Nearly every NFL team wants extra points to change, but how


It’s clear that the NFL as an institution wants to make the extra point an actual football play, instead of a pro forma kick that no one ever misses, few want to participate in (especially Rob Gronkowski) and fewer even watch.

But with change accepted, the NFL is running into its usual issue, figuring out what to change it to.

According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, 30 of 32 teams agreed the play needed to be changed, with the competition committee expected to advance a new proposal at the May meetings.

So last Tuesday at the league meetings, every team was asked for input on what the new rule should look like, and as expected, those opinions were “all over the map.”

According to King, the most likely skeleton of the proposal would involve two choices:

— Kicking for one would move from the 2-yard line to the 15, making it a 32-yard field goal (still a high percentage shot, but not 99.6 like last year’s PAT rate).

— Going for two, to turn it into a football play. They’re still talking about the right yard marker to put it on (the 1, 1.5 or 2), in order to make it a real play and not just a push-the-pile-and-hope.

(Man, with all this close-to-the-goal-line action, it sure would be neat if the league could afford fixed cameras to monitor it all. We should have a Bake Sale. Florio, I’ll bring the brownies.)

The proposals would also allow the defensive team to score two by blocking the kick, recovering a fumble or intercepting a pass and returning it to the other end zone.

It seems like a logical place to start, but anyone who’s been in a committee meeting knows how hard it is to find consensus on where to get lunch. Getting 24 of 32 rich and powerful owners to agree on the specific hows (when two of them don’t want it changed at all) will be the next challenge for the competition committee.

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  1. Lets talk about something more important, why do people like Peter King and Michael Silver have jobs?

  2. If it has to be done, and I personally don’t see the point, then I’d favor a 7 point TD and a (non kicking) 1 point conversion attempt from the 5… and the defense could return it for the 1 point on a turnover.

    I don’t like the idea of a shifting field position for a conversion based on a kick or offensive play… it sounds hokey.

  3. Some things just need to stay the way they are. Its a sport, a game and with that comes some aspects of that sport that are pro forma.

    Trying to make every single aspect of the game “amazing” will result in an NFL game feeling like MTV Rock N’ Jock B-Ball.

    Each year that goes by the actual NFL starts to resemble fantasy NFL more and more. What’s next, bonus points for TDs longer than 50 yards?

  4. The league will change this. They just need to figure out which option is least advantageous for the Patriots…that’s the one they will implement.

  5. They should bring the hash-marks into play on PAT and Conversion attempts. The play should not start from the center of the field automatically.

  6. Keep the 2 point play at the 2, move the kick to the 20 or 25.

    Find the “sweet spot” where the percentages for success are roughly the same, or maybe just slightly better for the kick, in order to encourage the 2 point play.

  7. I don’t like the idea of allowing the defense to score points off of extra points. This isn’t college football.

    If you want to make the extra point more interesting, make it easier for the defense to block kicks, and allow them to get a running start, and jump at the line of scrimmage.

  8. The NBA has found free throws too boring so they are going to move them behind the arc and make them worth 2 points, but if they miss the other team scores 1 point. It will make it more exciting, and you know – everyone wants this…….

  9. I’m sure that even if the extra point is left where it is, the next John Carney or Doug Brien will come along and shank an extra point or two to cost his team a game.

  10. Ball is put on the two yard line after a touchdown. If you run it in you get two points. If you pass it in you get one point. If the defense intercepts or gets a fumble they are free to score and get the one or two points depending how they got it. The defense still receives the kick off if they score on a turnover.

    Field goals are the only way to score kicking the ball.

  11. The league has never been more popular and continues to generate mind-blowing amounts of cash.

    Owners and the league office: “Let’s make drastic changes to the formula”

    Leave the game alone, it’s not broken.

  12. If it is moved to the one yard line the value of big short yardage running backs will soar. Why even Trent Richardson could often get a yard but very rarely more than that

  13. Getting 24 of 32 rich and powerful owners to agree on the specific hows (when two of them don’t want it changed at all) will be the next challenge for the competition committee.

    The only thing all 31 owners can agree on is that they are incredibly ridiculously, jealous of the Patriots. And Belichick is big meany…

    …On a side note, I hear they had to serve the Dom Pérignon in sippy cups this year…

  14. Let’s not marginalize the kicker in a game called FOOTball any more than we already have, please.

    So many of these ideas make the 2 point conversion attempt more likely, and while I like that the NFL finally adopted it from the college game many years ago, I don’t want it to become so difficult to kick PATs that the 2 pt becomes the norm.

    There needs to be some counterbalance that makes both the 1 pt and 2 pt slightly more difficult than they currently are, and too… importantly for the 2 pt conversion… keeping the run and the pass both as nearly-equal viable options.

    ***For the 1 pt***

    DISTANCE is *not* the variable to be messing with, imo. I prefer messing with variables that reward ACCURACY.

    Sooooo…. I like either or both of these ideas I’ve read recently:

    (1) Spotting PATs to be on a line with where the TD play was snapped (ie, if scored from the right hashmark, then so would be the extra point conversion).

    (2) Constricting the width of successful PATs with a new-era dual-prong goal post… we might argue whether 12 feet is the right width, but I like it in principle. I agree, who cares, if it looks different than we’ve been used to seeing for a few decades, as long as it is functional and serves its purpose, that’s all I care about.

