Dorial Green-Beckham, Marcus Peters to visit Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings are set to take a closer look at a pair of draft prospects with a record of troubling off-field issues.

According to Darren Wolfson of KSTP-TV, Missouri/Oklahoma receiver Dorial Green-Beckham and Washington cornerback Marcus Peters are both scheduled to visit the Vikings during the draft process.

Green-Beckham was dismissed from Missouri after repeated violations due to marijuana and following an incident where he allegedly forced entry to an apartment and threw a woman down several stairs. Green-Beckham was never charged in regards to the incident.

Peters was also dismissed by Washington after multiple suspensions and violations of team rules.

Both players are immensely talented but carry significant baggage of NFL teams to vet. The Vikings are in need of help at both positions and could benefit from adding either player in the draft, if they are able to keep from making any further missteps as professionals.

36 responses to “Dorial Green-Beckham, Marcus Peters to visit Vikings

  1. I don’t understand why my Minnesota Vikings are not looking into signing Stefen Wisniewski-he’s definitely a big upgrade over anything they’ve had at left guard for the last four years?!

  2. In breaking news, both players announced their intentions to withdraw from the draft, deciding salting fries at Burger King would be a better career choice than potentially being drafted by the Vikings

  3. I dunnooo mannn, tokin’ up on the regular…breaking and entering…chucking females down flights of stairs…potentially flushing a lucrative career down the toilet…


  4. If I were the Vikings, I’d do it, if only to piss off the local media, and fans.

  5. Ya, makes a lot of sense, after all, things worked out so well when they drafted Percy Harvin.

    It was just last year that the Vikings lead the entire NFL in at least one category, player arrests. So these two prospective draftees will fit right in as long as not making the playoffs and never winning a Superbowl are part of their professional career goals.

  6. At least the queens lead the league in something. Have to keep the dream alive of having the most arrested team in the NFL.

  7. Desperate teams take desperate measures. If you were owned by the Packers, you’d pull out the stops to catch them too.

  8. Perfect candidates for the vikings, as they are seemingly as dumb as a box of rocks as well. They’d fit right in with Spielman, Patterson, and vikings fans.


  9. All hail the Packers! We have 500 world championships and four Super Bowl trophies. We are the greatest franchise in any sport in the history of sports. All of this almost makes up for actually having to live in Wisconsin where employment is so bad we actually have to cross the border to Minnesota to find jobs.

  10. At least Minnesota is #1 in one thing and that is being the most arrested team in the NFL. Keep the dream alive!

    You would think they would have learned their lesson but considering there are criminals in that organization from ownership on down they are led by example.

  11. All hail the Packers! We have 500 world championships and four Super Bowl trophies. We are the greatest franchise in any sport in the history of sports. All of this almost makes up for actually having to live in Wisconsin where employment is so bad we actually have to cross the border to Minnesota to find jobs.

    That’s because we don’t s&#t where we eat.

  12. Don’t mind getting as much info as possible on players, but in the course of just a few sentences you say that he “allegedly” forced entry and pushed a woman down several stairs, but that he was also never charged in the incidence.

    I am all for going after the nitty gritty on guys, but it seems a little odd to keep bringing up something that was hearsay and he was never charged for.

  13. It all depends on how far they fall down the draft. If you think the Vikings are the only team considering these two players who have a ton of talent you’re fooling yourself. Percy Harvin is a prime example. Played lights out when he could as a Viking then got shipped of to Seattle who shipped him to the Jets and now the Bills.

  14. I don’t know why people are talking down drafting Percy Harvin. He was a great player with the Vikings, and when he got to be too much of a PITA, Spielman turned him into Xavier Rhodes and Jerick McKinnon.

  15. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Mar 31, 2015 11:50 AM

    There go the Packer fans, living in the past again and not mentioning that their team leads the league in arrests in 2015

    Really that’s the best you got? The Vikings have 42 arrests since 2000 doubling over 3/4 of teams in the NFL. The Vikings are the epitome of a team so desperate to win they are forced to ignore morality in hopes of winning which is further evidenced by considering these dregs. While no team is perfect you can clearly see which ones adhere to a higher standard which clearly leaves out the Vikings.

