Michael Sam: “I am not the only gay person in the NFL”


Michael Sam was going to be the first openly gay player in the NFL, when he was drafted by the Rams last year.

But he said he quickly found out he’d have been far from the only gay player in the league.

During an appearance at an event in Dallas last night, Sam declined to offer a number, but said there were many players who reached out to him last offseason to thank him.

I am not the only gay person in the NFL,” Sam said, via Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m just saying there is a lot of us. I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.

“Was it a risky move? Yes. But at that moment, the reason why I came out is I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal. Maybe I was naive. Maybe I thought it was 2014, and people will understand that there’s gay NFL players. There’s gay athletes everywhere. But I was clearly wrong. It was a huge deal.

“The players who have reached out to me and told me about their sexual orientation, it just means a lot. But I will never say anything about who they are, what teams they are [on]. I’m just saying there’s some famous people, and I’m not the only one.”

Of course, Sam’s not an NFL player at the moment, and after his subpar showing at last week’s veteran combine, he might not be one anytime soon. But he said he was confident he’d play this season, indicating a stint in the CFL might be in his future.

Sam had a stint on the Cowboys practice squad after the Rams cut him, and doesn’t have anything pending this season. He said he didn’t think the reason was his sexual orientation, but thinks his unemployment could be the reason others haven’t made the decision to come out.

“Hopefully I’m not being discriminated [against] because I’m gay,” Sam said. “I don’t believe that I’m being discriminated [against] because I’m gay. I just want to know if I’m truly not in the NFL, it’s because of talent. Let it be because of my talents. But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that. . . .

“Dancing with the Stars is my employer. That’s my main source of income. … I’m unemployed, and I don’t believe I’m out of the NFL because I’m gay. But if it was a reason, it can hurt their livelihood, and you don’t want to take that chance.”

Regardless his personal life, Sam’s lack of prototype size and speed is the primary reason he doesn’t have a spot on an NFL roster at the moment. He was a good college pass-rusher (11.5 sacks and the SEC defensive player of the year), and a stint in Canada might help him put together enough game tape to get another shot at the NFL.

And if he does, perhaps others will join him in his openness.

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  1. Im just saying if it was such a big deal then he wouldnt have had to COME OUT before he played a down in the NFL, everyone would have ALREADY knew well before he was gay. Not downing anyone but he’s trying to make more out of this, well get more out this, than it is. I work with people who are gay, lesbian and maybe transgender and we know WELL before they get here.

  2. Am I the only one who noticed Michael Sam darn near led the league in sacks with, I believe, three in preseason — with about 5 QB hits which was second?

    Why no mention of that?

    Who cares about a 40 time, he seems to be an actual football player with his in-game ability.

    I can name about 5 players on every team who are subpar pass-rushers, so this is obviously going beyond football.

    And the media is perpetuating this by steadily concentrating on combine performances instead of what we saw from him against other NFL prospects in the preseason; tell the whole story.

  3. Main reason I can’t watch college football. This man was the DPOY in the SEC and led them in sacks and he can’t even get a job on a practice squad somewhere? College football is so lopsided in my opinion.

  4. I respect this guy greatly. I have zero respect for those who ridicule or belittle him. It took huge balls of steel to do what he did knowing the response he could get.

  5. “Was it a risky move? Yes. But at that moment, the reason why I came out is I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal. Maybe I was naive. Maybe I thought it was 2014, and people will understand that there’s gay NFL players. There’s gay athletes everywhere. But I was clearly wrong. It was a huge deal.


    Bullcrap. This from the guy who had a television deal lined up and an appearance on Oprah scheduled before he ever stepped foot on a practice field. You also aren’t on “Dancing with the Stars” because your famous for anything else.

    You aren’t a hero and you aren’t being discriminated against. That’s just the narrative your agent would like you to push so that teams will feel pressure to sign you to another practice squad deal for PR purposes or at the very least to keep you on the reality TV circuit.

    If teams thought you could help them on the field, you would be there.

  6. Of course there are. Anyone who thinks otherwise is extremely naive.

    The only part of what he said here that I have issue with is him saying the other gay players lack courage by not coming out. That’s not fair for him to judge. Everyone makes their own decisions and does what’s right for their own situation.

    Sam should just go to the CFL, see if he can make a career there (and what’s wrong with that?) and if the NFL is in his future, it will happen.

  7. In the future, a gay college player who is truly talented and a possible 1st round pick will arise.

    Once that day comes, being gay in the NFL will truly not matter because as we’ve seen before in the NFL, talent overrides any off field issues, up to and including sexual orientation.

    If Marcus Mariotta came out as gay tomorrow do you believe he would not be drafted in the first round? Probably not.

    Michael Sam had the balls to come out but he does not have the talent to stay in the NFL.

  8. He’s not being discriminated against because he’s gay. It’s because he’s using it as a soapbox to be famous.

  9. First of all, you’re not ‘in the NFL’. Secondly, I doubt any gay player would be approaching him to ‘thank’ him for anything given the general reaction towards him as an attention hog. You didn’t think it would be a big deal, huh? Sure you didn’t.

    And these assumptions that he’s some kind of lock for the CFL are funny too. I don’t care what he did in college – he’s not very good. He’s not a great athlete by pro standards and he’s slow. The CFL is a fast, three down passing league. I’m not sure he’ll be effective there either.

  10. And NOOOOO, nobody has to prove you CAN’T play. YOU need to prove you CAN play.
    Typical victim-based thinking. It has become just sickening. Discrimination? Seems to me Sam is getting more opportunities than the typical heterosexual player who has been cut.


    How about that?

  11. After consulting with his agent Michael Sam returned to the microphone to apologise for not remembering that he isn’t actually ‘in the NFL’.

  12. But…..I thought it wasn’t about him being gay.

    Except when it is.

    Like…..all the time.

  13. Maybe he’s not as good as he thinks he is. Good pass rushers are a premium. And if he was a talented pass rusher he would have a home. NOBODY cares that he is gay. He seems to bring it up more than anyone else. Just play. Let that speak for you. Hell plenty of talented players end up in Canada for various reasons. If you’re good enough you can make it back!