    So, if we’re adding to the 1 pt difficulty, what about that counterbalance thing? Here you go…

    ***For the 2 pt***

    It’s all about line of scrimmage placement, and as opposed to having a static line, it works this way…

    – 1 YARD LINE: If touchdown scored on any down that is NOT a goal-to-go down

    – 2 YARD LINE: If touchdown is scored on 1st-and-goal

    – 3 YARD LINE: If touchdown is scored on 2nd-and-goal

    – 4 YARD LINE: If touchdown is scored on 3rd-and-goal

    – 5 YARD LINE: If touchdown is scored on 4th-and-goal

    Reward the defense for making plays in goal-to-go situations, which in turn, adds to the drama for offenses to score.

    Okay, you can say “it’ll never happen,” and you’re probably right… no, you’re almost certainly right. But even so, you have to admit there’s some good thinking that’s went into these ideas–especially that 2 pt one since it is my own. 😀

  15. I think you guys should have a bake sale for cameras. Special cameras that can see the football inside a pile of football players. Because that’s what you’re going to have on those goal line plays. Mass of humanity with a football buried somewhere inside of that.

  16. Move it to the 1 yard line or leave it alone, problem solved. Wouldn’t make sense to have different distances for 1 and 2 point conversions because then you eliminate a fake kick plus what if there is a botched snap on the kick?

  17. I think we leave the PAT or move it back a few, but its simple – > Kicking specialists are killing this part of the game.

    Make offensive or defensive starters kick extra points. And you can’t use the same starter twice.

    Talk about strategy. And think about seeing JJ Watt be a star at DE, TE, and Kicker! That will keep people glued to their seats after a TD.

    I mean, only two people kick the ball per team in a game called football? Let’s open that up!

  18. Lets really make it crazy. If you go for 2 you do it from the 2. If you want the extra point then place it from the 20. But if you want to kick for 2 place it at the 40.

  19. How about a real drop kick or the extra point. I doubt there are many that could execute it. It used to be part of football.

  20. BTW—A drop kick is a type of kick in various codes of football. It involves a player dropping the ball and then kicking it when it bounces off the ground. It contrasts to a punt, wherein the player kicks the ball without letting it hit the ground first.

  21. Move it to the 1 yard line. 1 point for kicking extra point. 2 points for a scoring play, but 1 point for defense if unsuccessful scoring play. No points for defense if extra point is missed. 2 points for the defense if they return a blocked kick, fumble, or interception for a touchdown.

    There is a much higher probability that the offense can score the 2 points, but a huge penalty if they fail (2, 3 or 4 point differential). The offense potentially could score a touchdown and have a net point gain of 4 (defensive score), 5 (unsuccessful 2 point conversion), 6 (missed extra point), 7 (extra point), or 8 (2 point conversion) depending on their decision and success of the defense.

    The point(s) after touchdown now has a greater importance in the outcome of games.

  22. firejerry says:
    Mar 30, 2015 10:13 AM
    How about a real drop kick or the extra point. I doubt there are many that could execute it. It used to be part of football.
    Love the drop-kick idea. Old school and exciting. Make a play from the 20. FG, Drop-kick=1 pt. Go for it=2pts.

    BB is a genius. Use him NFL. Bring in some excitement. Extra point from the 1 is lame. Bill gets it. Instead of going to the fridge for a beer or taking a leek make the XP something you want to watch.

    When Bill decides to stop coaching(NE fan, so I hope he never does), fire Roger and put him in charge. The game will get expotentially better. Guaranteed.

  23. Touchdown =1 point
    Non-kicking extra point = 6 points
    Extra point kick from the 20= 3 points
    Field goal= -2 points for the oposing team
    Safety =11 points
    Problem solved

  24. Jeez here’s a novel idea.. make a touchdown 30 points, a 2 point 7 and a kick 3…. it will mess up all the prior stats but mathematicaly you won’t ever have a tie…it would be cool to see games 127 to like 90.

  25. Just make the guy who scores the TD kick the extra point.

    Imagine watching JJ Watt, Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Ben Rothlisberger, etc have to kick P.A.T.’s.

    Brings back an old-school element of the game, where full-time position players had to do more than just one specialized task.

  26. 20 years ago it was a 98.8% make rate and no one cared. 11 extra points were missed.

    Last year the make rate was 99.3% with 8 extra points missed.

    The biggest danger to the success of this league are the people running it.

  27. Here’s a thought. Maybe they shouldn’t have changed the jumping over the line rule a few years back. Then we wouldn’t be talking about how boring the play is!! You change rule you end up changing them all. It was perfect a few years back now we are going into ridiculousness!!!

  28. I would be interested in a related improvement – variable points for field goals. Why should a 22-yard chip shot earn the same points as a 60-yarder? Why not vary points with the distance? Very short = 2 points; mid-range = 3 points; long ones = 4 points. Then have the touchdown-scoring team choose from which distance to kick the “extra point(s)”… Could add some excitement and strategic competitiveness to a fairly boring routine play…

  29. What if the offense performed a line dance. The audience’s cheers could be measured. The louder they are the more points the offense receives?

    JK. Give them three choices. 1-point kick from the 20 yard line. A 2-point try from the 2 yard line. A 3-point try from the 10 yard line.

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