Jimbo doesn’t understand why there is a question about Jameis


Former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is widely expected to be the first overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, and there are few questions that he has the talent to be an NFL quarterback. But there are major questions about whether he has the character to be the face of a franchise.

At least, there are questions for many people. Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher says that not only does he not think there are any questions about Winston, but he doesn’t even understand why anyone else has any questions.

“Why is there a question?” Fisher said on WDAE. “Because of the character assassination that he’s lived through in the media, and the misinformation that has been printed and half-truths that have been printed. What amazes me about this whole process is the unprofessionalism of a lot of major newspapers, a lot of major outlets that did not report the whole truth of the situation and only slanted it for their own opinion. And when you go through that you have to answer those questions. Jameis has great characte Did he make mistakes? Yes. Did he make silly mistakes? Yes. I mean, he’s still a 20-year-old kid.”

Does Fisher really not understand why there is a question about Winston’s character? I suspect he does, but just in case he doesn’t, I’m going to explain it to him: There’s a question about Winston’s character because a woman says he raped her.

That’s what all those questions about Winston’s character are about. The other stuff — the shoplifting of crab legs, the screaming of an inappropriate phrase on campus, an incident with a BB gun — that stuff doesn’t help. But that stuff is so trivial compared to a rape accusation that it’s hardly even worth mentioning.

The rape accusation is a real red flag, and it’s wrong for Fisher to pretend it’s not. The Tallahassee Police Department botched the investigation so thoroughly that prosecutors decided not to charge Winston because they said they couldn’t prove his guilt. But prosecutors found no reason to believe Winston’s accuser lied, either. The Winston case is not like the Duke Lacrosse case, in which the accused were eventually declared innocent. The Winston case is one in which we will probably never know for certain what happened. If Fisher really thinks Winston is innocent, the people he should be criticizing are the Tallahassee Police, whose sub-par investigation leaves very valid questions about Winston’s innocence or guilt.

If Fisher chooses to believe his player’s side of the story, he’s free to do so. But to claim that those who take seriously the accuser’s side of the story are engaged in “character assassination” is absurd.

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  1. Just goes to show yet again that just because you are a head football coach, doesn’t mean you have common sense. Ole’ Jimbo represents that fact quite nicely.

  2. “I was drugged”… came back clean…”I mean I was drunk…. came back with not much alcohol in her system… men and women of the jury I rest my case

  3. Fisher has no way of knowing anymore about his guilt then I do. I would not touch Winston with a ten foot pole. One he is overrated has a prospect. Two nobody with a straight face can say his off field stuff is minor. Tampa will regret the day they take him

  4. “Did he make mistakes? Yes. Did he make silly mistakes? Yes. I mean, he’s still a 20-year-old kid.”

    “I am a mistake, but I’m 22 so it’s okay.”

    – Johnny Rehab

  5. I can understand thinking Jameis will be a star and is a worthy #1 pick.

    What I can’t understand is failing to see any question marks at all.

  6. I think the problem is he was 2nd in the NCAA for interceptions thrown last season. But that’s just me.

  7. There’s a question because this is the individual who will lead your franchise, both on the field and in the community.

  8. I can understand Jimbo’s position.

    Ethics and integrity have no part of the Florida State Criminoles.

    Outside of that program, we do care about rapists, liars, and guys who have off the field issues.

  9. Why?

    Apparently Jimbo believes that everything in his case was handled above board in the name of justice, whether guilty or innocent.

    But even then, the young man shows he simply doesn’t get it. And you think it silly that some question whether he will be able to handle himself after he gets paid.

    Personally I am glad the Pack don’t have to decide whether to take the risk on this young man. If he stays clean and plays to potential and you passed on him, it is bad. If you take him and he makes more poor decisions and doesn’t reach potential.. it looks foolish. I am betting on the latter for at least his first contract.

  10. Well lets look back at last season, at and see what happened to people like Ray Rice, Roetlisberger, and AP. While some of the things Jameis did wound up not being illegal “BB gun incident,” Other things are quite frightening like the Rape allegations that people still have questions about and theft.

    This isn’t just giving a kid a truck full of money… this is letting a guy represent your franchise, and in some places the city or state he is playing in. If he can mature, and stay out of trouble I would be happy for the guy. If he can play at a high level even better yet for him, but right now though, I don’t know… I remember when Jam. Russell was a supposed Franchise Player in the NFL Draft.

  11. “…Because of the character assassination that he’s lived through in the media, and the misinformation that has been printed and half-truths that have been printed…”


    Oh, sure. It’s all the media’s fault.