  14. I have no issues with gay peoe playing in the nfl and clearly there are some and always have been but being gay hasn’t hurt this guy. It’s the only reason why anyone is still talking about a guy that’s not talented enough to be in the cfl never mind the nfl

  15. I’m not so sure it’s the gay thing.. May be just maybe it’s talent related. Could be that 5.0 he turned in on the 40. Arena league or Cfl

  16. Jackson Jeffcoat left college the same year as Sam. His father, Jim Jeffcoat, was a star for the Cowboys for many years. Jackson was a star at University of Texas. He was a consensus All American defensive end and winner of the Ted Hendricks award. Early mock drafts had him going in the first round. As the draft approached, his stock tumbled and he went undrafted. When you looked at a lot of tape you saw a “tweener”. A guy who was pretty good, but just not quite strong enough to play inside, and not fast enough to play outside. Seattle signed him as a free agent and then cut him. He got picked up by the Redskins and has been on and off their roster. He’s currently on the Redskins roster. When you looked at Sam’s college tape you saw a guy that was just a notch below Jeffcoat in talent. Both guys put up big numbers for big time college programs against big time competition. Neither player looked like a solid NFL prospect. Jeffcoat is not gay. He wasn’t being discriminated against for any reason other than ability. I think Sam, being the lesser talent, might have been drafted only because he was gay and the Rams wanted to do something positive for the NFL. After Sam was drafted he got involved in some kind of reality show or something, and started seeking the spotlight. His abilities were just not good enough for all the distraction that he was creating. He decided to become a distraction, and teams don’t want distractions, especially for a player who didn’t really earn the opportunity he was given in the first place. Nobody was making a big deal about Sam being gay except Sam himself. He did it to himself, and it sounds like he still doesn’t get it. At the end of the day, he’s just not good enough to play in the NFL, and if he wasn’t gay, he probably wouldn’t have been drafted in the first place.

  17. Breaking down the interview:

    Quote: “I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.”

    Translation: I am more courageous than any NFL player.

    Quote: “Was it a risky move? Yes. But at that moment, the reason why I came out is I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal.

    Translation: Actually, the real reason I came out was because a local paper was going to report on my sexual orientation, and I wanted to get ahead of the story. Otherwise, I probably would have stayed closeted like all those other “non-courageous” gay NFL players.

    Quote: ““Hopefully I’m not being discriminated [against] because I’m gay,” Sam said. “I don’t believe that I’m being discriminated [against] because I’m gay. I just want to know if I’m truly not in the NFL, it’s because of talent. Let it be because of my talents. But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that. . . .”

    Translation: I’m being discriminated against because I’m gay.

    When will this guy’s 15 minutes be up already…

  18. Wow, and here I thought out of the 1600+ players that he -and only he- was gay, defying the statistics found throughout the world. Thanks Mike for informing me!

  19. Let me get this right: the NFL will hire drug abusers, child beaters, women beaters, homicidal maniacs; but, they will not hire a gay person? In many ways, like it or not, the NFL is the ultimate meritocracy.

    The facts speak for yourself. The gay players in the NFL are qualified to play and have the necessary talent to pursue their craft.

    You do not.

  20. If doesn’t believe he is out of the NFL because he is gay, then can he explain his comment to TMZ “I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year … so I don’t think it had to do with talent.”

  21. Dude, you’re not in the NFL because you’re an unexplosive, undersized defensive end that can’t crack 4 seconds in the forty yard dash. Just face the FACT you just don’t have the talent or athleticism to play in this league. For the love of anything holy, please go away already.

  22. We got that. We got that a long time before you were born.

    Dude: It’s not that you decided that you wanted to traverse this path, its the point that you’re turning this into a “reality TV” thing.

    YOU are not the first one, won’t be the last. However, YOU are the one turning YOUR journey into something that it’s not.

    It’s not that you’re not a football player. It’s the fact that you’re not up to speed with the professional game.

    Which lends to the fact that YOU (and Oprah.. for a while) led you to get a tryout with the most open-minded coach ever.

    YOU didn’t make Jeff’s team. YOU.. YOU.. You.

    Notice a theme here?

    If you didn’t come out, would YOU still be relevant? Probably not. Would YOU even be a news story because YOU FAILED on your “pro day”? No, unless YOU keep yourself in the news.

    I feel bad for the players who ARE gay.

    YOU are a poor representative of a TEAM, sir. Your “pro day” told on you more than your fake-ass stance tells on yourself:

    YOU are the only one crying “gay bias” at this point and time…

    .. and this comes from a straight guy in Indiana.

  23. He’s not in the NFL.

    While Goodell could force teams to draft him (because celebrating men who like to be inside other men and “normalizing” their behavior to children who have no prior experience to understand it is not normal is apparently some kind of priority that no one was asked about), unlike Goodell the GMs keeping their job actually depends on their performance.

    Meanwhile Goodell gets 40-something million to ruin the NFL, lie endlessly and insult the intelligence of any fan who listens to his BS that has more than 1 brain cell left.

    Perhaps Sam and Martin will combine Martin’s mommy’s pending “bullying” lawsuit against the NFL that says if you are cut for being terrible it’s wrong if you cry about it.

  24. as for the title of this report-” misery likes company”- (he probably would have been better off keeping it to himself)

  25. Wow don’t we sound arrogant and bitter?

    You’re lower tier defensive end that choose to make yourself be about a media circus instead of hungry player. You didn’t deliver when you were given multiple chances.

    That’s why you’re not in the NFL.

  26. If they are comfortable doing so, one of the gay players on the Colts needs to come out publicly. Nothing destroys bigotry more quickly than identifying with people as human beings. Also, it would help if some of the current and ex star players across the NFL came out.

    The NFL can make do two things to turn back bigotry.

    1. Announce they are pulling the NFL combine from Indianapolis and have no Colts’ home games televised nationally on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday night.

    2. Push Jerry Smith as a Hall of Fame candidate who earned it on the field.

  27. “Hopefully I’m not being discriminated [against] because I’m gay,” Sam said. “I don’t believe that I’m being discriminated [against] because I’m gay. I just want to know if I’m truly not in the NFL, it’s because of talent. Let it be because of my talents. But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that. .

    Yes you can play in” college”.
    Tebow can play in “college”.
    Many many many players play good in “college”.

    My cousins played good in “college”.

    Are they all “gay”?
    Maybe it is really a lack of NFL talent.

  28. But your not in the nfl ma’am… I mean sir. But seriously, Your personal life should remain just that at work, personal. Don’t ask don’t tell was protecting this not discriminating. You can’t be viewed differently from what people don’t know. Once ppl find out that one nice lady at work is the “cat lady”we think she’s crazy, I’ve had coworkers fired after showing their lifestyles with fire arms on Facebook, etc. Ppl take the smallest details of your life and apply the most discerning logic to it and this Facebook/snap chat generation doesn’t understand that. People still think all Asians are good at math, all blacks are good at basketball, all whites are Republican but we expect this same ignorance to except sexuality? Give me a break.

  29. He has become a one trick pony. The truth is that this was never that big of a deal. Now that he will likely never be an NFL player he appears to have transitioned to believing this result is a function
    of of his “I am gay” proclamation.

