Cowboys won’t spend a lot to bring back Rolando McClain

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Free agent linebacker Rolando McClain remains unsigned, and from all indications, if he’s going to return to Dallas it will be for a low-cost, low-risk contract.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys and McClain have “a drastically different” number in mind when it comes to how much McClain should be paid. In other words, the Cowboys are willing to McClain back only if he’s willing to play for something close to the $700,000 they paid him last year.

McClain, however, surely thinks he’s worth a lot more than that. He started 12 games last year and was a big part of the reason the Cowboys’ defense significantly improved.

There have long been questions about McClain’s off-field activities. He’s been arrested multiple times, walked away from football for a year in 2013, and will be playing for free for the first four games of this season because of league discipline for violating the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. So it’s easy to see why the Cowboys don’t want to devote a lot of money to him.

It’s also easy to see why no other team would want to devote a lot of money to him. Unless McClain is willing to reduce his contract demands, he may be out of work a while.

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  1. Cowboys better be careful-if Sean Lee manages to make it 4 games without getting hurt it will be a small miracle.

    They lucked out with McClain last year.

  2. Give him the same performance based contract you gave hardy. He plays well and doesn’t screw up he wins and the team wins. He doesn’t and he loses and team has no salary cap restraints . Pretty simple. Team win win situation and player win lose situation.

  3. I guess it all depends on his attitude and dedication to the team whether or not to pay him a bit more to keep him, but that’s a call per management to make, we’ll see what they do soon…

  4. Significant improvement? Offensive time of possession is the only thing that kept their numbers down overall. When they were on the field they sucked just as bad as last season.

  5. Nor should they; dude is retired twice before 25, there’s a questionable arson on the house he was trying to sell, he was injured all year, he wasn’t “able” to practice much throughout the year, and he was sidelined by an injury for two weeks Anthony Hitchens (his replacement) played well with without missing any time.

    Fans that think they should pay him and give him a long term contract aren’t thinking about the whole picture. Stephen Jones and Jason are doing a good job working with Jerry to keep him from continuing to make bad decisions.

  6. Buns significant improvement is correct.. Second in the league in turnovers with no pass rush.. People seem to over look that

  7. It’s really sad. So many of these players just can’t seem to get out of their own way. Anyone barely following all these McClain stories is either waiting for the next off-field issue to come up, including this mysterious “house fire” incident. It’s alway the same. They see themselves as the victim. Can’t figure out why police won’t leave them alone. Are completely incredulous when no one ever gives them the benefit of the doubt. It took me way too long to figure that out as well. Imagine if he just focused on his career?

  8. McClain was an unexpected surprise, that said he also was wildly unavailable for stretches at a time, I agree with carmanator69 on the incentive approach similar to Hardy, he’s still young enough to make his payday, is he still hungry enough?

  9. It apears that nobody is beating down McClain’s doors to give him multi-millions. The longer he waits the lower his end salary.

    Dallas may not really want him back all that badly. He took himself out of a couple of games and Marinelli does not react well to a player that does that.

  10. Had a huge opportunity with the Ravens and blew it. Then amazingly helped the Cowboys defense… And yet still seems determined to ruin this opportunity as well.

  11. There’s something wrong with this guy’s mental makeup. I’m just glad Ravens got a 6th rounder for him despite his shenanigans. I wish him luck.

  12. bubs215 says:
    Mar 28, 2015 7:08 AM
    “Significant improvement? Offensive time of possession is the only thing that kept their numbers down overall. When they were on the field they sucked just as bad as last season.”

    You obviously didn’t watch their games last season. The defense played much better than the previous year. Yeah they still gave some stuff up, but they some really good ball against some quality teams. You don’t go 12-4 without SOME defense.

  13. I don’t get how teams can not look at this guy. His skill set is there. As others have said, give him a performance based contact that will be a win win for both teams.

  14. joetoronto says:
    Mar 28, 2015 7:25 AM

    He’s perfect for the Cowboys, he’s a turd and he sucks.


    Says the guy whose favorite team holds the NFL record for consecutive double digit loss seasons.

  15. Nobody knows how to babysit grown men more than the architect of “The. Most mediocre franchise in sports”…

  16. He’ll get work as soon as some LB that a team was counting on goes down with an ACL or achilles. If his agent isn’t stupid, he will do well. We all know that injuries are part of football and tyhis year won’t be any different. All the league fine is going to do is raise the price for that unlucky team.

  17. I’ve long thought this guy’s mental capacity should be tested. He seems to be football smart, but he certainly seems to have some mental issues that might not have ever been explored.

  18. I believe in Garrett.

    The Cowboys haven’t missed very much at all in the last three or four years. Brandon Carr, and probably Bruce Carter are the big ones that I think the front office would like to do-over. Other than that it’s been one smart decision after another. Ethics aside, this Hardy signing is brilliant. Performance laden contract with very low risk for Dallas and you’re getting Pro Bowl talent in exchange.

    So I think McClain is either more trouble than he’s worth, or Dallas is uncomfortable to move on if they can’t lowball him.

  19. @700levellet… the most mediocre franchise…um right….8 superbowl appearances and 5 wins… must be an eagle fan…..oh wait nice trophy case……troll lol……

  20. Well they better resign him because according to cowboy fans he’s the greatest linebacker in the game… until he goes to another team. Of course then cowboy fans think he sucks.

  21. The.”Most mediocre franchise in sports”.. Proven and world renowned … It’s just to simple

  22. 700levelvet says:
    Mar 28, 2015 10:43 AM

    Nobody knows how to babysit grown men more than the architect of “The. Most mediocre franchise in sports”…
    So says the fan of a team whose last championship was over 50 years ago.

    Were you even alive back then, 700?

  23. Say what you want about the Cowboys but they are playing this offseason smart. Hardy contract is a win win for Dallas. They didn’t overpay a injury prone Muray and with that oline, they can draft Gurley or Gordon who is younger and cheap. They kept Dez under the franchise tag meaning no 40m guareenteed yet. McClain may be a part of their defense however they won’t shell out millions incase he quits or gets into more trouble. They still have the draft to add pieces. They played their offseason well.

  24. “There have long been questions about McClain’s off-field activities.” Well, this makes him a perfect candidate for Jerry! Can we talk McClain into joining forces with Hardy and really be model citizens.

  25. @ stunzeed5

    “last season was an aberration for Dallas….back to suckage again.”

    So sorry to disappoint you as a hater, but Dallas will be every bit as good, if not better, than last season.

    But hey – at least you spelled aberration correctly. You at least have that going for you.

  26. Based strictly on game play Ro McClain is worth investing in. He balled pretty well last year. I’m not sure why Hardy gets such a lucrative deal & McClain gets what’s left over IF no one else offers him anything. They both have off-field issues. Maybe one potential implosion is all they’re willing to chance.

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