Demaryius Thomas won’t work out at Duke with Peyton Manning


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has worked out at Duke University with other members of the team in recent offseasons and plans are in place for him to do so again this year, but wide receiver Demaryius Thomas won’t be joining the group.

On Monday, Thomas, who has not signed the franchise tender the Broncos gave him before the start of free agency, told Jeff Legwold of that he won’t be part of the Duke trip this year. He also will not take part in the Broncos’ offseason program, which is usually the case for players who have received, but not signed, the franchise tag.

Thomas said that he has been working out in Atlanta while waiting for the contract situation to resolve itself.

“I’m getting getting my body right, still working through a little soreness in my Achilles, but I could run routes,” Thomas said.

Thomas will likely hold off on signing the tag until much closer to the July 15 deadline to reach agreement on a multi-year deal with Denver, something he told Legwold he remains hopeful about at this point in the offseason.

19 responses to “Demaryius Thomas won’t work out at Duke with Peyton Manning

  1. Thomas is the kind of guy you pay to keep around. He regularly turns a five yard catch into a touchdown on individual effort alone.

  2. Smart move. Protect yourself. If you get injured they don’t care about you whatsoever.

  3. As a Charger fan, i hope he sits the year out! But the donkies better pay this man A.S.A.P.!!

  4. He will probably go somewhere else next year. Can’t say I blame the guy. Very talented receiver, dedicated, and good character. I hate the Broncos but I hope this guy gets well soon.

  5. Typical selfish player. Watch the playoff game with Indi again and watch him take plays off and stand around. Talk about not kicking and screaming. I would let him go. He does not want to be there

  6. He can hang out with Dez, as they drown their sorrows at only getting $13 million next year because of the franchise tag.

  7. @dal1as, you would be doing the same thing if you had everything DT had to risk.

  8. I am surprised he turn this down. Given that it is Duke, they get scheduling like the Patriots. He won’t have to really play until the Final Four.

  9. Yea that’s how you work on improving your skills so you can get a better contract, by not working out with your QB…

  10. Ugh, are you kidding me? Another one? What is it with having the last name Thomas and not wanting to put forth a 100% effort?

    I know it’s a business, but as a guy who has struggled the last few years just to get any kind of employment, this stuff rubs me the wrong way. He’s throwing a fit like he has to play for the league minimum this year. smh.

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