Jeremy Maclin’s gone, but says “I still believe in Chip”


When LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Trent Cole and Todd Herremans made plans to attend a fundraiser last night, they were Eagles. Since then, they became former Eagles, part of a flurry of offseason activity that sent them all packing, along with quarterback Nick Foles.

That means their starting quarterback and leading receiver and rusher have all departed in a short time.

“If you would have told me two years ago that that would be the case, I would have laughed,” Maclin said, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “This is a business, man. Things like that happen.”

Of course, Maclin made his own business decision, taking a $55 million deal from the Chiefs, of which he said: “It wasn’t really about money.”

As much as anything, it was about coach Chip Kelly’s vision for the team, which Maclin said he still had confidence in.

“I still believe in Chip,” Maclin said. “I think Chip’s going to do great things here. I have the utmost respect for him. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get something worked out. But at the end of the day I’m very excited about playing for Kansas City and playing for Big Red [Andy Reid].”

Having a comfortable place to land was a help, because Kelly’s showing there are few sacred cows in his herd, which will lead to many more Eagles becoming former Eagles.

23 responses to “Jeremy Maclin’s gone, but says “I still believe in Chip”

  1. Just like DeMarco, he didn’t sign for the money. Okayyyy. Neither went to a team with a better chance to win a Super Bowl.

  2. I like Maclin but I can understand not wanting to pony up $11 mill/yr to keep him. The question the chiefs have now is can Alex Smith get the ball to Maclin? I have my doubts.

    If you have an $11 mill/yr receiver he’d better be a focal point of the offense, not just a decoy.

  3. Really upset to lose j Mac but sadly you can’t pay a guy with 2 acls and 1 thousand yard season 11 million. Wish him all the best luck great guy.

  4. Hilarious, because Chip is the only GM/Shot Caller who has ever released older, higher paid players that didn’t fit their new systems.

  5. I guess Chip is thinking Bradford will be ok running his O since he always gets hurt being a pocket passer but he still has Sanchez and Barkley lol. But you cant tell me Chip isnt trying somehow to get Mariota at a cheaper price

  6. “which will lead to many more Eagles becoming former Eagles”.

    Substitute Eagles with any other team in the league. No team has sacred cows nowadays–see Jimmy Graham, DeMarco Murray, etc. This is a business and teams realize that 80-90 percent of players are expendable and can be replaced by younger versions or themselves. This is not a Chip Kelly thing–it’s an NFL thing.

  7. If you still believe in Chip then yes, it WAS about the money. No one begrudges you for the money grab but don’t blow smoke up our butts saying it wasn’t.

  8. 2 things I pull away from this article.

    1, can some free agent, ever, just say they signed somewhere because they offered him the most money? We all know that is the case more often than not, but to hear them tell it, it’s a once in a decade type of deal

    2, as much as opposing fans and certain media members love to bash Chip Kelly for his methods, the only former Chip Kelly player I can think of that has ever had something negative to say was DeSean Jackson, who had by far his best season of his career the one season he played under him. Even guys he moved on from unceremoniously generally have high praise for him

  9. Eagles. Still happy just to make it to the NFC championship and lose. You ain’t gonna tell me he’s building a super bowl roster.

  10. Right Jeremy..that “thing” you couldnt get worked out is called a contract! Like Desean, you also had your best year ever last year so let’s call a spade a spade.

    He’s a classy guy but c’mon bud…spare me

  11. Chip Kelly 0 championships at any level, 3 and 9 against teams with a winning record and 0 playoff victories in the NFL. To believe in Chip is totally foolish. Maclin is just taking the higher road because he’s a good dude.
    DJax had a good year on a bad Redskins team with 3 different quarterbacks to think Chips system made him good is being a homer.

  12. Yeah and I wake up and go into my job at 6am and sometimes work 14 hrs depending upon what needs to be done that day on my network BUT… I don’t do it for the money, it’s not about that at all. I just love getting up at 6am and working all day and sometimes night!….. Please Maclin… If it’s not about the money cut me a check so I don’t have to get up at 6am anymore. Thanks

  13. Maclin is a true pro. Thank you for the memories in Philly and best of luck in KC, Jeremy!

  14. He believes in chip as an offensive coach but doesn’t trust his GM skills. Rightfully so, got absolutely hosed on that bradford trade. Gave up the better qb and a second rounder. Ouchhhhh.

  15. I love my old team. I love my old teammates. I love my old coach. I believe in his system and believe they will win a championship some day. My new team offered me way more money to sign with them.

    Oh, and, it’s not about the money…

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