Kevin White: I bring a lot more to the table than Amari Cooper


Two wide receivers appear to have established themselves at the top of the position heading into the draft, leaving the big question at the position as whether Alabama’s Amari Cooper or West Virginia’s Kevin White will be the first wideout off the board on April 30.

During an appearance on Monday’s edition of PFT on NBCSN, White was asked to make the case that his name should be called first. After mentioning his speed, size and catching ability, White explained that he saw the biggest difference between him and Cooper being the amount White was asked to do on a less talented offense than the one Cooper played in at Alabama.

“Amari Cooper is a great receiver, a great competitor, but I think I bring a lot more to the table. He’s at Alabama with Nick Saban. They have a whole bunch of other tools that help him out where he’s not getting double covered. A lot of attention is not just strictly on Amari Cooper…On West Virginia it’s just ‘OK, let’s shut Kevin White down.’ They have a lot of attention toward me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, White also mentioned his JUCO background and limited time at college football’s top level in comparison to Cooper’s three years with the Crimson Tide. White dazzled in 2014 and at the combine, but Cooper has more polish at this point in his career and teams picking early will choose between that experience and the chance that White is just tapping into his abilities.

The consolation for whichever player winds up going second will be a short wait to hear their name called as it is unlikely that either player will be around once the draft gets past the top 10 picks.

37 responses to “Kevin White: I bring a lot more to the table than Amari Cooper

  1. Kevin was a very good player at West Virginia but why do the Mountaineers consistently fail in the NFL? I fell for the excitement generated by Tavon Austin 2 years ago and he appears to be another West Virginia bust in the NFL. I’d prefer my team picked another player if White’s still on the board.

  2. Im a huge Amari Cooper fan but I agree Kevin White is the better of the 2. Maybe the Browns will get a clue and get a beast WR that they should have gotten in last years draft. This guy is a major playmaker with size and speed.

  3. Every time I read these stories I think to myself: “How would Barry Sanders answer these questions?”

    Today’s athlete could learn a lot by watching the example set by the most humble superstar of my generation.

  4. “Amari Cooper is a great receiver, a great competitor, but I think I bring a lot more to the table. He’s at Alabama with Nick Saban. They have a whole bunch of other tools that help him out where he’s not getting double covered…”


    And never forget that the main tool at ‘Bama is Saban.

    I really hope White falls to the Browns at 12. Having said that, I’m sure Haslam is going to make the Browns do something incredibly stupid like using both firsts to get Bradford, or try to trade up for Mariota.


  5. Since you’re reading all these comments about yourself, scroll down a couple of news stories and see the other side.

    Figured your temp coach would’ve taught you this. Given your combine results, you should’ve already graduated from STF-U.

    Welcome to Oakland!

  6. Hahahaha worry about another man? Cooper will NEVER say anything like this. Red flag……. You know what cooper brings? Two more years of production and better attitude?? I don’t get all the hype about this guy. Coconut grove dadecounty miamidade

  7. I’m always leery of the guys who win the underwear Olympics…..err…..Combine. That said, White has terrific talent but Cooper has been very productive over 2 years and has done it in the SEC. I’d take Cooper.

  8. The “Look at me I smoke dope” fake hair extension dreads need to finally go out of style.

  9. Under no circumstances should we get White. 1. Williams
    2. Cooper
    3. Fowler Jr.
    In that order whichever of those guys falls to us is who we should draft. Period. One of them is going to fall to us. Didn’t we learn with DHB? how many times when we reach for a position with a high pick do we regret it? Every time but last year when we got the best player available.

  10. Apparently a few of you missed this:
    “White was asked to make the case that his name should be called first.”

    I know nothing of the kid’s character, but he was asked why he should be picked first. Should he have refused to answer? Should he have deferred and said Cooper is a better WR?
    If you were to interview for a job and were asked why you should be selected over other candidates, would you take the opportunity to demonstrate your complete humility and sweetness? Or would you point out your strengths and qualifications, maybe even being so bold as to compare yourself to others?

    It’s great that you have a new celebrity to hate, though, isn’t it?

  11. Amari Cooper is the most NFL-ready player – at any position – in this entire class. White arguably has a bit more upside. Tough choice but if you want a guy that will come in and produce from Day 1 with no problems on or off the field, my money is on Cooper.

  12. Trying to decide between Cooper and White is like trying to decide between which 1 of 2 super models you’re taking to bed. You cannot go wrong!

    Each receiver brings something slightly different to their game. The teams that draft them need to know which one would fit better in their offense. In the end, there’s no wrong decision.

  13. He was asked so he answered.

    With that being said, I think it was kinda crappy that he said that everybody else on the WV offense wasn’t as impactful as he was. Maybe that’s true but thoughts and comments like that don’t usually go well at the professional level.

  14. This was not a job interview where he had to sell himself to the boss. This was an interview with a media outlet. He could have taken the high road and praised Cooper for all he does. That would have signalled a maturity on his part. Heck, Bill Belichik gushes about every Patriot opponent every time someone asks him to comment on. And White did throw the whole WV offense under the bus and say that he was a one-man show and that he did it all by himself. That’s not confidence that is arrogance.

  15. There’s massive amounts of money on the table and some of you expect him to be humble. Get real, if you aren’t hyping yourself then you’re a fool.

  16. He could have said it better by not comparing himself to another player by name. White may have more upside, but Cooper is probably the safer pick for a team like Oakland that desperately needs a few foundation pieces.

  17. I think they’ll both be really good in the NFL. Size and speed matters though and White is better in both of those. Everyone was saying the same things about Watkins as Cooper last year and 3 WR’s picked after him were better in Benjamin, Evans and offensive rookie of the year Odell Beckham Jr. I think Parker and White will be better than Cooper but I think they’ll all be really good

  18. Do you people read the article? He was in an interview, he gave Cooper props and answered without seeming like a braggart. God, it’s like you are either trolling or lazy.

    Just like in the article where the Ravens owner was at a Q&A with season ticket owners, and half the comments were how he should “stop running his mouth” and “shut up”, he’s the team owner and at a Q&A…

  19. I believe all three in a mark, white, and Parker will all be very good as was stated earlier where they go and scheme will probably add to when and how they get it all going but without the injury I think Gurley is the best athlete in this draft.👍👍

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