    How utterly cliche and completely predictable…… and boring!

  30. Wow. This guy just has to stay in the spotlight at whatever cost. I don’t doubt that there are other players int he NFL but to claim that they don’t have courage just because they didn’t want their personal lives on full display is an outrageous claim. I have a feeling that Sam will now be like Jonathan Martin and never be welcomed into a locker room again and it will literally have nothing to do with his sexual preference.

    Also, thanks for reminding him that he isn’t “in” the NFL and likely never will be.

  31. Why are other players, suggested in this article, inclined to come out?
    When, in this day & age, designating your personal preference is a non-issue.

  32. Courage? He came out because someone was going to write a story, he can kiss the NFL good bye. Keep on dancing! Look at ME!

  33. “Michael Sam: “I am not the only gay person in the NFL”-So what, why should I care whether you are or not. Please let’s stay with FOOTBALL and get off the social issues-if I never hear or see this clown again it will be too soon. I said a year ago if anyone saw his combine he was awful and there is no way Michael Sam is going to play in the NFL.

  34. OK…so, how long before the tell-all book comes out. I supported him in getting his shot at the NFL, but now he’s really getting on my nerves. You weren’t good enough, move on with your life. That whole passive aggressive stance on why he’s not in the NFL really speaks volumes. The consensus I’ve read about his performance at the Veteran Combine, pretty much puts his argument to bed. Time to join us plebes and get a real job, big boy!

  35. Of course Michael Sam is not the only gay player in the NFL. It is estimated that there are over 50 including some very prominent players (and major surprise – there have always been some gay players). The fuss and media attention generated over Sam has been excessive and it probably sickens most players. Some of us live for the day when a player’s sexual preference can be treated like whether he is right or left handed – it’s just different. It doesn’t make him a freak.

  36. It astounds me that Sam–someone who has asked not to be judged for his sexual orientation or his decision to come out–would be judging others (Less courageous? Really?) for the decision to keep their own sexuality private. I’ve gone from ambivalence to hoping this hypocrite doesn’t catch on.

  37. Entitled scrub who tried to use his sexual orientation to shame his way onto a roster instead of just shutting up and working hard like hundreds of other UDFA and late round picks

  38. Anything for attention! He just doesn’t get that interviews like this is what teams don’t want and is keeping him out of football besides his lack of talent n regression he showed recently at the combine.

  39. Secondly if there are gay players in the NFL as you claim obviously the NFL does not discriminate against gay players ! You may have just sunk your future law suit with that statement !

  40. He’s too small just like Jefferson Jeffcoat. He despite coming from Texas a football powerhouse and being the son of Jim Jeffcoat an NFL great and being stronger and faster than Sam equal college stats and not having the hated “distraction” label wasn’t drafted and bounced around between cut and 3rd string.

  41. I think you meant “I’m not the only gay person who wants to be in the NFL.” Because you sir, are not in the NFL.

  42. People criticize him a lot, sometimes justifiably so, but he’s saying all the right things. Notice he doesn’t say he’s being held out because he’s gay. Maybe other people are saying that, but he isn’t. It would be nice to see him go to Canada and at least get in some games and see what he can do, IMHO. Maybe he could actually have a career in the CFL, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, just that he couldn’t break through to the very upper echelon in his craft. To even get to this point in his career, you have to be pretty darn good.

  43. Last act of a desperate man. Dude…32 teams think you can’t play well enough to outweigh the obvious attention you love to bring to your PRIVATE life. Move on already.

  44. And no one care because they don’t feel the need to make it an issue unlike you. Now go away because you do not have the talent to play in the NFL, if you did teams would be lining up for you.

  45. I can’t stand this guy. Not because he’s gay, but because he is full of it. If he didn’t think it would be big deal then why have a press conference to announce it to the world? He has tried to use his sexual preference to gain status announced fame. Now he says there are others in the NFL. We already know that but he goes on to say they lack his courage. Why? Does he want them to announce so that he might get another chance? Whatever, man. Sam is not in the league because his talent does not outweigh his controversy. That controversy is not that he is gay. The controversy is how the media reacts to it. They have their pet to exploit and they did it constantly. They talked to him and they talked to other players about him, including an idiotic question about showering. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about this clown.

  46. The other ones probably ran a much better 40 than you, so yes as you were saying;

    get back to Dancing With the Stars; You ain’t cut for big boy football.

  47. He lacks prototypical size and speed but he did have a few sacks in the preseason, which proves that he has a knack to get after the QB. He should get another shot.

  48. Sam, you are not in the NFL, and from the numbers you put up at the most recent combine, you won’t be back.

  49. Technically you are not in the NFL and everybody knows there are gay players in the NFL that just don’t talk about it with everyone.

  50. The NFL’s Jose Canseco of the gay issue. Write a book, Mike, you’re already out of football, you can make a few bucks this way.

  51. Wait isn’t Sam a free agent… Thus not making him an NFL player.

    I truly don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation. All I need to know is, can you help my team win.

    I don’t know you, will never talk with you fir more than 8 seconds, we’re not related. Could care less what you do with your life

    Just win baby. Shut up about you and being openly gay. Do not care

  52. “Hopefully I’m not being discriminated [against] because I’m gay…”

    Sigh…Comments like this is why any “movement” struggles. Minorities, Women, etc, when people throw out stupid isht like this, it makes the movements actually harder.

  53. So in other words, Sam believes he’s being “discriminated (against)”. . Truth is, he sucks…….at football.

  54. “I am not the only gay person in the NFL”
    But you are the only one that admitted to it and unfortunately that seems to be the difference..

  55. If he says he wants to be treated like everybody else, then don’t make headline statements about gay players. I’m sure everybody knows their are gay players in EVERY sport. But to say he is full of courage and they are not is wrong. I for one am sick of hearing about. I like most of us don’t care. If you can help my team win. Then I’ll be a fan of you no matter what your sexual preference is.

  56. So you’re saying that out of 1,700 NFL players, some are gay? Okay, I can believe that.

    Sam will have to be the potential spokesman for gay athletes up in Canada, and that’s only if he’s good enough to play there. We’ll find out soon enough. Being gay, lesbian, bi, or whatever won’t help.

  57. Yeah, he’s probably not the only gay guy in the NFL. The others didn’t want to use it as a platform to get drafted and have lots of media exposure. Too bad this backfired on him big time.

  58. You’re right Michael, except you are not in the NFL. There are many gay people where you are too — the real world!

  59. WE DON’T CARE!!!!

    Isn’t that where we are supposed to be in 2015? Seriously, I don’t know of anyone in my current circles of family, business associates, and friends, who care if someone is gay. Why is this constantly a topic?