    OK, I keep asking this – as far as his on-field talent goes, aren’t 18 INTs last year a pretty big red flag? All those come-from-behind wins were a result of Winston digging FSU a bunch of big holes.

    He’s maybe the best prospect in a very weak QB class. He’s number one (maybe) because there are so many QB-desperate teams with early picks.

  12. The charge was very serious. The Police Dept/ prosecutor blew the investigation. Winston was never founded to be innocent of the crime. Which leave a great many questions about his character as a person. Was Winston GUILT or INNOCENT of RAPE !!!!!!

  13. I did a lot of rotten things when I was twenty, but none of them involved rape allegations nor ripping stuff off. Accused of being a baby killer, murderer, etc. when I got off the plane from Viet Nam. Different situation tho.

  14. This Winston kid is going to break Tampa Bay’s heart…he has the persona of an “entitled” athlete who basically has done whatever he wanted and never made to face any consequence. Why? Because some think he can throw a football well and score touchdowns. And maybe, save their job or get them a job or a raise….yada, yada, yada.

    How many times must we witness the entitled spoiled brat be buoyed by enabling old men desperate for a championship or a legacy or both?

    I predict a crash and burn for Winston. He is to blame mostly, but the adults in his life made him this way to a certain extent.

  15. “Did he make silly mistakes? Yes. I mean, he’s still a 20-year-old kid.”

    “Silly mistakes”? Like raping a young woman?

    What kind of team and school culture produces a grown man named ‘Jimbo’ calling a serious felony a “silly mistake”?

    So an (unconvicted) rapist is about to become the number one draft pick in a league that has recently been forced to take a not very convincing stand against domestic violence.

    Dollars to donuts ‘Jimbeaux’ has a deal in place for a percentage commission of ‘Jameisn’t’s’ first contract.

    Fisher & Winston, Jimbo & Jameisn’t: Florida’s version of high character individuals.

    Jameisn’t Winston, the poster boy for the NFL’s committment to eradicating domestic violence. Gag me with a pitchfork! Hypocrisy is not only alive and well in the NFL, it is thriving.

  16. Everyone was calling Cam,Jamarcus 2.0! Still can’t understand so much hate towards someone you never met before. Best of luck jambes and Marcus.Hope you both succeed.

  17. “But prosecutors found no reason to think his accuser lied either.”

    No, they actually found PROOF that she lied. On multiple occasions. To multiple law enforcement agencies and to FSU.

    I was hit in the head. – No sign of injury.
    I was drugged. – No trace of drugs.
    I was drunk. – Nope, you weren’t.

    These are concrete FACTS that draw her credibility into question, and they’re not the only ones if you’re willing to read.

  18. Oh, sure, the FSU administrators had NOOOO agenda ($$$$$) in mind at all when they “cleared” Winston of the rape which happened to be during their tainted national championship run. I’m sure the coaches, boosters, athletic dept, fans, had no agenda at all when they bullied the rape victim.

  19. “Jimbo doesn’t understand why there is a question about Jameis”-Regretably there’s a lot of things Jimbo doesn’t understand…….

  20. What is the over/under on Florida State going on NCAA probation within the next five years for recruiting infractions/institutional violations?

  21. He threw a lot of picks to against inferior teams and talent.
    He is slow readings D’s.
    He is not cam Newton newton or Michael Vick off the charts athletic.
    For a number one overall…yes there are questions.

  22. There is literally nothing similar to the Duke lacrosse case. The accuser in the Duke lacrosse case clearly lied, and it was proven so. There isn’t an ounce of evidence to support the idea that Winston’s accuser lied.

  23. Find out the information that Jimbo has regarding the alleged rape that many around tallahassee have also been privy too and regret is not the same as rape

  24. ” The Tallahassee Police Department botched the investigation so thoroughly that prosecutors decided not to charge Winston because they said they couldn’t prove his guilt.”


    Tallahassee Police didn’t botch the investigation. Her accusation was so full of holes, it wasn’t credible even on first report. She described being drugged and suddenly in the back seat of a taxi with 3-black men she didn’t know. Then all of a sudden her clothes were gone and she didn’t know how that happened either. Turns out she wasn’t drugged as toxicology came back. Then she had to tell cops that she had “special DNA” from her boyfriend on the same clothes after Winston allegedly raped her. She says Winston raped her and then she climbed on the back of his scooter for him to drive her home and then she had consensual sex with her boyfriend. (Ask any woman you know if she would go home and have sex after being raped.)

    Why does everyone in the media just pile on? Can’t you do your own research. It’s all online these days.


