Packers reach a deal to keep defensive tackle Letroy Guion


The Packers wanted to sign Letroy Guion all along.

His weird arrest delayed things, but it was a trip to see another team that might have brought it into focus.

According to Rob Demovsky of, the Packers have reached an agreement on a new one-year deal with the veteran defensive tackle.

Guion recently visited the Seahawks, which likely sparked the Packers to get something done.

Guion’s been a quality player for them, and this would have probably been done earlier if not for his February arrest on drug charges in Florida. The criminal case was thrown out as part of a plea deal for a first-offender, and he had to pay a $5,000 fine. Of course, the state of Florida is still holding $190,028.81 in cash he had on him at the time, a sum he’s trying to reclaim.

48 responses to “Packers reach a deal to keep defensive tackle Letroy Guion

  1. longtimefanhtr says:
    Mar 30, 2015 9:19 AM

    I’d also like to see The Packers keep Raji.

    Me too. Raji will surely feel that he has something to prove and I believe he’ll do just that now that they’re going to move him back to his natural position as a true nose tackle.

  2. Guy made a mistake, Packers are giving him a second chance to get things right. That’s what a classy team does!

    Now, this isn’t as bad as hitting your wife, or hitting your son, or other things like that either….

  3. Dumb drug charges aside, it’s amazing how much better players play when they join the Packers. Viking fans wanted this guy run out of town because he was terrible. Now look how well he’s played. Just needs to quit his part time job in florida.

  4. Glad to see the Packers kept their drug connection from Florida, should keep the team happy and high.

  5. “Dumb drug charges aside, it’s amazing how much better players play when they join the Packers. Viking fans wanted this guy run out of town because he was terrible. ”

    He was not at his best in the Vikes 4-3 scheme and frankly getting released probably showed him he had to work harder. he has talent and can be effective used the right way. sorry guy, this isn’t a Vikings/Packers thing. It is simply a “player fit” thing.

  6. We need to keep Raji, and with resigning Guion I just don’t see how the defense has improved. Hopefully they can get a couple of good players in the draft that will help. If the Defense doe’s have a bad year, it be time to get rid Capers.

  7. Yes, they love choking and guys with off field issues. Perhaps they should go back to prison and sign Sharper as well. Oh, and Packers love signing Vikings players once they’re washed up or couldn’t even make Vikings roster.

  8. Here’s what I can’t figure out, Guion plays for years in purple and he is average at best. One season in GB, he is highly effective.

    Does coaching make that much of a difference?

  9. Every time one of these Viking trolls comments, the Packers’ 4 Lombardi Trophies, Rodgers’ Superbowl MVP Award and both of Rodgers’ League MVP Awards just shine that much brighter.

    In stark contrast to the absolute nothing that’s been won in Minnesota. Ever.

  10. Wait a minute…..I was always told the Packers don’t sign criminals like this? If the Vikings or Cowboys signed him the holier-than-thou Packer fans would be ripping the move. Same with the drug dealing Johnny Jolly.

  11. I am glad this guy did not come to Seattle… Lynch put up over a 100 yards in 1 quarter with this guy on the field…. The pack cant stop the run and that will be their demise for another season yet again. Here in Seattle we need and want real run stuffers not wannabees like this guy…. They made the defense like swiss cheese… full of holes.

  12. @ragnarthegreat

    “this isn’t a Vikings/Packers thing. It is simply a “player fit” thing.”

    I hate to agree with you, but you are 100% correct. Not every player fits every scheme. Clay Matthews would not be nearly as effective in a 4-3, AJ Hawk was far better in a 4-3. If you remember Al Harris at all for the Packers, he was barely a nickel cover guy in Philadelphia (if memory serves me), then he comes to Green Bay and is a stud.

    Some players fit better schemes than others. If you look at many draft busts, if you put them on a different team or gave them time to develop, they would have had better careers. Hell, Aaron Rodgers was garbage his first couple pre-seasons, many writers and analysts were labeling him a bust, but he was given time to mature as a person and player and now he is one of the best in the game.

