3rd qtr last year at Lambeau! FORTY-TWO to ZERO. 42-0.

    Yup, you beat the Vikings en route to the Super Bowl Champi……oh wait. Oh yeah, thats right….cough, cough, cough……

  13. 13nflchamps says:
    Mar 26, 2015 8:52 PM
    AR12 is going to light this guy up….a little bit like 42-0 at the end of the 3rd qtr last year at Lambeau! FORTY-TWO to ZERO. 42-0.

    what was the score at end of the game against seattle in january? oh yeah gb won with awesome pedal to the metal game playing

  14. Packer fans are funny, if Rodgers gets hurt, they are lucky to be 4-12, lol. At the end of the day, the 2014 packers had the biggest 5 minute meltdown in NFC championship history. That’s als in your history books packer rubes, cause we all know you love to talk about your damn history lol!!

  15. Good luck #23. Well respected guy, great work ethic and you will be missed in Cincy!

  16. Shocked he still has a career. He was Eli’s whipping boy…. And that was like 8 years ago

  17. If the Packers published The Onion, then signing a 36-year-old CB would be the punchline as a headline.

    You’ll never see Ted Thompson sign a dinosaur and give him $750K guaranteed.

  18. Us Cincy fans are just cheering on Zimmer. The guys one heck of a coach and as smart a defensive mind as there is. He deserves to be a head coach and to win, and I’m happy to chear him on ( unless the Vikings are playing the Bengals, of course)

  19. Guy has a long history with Zimmer. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him join Zimmers’ staff if he chooses to coach after his playing days.

  20. Classy player for the Bengals, Mike Zimmer got the best out of him here when he was in Cincinnati for 3 years. I’ll remember him for that play against Green Bay when Reggie Nelson stuffed Lacy at the line of scrimmage on 4th and inchess and he picked it up and ran it for the go ahead touchdown. He’s a little up there in age, but can still be a solid guy and good veteran presence for the Vikes. Zimmer knows him obviously coaching him in Dallas and in Cincy. I’m happy for Zim that he finally got a HC job because he definitely is deserving but man we miss him here in Cincy. He made this defense a dominant force and it’s amazing how bad it was before then and he took it and made it one of the best. The Vikes got themselves a good qb to build around in Teddy just got to get some pieces around him, just have to be able to overtake Stafford and Rodgers. Best of luck to Newman in Minnesota, hoping Dennard and Dre get their chance to step up and start this year.

  21. I really like the Bengals and love their fan base. Ass kick team looking to get to the next level in the playoffs…Best of Luck this year..!!!

    The Viking and Bengal fan bases have one thing in common. The Packers and the Steelers…Their fan bases are constantly throwing the championships from the 30s and 40s in their rivals faces..It’s quite comical actually..

  22. AR12 is going to light this guy up….a little bit like 42-0 at the end of the 3rd qtr last year at Lambeau! FORTY-TWO to ZERO. 42-0…

    Not If he throws a 55 QBR like he did the last game…

  23. Looking forward to watching Nelson, Cobb, and Adams burn him…

    If I were a Green Bay Rodger fan..I would be more worried about the gaping defense that TT just decimated in depth, and coming off an epic breakdown in the NFCC.

  24. I can’t believe they’re giving up on Xavier (Highway 29) Rhodes already.

    I can’t believe they give Shields, a non hitting arm tackler a 40 million dollar contract…and who is now at the other side?

  25. I hope they don’t let him use his walker out on the field….

    Now that is funny…what would be even funnier if he shared it with Julius Peppers

  26. Bengals fan here. Newman was great for Cincy, wish he could have stayed. There was just too many stocked young guys at CB on the team. I think every Bengal’s fan saw this happening, and that he’d follow Zim. He was a total pro who knows his limitations and finds ways around them. He always seemed to come up with the big plays in Cincy.

  27. I hope he wears the number 37 just as D Sanders did. So the WR knew how old the person covering him was. Rhodes is a decent Cover Corner.T. Noose can be all right but I also understand it can get tough for a fella like that in the NFC North. When he gets lit up by Jefferey, Nelson, Megatron, and Cobb. I don’t know what the Vikings plan is with AP and from the sounds of it neither do they…. but good luck to them

  28. Give Zimmerman a few more seasons, and you’ll have Dalton and AJ wearing purple too. I mean, look how far these guys have taken the program in Cincy.

  29. Terence Newman is a great signing for you guys. He knows Zimmer’s system very well. He’s almost going to be like a player-coach.

  30. It’s sad that the Packers fans need to come to the Vikings page to talk their trash.

    This isn’t a awesome pick up by any means – but hopefully this is giving us an insight to what Spielman and Zimmer are looking for in the draft – a stud corner. This will give Terrance a year to teach Rhodes and hopefully Waynes.

    I think these Packers fans better get used to feeling pressure from this up-and-coming Vikings team.

  31. not sure if anyone outside of minnesota noticed, but, over the last part of the season Xavier Rhodes shut down Megatron, Nelson, Jeffery and Wallace

  32. @Frazier

    He absolutely did, but even with his great contributions the Vikings only managed to go 1-4 against those teams after the bye.

    Leadership is great, it helped the Packers win a title when Woodson came to town, but the dude is going be 37 at the beginning of next season. He has 5 INTs in the last 3 seasons. I feel being that “young up and coming team” that some reference and has been rebuilding since 2009 it would be best find a player with a little more upside.

  33. we also lost our last 5 games by a combined 16 points.

    its a young and up and coming team, with most people as optimistic about them since old #4 showed up in the middle of august back in ’09. the difference though is the ’09 vikings were stacked with veteran talent ready to make a run, these vikings are stacked with young talent just a draft or two away from making some real noise in the NFC.

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