  25. Strategy in all media outlets and writers create interest in the brand with visits,clicks and responses. So here go my contribution to the cause

    The police have DNA
    The police have statements from the second Dna holder that was found on the under wear of Erica Kinsman.(she had sex with another black male the same 24 hour period. The police have statement from him football player at a Ohio university from south Florida originally.

    The police have two eye witness statements from people who where with the accuser and Winston when they left the bar pots the night in question.

    The police have a statement from Ericas freind who said jamies invited Erica via text to

  26. Six or seven months ago Winston put on a performance from atop a student union table that would have anybody about to give the guy millions of dollars anexiety. It’s actually pathetic and sad that Jimbo Fisher is so parted from reality that he does not understand why people have questions. I assume after these comments, the leadership at FSU must have serious questions about Fisher.

  27. A few nights ago Total Access talked about a guy that failed a drug test and teams avoiding red flags… Jameis Winston had several red flags and yet the NFL is pushing for him go #1… NFL is Such hypocrites!

  28. Anyone who still believes he was guilty of rape has chosen to remain ignorant of the facts to reinforce their personal prejudices…the material from the numerous investigations are easily attainable online…and each one resulted in the same verdict NO CHARGE…

  29. If Jimbo did even one of the things his player had is character assassinated for, would he still be coaching Florida State?

    Amazing the double-standard that exists for Jameis because he makes the college tons of money.

    Even more amazing is Jimbo trying to ignore the facts.

  30. Prediction: At least three other quarterbacks from this year’s class will have better NFL careers than this guy.

    Whether he’s a sociopath or criminal or whatever – he’s not a great quarterback. He’s a decent college quarterback from the ACC. Meh. You don’t build a team around a guy who isn’t that good. He’s not a “franchise” QB. There are only about six franchise quarterbacks in the entire league.

  31. he’s just a kid! alexander the great was conquring the world at 20, 19 and 20 year olds were the bulk of the men who fought ww2. he ain’t no kid. lame excuse.

  32. Why wouldn’t Jimbo defend him? They were all in on Winston for the last two years. They were for everything that would keep Winston eligible, especially after FSU almost lost to Clemson without Winston in September.

  33. So Jimbo doesn’t “understand why anyone else has any questions” about Winston’s character. Well, it just might have something to do with shoplifting, an accusation of rape, screaming inappropriate stuff around the campus…you know, the kind of things that everybody does, right? But hey, why in the world would anyone look askance at a pattern of things like that? After all, boys will be boys, won’t they? (The preceding was satire, on the off chance that any FSU apologists might accidentally stumble across it.)

    Here’s a news flash for ya, Jimbo: your guy Jameis is no choirboy. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Winston being arrested for some kind of disreputable behavior within a year. He’s gonna have a lot of money at his disposal–and young men of questionable character who have access to significant funds can be ticking time bombs. Let’s hope Winston straightens out and becomes a responsible adult, but I’m not holding my breath. Frankly, I pity the team that drafts him. I think it’ll be a wasted pick.

  34. I am in no way, shape, or form, a Jameis Winston supporter. As a matter of fact I’m on record stating I would burn all my TB gear if they took Winston with the first pick. Because of certain developments I don’t necessarily feel that way anymore. Not because I have faith in Winston’s ability or potential as an NFL QB, but part of what Jimbo says has some merit. Having lived in Florida, I have no particular faith in their justice system either and while FSU has a Heisman Trophy candidate, with a shot at a national title, a lot of weird things can happen in Tallahassee. God help us all if the powers that be down in the “dirty south” saw fit sweep the rape of a woman under the rug for a season of college football.

  35. “orangehigh says:
    Mar 30, 2015 3:11 PM
    Guilty until proven innocent….that’s how the saying goes, right?”

    Innocent until proven guilty refers to the court system. It doesn’t mean that someone can’t look at the mountain of evidence and form their own logical conclusion that he is guilty…

  36. Most adult black males in Florida accused of shoplifting would have done jail time. Set the rape discussion aside if you must; the guy’s still scum.

  37. It’s because of idiots like Joel Klatt of FS1!

    Character isn’t everything!

    Okay, he has a bad period of his and then he’ll fall off the face of the earth?????????

    Mariota will likely fail more because he’s a tricycle rider trying to do the Tour de France. That’s why Jameis is a 1st Rounder and Mariota is a 3rd Rounder.

    Klatt is more arrogant than Winston. At least Winston will play pro ball … unlike Klatt!