  13. beedubyatoo says: Mar 30, 2015 9:35 AM

    “Why is the state keeping his playoff cash? If he’s not guilty of anything, except stupidity, give him his money back.”

    They’re keeping until they conclude the drug trafficking investigation. Guion isn’t out of the woods yet.

  14. Lol! Packer rubes. I’m a Viking fan, Guion was never terrible but not great either. He’s an average D-Tackle. Rubes talk about 2nd chances, then rip on the Vikings. Comical

  15. One rube said Guion was highly effective….really? Seriously, are you serious? Lynch ran through that defense like it was nothing, like nothin man! If AP played, he’d pr go for his annual 300-350 performance over 2 games. He’s average man, average. I’m not saying that’s bad, but that’s the fact of the matter.

  16. Good comfort signing. Gives us options in the draft to address the ILB and CB positions. I agree with most of this blog that we should sign BJ, too.

  17. It’s confusing, because the Vikings get ripped if (a) they consider signing an ex-Packer, (b) a player gets arrested, or (c) give a player who was arrested a second chance. Now here the Packers do all three and all I hear is that this is what “classy” franchises do.

  18. Funny how Packer Fan Boys are running to his defense. The guy had marijuana, a gun, and $190k in his possession and was charged with felonies. The only reason they threw out the case was because “he was a first time offender.” Seriously?? Sounds like the NFL will have to suspend this dumbass for 6 games.

  19. Listen, there were numerous viking fans laughing when we signed him last year. Called him garbage. He played well for us. Could he be a one year wonder? Absolutely. But if they resigned him for a few peanuts, why not see what he can do? We sign one ex viking, and there fans wanna compare it to the 50 ex packers that they’ve signed. No comparison. Regarding getting run over by Lynch, we held him in check for 3 quarters. Most rams get run over by him.

  20. Packers resign an ex-Viking who is an average player and just got caught with drugs, weapons, and money and it’s about rehabilitation, retaining talent. If that’s the core of the defense, the cheese is getting grated this year.

  21. Guion’s a decent player if used right. The Vikes quickly learned that he’s not an every down DT, as he is too easily pushed around on running and short yardage plays. Last season’s PFF stats showed that to be the case as well, so I don’t know why everyone got so jazzed about the guy. I think the Pack finally realized that by year’s end, and likely will put him in the rotation in passing situations — probably why they’ll make a push for Raji too.

  22. Lynch ran over every team…. when he’s given the ball by an egomaniac coach who wants his average golden boy to get all the glory.

  23. When there are other criminal signed our retained by a team I hear packer fans laugh and criticize explaining how the packers would NEVER do that and they would NEVER have criminals on their team …. and now guion is re signed a bunch of fans are saying he just made a mistake (possesion of marijuana and that amount of cash proves it wasn’t a mistake, its his lifestyle) but its okay when its the packers because they’re so superior to the rest of the league they’re just giving a second chance … smh

  24. Football is a team sport. That’s why Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl and is yet in the Football Hall of Fame.

    Guion is a team member who contributes to the effectiveness of the Green Bay Packers. Star, average, or a weak link; he likely is the best nose tackle on the team last year, so he starts.

  25. This is one of those signings that reminds everyone why Ted Thompson has a Lombardi Trophy on his resume, and why Spielman never will.

    Better football for better people.

  26. Guions gun was purchased and registered in Minnesota where he spent the first 4 years of his career. What is more likely, that Guion started buying large amounts of pot in his one and only year as a GB Packer or it started or before that?

  27. I wish they would’ve cut the guy and proved a point. Might have left us thin but I think our storied franchise has a duty to uphold certain values. The ravens cut rice, the panthers cut hardy, the vikes cut peter…oh wait….

    Anyway, this guy is not packer material in my book…

  28. vikings28 says:
    Mar 30, 2015 10:25 AM

    Vikings. Comical


    Couldn`t have said it better myself.

  29. For the most parts the insults back and forth between Packer and Viking fans on this site are all in good fun, but even the most hard core Viks fan must be embarrassed when Cody’s fingers engage the keyboard.

  30. The Packers’ absurd string of good luck will run out soon. They will be bottom feeders for years to come.

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