    As far as the past why not revel in accomplishments? Just because the Vikings past is mired in futility and dysfunction its easy to see why you want to ignore it but every team that has actually won a championship they remember it fondly.

  16. Vikings don’t have more law breaking players than any other teams. Minnesota just has more fair and competent law enforcement than places like Wisconsin where you can get away with molesting farm animals and having your underage children drive you home from the bars because you don’t want to get the hefty community service that goes with your 8th DUI.

  17. I don’t know why so many Viking “fans” keep bringing up subjects unrelated to football, like the economy. Wisconsin and Minnesota are indistinguishable to outsiders. Are you looking for the Forbes site? Because this is a football site…….where it is oftentimes repeated that the Packers own the Vikings.

    But just for you……here is some food for thought;

    “The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its most recent Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, the higher-quality but time-delayed job statistics that go deep into the state and county level.
    The numbers, now available through the first quarter of 2014, paint a less promising picture of job growth in Minnesota last year than we’ve been seeing in the monthly job numbers.
    According to the new data, which everyone agrees is more reliable than the monthly numbers, Minnesota ranked 41st in the nation in private sector job growth from March 2013 to March 2014, with a growth rate of 0.8 percent.
    That ranks last in the Midwest. Behind Michigan, behind Iowa, behind Illinois, and, unfortunately, behind Wisconsin.”

  18. Logging in this time, I must say that I’m not surprised. No, not because of the subject matter of the article itself, but the 30 comments so far in the thread. A mere three quarters of them reek of “grown-up kids” playing a game in a schoolyard, called “I can insult you and your team more degradingly”.

    One person here had said “I thought this was supposed to be a Professional Football site”. In theory, I concur. In actuality, with regard to the subject matter concerned, it is exactly the conclusion I have drawn, stated above.

    It appears that everyone is too busy slinging mud at each other to discuss pro football in an adult, mature manner. In addition, although NOT meant as an insult, many of you really could do yourself good to take a night course in spelling. It’s sort of funny, OK? Ha-ha, said jokingly…humor, you know…get it? Sure do. How often? See how it works?

    People of PFT, lendeth me thine ears. I have partaken of the purple kool-aid for 45 years, and I’m proud of it. I don’t care for the Packers…or their fans. I like watching the Lambeau leap…when any of the other 31 teams in the league do it, especially @ Lambeau. So what? I’m a Viking fan. THAT kind of thing comes natural, because to an NFL FAN, those kinds of feelings run through your veins, figuratively speaking…AND a little bit more than that, truth be told.

    WHY can’t you people just talk FOOTBALL? REALLY, it reminds me of that song, “I hate everything about you”. Unbelievable, I must say. SKOL VIKING BRETHREN & ahhhh, I guess, green and yellow “cheese people, too”, or whatever.

  19. Adrian Peterson probably suggested these guys. He wants to learn from the guy who threw someone down a set of stairs. Stuffing leaves into their mouths and then beating them is far too much work.

    Still, these guys are terrified that the Vikings may actually draft them.

  20. Really stellar?

    Okay, just out of curiosity, which team has seen a greater growth in number of victories over the last 2 years.

    Context means a lot. I may have doubled my net worth in the last year, but that doesn’t mean I have more than Bill Gates.

  21. Peters I wouldn’t mind (if we got him in the 2nd), but Dorial Green-Beckam is bust. Anyone who gets suspended for pot, then caught again for intent to distribute which suspends him for a full year has a problem.

    If you watch his interview at his pro day he is clearly repeating a memorized statement his agent told him to say. He doesn’t even make sense as he messes up half the phrases. Clearly it isn’t anything he truly believes. This kids is nothing but a future headache.

  22. tokyosandblaster says:
    Mar 31, 2015 8:38 AM
    Perfect candidates for the vikings, as they are seemingly as dumb as a box of rocks as well. They’d fit right in with Spielman, Patterson, and vikings fans.

    >Where do you live buddy?

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