    I think the constant gay agenda of being in the news is detrimental to gay acceptance. Maybe there are those in the extreme gay community who enjoy being controversial and outsiders.

  60. Please stop feeding his ego, no one cares that you’re gay. You’re a sub-par football player and no longer relevant, does anyone outside of the media actually care about anyone’s sexual orientation)?

  61. Michael Sam you are a media hore…not a football player. Nobody cares that you’re gay, yet you bring it up every week.

    Please go away…

  62. Once again, why all the coverage of Michael Sam? Oh, I forgot, he’s gay. There could be no other reason since he was a mediocre college player who did not make an NFL team, yet you sports journalists keep covering him.

    Please forget about this guy and cover some real NFL news … there’s a lot going on right now, and all of it is more important than Sam.

  63. When will this guy get it through his thick skull that he’s not getting signed cause of his skills, especially when he has regressed. I’m tired of hearing his same lame excuse. How about you work harder at your craft then to learn to dance and make a spectacle of yourself.

  64. Someone whose opinions he trusts, and who can tell him the truth without consequence to their relationship, ought to sit down with him and walk him through a couple of facts that have absolutely nothing to do with his sexual orientation:

    1) The list of players who excel in college, yet are busts in the pros, is a long one, and includes a raft of Heisman Trophy winners. He wouldn’t be the first conference “player of the year” that didn’t measure up to make an NFL roster. Only 1.6% of college players ever make it to the NFL, and he needs to consider his good fortune in getting more chances than most of the 98.4% who don’t make it.

    2) “But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that. . . .” Statements like that won’t endear him to NFL scouts, who have looked at the film. He’s speaking out of both sides of his mouth when he says in one breath that he’s not being judged for his sexual orientation, but in the next one hints that his obvious talent is clearly being overlooked for some reason.

    3) Because of his iconic status in some circles, there are a lot of people who are going to tell him what he wants to hear. When he first came out, people spoke of him as a quiet, humble young man, but he has developed an attitude of entitlement over time. He’s probably got a lot of voices whispering conspiracy theories into his ear about how he’s too good for his unemployment to be about anything other than his sexual orientation.

    I don’t know if he has any friends or advisers like that, however.

  65. If that’s a direct quote he comes off bad. I have never cared either way that he’s gay. If nothing else, he seemed to want to make his orientation into a platform to get into the NFL. To make a comment about how these other players who came out to him to show their support weren’t as brave as he was is just ludicrous. This makes him seem petty in my eyes.

  66. I hope he does go to Canada to play. He is clearly a borderline talent in terms of measurables, but he looks good on tape. He should be able to make a team and get playing time up North.

    Tebow wouldn’t do it, which I will never understand, but Flutie got his shot there, then got some time in the NFL later. Sam is now a famous name, so ESPN and everyone else will show his highlights down here. And if there is demand, Sam might still realize his dream. And it sure beats Dancing With The Stars.

    Doesn’t matter if he is gay, or how many others there are in the NFL. If you want to chase a dream all the way, you do whatever it takes.

  67. No Michael Sam you are not the only gay in the NFL. But you are the only gay player to try and use your sexual orientation to gain a roster spot on an NFL team. All the other gay players in the league made it to the NFL on ahtletic ability and how good they were at thier position.
    You were used the “first openly gay player to be drafted” montra to add pressure to any team to draft you. It got you drafted, but once in the NFL two teams, the Rams and the Cowboys found out you are just not an NFL caliber player. Now that the veteran combine has finally put the final nail in your NFL coffin please go away.

  68. One quote by Sam that really bothered me is this: “I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out.”

    Who is Michael Sam to judge these players? If they don’t wish to make their personal lives public, that’s their choice, not his. Why doesn’t Sam respect that? Why does he think they lack courage just because they made a different choice than he did?

    So Sam, who doesn’t want to be judged by his sexual orientation, is judging other gay players who decided to “stay in the closet”? Sorry, but that sounds like a double standard. They have as much right to stay private as Sam does to go public.

  69. Why? Why are sports sites still talking about this guy?

    He can’t even make a practice squad on a NFL team and yet he is in the news almost every day.

  70. In other shocking news, water is indeed found to be wet. Of course there are other gay men in the NFL; where’s the story in that? Sam is just one person in a very long list of 7th round draft picks who didn’t pan out, but the ONLY reason he is on Dancing With The Stars or that he has any fame at all outside of Missouri is because he is gay. The real news flash will be when Sam realizes that he isn’t now, nor has he ever been on an NFL player. He was a camp body, and the practice squad is to the NFL what the minor leagues are to the MLB.

  71. Yes. He’s out of the league because he’s openly gay. Like it or not, NFL owners and GM’s are older guys and Sam parading around on Oprah and all the shenanigans that he brought forward didn’t help either.

    But he shouldn’t feel bad, Tim Tebow is blackballed for his faith.

    It’s not right but it is what it is.

  72. “ But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game. If you look at the film, clearly I can. So, I’ll leave it at that. . . .”

    Its actually the other way around Michael, because your gay, no one has to prove your not good enough, YOU have to PROVE you are good enough.

  73. Are not his 15 minutes of fame up. The story here is not that he is gay but rather he was a very good college player who just doesn’t have pro talent. If he could play he’d be in the league despite his sexual orientation. Instead we have to hear innuendo about him not being on a team because he is gay.

  74. The majority of fans don’t care if a player is gay. The difference is, they obviously have way more talent than Sam. I’m so sick of this guy going on and on. He had two shots on teams and a 3rd at the veteran combine. I’m sure once he realizes he’s not NFL material we’ll get a tell all book from him.

  75. He is the only person who talks so much about being gay, while not actually in the NFL

  76. Headline Correction: ” I am not the only gay person that would like to play in the NFL”.

  77. He is the only gay player i know of. Clearly he thinks he is being discriminated against or he would not have brought it up. He also said “you’ve got to prove I can’t play this game”, I would have thought it was the other way around where he has to prove he can play. Maybe he can make it in the CFL.

  78. Who freaking cares!!! Enough with Michael Sam already. He’s the only undrafted free agent who can’t find a team that you guys talk about on here. If he’s gay that’s his business. I don’t need to know!!!

  79. “It amazes me how everyone praises Michael Sam for being the first openly Non straight NFL player yet everyone bashes Tim Tebow for being Christian.”
    -AjJ Walkin

  80. “They do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL.” ~ Michael Sam

    Just let the arrogance of that statement sink in a moment. Does he think we’re stupid? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that it was that move (going public) that made him–a player of clearly inferior talent–a momentary pop culture star.

  81. He is not in the NFL and he probably never will be. They do not have to prove he can not play in the league, he has to prove that he can, and so far he has not. Most of the players on the practice squads are players that are not quite good enough to make it and he failed to last on that.

