Jameis Winston says he’s staying home since grandma can’t travel


Jameis Winston’s whole spring has been spent trying to dispel notions.

Many of those, of course, stemmed from his own actions.

But he said after his pro day workout Tuesday that his decision to not attend the NFL Draft in Chicago was a simple call based on the health of a family member.

During an interview on the NFL Network, Winston said his grandmother has type-2 diabetes and is unable to travel, so the desire to be around his family triggered his decision to stay near home.

Many have wondered whose decision it was for him to not attend, or whether it was driven by public relations complications for either side.

But if you take the man at his word, then his decision to skip a chance at a grip-and-grin with Roger Goodell shouldn’t receive any more scrutiny than Joe Thomas’s decision to fish with his dad.

36 responses to “Jameis Winston says he’s staying home since grandma can’t travel

  1. Why do people care so much if he attends the draft or not? No matter what this kid does he will be scrutinized unfairly.

    BTW, not attending is a sign of maturity and shows that he doesn’t always need to be in the spotlight!

  2. It took all this time to make up THIS lame excuse? I have to question his work ethic.

  3. Staticphear: Age and ability to walk probably has a lot to do with it. My dad has type-2 and has neuropathy in his feet. Walking is very difficult, let alone standing in lines, carrying luggage, going through security. Heck, I’m perfectly healthy and I hate it. My dad refuses to do it. He simply says it’s too hard on him.

  4. Why wouldn’t his grandmother tell him to go without her? You only get one chance to be drafted.

  5. No sane person will give Winston grief over this… so that means it will be on a popular debate show on the deuce. With one guy trolling everyone and the other guy playing the RaceCar

  6. Joe Thomas didn’t attend the draft because he chose to go fishing with his dad.Yeah and the “fans” praised and worshiped him. Whats the difference here,besides the color of skin? smh

  7. Cool, next lets give him a palm reading and then make fun of those results too. Let him be. Media is still upset that Jameis has chosen not to be at the draft where ESPN cameras will repeatedly zoom in on Jameis in the green room while he drops in the draft.

  8. I think his decision is a cool one …

    There’s no doubt he could rent a 40 foot party bus to take him and his family to Chicago, stay a ritzy hotel with every accommodation for Grandma and the family ….

    however, hearing his name called at the top of the NFL draft, sitting in his Grandma’s house, where he ran home to as a 7 year old after PeeWee football games has got to be an incredible feeling for him … and Grandma too ….

    cool ….

  9. This guy has made several mistakes that certainly deserve scrutiny, and justifiably cause concern with NFL teams.

    This decision is not one of them. there is nothing wrong with a young man wanting to spend time with the family that supported him on his way to the big league. If anything, the choice to be there with the people who matter the most shows some unexpected maturity.

  10. I respect his decision. With that being said he better count his little blessings that he is in line to be a number 1 draft pick and make millions even with a rape accusation and theft conviction on his resume.

  11. Why would anyone want to get a creepy hug from Goodell? What other business has a CEO that hugges new hires? Well besides porn.

  12. “Grin and Grin” with Goodell? More like the most insincere hug in the history of hugs. I mean, Goodell can’t even get a hug right, but I guess that’s to expected with him.

  13. Bravo Jameis…….stick to your guns……leave this kid alone….I’m no Noles fan but the kid is confident and mature!!

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