  38. The question is: WHO steals crab legs after winning a Heisman Trophy? No excuses, no sympathy.

  39. ” “Because of the character assassination that he’s lived through in the media, “”

    No it was more a suicide.

  40. “Innocent until proven guilty refers to the court system. It doesn’t mean that someone can’t look at the mountain of evidence and form their own logical conclusion that he is guilty…”

    So I’m assuming you’ve looked at, and read all the key evidence….so which of the three stories that the accused provided do you believe?

    Option 1) Hit in the head and knocked unconcious
    Option 2) Drunk and don’t remember
    Option 3) Scared for her saftey

  41. Can’t believe no one has brought up the game yet (nationallyh televised as I recall), where he was supposed to be suspended yet came out in full dress and acting like everything was situation normal. As big a case of a player showing up his coach as any I have ever seen and at that point I knew this kid, while he may have the talent to play in the league, does not have the character to succeed.

  42. Like Ray McDonald, I hope this guy sues the bleep out of her. And I hope the NFL backs him in doing so. Enough of the tramps who think they can get around to chase money from players.

    There are holes every where you look in her testimony. And everyone knows it.

    The NFL and teams don’t care because of one thing. NO ONE PLAYER HAS TAKEN DOWN A TEAM WITH CHARACTER ISSUES. Not a single face of the franchise player has cost their team money because what they did off the field. There is no “risk for reward” in the NFL. Only Reward. You want proof look no farther than Brett Favre.

  43. hardspun says:
    Mar 30, 2015 2:44 PM
    Jimbo also said Ponder was going to be good.

    true story

    * * *

    LOL I was wondering if I’d see this as I scrolled down the comments! According to him, (at draft lead-up) Ponder was a football genius who could read defenses so quickly and accurately that he was ready to step in as a day 1 starter for an NFL team and prosper.

    Jimbo will say (like many other college coaches) great things about his players that are entering the draft. It’s in his and FSU’s best interests to try to “help” the draft stock of players leaving FSU for the NFL.

    It’s all about recruiting. When you are recruiting a so-called blue chip QB prospect out of high school, for example, it’s a powerful thing to be able to say “Look, MY program sends QB’s to the NFL, and x-number of them were 1st round picks.”

  44. This is the first time (and I’ve been a loyal reader for a decade) that I’ve read something that actually shows support for women without patronizing them. Thank you MDS.

    PS… To the guy who thought some jn the league had high hopes for JaMarcus Russell… not true. The real talent evaluators saw him for what he was: a big guy who threw one hell of a long pass on a pro day.

  45. If the Buccaneers pass on Winston, and select Mariota. The question will be how far does Winston slides? I think, if Winston falls to one of the playoff caliber teams. Winston will be able to sit and learn how to be a NFL Quarterback and face of the franchise. Instead of being the next Brian Leftwich, running for his life, because of a poor offensive line.

  46. Say what you want but I find “Jimbo” more disgusting than Winston. Any head coach at a college as visible as FSU that not only let’s this behavior go on but doesn’t even speak out against it I feel is not fit to lead that team or university.

  47. I’m not sure who to believe on the rape charge….however, one would think that when you’ve come that close (rightly or wrongly) to having those charges levied and pursued against you and your perhaps the highest profile college football player in the country, one would try to keep a low profile and not do the stupid things that he’s done. Plus, if you heard him speak after the National Championship win, he doesn’t come off as very bright…..and I actually like FSU.

  48. …but just in case he doesn’t, I’m going to explain it to him…

    Wow, well said.
    That’s it exactly.

  49. Who would guess someone named Jimbo wouldn’t understand something. Character aside throwing 18 ints in a college season is alarming as well, especially from a QB people are pretending is a first round pick.

  50. the difference between the duke case and winston is we know nothing happened except the players accused had their lives ruined by a false allegation.

  51. Winston was not charged because the evidence was not sufficient enough to bring charges.
    Winston’s off the field incidents, if it had been anyone else, would not have warranted attention. It’s only because of the rape accusations that these incidents are even mentioned.

  52. Won’t comment on rape accusation because any moron than examines the facts can see there is no merit to it. Those who believe will never change their mind because they hate Jameis.

    Now I’ll address the “interceptions means he’s not going to be good” argument.