  82. The NFL is a merit based system, Michael. If you were blue, or had two heads, if you played like Joe Greene, you would be on a roster.

  83. Linebacker version of Tebow, nice kid but unfortunately his ability peaked at a being a great college level player.
    Lots of fans because of their backgrounds though, so at least they have media opportunities.

  84. They’re in the league because they’re more talented than you. Gay don’t have anything to do with it.

    If it doesn’t matter, then stop bringing it up.

  85. The only difference between Michael Sam and the other gay players in the NFL: They have talent. He doesn’t.

  86. Why is he on dancing with the stars if he’s trying to make an NFL team? If you’re on dancing with the stars you’re practicing dance 8 hours a day. Thats time that should be spent training for the NFL. Don’t wonder why you aren’t on an NFL team

  87. No one else is going to come out because of how this guy got blackballed for being gay. They like to get paychecks. They don’t want to have to be on dancing with the stars to make a living. There is no other reason why he is not employed by some nfl team. You can disagree but the nfl has made a statement and that is we do not want gay athletes in our league. It is a shame but there is no other way to interpret it.

  88. The real frightening thing – as a Browns fan – is that this not very large D lineman with below average speed tracked down and sacked Manziel in PreSeason. WRSkrude. Factory of Sadness

  89. His agent had him make up a story about gay players reaching out to him. Of course there’s other gay players, the percentage probably in the low single digits. But they keep it to themselves, don’t french kiss their boyfriend on national television and go to France to get “engaged”. The locker room don’t want that. They just can’t say it because they’re muzzled.

  90. I’m not they only guy that beats his wife in the nfl, not the only guy that drives drunk in the nfl, I’m not the only guy that does ped’s in the nfl… That’s a ridiculous statement that borders on throwing other guys under the bus that would rather their playing does the talking for them not their sexual orientation. Get over it bro, I wish I was in the nfl too but you know what, I’m just not good enough..

  91. “I am not the only gay person in the NFL”

    Maybe not Sam, but you’re the only one who goes on and on about it. Shut up already – nobody cares.

  92. “The reason why I came out is I thought it wasn’t going to be a big deal,” he says – and then he set up a deal with Oprah’s network to create a documentary about himself and his experience (till the Rams nixed that).

    Hey, Michael, seems like you tried to make it a big deal.

  93. Wow they didn’t have the same courage as you do!? At least they have a job I’d say goodbye but I’m sure football websites will post more articles after your “retirement” about which clothing store picks you up to fold the polos.

  94. First off. He is not in the NFL. Plus he simply sounds bitter because he is a subpar athlete and even if he never came out of the closet he still would not be in the NFL. My God how many times do we have to here about who is gay or who isnt. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

  95. I so do not care about his sexuality. People don’t go around saying ,”I’m not the only straight person at my job.” Stop throwing your sexuality in peoples’ faces. Of course there are other gay guys in the NFL.

    Michael Sam isn’t in the NFL because people in the NFL don’t think he can play. He isn’t fast, and he doesn’t have a counter-move – so he is basically a one-trick pony with half a trick. His options now are to either go to Canada and prove that he can play the game or he can use the degree he got while he was in Missouri.

  96. “but they do not have the same courage as I do to come out before I even played a down in the NFL”

    That’s not cool. I am sure most of those other players have come out to their family and others that care about them… some others have likely come out to their teammates (as Sam had done in college). Just because an NFL player doesn’t feel the need to announce their sexual identity to the national media doesn’t mean they are not courageous.

  97. grogansheroes says:
    Mar 27, 2015 9:06 AM
    The NFL is a merit based system, Michael.


    Michael Sam had 11 tackles and 3 sacks. 90% of the players with stats like his made an NFL roster in 2014. Of 31 rookies since 2010 with 2+ sacks and 10+ tackles he’s only one of three players not to make a practice squad. Only one of those three (other than Sam) was a DE. He proved that preseason that he’s better than MANY lineman that either never suit up on gameday or are bottom of rotation guys. If he wasn’t gay, he’d be on roster somewhere.

  98. The only people who care that he is gay or aka openly gay is the media. It seems like there are trying to push an agenda. Can the media explain why there not talking about all the other 7th rd picks? Breaking news he isn’t good enough for the NFL at this time. Gay or Straight he isn’t NFL ready

  99. I am so glad he is not in the NFL. If you think this coverage is bad imagine the slobbering the networks would give him if he was good enough to actually make a team. The Sunday your team would play Sam’s team would be awful. Picture this:

    Sunny afternoon, the leaves are starting to change, you get a cold one and chips, and sit down to watch your favorite team. Then instead of a great game and big time football we get to hear about a “hero” that is gay. If the guy isn’t even playing and we hear this much about him, Sundays would be so much worse.

    I like football. I don’t want to hear about all the other stuff. Why is that so hard to understand?

  100. I am definitely NOT anti ay. I have many good friends that are but this guy packaged and promoted his sexual orientation to try to make money/force the NFL to give him a roster spot, played politics big time. Do not whine now because your skills are subpar, it really has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Sam just lacks elite or even average football skills. Its starting to seem like a marketing ploy gone bad here. Its like he sold his story about being gay to get attention and maybe a roster spot. If you can’t play go away. Of course there are other gay players. They just didn’t decide to sell themselves or personal lifestyle to try to get a roster spot. They did it through something called work.

  101. As ridiculous as some of his statements are, some of the comments here validate (some of) them. I understand people are sick of him, but if people really didn’t care then we wouldn’t have all these guys feel like they have to be “in the closet.” Not talking about being gay is one thing. Hiring “beards” and going out of your way to tell the media how much you really, really love women and all that stuff is another.

    The fact is, whether you want people to just shut up and play or not, many straight people also flaunt their sex lives as much as or more than gays and don’t really get the heat for it. So, I’m cool with the whole idea of let’s not make it an issue or need to talk about your private life, but there are very few people of any orientation that don’t discuss their private lives.

    Maybe there is progress, though- since I have a feeling many of us here would also be criticizing straight players who have reality shows (of which there are some but it helps that PFT doesn’t post about them every day) and that sort of thing.

  102. “I am not the only gay person in the NFL,” Sam said…..
    SO WHAT! Dude, you are not in the NFL. Try up north in the Canadian League they have for the less talented players.
    Why is this even a story?

  103. I lost all respect for Michael Sam when I found out he had a Reality TV show all set-up with Oprah for when he was drafted.

    Look The NFL had to call teams in the 7th round to take a chance on him, who wants the dog and pony show of a 7th rounder bringing all that into a locker room.

