Guard Dan Connolly visiting Buccaneers

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Veteran guard Dan Connolly is drawing interest from a handful of teams in free agency.

The former New England Patriots lineman is set to visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Tuesday, according to Ross Jones of

Connolly has also visited the Seattle Seahawks and continues to draw interest from the Patriots as well.

Connolly has started 67 games for New England over the past five seasons at both guard and center. If signed by Tampa Bay, Connolly would rejoin former Patriots lineman Logan Mankins.


12 responses to “Guard Dan Connolly visiting Buccaneers

  1. His leadership was vital to pulling that line together last year. Sure hope the Pats bring him back.

  2. mannyaraujo2009manny says:
    Mar 30, 2015 11:51 PM
    stay with the pats don’t be a fool

    I would like to see him stay with the Pats but he probably only has a year or two left in the league, and he has not made tens of millions of dollars. If he can sign with another team and make $500,000+ or more for the length of the contract than he can make with the Pats, I think he should go – and I like Connolly and respect the way the Pats build their roster.

  3. The Bucs have to make this move. They have done nothing to address the offensive line since Lovie has gotten here (with the exception of Mankins). That is the reason that offense was so abysmal last year.

  4. Worth a look in Detroit too. I would rather see them kick the tires on someone else instead of just bringing back Rob Sims at LG. His time in the league is running short and he shouldn’t be brought back. Detroit needs to retool their OL if they really want to be able to run the ball and protect Stafford.

  5. Guy has been a warrior for the Pats, his role in helping the line shape up this yr cant be understated…

    I’d love for him to come back to the Pats but lets be real, This is gonna be his last NFL contract…

    Cash in Dan, you’ve earned it.

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