Ron Rivera not worried about contract distraction for Cam Newton

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The Panthers aren’t saying much about their timeline for trying to reach a deal with quarterback Cam Newton.

But they’re not worried about his mindset if a deal doesn’t get done this offseason.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he was confident Newton would be focused this season, regardless the status of contract talks.

I think our quarterback is a smart, savvy young man, understands the dynamics of the game,” Rivera said, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “I think he’s the kind of guy who’s able to focus on certain aspects of the game and put things aside. Obviously, that’s a work in progress right now.”

Rivera still hopes they can reach a long-term deal with Newton before the start of the season. He’s currently working under the $14.7 million fifth-year option from his rookie deal.

“Personally, yes I would,” Rivera said, when asked if he’d prefer getting a deal done before the season. “But they have a timetable, both sides do I imagine. Both sides have a plan and hopefully we can all get everything worked out together.”

The Colts have already said they weren’t planning on doing a new deal for Andrew Luck this offseason, which means Newton and Russell Wilson could be playing chicken to see which quarterback blinks first.

15 responses to “Ron Rivera not worried about contract distraction for Cam Newton

  1. I’m sorry, did you just put Russell Wilson and Cam Newton in the same sentence?

  2. Cam Newton is one of several young QBs in the league who’ve now had a few years as a starter, has shown definite talent, but has also been exasperatingly inconsistent.

    I would find it difficult to give him big money. And, no, he’s NOT in the same category as Wilson or Luck, but he’s in that Dalton or Tannehill situation where, if the team doesn’t stick with them, who will be the QB?

    To me this is the new NFL. QBs like Luck who can start out of the gate and be successful are becoming more and more rare. The guys who are still unsettled after a few years are becoming more common.

    And then there’s the other half of the league who are struggling to find anyone at all reliable enough to be their starter.

  3. I hope Wilson blinks first… his contract is going to be like Kaep’s, a shocker to every who just follows the hype.

    Newton has more leverage over the Panthers

  4.’s going to be ugly when the fanbase turns on RW when his contract hamstrings the team.

    You can cover a LOT of holes when your starting QB makes less than the punter.

  5. I’d pay the guy. He’s dragged subpar offenses ahead for years now, sometimes with arms and legs hanging off.

    If you don’t want him, we’ll trade you a Cutler for him.

  6. Word around Charlotte is that Cam is going to force Richardson’s hand. Cam prefers a larger market but will consider staying in Carolina for an insane amount of guaranteed ca$h!

    At least that’s what I’m hearin’ from the brothas on tha street.

    -Stephen A. Smith

  7. RW: 7 yr, $210MM, $50MM signing bonus, $11MM per year guaranteed on 5th day of league year, final year $83mm roster guaranteed only.
    Newton: 6 yr, $200MM, $35MM signing bonus, $14MM guaranteed on 1st day of each league year, final year $81MM roster guaranteed only.

  8. Cam is not Luck caliber. But he is head and shoulders above the likes of Dalton and Tannenhill. I’d also rather have him than Kaepernick. They will have to pay him and I am sure they want the deal done before Wilson and Luck sign so Cam won’t use that as his baseline.

  9. If you are looking for a quick deal to be done under the likes of Dave Gettleman, then forget about anything happening in the near future. The problem is not Cam or his agent but with a skinflint like Gettleman heading negociations, then this will take course over the long haul. Newton may not be resigned until next off season. The problem with the Carolina Panthers is the front office and that is mainly Gettleman and not team President Danny Morrison.

  10. Dalton is at least as good as Newton. Andy has a better supporting cast. The Bengals played in the playoffs without Green Eiffert Gresham and Marvin Jones. Jones and Eiffert missed the entire season. When Rae Carruth is paroled in 2017 that will give Cam another weapon. He is Vick 2.0, hardly elite, certainly not Luck/Brady. While a different style than Dalton, their respective productivity is similar. Andy could win a Super Bowl. Lesser quarterbacks have. The Giants Manning for example. The Bengals are not as good as when the season began when they kicked butt. Geno Atkins, who is almost Watt-esque when healthy, was on IR for the 2014 playoffs, and was so ineffective in 2015 as to be called by DC Paul Guenther as just a guy. Maybe he is better two years post op. Now Burfict may have a career ending knee injury. Add the front office gaff of losing Andrew Hawkins………which has them looking at fast slot guys in round two. It’s a team sport.

  11. It’s a hard one because the truth is he’s just ‘okay’. He’s not bad but there are very real questions about whether he will rise up to the next level of QB.

    But you gotta sign him because the alternative is the Rex Grossman-Cassel-Hoyer-Fitzpatrick-McCown-Schaub-etc merry-go-round.

  12. Cam, Luke Kuechly, Star Lotuleili, Kawann Short, Kelvin Benjamin.

    These guys need to stop hitting the jack pot on their high round draft picks. How are they going to pay all these guys?

  13. It’s doable friend. Just do what the pats steelers packers and my bengals do. Sign your own forget the rest. The Bengals signed Mchael Johnson but…..he had been their own and they got him for fifty cents on the dollar. Also they could let Kuechly come home… Cincy. Nice player. Wish we had him. The cap will be close to 160 next year. The Panthers will be fine

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