    Michael Sam’s problem isn’t that he is gay, I really think people can accept that. His problem is that he thinks he is special because he is gay not because he can play football.

    Show us something before opening your mouth!!!

  104. Youknowimright says:
    Mar 27, 2015 9:14 AM

    No one else is going to come out because of how this guy got blackballed for being gay. They like to get paychecks. They don’t want to have to be on dancing with the stars to make a living. There is no other reason why he is not employed by some nfl team. You can disagree but the nfl has made a statement and that is we do not want gay athletes in our league. It is a shame but there is no other way to interpret it.


    That’s completely wrong. The Patriots filed to the Supreme Court in support of same-sex marriage. They have said over and over again they would support having an openly gay player on their team and they have shown their support for the gay community continually and consistently. They didn’t even kick the tires on Sam. He’s not good enough.

  105. I think it’s awesome that most NFL fans – not necessarilly the most politically correct crowd – DON’T CARE whether he’s gay or not.

    The question “can he help the team win” is the only question they care about.

    Thus far the answer appears to be “no” – but as a player on the bubble, Sam was actually smart to come out of the closet, as despite the media attention the announcement may have actually HELPED him get extra looks from GMs

  106. “I respect the players that did reach out to me and had the courage to tell me that they were also gay, but they do not have the same courage as I do…”

    The more I hear from Sam, the more I realize that he’s a complete tool bag.

  107. Yeah, but they keep their lives private and focus on playing ball. Maybe if he did the same, he’d be in the NFL.

  108. Many before and many after… But they are much better than you and went out and played ball rather than making a side show out of it

  109. Michael Sam new that he could not make it in the NFL and that is the reason that he announced to the world that he was gay before the draft, hoping to put pressure on the NFL through the Media for some team to draft him….

  110. As a football player, Sam is the classic “tweener” – either a defensive end who is too small, or an outside linebacker who is too slow.

    That can work in college, where one faces many BIG players, and many FAST players, but relatively few players that are BOTH big and fast.

    Every year, there are several very good players who are tying to make the NFL. There is a premium on outside pass rushers who can also defend the run.

    In Sam’s case, he is a bit too slow to stay with RB and TE receivers, and too small to rush past tackles and tight ends. Probably easier for him to bulk up and play a 4-3 DE than it would be for him to suddenly develop the speed and agility to be an outstanding 3-4 OLB.

    If he truly wants to continue a football career, playing a year in Canada would be valuable. The motion rules and wider field would have him playing “in space” more often, and give him lots of opportunity to develop his coverage skills, as well as demonstrate his sideline-to-sideline pursuit against the run.

    That could earn him a spot on an NFL practice squad when the CFL season ends. And as players get hurt toward the end of a long season, that could mean actual NFL playing time for Sam.

    Of course, if a GM has to make a choice between a “totally committed to football” prospect and a “kinda sorta committed unless this media darling thing really takes off” prospect, it won’t be a particularly long decision process.

    As of now, it looks like Sam has chosen Dancing With the Stars over the CFL.

  111. Michael Sam, I personally believe the reason why you’re not playing in the NFL right now isn’t because you are gay or because of your talent. It is because ever NFL team knows you care more about trying to make a statement or be the spokes person for gay people and you would use the NFL as your own personal platform. One thing each person has in common with each other on this site is this, WE LOVE FOOTBALL. Until you show people that you’re more serious about playing football and not about using it as a platform, only then will some team give you a shot. Every chance you get your always trying to be the unauthorized gay spokesperson. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

  112. He was SEC defensive player of the year so he was obviously drafted lower than he would’ve been had he not been openly gay prior to the draft…. I think he’s probably decent enough to be a backup LB but the media circus/distraction that follows him makes him much more expendable in the eyes of NFL execs…

  113. “they don’t have the same courage as I do to come out” Wait, this guy sounds more and more like a self absorbed moron the more he talks. I think a lot of the players he’s referring to would rather just be football players and let their private life be uhhhh, their private life. I see that this whole coming out thing was just aimed at trying to make himself relevant after he realized he doesn’t have NFL talent. Look at guys like Cameron Wake and Brandon Browner, two udfa’s who were cut in their first preseasons. They worked hard, went to the CFL, shined there, and now have established themselves in the league. If this guy didn’t pull the media stunt he would be like all the other good college players who don’t make it in the NFL: starting a career, not just lurking around like a scalper trying to drum up some business.

  114. Sometimes you really should just keep your mouth shut. Sam simply hasn’t figured that out.

  115. First and foremost — you are not in the NFL because you’re not good enough.

    Then, you said this: ” “I’m just saying there is a lot of us. ”

    You’re obviously not the only one in the NFL who fractures the English language, either. It’s hard to believe a lot of these guys actually graduated from a university. If you are going to preach to the public, please refine your use of the English language.

    Look — this guy brought all the attention on himself so he’d better his chances of getting drafted. He knew by “coming out”, the pressure was on for an NFL team to draft him, and they did.
    But he had two opportunities to prove he’s good enough to play in the NFL, and he was cut both times.

    So — my advice is for him to shut up about his sexual preferences in regard to other players, and himself. I don’t want to hear about it, just as I don’t want to hear about the sexual preferences of non-gays.

    He can keep trying to make an NFL team all he wants, I have no problem with that. If he makes one, it’s absolutely fine. But let’s put the gay stuff away and talk about football. And leave other NFL players out of it. Because without mentioning their names, you’ve already heightened the scrutiny they’ll be under. And you no right what so ever to put the spotlight on those who don’t want it.
    And — you are no hero for announcing you are gay. You want to be a hero? Join the military and go fight in the Middle East. And take your boyfriend with you, for all I care.

    You showed your true colors when you were about to let Oprah make a whole bunch of money for her and you by giving you a platform for your opinions.

    So, please Michael — enough already!!

  116. Michael, you got drafted – you got signed – you got on the field – you got let go – you got signed again and then you got let go. This happens all the time and sometimes unfairly but let’s get over the “I’m gay” thing. You’ve had two shots… who knows, if you stop being an attention “hound” then maybe you’ll get another shot. Everyone’s over the gay thing. Move on dude.

  117. he only came out so he had an excuse when it became clear he was not good enough to be a NFL player. now instead just accepting he is not good enough he and the media must keep reminding us everyday that he is gay and that is why he is not playing on Sundays, not the fact he is not good enough. teams don’t care what you do off the field as long as you can make plays for them and he can’t.

  118. After being told he ran an unofficial 4.91 40-yard dash (it was later changed to a 4.88) the free-agent running back didn’t mince words when responding to a reporter “You gotta be (expletive) me,” he said. “… 4.91? … There you go, there goes my career.” – Michael Bush

    Maybe Michael Sam needs to reach out to Michael Bush.