    Recent History:
    Matt Ryan: 19 ints his senior year
    Drew Breese: 20 ints in one year in college
    Manning: ~55 ints in college
    Tim Tebow: 16 ints in 4 years
    Alex Smith: 7 ints in 4 years

    None of those QBs were asked to do what Jameis Winston did in college. Heard an interview with 2013 FSU RB (now with Atlanta Falcons) Devonta Freeman and he said hands down Jimbo Fisher’s offense was harder to grasp than what the Falcons are running. But, these are just facts and numbers- obviously the majority of you like to ignore. Lets also remember that FSU has lost ~20 players to the NFL draft the last couple of years including 2 of Jameis’ 3 starting receivers along with the 1st and 2nd string RBs after 2013 National Championship season. There were 3 first time WR starters this year complimented by the complete lack of a run game the 1st 6 games of the season. You want to see why Jameis is going #1 look at the 2nd half ND film, look at the final 1:30 Auburn (title game), look at the 2nd half of the Louisville game, the NC game, the 2013 Clemson game, heck even the Oregon game this year he played pretty good considering his team was collapsing around him and his receivers had 6-7 drops. I’ll admit I am biased it doesn’t change the fact that he is clearly the best QB in this class and he is the most NFL ready QB to leave college in a long time.

  53. he is the most NFL ready QB to leave college in a long time.


    Nope — Andrew Luck was more pro ready.

  54. Jimbo Fisher doesn’t understand why there are questions about Winston’s character.

    I don’t understand how there is a grown man who called himself Jimbo in 2015.


    if this article was written in 2013 you may have a point, but alas…nope

    —-Kinsman lost 4 cases. Yes four. Three code of conduct investigations…and then yes, there was the little know fact, there were NEVER ANY CHARGES IN THE CASE.

    —-Kinsman tried to throw her friend under the boss, not once, not twice…but thrice. She did wear the same shorts while having consensual sex with two boys on the same day. Why lie about that Erica? Why Erica?…You could have easily been raped after having sex with another man earlier in the day?

    —-Erica, why erase Winstons phone number, when your friend said you two exchanged contact? Why?

    —-Erica, why did your high school reporter Matt Baker and TMZ BREAK THIS STORY with your auntie at the wheel, post Winston fame? Why not Pre Winston fame? hmmmmm.

    and these are just the start of the deceit.

  56. “Police botched the investigation from the start”?

    Really? Let us go over the timeline.

    December 7, 2012…Jameis Winston and Erica Kinsman meet at a bar and dance together as friends have testified…but first, a little bit of back ground…

    Erica Kinsman is a documented member of the #cleatchasers club within her sorority. Jameis Winston is on the bench as a hopeful redshirt freshman, and will not play a down of football Until August 2013.

    After dancing Erica and Winston exchange contact information, Erica then ask her friend if it is ok to join Jameis and his friends for a nightcap, as the bar is closing. The friend gives the OK, and testifies later to that point in 2013. Both for the accuser and the accused representatives.

    MOVING FORWARD…after Her friend called in the rape, (Kinsman never called authorities), law enforcement took Kinsman to the hospital, a rape kit was performed as well was a toxicology screen. Reports are inconclusive, as the story her friend told police on the phone, does not match up to the facts.

    The accuser , Erica Kinsman claims not to know the accused at this point. If Erica told the truth as this point, Jameis Winston would not have ever taken a snap for the Florida State Seminoles. Most likely no conviction would have followed, but charges would have been definite. Yet, Kinsman chose not to report on her rapist.

    Fast forward 40 plus days, January 11, 2013 Kinsman recognizes her assailant, while in class while roll call is taken. Erica then DOES report to police that Jamies Winston is the accuser.

    Again, at this point, Winston would have been charged with assault. As WINSTON agrees to consensual intercourse, yet Kinsman claims otherwise. THE HE SAID SHE SAID would have kept Winston from playing baseball or football for Florida State, as two years of court room drama would have unfolded.

    But no…Kinsman Vacillates and claims she is not sure she wants to move forward. THERE IS NO CALL to her Auntie. THERE IS NO CALL TO HER Tampa Bay newspaper reporter. Shockingly EVEN TMZ has no clue who Jameis Winston is.

    9 months Later, Winston is breaking all gridiron records on national TV. And then, after Winston’s team is about to become the number one college football squad in the country, TMZ calls Tampa, Tampa calls Auntie…all three drop the news to TMZ…and, well, here we are.

    Why did this not take place when Winston was playing baseball 7 months earlier? Hell why not even when Winston went 25 of 27 on the road vs. Pitt to start the football season?

    But yes, all this delay was due to Law Enforcement?

    Tallahassee fought the public records release for 9 months. TMZ BROKE THEM DOWN RIGHT?

    Just when Jameis Winston and Florida State were about to become the best team in the land, THAT is when TMZ brought police to their knees?


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