  119. What do Afghanistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, and Indiana (almost Arizona) all have in common?

    They all passed discriminatory anti-gay laws.

  120. Stop acting like Sam is entitled to something because he was an SEC DPOY. Here are the last ten SEC DPOYs:
    Shane Ray, Michael Sam, Jarvis Jones, Morris Claiborne, Patrick Peterson, Rolando McClain, Eric Berry, Glenn Dorsey, Patrick Willis, Demeco Ryans, David Pollack, Chad Lavalais.

    As many busts as there are starters.

  121. Look at this thread of people that say they don’t care. If that was true there would be about 10 posts not literally hundreds.

    These posts remind me of the common refrain we use to hear about the fight for civil rights:

    ‘I’m not a racist but . . .”

  122. Wow this guy sounds so delusional.

    Now he is hinting that he will sue the NFL because he was discriminated against and he expects to get a job? Didn’t the NFL coerce the Cowboys to sign him because he was gay??? This guy got special treatment because he is gay, not the other way around.

  123. Stop acting like Sam is entitled to something because he was an SEC DPOY. Here are the last ten SEC DPOYs:
    Shane Ray, Michael Sam, Jarvis Jones, Morris Claiborne, Patrick Peterson, Rolando McClain, Eric Berry, Glenn Dorsey, Patrick Willis, Demeco Ryans, David Pollack, Chad Lavalais.

    As many busts as there are starters.

    Agree with the statement that there are as many busts as starters, but these are also all first rd picks from what I remember. So what you are saying is this guy wins the same award and the sec was so bad the yr he won it that he nearly falls out of the draft and gets cut by two teams and cannot even make a game day roster in his rookie yr. That is a pretty big drop off for an sec def player of the yr. Pretty sure the sec was still good two yrs ago when he won the award. Being a first rd pick and out of the league in two yrs is a lot different than getting cut before even making a game day roster and almost going undrafted.

    If everyone wants to ignore what is really happening here than fine, but we all know why he is not on a team right now. It is a shame.

  124. If he had the skills he thinks he does,he’d be on an nfl roster whether he was gay or straight.he should go to canada and work on his game up there and give the nfl another shot in a few seasons.playing and getting experience can only help him.

  125. He gambled hoping it would open doors via preferential treatment and it backfired.

    The way I see it, he probably didn’t deserve the SEC D Player of the Year award either.

  126. Anybody who brings up his preseason sack totals are only looking at stats. Take a look at the sacks. Especially the one on Manziel. The lineman didn’t even attempt to block him. He was pretty much untouched going to the QB. Hmmm.

  127. I’m not going to repeat for the 100th time about his NFL status. I will have the courage, unlike others, to point out that the cake thing when he got drafted couldn’t have helped. 😉

  128. Michael? Michael! Michael, I’m on your side pal. I’ve had many gay friends for decades and I sympathize with your cause.

    But you are dead wrong (and it indicates a seriously skewed viewpoint) when you say: “But you’ve got to prove that I can’t play this game.” The burden of proof lies with YOU, no one else has to prove anything to you, not a team, a coach, a manager, an agent or media – NOBODY! It’s on you to prove that you are a good enough football player to earn a spot on a team.

    Being gay may create certain issues in your life (and ours!), but I sincerely hope you learn that your life does not and should not revolve around your ‘gayness’; to use it as an excuse, a crutch, a rationale or a means of gaining attention is absolutely unfair to those of us who support you and are eager to see you become successful. Your life (like all lives) should revolve around your humanity, your integrity, your faith and your willingness to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

    I’d suggest that if you were to sacrifice your need to be a media presence as ‘the first openly gay pro-football player’ and put all that energy into running faster and hitting harder whenever the opportunity presents itself, you might not have to work so hard for the attention you so obviously crave. I sincerely hope that’s the case.

    Anything less and you’re cheating yourself as well as everyone else. See how this sounds: “I could and should be the first 70 year old, heterosexual, white male pro-football player in history and those NFL teams have to prove that I can’t play this game.”

    Ludicrous and self-centered, right?

  129. maybe you (sam) was just trying to draw attention. hahaha. say adios to your nfl career.

  130. He is just itching for those guys to join him in the cooking pot. If he outs any of them, he will be persona non grata for ever. Saying he is courageous while the others are not takes some chutzpa. He still does not get it. Those other guys have their private lives and want to keep it so for whatever reasons. Sam can’t stand that.

  131. Wrong a mundo pal. There are gays and have been gays over the years so that’s not news. The news: you think your in the NFL but unless I’m wrong your not.

  132. I respect his decision to come out. but for the next gay guy that’s thinking about it, ink the deal first.

  133. I guess “coming out” has consequences on a person’s NFL career, and that might be why you are the only one to do it so far.

  134. If you do well against the second stringers, doesn’t it make sense that you get an opportunity to go against the first stringers?

    If what Sam did in the preseason was so irrelevant, why have a preseason?

  135. I heard Stan Van Gundy on the radio once talking about an “end of bench” player he had on the Heat who had gotten into some trouble. Van Gundy said that if super stars are a distraction they will get numerous chances to turn things around. But, fringe players don’t get second chances. They just get cut, because their talents make them unworthy of getting second chances. That said, I think Sam showed in the SEC and last years preseason, that he is worthy of a spot at the end of the bench or a practice squad. But, the swarm of distraction that follows him around doesn’t make him attractive to teams. His talents don’t warrant the distraction.

  136. michael sam is a moron for not keeping his mouth shut. he could have gotten drafted much higher got paid way more money and still be on an nfl team if he didn’t screw up and come out. he’ll never sniff the nfl again and his only hope to stay in the limelight is to call tmz and rat out all the alledged gay players in the leauge then write a book.

  137. “he nearly falls out of the draft and gets cut by two teams and cannot even make a game day roster in his rookie yr. That is a pretty big drop off for an sec def player of the yr”

    He fell in the draft because his combine performance was pitiful. Not just garden variety bad mind you, but positively horrendous.

    Of all DLs and LBs who worked out at the combine, Sam’s numbers were at or near the very bottom in EVERY measurable. Speed, strength, agility…you name it. He was at or near the bottom.

    He’s not strong enough to play fight off blocks as a D-lineman. Not enough burst to be an edge pass rusher. Not fast enough for a cover LB. he simply doesn’t have the physical tools.

    As for being SEC DPOY, so what? Plenty of great college players can’t make the transition to the NFL. Archie Griffin won two Heismans – what did he ever do in the NFL?

  138. I just don’t get it. He comes off like he wants to get treated like everyone else but by him coming out as being gay gave him privledges right off the bat.

    How many straight players get this much coverage? How many straight players get offers to do reality TV shows? So why does he get treated differently? Shouldn’t the straight guys get the same opportunities as the gay guy?

    He knew damn well it was going to be a huge ordeal and you can tell from his personality he wanted to be in the limelight, he wanted all the attention to be on him!

    I question his love for the game. Instead of trying to work out a reality show why wasn’t he working on his 40 time? Instead of signing up for dancing of the stars why wasn’t he focused on training for the veteran combine?

    His actions speak louder than words and it seems like he rather have fame then playing the game of football. There’s nothing wrong with that but quit playing the victim Michael. You’re not on a roster because you’re simply not good enough to be on one.

  139. mainstream media and their extensive “gay agenda” backfired on this guy. Guess what Sam the other gay players keep their private lives out of the press and just play the game. As do the overwhelming majority of the “straight” players

  140. There’s really just one, life sucking, inescapable, truism here at PFT. The vast majority of people who post here are operating under the delusion that because they happened to have enough neurons firing today, and mom paid the internet bill, whatever pops into their head, has some significance. They flail futilely at all the things they’re told are wrong with this world, all the while, willfully ignoring the ethos of their masters. I say this in all earnestness. In the name of all that’s Holy to you, if you can’t effect the change you wish to see, make your peace with it and move on. You’ve wasted enough bandwidth.

  141. Today’s definition of cowardice. Anonymously ripping a gay guys courage to admit his sexual orientation to the world, when he knew there was a likelihood that society and the NFL fraternity would punish him by passing judgement and if not outright rejecting him out of hand, making any excuse they could to keep him at a distance.

  142. “Michael Sam: ‘I am not the only gay person in the NFL’.”

    Considering that Sam in not in the NFL in the first place, this is necessarily a true statement.

  143. Reading most of the comments here, there is but one conclusion. The great majority of fans aren’t buying Sam’s act at all.
    They feel as I do that he used his being gay as a ploy to get drafted and his agenda is far more important to him than playing football.
    And they feel as I do that he’s simply not good enough to play in the NFL.
    He should call Tebow and see if he wants to go to Canada with him and play in their league.

  144. You see Jackie Robinson was a pro baseball player who happened to be black, but Michael Sam is a gay man who wants to be a pro football player.Nothing wrong with that but his focus is twisted;pros,all of them, start off as rookies who have to prove themselves to the veterans
    and coaching staff to earn a spot on the field.You cant’t be a pro football player if your focus is to be the first gay football player.
    In my mind he isn’t the first gay player to play in the N.F.L.,players have stats,and no one cares what the stats are in a preseason game.

  145. Oh by the way, as a Falcons fan (although I’ve known the team would be horrible because off the GM neglecting the lines for years)…

    If this guy had any talent as a pass rusher he would have been on the field for Atlanta.

    Their leading “pass rusher” had like 2 sacks.

    Ever since they got rid of Abraham (their only player with any ability to effect the passer in any way at all) the D has been making busts like Geno Smith look like Hall of Famers.

    The pass rush looks like a bunch of fat useless slobs trying to stay directly infront of the OL, not even moving their feet.

  146. “If everyone wants to ignore what is really happening here than fine, but we all know why he is not on a team right now. It is a shame.”

    Uh ya, he sucks and is more concerned with forcing his abnormal behavior on normal people who do not want it.

    He’s interested in doing Oprah and Dancing With The Stars instead of actually working and is under the delusion he is owed a roster spot for being a pervert.

    Then we have equally delusional people like you who because you also have some strange affinity for perverted sex acts think this terrible player deserves to be employed over someone who is actually spending their effort on being a football player and is better.

    If I say I have fetish for sweaty socks can I have your job and cry victim when I am fired for being terrible at it?

  147. Look at his SEC stats 1 or 1.5 sacks in sec gametes 10 plus against scrubs. So sick of SEC player of the year = Tim tebow a viable starter in the NFL and a long list of college all stars that are NFL busts

  148. Vontaze Burfict – 4.93 40yd dash
    Brandon Spikes – 5.0 40yd dash

    Just saying.

    AND he knew exactly how much of a big deal this was going to be. Who is he kidding?

  149. Sam will never know whether it is lack of talent or the fact that he is gay that is leaving him on the outside of the NFL. He should have never came out until he gave himself a shot to play in the NFL. Had he done that he would know for sure whether he is too small or too slow to play 4-3 or 3-4. Now he will never know. His only shot now is a team very weak with edge rushers. He’s to slow to play outside LB. He should have come out after he proved he could play in the NFL. It shouldn’t matter but being gay in the NFL is at it’s infancy stage and you can’t expect a team to take on a physically limited player who is also gay.. Too many negatives..

  150. But he is the first player to plant a wet one on his boyfriend during the nationally televised draft. And he is the first player to encourage Oprah to film team practices.

    Hey Sam, it would appear YOU are the one who needs to come to terms with something. When you need everyone to be aware of your sexuality and to approve of it, it’s clear YOU have issues with it. Not us.

  151. Seems to me he’s the one making an issue out of being gay. I don’t care who he sleeps with, he doesn’t need to tell the everyone he is over and over again. We got it the first time Michael, we all know your gay. Good for you!

  152. Brandon Spikes is a 3-4 ILB which isn’t reliant on speed as an edge pass rusher and his speed is why he isn’t signed with anyone as of right now. If a team thought Sam could be productive he would be on an NFL roster The NFL is all about speed on defense and many players get cut when they lose it. You have to be a fool to think Sam is not on an NFL roster because he is gay, its because he’s not good enough. Making a judgment based on 4 preseason games against players who didn’t make rosters also is foolish.

  153. camcameronsucks says: Mar 27, 2015 7:24 AM

    being gay in the NFL will truly not matter because as we’ve seen before in the NFL, talent overrides any off field issues.

    No – Peterson, Hardy, Rice, Gordon, etc were suspended for off-field issues. Harvin was traded, Incognito wasn’t re-signed, and Kluwe was cut, because of off-field issues.

    Off-field issues will get you traded, cut, suspended, or black-balled – Kluwe’s done, Rice is probably done, Incognito was lucky to get another chance, but he’ll be done if he steps out of line.

  154. Look buddy….do what ever you want. Just please..no more sucking face with your boyfriend a national TV. It’s revolting and offensive to me.

  155. Would’ve had all the respect in the world for this guy if he didn’t blame being gay on his current situation. Wouldn’t have touched this guy with a 20 foot pole if I was a GM. Not because he’s gay but because he’s more interested in Dancing With The Stars and Oprah then football.

    It’s just sad if he’s going to blame his situation on being gay.

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